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Josephine Beckett

"Being hunted? That sounds rather fun."

0 · 895 views · located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania

a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, as played by Kuukakulily




"And in the end it's not the years in your life that count, It's the life in your years"-Abraham Lincoln


Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Nicknames: She finds her first name a real mouthful, so oftentimes she prefers to simply be called Jo. Close friends call her Jo-Jo affectionately.

Occupation: She works in the local library as the Head Librarian.

Pack/Coven Name: Wolff Pack

Rank in Pack/Coven: Beta Female


Height: 5"7" (174cm)

Weight: 110lbs (49 kilos)

Build: Lean and well-toned.

Hair Color: Dark Chocolate brown with black undertones

Eye Color: Light Brown

Scars?: Like many of her pack her skin has scars in all shapes and forms. The largest scar is just over six inches long and runs down the outside length of her right thigh. She has many smaller nearly unnoticeable scars from playful fights with other pack members and harsher battles with much more powerful foes.

Brief Written Description: Jo stands at substantial five feet and seven inches. Though smaller in height than other, younger pack members, she makes up for it in speed which was what her body was built for. Her hair lies to just past her mid-back in soft waves. At times she will tie it up in a bun with some intricate braids, but she finds it takes more work and it is much easier to leave it down. Her eyes are a lovely light-brown color. She has a rather strong jawline and when she smiles brightly dimples can be seen in her cheeks. Her skin is a healthy white as she doesn't spend as much time in the sun as her fellow pack members.

Clothing Preference: Jo prefers clothes that are comfortable rather than fashionable. She tries in her own way to keep up with the ever changing fashions. Her clothing usual consists of baggier shirts and jeans. She also enjoys wearing cardigans as overshirts, scarves and button up-shirts. In true librarian fashion, she adopts a pair of thick-framed, rectangular glasses. While she has no real need for them, she enjoys the way they complete her image.


  • Jo's lean build and smaller stature makes her an extremely fast runner in both her human and wolf form. She can outrun many, if not all, of her fellow pack members.
  • Her long limbs allow her to be more flexible mostly in her human form. This allows her to dodge blows and even take damage well.
  • Because of her love for books, Jo is extremely well-read. This allows her to be a better strategist and the go-to gal for information, especially that of the past.
  • Her fighting skills are excellent, but no where near the level of an Alpha.

  • Jo has a habit of "speaking" with her hands when she talks.
  • She has a terrible nail-biting habit. She does it a lot when she's anxious or stressed.
  • She likes thrills and danger excites her.

  • Running
  • Reading
  • Gaining knowledge
  • The Pack
  • Collecting things
  • Her meat rare to medium rare
  • Roller Coasters
  • Danger
  • Watching TV
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Being Hunted
  • Poachers
  • Pollution
  • Vampires
  • Large Gatherings of People
  • Tourists
  • People who write in her books
  • Her fellow pack members getting physically hurt
  • Hunters, to a degree
  • She may have an inability to produce offspring

Written description: Josephine is the type of person who is good-natured. She takes things rather well, not letting much get under skin. While she loves her pack, she believes that you must stand up for yourself and won't interfere in other pack members quarrels unless it turns violent. Many view her as unloyal, but she has reiterated her point many times before. "You gain nothing from having others take up for you." She thinks it's humiliating when others try to do so for her and will be angry with them for a while afterwards. She's quiet most of the time, but is quick to voice her opinion when the time is called for it. She believes her position in the pack is just as important as any other. She seeks refuge in books a lot of the time, preferring the world of fantasy to the reality of today. Though she doesn't look the type, she really enjoys thrills, be they roller coasters, being chased, or the though of being caught in bed with someone she shouldn't be. It's all about the anticipation.


Relationship Status: She hasn't mated with anyone, not even the male beta, like others think. She has had "relations" with others, namely humans.

Brief History: There's not much to say about Josephine's life growing up. She never experienced any tragedies or hardships. She was born a werewolf to loving parents who were destined to forever be Beta's. Annie and James Beckett raised there only daughter well, teaching her about the role she was destined to play in the pack. It was true that sometimes she would often rather be out racing with the other pups and sometimes she would disappear, only to be caught red-handed and sent back to her lessons.

They taught her to fight well but more importantly, they taught her the importance of information. As a future Beta, it was her job to gather information and stay on top of things in the town old and new. She was taught to read older writings of the town, many of which were stored in an underground vault beneath the library. She learned from them and grew and when her parents passed on, she took over her mother's role as the female Beta. She has fulfilled her role extremely well, keeping Axel up to date and assisting him in any way she can, though recently she's began to crave more excitement, finding her role boring and mundane.

So begins...

Josephine Beckett's Story

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As a new day dawned, Jo was just rising from her lush bed. She was almost sad to have to get up for work. She had been having the most wondrous dream about running. To some, the dream would seem insignificant, but to Jo, this dream meant good things. She had the dream before on more than one occasion and good days often came afterwards. With a smile at the thought of what a great day it would be, she climbed out of bed. She entered the bathroom adjacent to her room and went through the while bathroom routine. She brushed her teeth and brushed her hair, fixing it into a messy bun atop her head. She applied a little bit of makeup, just enough to bring out her natural beauty. She went to her closet and chose her outfit for the day. It was simple and suited her tastes. After pulling the boots on, she grabbed her purse from the kitchen table and left her house, locking the door behind her.

It was turning out to be a beautiful day with the sun just beginning it's journey across the blue sky. She stretched her limbs, reveling in the sunshine. Her stomach made an inopportune moment to rear it's head and gave a loud growl. Looking at her watch, she decided she could spare some time to stop for a quick bite at Axel's diner. While she preferred the Ragin' Cajun, it just didn't make as good a breakfast as Axel's little diner could. She could almost taste the waffles. She climbed into the driver's side of her ancient Jeep Grand Cherokee and eased out of the little driveway.

It didn't take her very long to get to Axel's diner as it wasn't very far from her own house. She pulled into one of the parking spaces and parked. She exited her vehicle and went into the diner, slipping in as her work colleague, Alarick held the door open for a young woman who had just entered. She gave him a smirk and said "Why thank you kind sir." He was handsome enough, but word was he was a Hunter and she wouldn't be stupid enough to fool around with him...yet.

