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Elena Montgomery

"My friends said to take a walk on the wild side. And then I came to this town..."

0 · 605 views · located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania

a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, as played by Blondie104


Elena Vivienne Montgomery
"Courage of life is a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures and that is the basis of all morality." -- John F. Kennedy


Gender: Female


Nicknames: Ellie (by her mother) and Lena (mostly everyone)

  • College Student
  • Dance Instructor


Height: 5’3

Weight: 120

Build: Gracefully-slim with soft curves

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Baby blue

Brief Written Description: You almost miss the diminutive young woman as your gaze wanders across the room. But before long, you’re brought back and all you can do is look. Staring into those almond-shaped baby-blue eyes, you’re immediately struck by the vibrant color staring back at you. The dark lashes around her eyes give her an innocent look and her high, slightly round cheeks have her almost accomplishing a sort of baby-face look. Your eyes are then drawn to the soft pink lips that she continues to nibble on and you watch her lashes almost brush her cheeks when she lowers her gaze from yours. As her head lowers, a few strands of silky brown hair follows the movement and a dainty hand moves to push the hair back, the ends slightly curled. The scent of rose petals exudes from fair skin that’s just as soft and all you can do is stare at the gorgeous young woman standing before you

Clothing Preference: Elena’s not exactly a fashionista, but she’s not a plain Jane either. She likes to wear a nice top, jeans, and boots. Nothing has to be extremely flashy nor does it have to be too conservative. She has a love for long-sleeved shirts with V necks and skinny jeans are loved. But Elena will gladly wear a dress or a skirt on occasion and accessories are adored. However, she wears a silver cross necklace that’s encrusted with small diamonds on a delicate, thin chain that once belonged to her grandmother. She lightened her hair at one point, but it's back to its natural brown now.


”I’m not saying that there’s not a selfish bone in my body. I think…there’s an unreasonably selfish part of all of us. But if it came down to it – and God forbid if it does – and I’d have to choose between your life and mine, I’d choose yours. Rather I die than you.”

  • Shooting at any range
  • Flexibility Gymnastics was good for something
  • Acquiring information on anyone or anything
  • Slapping people My slaps are lethal. Ask my ex!
  • Mulitilingual I speak German, French, English, and Arabic
  • Multi-tasking
  • Persuasion Not many can resist these eyes
  • Asserting authority or leadership role
  • Being a distraction

  • Running her fingers through her hair when she’s stressed
  • Biting her lower lip or fingering her necklace when she’s in deep concentration
  • Her nose wrinkles when she laughs
  • Lowering her eyes out of nervousness
  • Drumming her fingernails on a hard surface when bored or impatient
  • Kinking her eyebrow when she’s trying to be cute or making a point

  • Coffee The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup
  • Romance What can I say? I’m a romantic sap
  • Chocolate
  • Roses and peonies
  • Chamomile tea with lavender notes
  • Taking hot baths filled with rose petals
  • Taking hot showers
  • Dancing
  • Motorcyles
  • Reading
  • Drinks

  • Being treated like a child
  • Being subjected to idiocy
  • Being underestimated
  • Liars
  • Players
  • Mind games
  • Shooting people But if I have to, best beware…
  • Judgmental people Dealt with enough of them in high school
  • Cliques
  • Rumors
  • Snobs

  • Dying young
  • Dark, enclosed spaces I have a small case of claustrophobia
  • Becoming her motherShe was weak and never stood up to Grams
  • Never being able to fall in love

Written description:After getting your fill of staring at the girl, you notice that it’s not just her outside that’s beautiful. It’s her insides as well. Elena’s definitely the epitome of the girl-next-door character. However, her kindness irritates her friends because of the far extents that it will go. She cares deeply for people and will become your personal martyr. She's unreasonably stubborn and determined. You might find it hard to deter her once she's made her mind up about something and Elena is fiercely loyal. She hates being a damsel in distress despite the fact that that's exactly what she turns out to be and she's admirably brave. She will fight as much as she has to even though she's not particularly good at fighting. She’s passionate with a side of bitch and she doesn’t try to hide that. It’s not who she is naturally, but if she has to, the mean girl will come out. And despite the innocence in her eyes, those blue orbs will turn a vibrant blue and the authoritative, demanding woman will come out, shocking you with her stance of intimidation. She will gladly mouth off at you if you piss her off and if you push her, prepare to have a bullet up your ass. If you want a good friend, she’s your girl. If you want more, come correct. Otherwise, get the stepping.


