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Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Welcome To Bellingstone, PA


With Bellingstone, Pennsylvania being a tourist rest stop with its attractions, no one knows about the impending drama that is fixing to take place in the small town, which was founded in 1818 as a safe haven for Supernatural Creatures.

1,177 readers have visited Welcome To Bellingstone, PA since Sunflower created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

scarlet loup's:


|Game Master|
Sunshine and Whiskey

|Co Game Master|
No one.

|Applicants | Posting|
Accepting applications. No posting yet.

I would like to thank Scarlet Loup for giving me permission to reboot her awesome roleplay Welcome To Bellingstone. I am giving her the full credit for this roleplay since it is her idea and not mine. If you're going to reboot something of someone's then you should give them their proper credit as a sign of respect.

ImageImageThe small, quaint town of Bellingstone is nestled right in the Appalachian Mountains in Western Pennsylvania. Though it was once a quiet, secluded area, with the building of a new highway, it's become a rest stop for countless vacationers and roadtrippers. But, even though this little town appears innocent on the outside, it houses deep, dark secrets.

Bellingstone was founded in the early 1800s by two young men; Felix Wolff, a German immigrant, and his friend, Achilles Dubois, a wealthy Frenchman. Though one was a naive foreigner who barely spoke a word of English and the other was a well-to-do businessman, the two were able to strike up a close friendship when they realized how close they actually were. As it turned out, Felix Wolff came from a long line of German werewolves whereas Achilles Dubois came from an ancient chain of vampires. At said time in history, both of their races had been hunted to near extinction by those who called themselves Hunters. With the idea to form a town to protect these supernatural creatures, the two set out and purchased themselves acres upon acres of wilderness in the mountains.

The town seemed to appear almost overnight with the help of werewolves and vampires alike. By the time winter rolled around in 1818, Bellingstone had become a fully-fuctioning town that was, more or less, invisible to the outside world. By the time the Civil War had passed over the rest of the United States, the population of supernatural creatures had increased considerably, exceeding a few hundred. Until 1956, only one or two lost people a year would pop up in the town and "disappear" when a few young vampires were unable to contain themselves. With the Interstate Highway System, which was built in 1956, Bellingstone suddenly found itself a major rest stop on the way through the Appalachian Mountains. The town completely changed, attempting to keep up with the growing number of tourists who stopped on their way cross-country. By 1980, Bellingstone had near doubled in size, though not population, and all but lost its small town vibe.

In 2016, a family of tourists disappeared without a trace. While authorities searched for them without luck, the citizens knew exactly what had happened. A young group of vampires, without anyone knowing, had attacked the group and drained them of their plasma before anyone could stop them. Though the young vampires were punished for their wrongdoings, the werewolves couldn't help but feel a sudden distrust toward the vampires. Soon, the two main races of Bellingstone became adversaries, avoiding the other as much as possible. And yet, life continued on until a group of Hunters appeared in Bellingstone, certain that the disappearance, which had been passed off as a group of lost travelers, had to do with the supernatural creatures they'd been fighting to find their entire lives.

Now, with three groups against each other in Bellingstone, how will this small town be affected?

The vampires are just as closely knit as the werewolves, in their own sense. While they don't have as much of a ranking as the wolf pack, they are still very close and spend a lot of time around other members. The current coven leader took over after the untimely demise of Achilles Dubois and has held control since. Since human blood is so hard to come by nowadays, it is a delicacy to the vampires. Instead, they find themselves reduced to hunting animals such as deer in the woods, like the werewolves, to receive their blood fix. Though their flesh is not sensitive to sunlight, it is usually pale. Their eyes, however, are sensitive and they are usually spotted wearing sunglasses or hats of some sort to block out the light. Unlike the werewolves, they usually live longer and seem to retain their youth more. A child produced in a vampire-vampire relationship will become a vampire. However, a vampire-human relationship or human-vampire relationship results in a human child. In less words, it's a recessive gene. Vampires can also be created through a bite by a vampire. Vampires cannot survive long in sunlight unless they have a something on them that are enchanted.

Vampire Strengths:
Super speed, super strength, fangs, one or two powers which they learn to control and perfect over time, naturally charismatic and seductive.

Vampire Weaknesses:
Must feed at least once a week to live, silver, holy water or crosses, wooden stakes, their eyes are sensitive to sunlight.

Age at Which They Show Signs of Vampirism:
Vampirism shows signs in infants. It is a lifelong thing though they will not gain powers until old enough.

•Are Immortal.