As she entered, her eyes found many members of her pack as well as many other normal patrons. She gave a nod in Sam and Caroline's direction. She was no fool and knew they carried on a secret relationship. In retrospect, she should be envious or jealous considering he was her mate, but she didn't have any feelings for him and he had none for her. They were friendly at best. She could see Sara sitting in a booth and gave her a wave. She was sorry about what happened to her family and could understand her need for solitude. She saw Lassiter sitting at the counter and decided to join him. "So, Lass, how're things?" she said, striking up a conversation with him while waiting for Sam to take her order.

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Alarick’s expression changed immediately as he noticed Annelise wicking away tears that were welling at the corner of her eyes. It was odd to see her somewhat melancholy so suddenly. Yet he had to remind himself that she was young, and apparently had numerous emotions rolling through like a sea during the storm.
Unfortunately his mind was pulled away from his pensive thoughts as another woman sauntered through with a vulpine grace. Oh Alarick gave her a look and an inevitable smile. “Anything for a beautiful lady as yourself,” those words purred from his lips- that Italian accent rumbling somewhat seductively. Yes he used his heritage like some romance-novel styled weapon, but it seemed to get results and that was all that mattered. As she sauntered on by and took a seat next to a man at the counter he found himself a bit bemused. The fellow in the EMT outfit was Lassiter Declan. The only reason he knew that was because he sometimes frequented the ER when he needed a bit of extra money. Actually he never needed the extra money, but it helped when one was on the lookout for fang or claw marks. Then there was the gorgeous blonde next to him- she owned a bar- Alarick knew that because he found himself not only finding her curves alluring but her cocktails equally so.

“Want a booth Annelise?” He questioned but didn’t wait for a response as he took one nearest the door and flopped down in the seat. The leather squealed underneath him, and inevitably settled in the way that cheap booths do. “Oh look- French toast- you like that right?” Annelise was different than the majority of women that Alarick had anything to do with, because honestly he didn’t want to sleep with her. She was sweet, naïve, and a shining beacon of how they should be. So instead of speaking to her in sultry tones with overwhelming charm- he treated her like he would his kid sister. “Look is everything alright-?” Alarick questioned and then immediately felt his butt vibrate. He glanced down and began feeling about his pants for his phone. He fished the fancy smartphone from the depths of his blue jeans and checked his messages. “Oh hey- Sebastian.” He mused.

‘At that main street diner with Annelise. Come kill time with us. I haven’t seen your pretty face in a while. ;) That and I think I’m onto something.’ He texted back. Not one for paraphrasing words. Yes it made his texting times draw out into long narratives about his day or feelings, but at least there was no question about what he meant. “Looks like we might get company.”

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Sara was tense, Sam could tell. Her body was rigid, and she sat in the booth as if she was extremely uncomfortable. And of course there was the fact that she grabbed a knife as if she was going to stab him when he walked over to take her order. He decided to let that slide, however. He, as well as the rest of the pack, knew her past. He had hoped she would eventually come around to them all once more, since his pack was practically his family, and it was that way for most members. They could help her get through everything, yet she just shunned them all. So he left it alone, and hoped one day she'd change her mind and return to the pack.

"Just... A chicken fried steak. To go." He nodded to her, and leaned one hand on the table. "I'll get that going for you right away." He took the menu from her, and stood up straight. "You should think about staying, though. I know Caroline would really like to talk to you. You should go say hi." The bell rang once more, and he looked over to see none other than his 'mate' walk through the door. She was closely followed by two patrons he didn't really know, but had seen around town a few times. He thought the girl worked at a comic book shop somewhere close to the diner. He looked back to Sara after having been distracted. "Just think about it while I go take orders and get your food ready." With one last smile, he turned and walked away.

He made a quick trip back to the counter, where Josephine had decided to sit next to Lassiter and Caroline. He slid the menu to her, and flipped a coffee cup, filling it with the black liquid. He placed the cup in front of her. "Morning Jo. Don't think you need the menu, but you get one anyway." It was strange to think that this woman was supposed to be his mate. They were supposed to have kids and make sure the future of the pack was in good hands. And yet she didn't have feelings for him, nor he for her. He'd always told Axel that no matter what, he would do his duty. Yet as he thought about it, he wasn't really sure if he could. He may be a guy, but he still wanted love. He already dreamed of marrying and having kids with Caroline, but he had no such feelings or desires for Jo. For a moment, he wondered if the structure of the pack was somewhat outdated... or just plain wrong. Ranks in the pack don't equal love, Sam knew that for sure. Perhaps it was time for a change.

"I'll be right back, I've got to get an order started. Think about what you want," he told Jo, and then left the counter to head for the kitchen, and quickly prepared Sara's chicken fried steak. As he was cooking, he took the liberty to peer out the window, since he had a perfect view of Caroline at the counter. She was deep in conversation, so she didn't notice his gaze, but he didn't mind. Just looking at her, his heart began to race. The feeling made him smile, because it was something he hadn't felt in a long time. The two of them were both extremely happy, probably to the point that it would make others sick. That told him it was true happiness. After it was sizzling and smelling delicious, he left the kitchen once more, knowing it would be a few minutes before he had to tend to the food.

Sam's intention was going to be to wait on the newcomers in the booth, the young girl with the air of innocence, and the male with no innocence about him at all. However, he decided to stop and take Jo's order, since he figured she already knew what she wanted. The pack were all frequent diner patrons, and all knew the menu almost by heart. He leaned on the counter across from her, grabbing a note pad from under the counter so he could write her order down. He didn't exactly have the greatest memory, and knew he'd catch hell if anything was messed up.

"What can I get you for breakfast, Jo?" he asked, pen ready to write. Before she could answer, he was shoved rather forcefully from behind. It could only mean one thing. Axel had finally arrived. "Mornin', Sammy," the Alpha said as he walked past, turning back to give him a wide, toothy grin. His hair was unruly at best, and his clothes looked oddly familiar from the night before. He decided to not acknowledge the nickname, since Sammy seemed like a name for a 9-year old boy. "You look like shit!" he called to his friend and leader, a grin on his face as well. He turned back to Jo. "Your order?"