"Treat me like a queen, I'll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played." Unknown
Relationship Status:Single

Elena's mother's side are direct descendants of Queen Victoria of England and her father is from some family of unimportant history in Ireland. When they moved to Pennsylvania and got married, Elena's grandmother was beyond pissed and threatened to disown her mother. Her mother, still fearful of her mother, divorced her father soon after Elena's birth. For the most part, Elena had to go back-and-forth between her weak mother and her bitter father, causing her to become a tad bit bitter towards her mother for putting her in that situation. For the most part, however, Elena had a decent childhood.

It was apparent, at a young age, that Elena would be the favorite of her grandmother. The old, multi-billion dollar heiress adored her granddaughter and even to this day, Elena is the splitting image of her grandmother from the woman's younger days. So, her grandmother was her biggest supporter. She paid for all of Elena's gymnastic and dance lessons. She even sent Elena to Paris for a summer dance program. But Elena managed to spend time with her father, becoming skilled with guns because of his hunting trips. Elena would late realize that the aforementioned affection from her grandmother was the reason why her six other cousins disliked her so much, but she didn't care. She just wanted to get away from her family.

With that goal in mind, Elena graduated a year early from high school at the age of seventeen. Her grandmother passed away at this time and left Elena money that would last her for ten years seeing how Elena didn't spend money unless she actually had to. So, she settled for a nice college in Pennsylvania. This is where life threw her a curveball. One of her associates was a guy named Jarrod who was surprisingly obsessed with her. She hadn't known it at the time, but his photography skills enfused with his stalker skills had him taking pictures of her every point in her life. He even became a sort of peeping tom, taking even more inappropriate pictures of her that Elena would discover later. She wasn't exactly close to him and didn't trust him too much, but remained civil. He hadn't done anything least, she hadn't known at the time. One day, he lied and said that he left his keys in his room and to wait for his suite mate - their friend - to come back from his date. She let him in and he tried getting a little too close. That's when things got out of hand.

He called her a tease when she told him to get out and he slapped her, causing Elena's sight to blur and for her head to start spinning. He then snatched her by her hair and threw her onto her couch. She tried fighting back, but he backhanded her again. She almost passed out out of fear, but her hand found her lamp and she smashed it into his head. Just as she got to her feet to run, he grabbed her ankle and she crashed to the floor. He began pulling her backwards, but Elena twisted herself so that her free foot could turn and she kicked him in the face. She scrambled to her counter and pulled out her 9mm compact pistol. She warned him that he needed to leave, but Jarrod lunged at her and snatched at the gun. But Elena held fast and pulled the trigger. There was a slight moment of complete silence and she felt blood splatter on her abdomen. Jarrod then crumpled to the floor, dead.

Everything happened at once. Elena was in a daze as she called the police and then her mother and then her roommate. They came and luckily for her, she was registered for the gun and was old enough to have it without being charged. But as her place was cleaned up and her roommate comforted her, Elena remained in complete shock. She didn't stop shaking until her mother came and she cried in her mother's arms. It was at that point she moved to Bellingstone, hoping to start fresh. She still has nightmares sometimes and it's been a year. She now attends the nearby college and works at a dance studio near her favorite coffee shop. She may not know what's going on in town, but she damn sure isn't as trusting as before.

So begins...