• No, they are not all pale. In fact, they all have different back stories and ethnicity. They do not sparkle in the sun light and their eyes are not golden. They appear to be rather normal.

• They are gifted with the ability to compel, which is under the category mental manipulation (it allows the user to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, sway sensations to induce altered perception). Also, they have supernatural strength, speed and agility, and an accelerated healing rate.

• They do not transform into bats. And, though they live forever, they can be killed by a stake to the heart, decapitation, or not feeding. They are also weakened by vervain and large quantities of the substance can kill.

• They sustain themselves off of blood, whether it be human or animal. Most opt for human blood because it is richer and sweeter, especially if drunk from a witch, but there are some who choose not to partake in harming a human. The coven even has humans called blood slaves or pets that they drink off, though they tend to get possessive of their own.

• They do not burn into a thousand tiny pieces. The sun can be annoying at times, yes, but the witches have given the coven members rings to allow them to walk outside.

• They do not procreate. The only way to become a vampire is to have vampire blood in your system at least twenty-four hours before you die.
| Name Dubois; | Age; | Coven Leader | FC; Chris Hemsworth | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Second In Command | FC; Stephen Amell | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name Dubois; | Age; | Coven Member 1 - Brother to Coven Leader | FC; Liam Hemsworth | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Coven Member 2 | FC; Janel Parrish | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Coven Member 3 | FC; Nina Dobrev | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Coven Member 4 | FC; Sophie Turner | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |


The werewolf pack of Bellingstone has always been united. It functions as a normal wolf pack would with close ties, an obligation to feed the young first, and an undying loyalty to the elders. The male and female pairs are mated pairs who live as married or dating couples in society. The werewolves, in human form, are usually tanned, toned, and look as if they spend every day in the sun, which they mostly do. Werewolves can be created through werewolf-werewolf relationships or werewolf-human relationships. It is a dominant trait. Werewolves can be created through the bites of another werewolf. They can change form when they wish to but are forced to change their form each full moon for the entire night. Wolf forms appear simply as larger-than-normal wolves. Usually, one of the alpha pair's offspring will take over the pack after the prime of the leader has passed. However, in the past, other males or females have been able to take over. Currently, however, the Alpha Male is a direct descendent of Felix Wolff, one of the founders. A bit of a wild card, he's only dating his Alpha Female. They have not married in their human forms nor have they mated.

Werewolf Strengths:
Wolf form, super speed, super strength, heightened endurance, enlarged fangs that can tear flesh easily, telepathy between pack members which can easily be turned on or off

Werewolf Weaknesses:
Forced to transform every full moon, they can be killed with any weapon but they are especially vulnerable to silver, silver in general, wolfsbane

Age at Which They Show Signs of Werewolfism:
Symptoms of werewolfism appear during puberty. Therefore, most female werewolves show their wolf form before males.

• They are not all tanned or dark. Also, they are not huge as Twilight would have you believe. They are regular sized wolves, all with the same eye color as in their human form except more intense. The alpha is notably bigger than the other wolves, but not overbearingly so.

• They seem to have a pack mentality, more so than even the coven. They even are able to communicate telepathically with one another.

• They are gifted with an accelerated healing factor, supernatural strength, speed and agility. Their canines are just as sharp as a vampire's bite. However, they are not immortal and can be killed by silver (it has to embedded into the skin like a serious knife wound or bullet), ingestion of wolfs-bane, and decapitation.

• On every full moon, every werewolf transforms. There is no exception to this rule. It is a painful process, especially for younger wolves. Any other day, however, transforming is voluntary.
| Nicholas Wolff | Age; | Alpha Male | FC; Tyler Hoechlin | #Hex Code; | Taken | Writer; Sunshine & Whiskey |

| Name; | Age; | Alpha Female | FC; Blake Lively | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Beta Male | FC; Jacob Artist | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Beta Female | FC; Madison Pettis | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Delta Male | FC; Tyler Posey | #Hex Code; | Reserved | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Delta Female | FC; Gage Golightly | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