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Caroline took the last bite of her omelette, her hunger being satisfied, at least until lunch. Placing the knife and fork down on the plate, she pushed it to the back of the counter and picked up her mug of coffee, bringing it to her lips, quenching her thirst and giving her that slight boost of energy she would need to complete the day, all the while Lassiter droned on in her ear. Caro had learned a long time ago, that most of the words which passed Lassiter's lips would undoubtedly be a sarcastic comment, the rest of the time it was utter bull-shit, then very rarely he would surprise her with something articulate and quite deep an meaningful, although she could count on one hand the amount of times the latter had happened. “I suppose alright- you know as black hearted as always. So how is the Blonde Lorax doing this morning?” Lassiter answered her question with a rebuttal to her 'grinch' comment, forcing a tight smile, Caroline opened her mouth to answer when his words cut her off once more. “Besides cuddling up to ‘Sam I am with Green Eggs and Ham’...See what I did there?"

When talking to Lassiter, Caroline did her best to refrain from rolling her eyes, she did it so often in his company that it usually lead to a headache, however that comment, warranted the dramatic roll of her blue hues along with her frown. She should have known it was a mistake to tell Lassiter about her relationship with Sam, but their 'mates' deserved to know about there relationship, it was only fair, but a part of her did wish that if only to save herself a little grief, they had only told Jo. Caro would be lying if she said she didn't expect the teasing from him, but the fact that he was unreadable about the situation is what annoyed her. She wished he would either tell her he's happy for her or say that he wasn't, this whole facade made it really difficult for her to decide how to act with Sam when he was around, naturally she didn't want to rub their relationship in his face but she didn't want to hide it either. Placing her mug back down on the counter "yeah, your a regular comedian..." she scoffed "...but to answer your question, I'm very well, thank you."

Leaning forward on her elbows, Caroline turned her head towards Lassiter as he retold the story of his head wound, she listened carefully with a small smile tugging on her lips, trying her best not to burst into fits of laughter, to tell the truth, she was surprised someone hadn't thrown something at him sooner, she had been tempted once, he was just lucky that the bottle of whiskey she had been holding was an expensive one. Then suddenly, half way through his story, her shaped eyebrow shot up, did she detect a hint of concern in his voice about Ms Mahoney "I would be careful Lassie, you don't want to give people the impression that you actually care about the old girl." Sometimes she did wonder what had made Lassiter so closed of to others, she had known him for a long time and sill didn't actually know that much about him.

“So have any fun stories to tell me from last night? Anyone get too drunk to function and embarrass themselves? I still remember quite fondly when Tadd Wilkinson hopped up on the table and proclaimed himself ‘Magic Mike’ and began doing the most heinous hip thrusts known to man...little did we know that was the small-town Pennsylvania mating dance. Or I guess it was supposed to be- but we can honestly say anyone that remembers that will not crawl into bed with him.”

Caroline laughed loudly at that, her head shot back, her blonde curls shaking as laughter rippled through her body as she recalled the night in question fondly, calming down she wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded "that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen" she spoke between breaths before sighing, a smile gracing her lips at the memory. "Unfortunately nothing too exciting, although Mr Nolan had one to many and thought he was Johnny Cash reincarnated, the man slaughtered Ring of fire, his wife was not happy when I had to ring her to come and pick him up" she chuckled lightly. It was then Caroline noticed Josephine enter the diner, immediately taking a seat next to Lassiter "Morning Jo" she greeted with a quick smile, before the sliding of the stool next to her, caught her attention.

Turning her head, Caroline was surprised to see Sara taking the seat next to her "Hey...How, How've you been doing?" came her small voice as she raised her eyes to look at her, never had she seen so much sorrow and pain in one person, it nearly broke her heart to see her friend so broken; all Caroline wanted to do was pull her into a bone crushing hug but didn't want to scare her off, instead she offered a warm smile and a swift nod of her head to the question "I've been good, what about you sweetie?" She asked, silently thanking Sam for making this happen, he was a great guy and she would show her appreciation later. "It feels like it's been such a long time since I last saw you."

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“Lassie? Yeah I’ve never heard that one before.” Lassiter scoffed and took a heavy drink of his coffee before sitting the mug down again. “And it isn’t like I care for the old bat or anything- I just don’t like porcelain figurines thrown at my head.” He backtracked quite obviously, but found Caroline even holding an inkling of a thought in her head that he had compassion for little old ladies with mental disorders. Next think he knew she would be volunteering him for time with children at burn clinics, or informing all the elderly of Bellingstone that he would love to escort them across the road.

Those pale blue orbs followed Sam over to Sara’s booth and he found himself glancing at those two before coming back to the blackness of his coffee. Now if there was anyone that Lassiter felt sorry for it was Sara, because the events that had befallen her shouldn’t happen to anyone. Yet he didn’t agree with the way she handled things, but then again he wasn’t wrought with an abundance of female emotions to cloud his judgment.
Caroline’s laughter snapped him back to reality in a moment, and he had to admit that it was a beautiful noise amidst all the other snorting kerfuffle that existed in other women. Lassiter couldn’t help but to crack a smile as well and took a rather gallant drink of his now-cooled coffee. “I think I dropped my beer when he started doing that. One moment I was just sitting there and the next it was like my entire mind shut down at the sight of it.” It was then he took a moment for them to both catch their breath before he smirked. “Ah not near as amusing, but always better than watching paint dry or getting attacked by little old ladies.” Lassiter then paused, “look I don’t have to work Monday- so I was thinking about stopping by the bar then. I figure if you are there are we can engage in our favorite pastime. How does that sound?” About that time though Lassiter saw that Sara had found her way over from the booth, and to Caroline’s side. He took that as his cue to quiet himself and refocus on the rest of the diner in its’ entirety.