Elena Montgomery's Story

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Elena Montgomery

"Yes, Dad. I got your...presents," Elena chose to say as she eyed the gun her father had left in her bag upon his departure last week. She hadn't even realized he snuck anything in her suitcase until after he was gone. While she knew her father meant well in his decision to leave behind a gun, it felt more like a shackle to a past she'd rather forget.

Upon arriving in Bellingstone, Elena did not think to ever mention her incident at Drexel University. It was a memory she shoved into the back of her mind and when asked of her college experiences prior to attending her college now, she only spoke of some of the most random and mundane instances. It was not that she was still haunted by what happened to her. It was that everyone else seemed to be haunted by it. Her mother called her incessantly, her father continues to beg for her to take kickboxing classes - which she actually was beginning to consider - and her childhood companion decided to follow her to Bellingstone out of protection. Loving is what they call their constant fussing over her. Smothering is what Elena would call it.

"It's not that I'm not appreciative of it, Daddy," Elena explained as she poured herself a cup of coffee. The heavenly aroma of Folgers coffee, a hot beverage her grandmother glared at with distaste when the woman was alive, was comforting at this point in time. Elena had been awake since five this morning for reasons still unknown and had been stuck typing on her laptop. "I just think that you're overreacting." And Elena knew that was the wrong thing to say the minute it escaped her full lips because her father then emerged into a long speech about protection and something else that was not relevant to Elena.

Elena would never want anyone to think that she was ungrateful for the love and affection she was recieving. On the contrary, she adored it and adored the people who gave it to her. But it was coming to a point where it's been a year since she moved to Bellingstone and it seemed that every other conversation alluded to almost being raped. Was that a tragic event? Yes. Did that tragic event need to be reiterated at every point in Elena's life? No.

"Yeah, I understand. But I gotta go. Love you," Elena said in one breath and hung up before her father could continue his tired out speech. Elena sighed and ran a tired hand through her slightly tousled hair. This was only the beginning of her day. It was Sunday and her mother would more than likely call her directly after Mass. And Kat...Kat would be here

Knock! Knock! Knock! Elena rolled her eyes irritatedly before calling to the front door of her apartment to tell the other person that it was open. Even Kat knew that Elena's door would be open this morning; she called to let Elena know she'd be coming over. Her raven-haired Latina friend, who surprisingly had pink streaks in her hair today, waltzed into Elena's kitchen wearing an attire that would make Elena's mother cringe and possibly cause her grandmother to have another stroke if the woman were still alive.

"What are you wearing?" Elena asked. Kat - Katherine, as Elena was not allowed to call her - twirled in her little...get-up. It consisted of a tighter than life corset that let the entire world know that Kat was blessed by the Mother Goddess with two watermelons as breasts, a barely-there pencil skirt with fishnet tights underneath, a random and oversized red plaid shirt that acted as a jacket but merely had Elena raising her eyebrows, and black ankle-high boots. Okay, maybe Elena was a tad bit overdramatic with the breasts, but still.

"Vintage." Elena almost choked on her coffee.

"Really? I was thinking tramp." Kat chuckled at Elena's dry sense of humor and taste. She plopped herself on the dining room table and smirked at Elena.

"Ouch," Kat purred and Elena rolled her eyes. "Don't be such a prude, Lena. It's fashion."

"Fashion is subjective. This is Dracula's reject daughter," Elena shot back, gesturing to Kat's short skirt and corset mostly. Kat ended up laughing at Elena's exclamation as she always did. After all, it wasn't as bad as Elena was making it out to be and Elena knew that. Kat was just letting her blow off steam. Elena sighed at that realization. Any other girl would've been smacked sideways if they had said that to Kat. "Soo...what do you want?" Kat exhaled dramatically.

"Can't a girl just come visit her bestest friend on random?" No, you cannot, Elena thought in response. It's Sunday and Sunday is Kat-wants-to-play-day. At Elena's raised eyebrow, Kat's grin widened into an almost feline smile and Elena instantly found herself regretting waking up. "Shopping."