The Hunters are basically a group of humans who hold some sort of grudge against supernatural creatures. Quite a few of them were born into their role while some joined after they suffered a loss or were pressured into it. It's a bit of a rigid group with many guidelines. A child born into the Hunters is raised normally until age fourteen. Once they reach said age, they are forced into the world of Hunting and join the branch at age twenty-one, if successful. There are countless branches of it, but this one in the eastern portion of the United States moved to Bellingstone after hearing word of the 2016 tourist accident. They've been here ever since, even buying a few homes and trying to settle in amidst the creatures they plan to kill.
| Name; | Age; | Leader | FC; Colin O'Donoghue | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Deputy - Second In Command | FC; Crystal Reed | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Hunter 1 - Lead Hunter | FC; Arden Cho | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Hunter 2 | FC; Dudley O'Shaughnessy | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Hunter 3 | FC; Henry Cavill | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

| Name; | Age; | Hunter 4 | FC; Maggie Q | #Hex Code; | Open | Writer; |

The other citizens of Bellingstone include humans, coven-less vampires, pack-less wolves, or even ex-Hunters. The humans are unaware of the supernatural creatures and have taken up jobs just like everyone else to make a living. The vampires and wolves that act as loners are usually shunned slightly by the Dubois Coven and the Wolff Pack-- at least the two groups can agree on something. Ex-Hunters are extremely uncommon in the town. Most Hunters either die while working or retire and move away. Hunters that retire and stay are greatly respected, though. However, some might stay or maybe there's a few Hunters who simply gave up their life as a Hunter?
| Maxwell Carter | 42 | Mayor of Bellingstone | FC; Robert Downey, Jr. | #Hex Code; #FF0000 | NPC |

| Samantha Henderson | 38 | Mayor's Assistant | FC; Lana Parrilla | #Hex Code; #FF00F2 | NPC |

| Angie Shipman | 33 | Sheriff | FC; LJennifer Morrison | #Hex Code; #FF6363 | NPC |

| Christopher "CJ" Jordan | 36 | Deputy | FC; Chris Evans | #Hex Code; #FF7B00 | NPC |


Code: Select all
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        Name here.

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        Looks ___ but is really ___ <----Vampires Only. Others just put their age.

        [size=130][color=hexcode][b]|Birth Date|[/b][/color][/size]
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        Male or Female

        [size=130][color=hexcode][b]|Sexual Orientation|[/b][/color][/size]
        Heterosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian, or Gay
       [size=130][color=hexcode][b]|Coven or Pack?|[/b][/color][/size]
       The coven is the Dubois Coven & the Pack is the Wolff Pack.

        Role here.
        [left][img]Pic or Gif[/img]
        [img]Pic or Gif[/img][/left][right][img]Pic or Gif[/img]
        [img]Pic or Gif[/img][/right]
        At least a detailed paragraph. Include clothing style, too!

        [size=130][color=hexcode][b]|Wolf Appearance|[/b][/color][/size]
        Pic and description preferred, please.

        A minimum of seven, please.
        A minimum of seven, please.

        Personality here.

        History here.
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Toggle Rules

1.Have Fun!
1a. Writing is all about having a great time with a group of writers to write a collaborative story. Not meant to be taken seriously, honestly.
1b. Along with having fun, I want no OOC drama, please but IC drama is definitely encouraged!
1c. Respect my rules, the roleplay and everyone that posts on this thread, please.
1d. No Godmodding, Autohitting or whatever else falls underneath these catergories

2. Literacy!
2a. Please be literate and have a decent grasp of the English language.
2b. I will not be a Grammar Nazi. I promise.

3. Posting!
3a. No one liners! They do not drive the story forward, at all.
3b. Be able to post at least two and half decent sized paragraphs of non-dialogue, please. 7-10 Sentences, at least. But more is definitely preferred.
3c. Be considerate when posting and make sure that you have read everyone's post before posting your own.
3d. There should interaction with everyone's character even if they do not have a certain relation with another character.

4. Characters!
4a. This is a Realistic, Supernatural roleplay so all characters must be human, a vampire or werewolf.
4b. All humans and even supernatural beings have flaws so make sure your characters have some, too!
4c. You are allowed to play up to two characters only.
4d. I want to see well thought out characters, please.

5. Character Sheets!
5a. I want to see detail in your character sheets.
5b. Your character sheet will determine if you're a great fit for the roleplay or not.
5c. Only Real Life images for characters. No anime or illustrations.
5d. You have at least three days to get a complete character sheet up!

6. PG-13!
6a. Romance is allowed and encouraged here but for when the clothes start coming off, fade to black.
6b. Keep the swearing down to a minimum, please.

7. Diversity!
7a. Not everyone make a female character, please! There are some males in the world!
7b. I want to see a diverse cast of ethnicity, nationality, skin color and sexuality!