Lassiter was pulled away from his ‘don’t make it awkward’ stare when Jo started talking to him. While Caroline and him had to play pretend in the ‘romance’ department there was nothing keeping him or Josephine on good terms with each other. Still he had a rather guilty wish that they too could have some illicit affair if only to make things more interesting. But alas she found him about as interesting as a pile of rocks, and he found her as impressive as a wet sock- it just wasn’t mean to be. Not to mention it was a well-known fact that the female Beta preferred humans to werewolves any day. And Lassiter might have understood this if the werewolves were less attractive than the humans, but they weren’t- if anything they were more attractive. Ah well- she always struck him as a ‘rebel without a cause’ and so he left it at that- assured that her cause was ‘just because she could’.
“Good morning Jo- glad to see you can grace a lowly fellow like myself with your radiant being. Oh however shall be able to honor your properly.” Lassiter said with obvious sarcasm. “Maybe I shall relish you with an entertaining story about how I was accosted by a lady off of her meds- and she damaged my beautiful face with a porcelain figurine.” He stated in a gasping bravado, “I know what you are thinking: no not his pretty face. But worry not- it shall be fine with some ace bandages and Neosporin.” Lassiter then took a long sip- “So how was your morning- hopefully less eventful?”

Sam rotated around to ask Jo what she wanted with an obvious strained look on his face. That only meant one thing, and Lassiter was honestly not in the mood to comply so wholly. Truth be told if he wasn’t starving- he would probably just abandon the diner. “So what does it take to get service around here? Do I have to show you my breasts?” He questioned Sam with a serious look to his eyes as if he really meant it.

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Jo smiled up at Sam as he poured her the usual cup of coffee and slid her a menu. He knew that she didn't really need a menu, she had a habit of getting the same exact thing every day. As she began to tell him what she wanted, he broke in before she could even utter a syllable. "I'll be right back, I've got to get an order started. Think about what you want," an with that, he hurried off to the kitchen to make Sara's order. She waited patiently listening to the conversations going on around her, not really partaking in one. She peered around and can just make out Sam in the kitchen. His gaze wasn't on his work, but on Caroline and she felt a ping of jealousy. Not for his intense love for her persay but the love in general. She wished that she could find someone to love as much as he loved Caroline. Most of her pack believed that she wouldn't date a werewolf, but she wasn't totally against the idea. It just so happened that many of the pack were rigid and wouldn't stray from the rules, with obvious exceptions of course.

Turning her gaze back to her coffee, she sighed and stirred it in a bored fashion, adding a bit of sugar. After a few minutes, Sam came back out ready to take her order. Before she could say what she wanted, Axel came up behind Sam and shoved him. "Good morning, Axel. You know you've got really horrible service here." she said winking and turning back to Sam. "I would love some blueberry waffles please." She said, grinning as she slid the menu back to him.

As Sam went to get her order ready as well as others, she turned around in her barstool. It was then that Lassiter took that time to answer. She turned back around so she could listen to him properly. "Good morning Jo- glad to see you can grace a lowly fellow like myself with your radiant being. Oh however shall be able to honor your properly." Of course she assumed his response would be sarcastic. It always was. "Maybe I shall relish you with an entertaining story about how I was accosted by a lady off of her meds- and she damaged my beautiful face with a porcelain figurine." She laughed as she noticed his bandage sticking prominently on his forehead. "I know what you are thinking: no not his pretty face. But worry not- it shall be fine with some ace bandages and Neosporin." "A shame, it would have mad quite a pretty scar." She responded. “So how was your morning- hopefully less eventful?” He said after taking a sip of coffee. "Mine was not nearly as entertaining as yours. If only I too could have such an exciting job as yours. Alas, I am but a librarian. That is the most boring of boring jobs." She said, turning back around to watch the other patrons.

Axel and Sam flitted here and there, taking orders and making them. That however wasn't the most interesting people that day. Her gaze rested on the trio in a booth. They didn't quite seem to fit together with the young girl and the man she knew was a player. And then there was the bigger man who had just lit up a cigarette. He was the Bellingstone sheriff. Why he was sitting with the other two was anybodies guess. She glanced back to Caroline, Sara, and Lassiter and then to Axel she gave a small nod, nearly imperceptible to the human eye signaling that she wanted to speak with him privately.

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Seb shot Alarick an obviously feigned smile before blowing a stream of smoke off to the side. "My day just isn't the same without seeing your ugly mug, sweetheart," he shot back. Sebastian leaned back against the booth and picked up a menu to glance over it. It was then, it seemed, that he realized he had not eaten since yesterday afternoon. By now, the hunger pangs in his stomach were bugging him and the smell of food from the kitchen didn't make anything better. As Alarick opened his mouth again to speak, Seb leaned forward and pulled the cigarette out of his mouth.

"See the brunette up there- the one besides the EMT- happen to know who she is? I’m considering asking her out. I wonder if all her friends would mind." Sebastian's face basically lit up like a child's on Christmas. Both he and Alarick had the same, there must be something going on at least. It couldn't be a coincidence, right? Regardless, a third opinion couldn't really hurt, right? Seb leaned back again and closed the menu, having decided upon what he wanted.

"You don't stand a chance, buddy," he said, still grinning. "They'd rip you to shreds." He hoped this subliminal message of his would reach Alarick the same way the latter's message had reached him. They'd both seen the sights of werewolf attacks. Although they weren't very common on humans, they were on animals and they certainly weren't a sight for the weak of stomach. As Annelise spoke again, Seb raised an eyebrow and looked back at Alarick. "Is there something else?" Before Alarick could answer, a figure approached the booth and Sebastian fell silent, the cigarette still between his lips.


Axel rolled his eyes dramatically as he kept walking, still watching Sam. "Gee, thanks," he replied, laughing quickly. "Glad to see you too, Sammy. You're just a bundle of joy as always today, aren't you?" His voice was filled with a fake, teasing sarcasm that the alpha was quite guilty of using on many occasions, even those that should have been serious. Jo also greeted him and so he looked at her too, smirking.

"Mornin' Jo." he replied, stopping and leaning against an empty table a few yards away from her. At her jest about the service, he shrugged and pointed toward Sam. "Well, it's certainly not me that's the problem." If Sam were to look back at Axel, he'd see a quick, cheeky grin before the alpha turned to look around the place. A quick glance around the diner showed him that there was one table that appeared to have been completely untouched by Sam yet. However, he still hurried off to a few more tables first where some roadtrippers had settled down. With a handful of orders in his hands, he hurried back tot he counter and placed them down, looking to fill them when he had finished the orders. While walking towards the counter, though, Jo quickly nodded to him. He understood the signal but held up an index finger and replied in broken, poor Spanish: "Uno momento, por favor."