Yep, Elena was gonna need more coffee.

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Elena Montgomery

"Damn," Elena gasped as streams of hot water shot out from the showerhead above her and stabbed her sensitive flesh. She slapped a tired hand on the glass wall and leaned into that, pressing her forehead against the cool glass. She turned her back to the water and allowed it to pummel her back mercilessly.

She had spent the entire day with Kat. Despite the fact that she knew she needed to get work done, she found herself succumbing to Kat's desires and shopped. Like Kat said, Elena had more money than she knew what to do with and it was about time she spent some of it on herself. So, she splurged. They bought skirts, tons of jeans, dresses because Elena apparently did not own enough of them in Kat's eyes, heels, boots and sandals for the upcoming warmer weather. Then, even though Elena wanted to go to the diner, Kat only agreed for her to go to a drive-thru because Kat wanted to go to the frat party on campus. And seriously! Who threw a frat party on Sunday!?

It was a shame that Elena, despite her inner fire, acquired a somewhat submissive personality. Sure, she knew when she needed to take control or speak her mind. But she relatively did as she was told. Her Dad wanted her to be protected, she had two guns. Her mom wanted her to be financially stable, she picked a major in Anthropology and a minor in Informational Technologies. Kat wanted her to be free for a moment, she did whatever Kat said. It was sad and by the time midnight hit, Elena realized how obvious her submissiveness was. Kat had her drinking shot after shot of alcohol and on a regular day, Elena would've slapped herself silly. But she did it anyway. Luckily for her, she'd been smart and ate a big burger and fries. The small hangover she had was nothing compared to what Kat was feeling on her couch.

"Alright then," Elena decided to pep herself up with that, standing up straight in her big shower. This was probably her favorite thing about her apartment. It was a steam shower and had a bench to sit down in. She normally would sit on the bench as the rose oil would be placed in, filling the room with rose-scented steam that relaxed Elena instantly. But now, was not the time. She gathered some hot water in her hands and splashed her face with it repeatedly, waking herself up.

After fifteen minutes, Elena emerged from the bathroom with freshly-washed hair, fresher breath, and a cleaner body. As always, her skin smelt like fesh roses. She tip-toed into her bedroom and dried her body quickly, glancing at the clock. It was 8:30 and the library would be open soon. She needed to finish her thesis paper for her Sociocultural Anthropology class, prepare the powerpoint presentation for her economics class, and finish the online lab for her IT class. Plus, she was teaching a dance class at 3pm. Talk about being an overachiever, she mused mentally as she slid on a matching black bra and underwear set. The satin felt good against her skin. Elena towel-dried her hair as she walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. A small groan could be heard from the couch, where Kat was currently trying to sleep through her splitting headache.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," Elena called. Another groan. "You have class in an hour." Another groan. Still no reply. Elena smirked. "Matt's cheating on you." That earned Elena a "fuck you" and she chuckled. She turned on the coffee machine and added her cream. She placed her red to-go coffee mug underneath the machine before plucking the bag of plain bagels off the top of the fridge. "Aspirin's in the medicine cabinet, leftover egg stir-fry is in the fridge, and you know where the coffee is." Once that stuff was on the counter, Elena hurried and shoved her laptop into her handbag, which consisted of all the notes she needed for the day. She hurried back to her room and lotioned down.

Finally, Elena settled on an outfit. She debated on whether or not she really wanted to wear the heels, but decided on them anyway. They filled her with confidence, which also meant motivation. She threw the towel on her made-up bed and ran a brush through her hair. She twisted her dark locks into a loose bun with strands framing her face. This would do for the day. After sliding on shades, she clasped on her grandmother's necklace. Checking herself one final time, Elena walked out of her room for the last time to see Kat sitting up with a seriously messed up face because her smudged mascara.