8. Activity & Commitment!
8a. If you make a character then please be committed enough to follow through with that character, or characters.
8b. I require that you post at two times a week! If you cannot post for whatever reason then please let me know.
8c. Five days is the minimum amount of time that I'll allow you to be silent in the OOC and IC. I will write your character out of the roleplay if you do not post.

9. Reservation
9a. To reserve, tell your favorite supernatural being, the face claim and hex code, please.
9b. I will hold your reservations for two days. Need an extension? Better let me know.

10. Face Claims
10a. I am open to changing the face claims, yes but only for when a completed character sheet has been turned in.

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Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Guys the new roleplay is up :D
Here you have a link, let's get this one rolling!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I dont mind either as long as I get to keep my reservation ^.^ Happy New Years Everyone!!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I agree with the other two. I'm quite fine with a reboot of this one but would like to keep my reservation! :D

Can add stuff to my character and all that.

Happy new year everyone!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I don't mind either, I haven't even started. As long as I get to keep my reservation too.

Happy new years to everyone too!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I don't mind, so long as I get to keep my reservation. Don't have a half-finished CS for nothing, after all ;).

Also, a bit belated here, but happy new years!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I might be doing another reboot of this installment to garner more interest.

I started this at the wrong time last time, since it was close to the holidays and such but another reboot sounds great at this point.


Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Perfect! I'll get my CS in ASAP! :)
Am I taking coven member 1 or second in command? I'm good with either

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Holy Crap! Nice to see reservations rolling on in, now.

Sure but jericho193 hasn't finished his character yet.

So, mind using another face claim until then?


Reserved, too!

That's fine by me. ^^

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

HI! I saw this RP the first time around and I loved the idea but had too much going on already and didn't get to join.
I was wondering if I could reserve coven member 1? (or second in command if it's still available) I know you'll only change the FC after seeing the character sheet so all I need is the okay and I'll get started on it right away! If not then that's okay :)

(this is who i'd use, so you have an idea of what he looks like)

Also, if needed, would love to reserve one of the hunters, but only if we end up being short on people.

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Can't believe I'm seeing this RP back. Remember being interested the first time around but it already had so many characters.

Since there are already so many vampires, I'd like to go ambitious and reserve the spot of the Alpha Female for the wolf pack, FC Blake Lively :). My hex code is definitely #00009C, and my favourite supernatural creature definitely has to be the Leviathan, if not because of the fact that its an awesome name but because of the actual feeling that the name tends to invoke. And how can you go wrong with sea monsters?

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Alright, I am done with my character! If there's something that doesn't sound right or that you'd like me to change. Just tell me and I'll edit it :D

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Hey there! I was wondering if I could reserve the Face claim of Nina Dobrev? My favorite supernatural would probably be a fairy because each one is so different and original and each fairy has a unique story. My hex code will be #a3216f

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Hi! I'd love to reserve the beta male if I can! My favorite Supernatural would probably be mermaids because they're pretty awesome and I'd love for them to exist, the pretty nice kind, not the killer kind.

I wanted to see if since jericho193 is changing his FC if I could change mine to Tyler Posey and the hex code will probably be either a deep dark blue (not sure the numbers off the top of my head) or a pretty bright green.

So either #323173 or #6dc066. I'll decide later. I might take on a vampire girl but I'm not sure which and I'll let you know later if I do decide to, so just the werewolf for now. Thanks!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Disregard~ Good luck with your rp!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

I'll change the face claim when a completed character sheet is done.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Hellou! This roleplay seem to be really interesting so I'd like to reserve a role! If I may ofc.

Beta Female, Hex Code: #336739 , FC Emma Watson, if I may change that one? :D And my favourite supernatural being is actually Werewolves x3

I'll start working on the character sheet right away but not sure if I'll be done today or tomorrow.

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

That's fine! You're reserve but I'll change the face claim whenever I see a completed character sheet.

Actually, make sure you read the rules, too then you're reserved. :)

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Hi, I would like to reserve coven member 2, but I wanted to see if I could change to FC to Jinri Choi.


If not, that's fine. Thanks in advance!

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

LOL. Yeah, that's fine. Hope that you're still interested by then. :)

Consider her reserve! Thank you for your interest.

Okay. When you want to reserve, just let me know!

By the way, the alpha is taken already.

Re: Welcome To Bellingstone, PA

Hey Sunshine! Just letting you know Ill be working on a CS for this, itll be a male werewolf spot just not the Alpha. Proabably the Delta, cuz it sounds cool.

I will also probably change the FC as a heads up. Ill probably choose Ryan Guzman or James Rolleston