With the other tables taken care of, he walked over and planted himself at the head of the booth he'd viewed at first, flashing a quick smile at the lot. They were an odd little group that consisted of a young girl, a man who seemed too cocky for his own good, and non-other-than Bellingstone's sheriff. Axel nearly greeted the man courteously...until he saw the cigarette between his lips.

"Sorry, sir," he began, gesturing to the cigarette. "No smoking in the diner." The sheriff raised his brow high as if surprised by this. Of course, he couldn't be though, considering he was the sheriff.

"Really? That's unfortunate," he replied in a tone both monotonous and a bit annoyed. The man pulled his cigarette out from between his lips and tossed it on to the tile floor, crushing it beneath his boot. Axel clenched his jaw slightly, fighting back every urge to roll his eyes.

"What can I get for you all?" he asked forcefully, fighting to keep his tone even and genuine. The sheriff looked down at the menu front as if that might tell him what he wanted before looking Axel in the eye.

"Ham and cheese omelette," he replied, handing the menu to Axel. He paused for a moment and then smirked slightly. "That brunette up there is quite attractive...mind telling me her name?" An urge to yell at the man for being disrespectful and then asking about Jo came over Axel and he dug his fingers into the menu to keep himself from doing so.

"No can do, Sheriff," he said tersely. "We don't just give out the names of others here..." The sheriff nodded and turned back to face the other man at the table, grinning subtly. "So, uh, what can I get the rest of you?"

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"Good morning, Axel. You know you've got really horrible service here." Jo said towards Axel. A wink followed and she turned back towards Sam. He waited and rolled his eyes when he was sure Jo was looking at him. She ignored his exaggerated eye roll, and gave him her order of blueberry waffles. So typical for her. He should have known. She grinned, and he playfully grabbed the menu from her. "You'll be lucky if I don't spit in those waffles of yours..." he said deviously, then turned and left her behind, placing the menu back in the holder with all the rest. He looked over towards Caroline, and thankfully saw that Sara had taken his advice and decided to go chat with her old friend. The sight made him smile, because he knew Caroline would be thrilled. He made a mental note to ask her for some 'gratitude' later. Now he was really looking forward to tonight.

As he walked past Lassiter, the man made another of his seriously lame jests. “So what does it take to get service around here? Do I have to show you my breasts?” Sam just stared at him, a smile not appearing on his lips. Like he would give the Delta that kind of satisfaction. He ripped the top page off of his pad, with Jo's order on it, and tossed the rest of the pad in front of Lassiter on the counter. "Keep your breasts in your training bra, Lassiter. If you have so many complaints, you can help out yourself." He raised an eyebrow at the man, and began walking away, mentally blocking out any rebuttal the jester would come up with. He made his way back to the kitchen, where Sara's chicken fried steak was cooking nicely. He began preparing Jo's waffles, humming softly to himself as he worked.

Sam's thoughts drifted as he worked, since cooking had become second nature to him, and he didn't need to focus on his work. He was grateful that he had Caroline, because she certainly didn't deserve to be stuck with her fellow Delta mate. She was so kind and pure-hearted, and Lassiter was anything but. However, he needed to calm his angry feelings toward the male. He had nothing to be upset about. He had Caroline, and he wasn't worried about Lassiter stealing her away. He figured once the food was ready he would go out and finally take the Delta's order. Sam wasn't that kind of man, and he told himself he would control his anger around Lassiter. Regardless of how many sarcastic comments the wolf made.

His thoughts moved on to tonight. He would keep his promise and go visit Caroline at the bar. Depending on who was there, he could either openly flirt with her, or he would have to resolve to watching her from afar. He obviously preferred the first option, but he wasn't ready to publicly announce their relationship. It wasn't as if he thought Axel would kick him out of the pack, but he was afraid of losing his rank. And most importantly, the trust of his best friend. Axel was attempting to make it work with the Alpha female, Leanna, who was a real sweetheart. What would his friend think if Sam wasn't willing to do the same? He pushed that thought out, not wanting to ruin the day with negative thoughts. He decided instead to think of what he and Caroline would do after the bar. Hopefully she would come to his place, or let him come over to hers. Thinking of it brought a smile to his face.

The waffles were finished, and he placed the three on a plate and applied a healthy amount of blueberries on the top, as well as some whipped cream. He finished Sara's country fried steak, and placed it in a Styrofoam container so she could take it with her. He exited the kitchen, and placed the plate down in front of Jo, carrying the container over towards Caroline. He stopped in front of her, noticing that Sara was now missing. He placed it down on the counter, and looked at Care. "Where'd she go?" he asked, a confused look on his face. While waiting for a response from his love, he looked over towards Lassiter and smiled. "Alright, I guess it's finally your turn. What can I get for you?"

Sam looked around to notice at least two more patrons had entered the diner. One of them had very long blonde hair, and looked very feminine, while the other was anything but. He knew the latter was a wolf, just like Sam, but he wasn't part of there pack, and never had been. The guy was prone to anger and always seemed to be in a bad mood. He was one to keep an eye on, because he was unpredictable. It was extremely busy this morning. Axel was still stuck at the table with the the two men and younger female. If he was still there when Lassiter decided to order, Sam would go ahead and try to help both of the new men.

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Caroline watched as Sara's demeanour went from slightly forth-coming to one of utter fear, her eyes wide, the brunette looked as if she was a deer caught in headlight as she stared off to a space behind Caroline. Turning her head slightly, Caro followed Sara's line of vision and her blue hues quickly fell upon the booth, filled with the girl who worked in the comic book store, someone she vaguely recognised from around town and the bar and finally none other than one of Bellingstone's officers; turning back to Sara, she stared at her friend with a confused expression "sweetie what's-" she began only to be swiftly cut off "I-I'm going to be late for work...tell Sam I had to go."

Rising swiftly from her chair "Wait...Sara" she called after her friend who practically ran out of the diner, something had spooked her, that much was certain and if her suspicions were correct it had something to do with the inhabitants of the booth in the corner. Frowning she dropped back onto her stool, running a frustrated hand through her hair, she had been so close to a breakthrough with Sara and now it was gone again, groaning in frustration, she shook her blonde head, tempted to throw her hands up in the in defeat, but she concluded that would be a little bit over-dramatic. God knows when Sara would muster the courage to come back to the diner.