"Definitely not your most attractive look," Elena griped and Kat flicked her the finger. Elena smirked and walked into the kitchen just as the machine beeped that her coffee was ready. With a sprinkle of sugar and a small taste to be sure, Elena's coffee was ready. Satisfied, she pulled a soft bagel from the pack and fished around the kitchen for what she needed. She slathered on cream cheese to both sides of the bagel before placing the entire thing in a small sandwich bag and throwing that into her purse. Thinking about her oncoming headache, she grabbed a bottle of water to accompany that bottle of aspirin in her purse. Grabbing the other bag, Elena headed towards the door and with a smile over her shoulder at Kat, she grabbed her keys and was out.

Deciding that she did not want to walk today and that she had to stop by the ATM, Elena pressed the button on her keys for her black Honda Civic Si Coupe. It was the brand new car one of her cousins insisted upon and only because the cousin was trying to be polite, Elena bought it. It was nice and definitely satisfactory for her. Plus, it was better than her old truck, which everyone detested. Getting situated, Elena pressed the button that started the ignition and was off.

After getting what she needed situated at the ATM, she parked in the library's parking lot and headed towards the building. Not a lot of people came, which was fine by Elena. She preferred the silence anyway. At school, there were too many kids and half of them weren't even college students. Her phone would be ringing all day if she were at home and at least in the library, because it was supposed to be quiet, she had an excuse why her cell phone was off. The familiar "ding" at the front door announced her arrival. Once inside, Elena removed her shades and smiled at the pretty librarian.

"Good morning," Elena said politely. The woman was nice and kept this place open despite the decrease in customers. Elena would have given up ages ago. Elena ascended the stairs slowly before walking to the back of the upstairs area, where most people did not go. There was a long table near the windows and was rather peaceful. Elena took out everything she needed. With her bagel and coffee on either side of her and her laptop in front of her, she sighed and fingered her necklace for a second. "Let's get to work." With that said, she began.

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As Jo turned the yellowed pages of the ancient tome, she heard the jingle of the bell, signaling that someone had come in. She looked up from the book to witness a young college girl walk past and up the stairs to where the computers were located. Of course, they all go straight to the computers. God forbid they pick up an encyclopedia for research anymore. Jo thought to herself. She had never liked the way everyone had become so dependent on technology lately. Sure she could understand having a cell phone, that was for convenience sake, but she couldn't fathom why people would rather seek their answers on the internet rather than look in a book for it. You learned so much more that way.

She supposed that she should go help the girl and rose from her seat. She came upon the girl working on her laptop and didn't want to interrupt so she went back down the stairs. As she stepped off the stairs, she paused. Something wasn't quite right in the air. Something smelled...metallic. Then she heard the sirens stopping next door at the Police Department. She looked out the back window upon quite a scene. There sat almost every cop car the town could spare. With her more advanced vision, she could see people walking in the woods by the police department. She was intensely curious as to what was going on. As she contemplated going and checking it out, her decision was made for her in the form of an elderly volunteer, Maude. She came by on some days to dust and such, but mostly she just read. Jo was sure she could trust Maude with the library while she took a few seconds to sate her curiosity. She greeted Maude and said she would be right back and left the library.

The walk was short to the police department and as she grew closer to the scene, the metallic smell grew stronger. She spotted Lassiter's car there and felt a little more comfortable. She ventured on, and finally spotted him talking to the Sheriff who had been in the diner. She was pretty sure that she shouldn't be there, so she stood a little ways away.

The corpse was plainly visible on the ground and she looked a little familiar. Jo had the distinct notion that she had seen her around town. What was left of her blood had been the metallic smell Jo had been searching for. Her body looked...deflated. It was actually rather disgusting. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what had killed the girl. Vampires.

Axel must be made aware of this as soon as possible. Jo looked back to Lassiter who was asking the Sheriiff if he could go. She tried to catch his attention and pulled her phone from her pocket. She mimed out, silently asking if he had already informed Axel.