[b]"Where'd she go?"
came Sam's gruff voice, to which she simply shrugged "I don't know" Caroline sounded exasperated, she had come so close to gaining her friend back and just like that she was gone again, retreating back into her own abyss. Caro sighed heavily, her discontent about the situation being made publicly known. "Something scared her" she mumbled her gaze still fixed to the door.

Turning back to her friends...and secret boyfriend, Caroline offered them a small smile before standing up, grabbing her bag; digging around she pulled out her purse and put a few dollars down on the counter, enough to cover her breakfast and Sara's unused steak. "I gotta get going...the bar ain't gonna open itself" she stated quickly, taking the last sip of her coffee "Sam, breakfast was delicious as usual" she smiled, resisting the urge to kiss him goodbye...they couldn't do that in public; however difficult it was, but still they would have to have a conversation about their relationship soon, for Caroline, she was in this for the long run and she doubted they could hide it forever, no matter how hard they tried or rather Sam tried.

Placing her hand on Lassiter's shoulder in a friendly gesture, she remembered his earlier question "oh and Lassie, I shall see you tomorrow" she smiled, in confirmation to his question "see you later Jo" she chirped in to the brunette next to Lassiter. With one last look towards Sam, Caroline smiled secretively, looking forward to the night they would spend together, plans already whirling through the pretty blondes head. On her way out, she tapped Axel on the shoulder in passing, offering him a friendly smile "see you later Ax" she said in passing,placing a quick kiss onto his cheek as she usually did, glancing at the table he was serving, suspicions still rife within her, which one of these people made Sara change so suddenly? Offering the table a quick smile before exiting with her suspicions, as she walked through the door she passed a dark haired man on his way in "morning" she greeted in passing.

Once back out in the glorious sunshine, Caroline quickly pulled out her cell and typed a quick message to Sam, which simply read, 'Love you baby.' before shoving it back into her back as she made the short walk to her bar. She crossed the street and towards the building with 'Caro's' scrawled upon the sign. Pulling the keys from her bag, she quickly opened the door and walked inside, immediately flipping the light switch, dumping her bag in her small office, she then moved through to the main room, turning on the TV that was usually reserved for sports, onto the music channel, so she could have a little entertainment whilst she worked.

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“Really Jo- a scar? Is that what you dig- rugged men covered in scars and oozing testosterone? I believe if that was the case- you should look no further than your mate.” Lassiter stated- sort of mumbling the part at the end into his coffee cup. Yet they both knew the answer to that statement: she didn’t want to. The beta female had never seemed keen on her own kind, and wasn’t about to start now that Lassiter had pointed out the obvious. No one ever really curtailed their life views because he blatantly stated how foolish their decisions were. Unfortunately that was the curse of being outside and looking in- you got to see how wonderful their life could have been.
He noticed shortly thereafter that the woman’s attention began to wane as she glanced over at Axel and answered his question with a robotic: ‘I work at the library- lest you forgot you moron.’ Everyone was always so infatuated with their Alpha, and Lassiter found himself lacking in that opinion. Sure he respected the man as any wolf did to his superior, but that respect only came with the fact that he kept the Wolffe pack order not because he much enjoyed the man. Axel had yet to acknowledge Lassiter, but then again the same sort of courtesy was show vice-versa. So instead of bring things up now he just offered a rather audible sigh. “If I bore you that much Jo- you can just excuse yourself.”

Yet it was apparent that everyone seemed to skirt around him like he was infested with the plague and probably an STD or two. Sam exhibited a wide berth, and probably would have complimented with a catty snap and eye roll if he swung that way. “If I didn’t know any better Sam- I would say you didn’t like me. I’m all heartbroken now.” It was a painful pantomime but he did it. The bell to the diner rang a few times in a row, and Lassiter glanced back with a bit of dismay. “You know what- never mind- it looks like you are getting a bit busy. I’ll leave you to it. I’m sure I have a frozen waffle or two collecting snow in my freezer.” He winked.
Lassiter found his shoulder warmed by Caroline’s hand and glanced up in enough time to offer her a smile. It was out of the blue, but oddly enough warranted. “See you then Blondie. I will drink you under the table this time missy.” He offered an air kiss in her direction- just for show and Sam’s irritation. He then scooped his keys up and offered Jo a smile. “Happy hunting.”

As the Delta male exited the diner he inhaled deeply the smell of wet dog and motor oil by one of the newest newcomers to the diner. Those eyes flicked up to the impressive man and he offered a deep scoff under his breath. “They let anyone in here now.”
With that he exited the diner and made the way to his car- the black ’69 Dodge Charger. It was a car that most represented him: a classy, rogue, sort of off-kilter vehicle that was somewhat sleek as well. “Yay waffles.” Lassiter grumbled.

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Axel glanced at Annelise as she spoke, her voice sounding forced and a bit uneasy as she handed him the menu. He nodded, acknowledging her order, and wedged the menus of Sebastian and Annelise under his left armpit while he scribbled on to his notepad with his right hand, recording what she had asked for. The alpha male then turned his gaze to Alarick, pen pressed against the paper he held with one eyebrow cocked as if silently urging him to speak. He didn't have all day, of course. The sound of the door opening piqued his interest and he swung his head around to view a young male entering. His scent was obviously that of a werewolf but, with great effort, he managed to keep himself composed as his inner wolf seemed to command him to investigate. As he continued watching, he felt a gentle hand against his shoulder. Axel swiveled his head quickly to catch a glimpse of Caro as she shot him a bright, cheerful smile and placed a quick, friendly kiss against his cheek.

"See you later, Ax."

"See you, too, Caro," he replied, nudging his shoulder gently against hers in the friendliest way possible, seeing as he really had no other way to say goodbye.

"Sebastian, be nice," said a voice as the other man at the table pipped up, apparently responding to the other man's comments and actions. He turned to face Axel, then, and gave a quick little apology to which Axel smiled and shrugged a shoulder.

"I've dealt with worse," he said simply, shooting the briefest of glares at Sebastian in a way that seemed nearly childish. The man, Sebastian, on the other hand seemed rigid and expressionless as he looked down at the tabletop and pressed his tongue against his cheek. The second man looked at his menu again and then spoke.

"I would like an egg over easy with a side of bacon. You only live once might as well enjoy the wonderful gift called: cho-les-ter-ol. Molto delizios. And some cranberry juice if you have it- if not water works fine." Axel watched as the man's eyes moved toward the door and then back at the menu, which he placed against the table. Slowly, the alpha reached over to grab the menu and tucked it under his arm with the other two, still smiling slightly while giving a quick laugh at the man's comment.

"Can't argue with that," he joked. In fact, bacon sounded absolutely wonderful at that point, having neglected to grab any sort of breakfast before leaving his home. Maybe he'd have to cook some up for himself. Regardless, he scribbled down the dark haired man's order and started toward the kitchen, dropping off the menus by the door first.

From the kitchen, as he cracked a few eggs over a pan with ease, Axel could see the man from the door slowly taking a seat in a stiff, awkward manner that obviously conveyed uneasiness and worry. There was no doubt in Axel's mind that this man was a werewolf, just as he was. The mannerisms, the uneasiness, everything just added up. A snarl formed on the man's lips as Axel walked out from the kitchen to run by Jo's spot, wondering what on Earth she had meant to tell him. As he approached her seat, he leaned against the surface in front of her and smiled quickly. "What's up?"

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As Jo set her syrup-laden fork on her now empty plate, she gave a contented sigh. She considered this the perfect way to start any day. Just give her a plateful of blueberry waffles and a sunny day and she was set.

She glanced back over to the table where the strange trio was sitting. The girl there was noticeably nervous, the anxiousness practically radiating in her scent. Wrinkling her nose at the rotten smelling stench, Jo turned her attention back to her coffee that was becoming quite cold.. She was still waiting to speak with Axel, but the diner was becoming increasingly crowded. She thought now would not be the best time to hold a private conversation with him. Axel was becoming to busy to deal with her concerns, no matter how important they might be.

She glanced to her left at the counter, but was rather surprised to find that all her counter companions had gone. She must have been in very deep thought to not notice their departure.

Peering down at her watch, she saw the time read 8:45 AM. She rose quickly, realizing that she was going to be late opening the library. Though there wasn't much business there, she still had a few bibliophiles who would be upset if she wasn't open on time.

As she was rising from her seat, Axel stopped on his way back to tending other customers. Leaning against the counter, he asked "What's up?" Grabbing her wallet and a small sheet of paper from her purse, she turned to face him. Leaning over the paper, she wrote in a hastened cursive,

Slipping him the money for her food and the note, she gave him a somewhat strained smile and exited the diner. Slipping into her car, she started and drove the two short blocks to the library. After unlocking the front door of the library, she switched on all the lights, and breathed in deeply. The smell of a paper was one of the best scents she had ever encountered. She went behind the counter and flipped on the computer terminals. All that was left to do was turn the sign from "Closed" to "Open". Switching the ancient sign around, she took her place in the back office, flipping through pages of an older book, waiting for the significant "ding" that announced she had a customer.

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Elena Montgomery

"Damn," Elena gasped as streams of hot water shot out from the showerhead above her and stabbed her sensitive flesh. She slapped a tired hand on the glass wall and leaned into that, pressing her forehead against the cool glass. She turned her back to the water and allowed it to pummel her back mercilessly.

She had spent the entire day with Kat. Despite the fact that she knew she needed to get work done, she found herself succumbing to Kat's desires and shopped. Like Kat said, Elena had more money than she knew what to do with and it was about time she spent some of it on herself. So, she splurged. They bought skirts, tons of jeans, dresses because Elena apparently did not own enough of them in Kat's eyes, heels, boots and sandals for the upcoming warmer weather. Then, even though Elena wanted to go to the diner, Kat only agreed for her to go to a drive-thru because Kat wanted to go to the frat party on campus. And seriously! Who threw a frat party on Sunday!?

It was a shame that Elena, despite her inner fire, acquired a somewhat submissive personality. Sure, she knew when she needed to take control or speak her mind. But she relatively did as she was told. Her Dad wanted her to be protected, she had two guns. Her mom wanted her to be financially stable, she picked a major in Anthropology and a minor in Informational Technologies. Kat wanted her to be free for a moment, she did whatever Kat said. It was sad and by the time midnight hit, Elena realized how obvious her submissiveness was. Kat had her drinking shot after shot of alcohol and on a regular day, Elena would've slapped herself silly. But she did it anyway. Luckily for her, she'd been smart and ate a big burger and fries. The small hangover she had was nothing compared to what Kat was feeling on her couch.

"Alright then," Elena decided to pep herself up with that, standing up straight in her big shower. This was probably her favorite thing about her apartment. It was a steam shower and had a bench to sit down in. She normally would sit on the bench as the rose oil would be placed in, filling the room with rose-scented steam that relaxed Elena instantly. But now, was not the time. She gathered some hot water in her hands and splashed her face with it repeatedly, waking herself up.

After fifteen minutes, Elena emerged from the bathroom with freshly-washed hair, fresher breath, and a cleaner body. As always, her skin smelt like fesh roses. She tip-toed into her bedroom and dried her body quickly, glancing at the clock. It was 8:30 and the library would be open soon. She needed to finish her thesis paper for her Sociocultural Anthropology class, prepare the powerpoint presentation for her economics class, and finish the online lab for her IT class. Plus, she was teaching a dance class at 3pm. Talk about being an overachiever, she mused mentally as she slid on a matching black bra and underwear set. The satin felt good against her skin. Elena towel-dried her hair as she walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. A small groan could be heard from the couch, where Kat was currently trying to sleep through her splitting headache.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty," Elena called. Another groan. "You have class in an hour." Another groan. Still no reply. Elena smirked. "Matt's cheating on you." That earned Elena a "fuck you" and she chuckled. She turned on the coffee machine and added her cream. She placed her red to-go coffee mug underneath the machine before plucking the bag of plain bagels off the top of the fridge. "Aspirin's in the medicine cabinet, leftover egg stir-fry is in the fridge, and you know where the coffee is." Once that stuff was on the counter, Elena hurried and shoved her laptop into her handbag, which consisted of all the notes she needed for the day. She hurried back to her room and lotioned down.

Finally, Elena settled on an outfit. She debated on whether or not she really wanted to wear the heels, but decided on them anyway. They filled her with confidence, which also meant motivation. She threw the towel on her made-up bed and ran a brush through her hair. She twisted her dark locks into a loose bun with strands framing her face. This would do for the day. After sliding on shades, she clasped on her grandmother's necklace. Checking herself one final time, Elena walked out of her room for the last time to see Kat sitting up with a seriously messed up face because her smudged mascara.

"Definitely not your most attractive look," Elena griped and Kat flicked her the finger. Elena smirked and walked into the kitchen just as the machine beeped that her coffee was ready. With a sprinkle of sugar and a small taste to be sure, Elena's coffee was ready. Satisfied, she pulled a soft bagel from the pack and fished around the kitchen for what she needed. She slathered on cream cheese to both sides of the bagel before placing the entire thing in a small sandwich bag and throwing that into her purse. Thinking about her oncoming headache, she grabbed a bottle of water to accompany that bottle of aspirin in her purse. Grabbing the other bag, Elena headed towards the door and with a smile over her shoulder at Kat, she grabbed her keys and was out.

Deciding that she did not want to walk today and that she had to stop by the ATM, Elena pressed the button on her keys for her black Honda Civic Si Coupe. It was the brand new car one of her cousins insisted upon and only because the cousin was trying to be polite, Elena bought it. It was nice and definitely satisfactory for her. Plus, it was better than her old truck, which everyone detested. Getting situated, Elena pressed the button that started the ignition and was off.

After getting what she needed situated at the ATM, she parked in the library's parking lot and headed towards the building. Not a lot of people came, which was fine by Elena. She preferred the silence anyway. At school, there were too many kids and half of them weren't even college students. Her phone would be ringing all day if she were at home and at least in the library, because it was supposed to be quiet, she had an excuse why her cell phone was off. The familiar "ding" at the front door announced her arrival. Once inside, Elena removed her shades and smiled at the pretty librarian.

"Good morning," Elena said politely. The woman was nice and kept this place open despite the decrease in customers. Elena would have given up ages ago. Elena ascended the stairs slowly before walking to the back of the upstairs area, where most people did not go. There was a long table near the windows and was rather peaceful. Elena took out everything she needed. With her bagel and coffee on either side of her and her laptop in front of her, she sighed and fingered her necklace for a second. "Let's get to work." With that said, she began.

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Axel had honestly been hoping for just a few quick words so he could be on his way. Instead, Jo seemed to decide it would be best to write out her response. He sighed softly, hardly noticeable, as she pulled out the paper and scribbled down some words. Did all book-fanatics (or whatever the hell they were called) have to write everything? Regardless, he kept his mouth shut as she placed money and the note into his palm, hardened from years of running through the trees in his wolf form. AJ shot a quick, equally strained smile at Jo as she pushed the door open.

"See you later, Jo," he called, walking to the cash register to put the money in it and then close it up. Swiftly, almost to the point where he ripped the slip of paper, Axel opened the note up and read the words printed in quick, neat cursive. Had the situation been different, he might have actually appreciated her attractive handwriting. "Not safe to discuss here. Swing by the library later. I am sure you know what this is about." Axel groaned softly, rolling his eyes. Library? How about no. He didn't have anything against books, per say. It was more of an aversion to schools and learning. Learning always seemed to remind him of school and, in turn, college or Albrecht. His upper lip lifted slightly in a snarl as he thought of his cowardly big brother. It still upset him that Albrecht had thought it okay to skip town and attend college, leaving Axel stuck in Bellingstone. Sometimes, he wondered what had happened to his big brother...had things worked out for him?

Axel shoved the note into his pocket and reentered the kitchen, working on the order for the trio he'd just waited on. The French toast was easily made and set aside as he cracked a few eggs in a bowl for the omelette. Eventually, with all of the orders filled, he piled them on to a tray and carried them out to the counter to fill glasses with their requested drinks. As he picked the tray up off of the counter, he heard the ring of the door opening it. Through it walked Leanna. Axel leaned back against the counter near the spot Jo had just left, placing the tray down again as his "mate" approached. She sat down and smiled lightly, exposed her bright, white teeth.

"Morning," she greeted. An awkward moment of silence elapsed before Leanna leaned in and kissed his lips swiftly, basically just brushing their lips together. Axel returned the smile and pressed his lips to hers when she kissed them, a bit upset she had pulled away so quickly. It was so difficult having a woman in his life who he was expected to love and who wasn't falling head-over-heels for him. He pushed the thought from his mind, however.

"Morning, Lea," he replied, running a hand through his hair quickly.

"I just came to let you know, there's a problem with the hot water in the house..." she said, toying with the bracelet on her wrist. Axel groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Crap..." he muttered, sighing. "The plumbing in that house is so dated...I'm about ready to get the entire place just updated." This certainly wasn't the first of their problems with the house. The water had come in dirty and uncleaned a few months ago, the gas stove hadn't turned on a few weeks ago, and some shingles were slowly coming loose on the roof. He'd like nothing more than to tear the entire thing down and rebuild it, but somehow that felt wrong and against the wishes of his ancestors. Tradition was the only thing keeping him from contacting a demolition crew. "...I'll get on it tonight after work, okay?" He wasn't the best plumber, and he knew that, but he certainly wasn't paying some man to come out and fix what he'd probably be able to look up or figure out himself.

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As Jo turned the yellowed pages of the ancient tome, she heard the jingle of the bell, signaling that someone had come in. She looked up from the book to witness a young college girl walk past and up the stairs to where the computers were located. Of course, they all go straight to the computers. God forbid they pick up an encyclopedia for research anymore. Jo thought to herself. She had never liked the way everyone had become so dependent on technology lately. Sure she could understand having a cell phone, that was for convenience sake, but she couldn't fathom why people would rather seek their answers on the internet rather than look in a book for it. You learned so much more that way.

She supposed that she should go help the girl and rose from her seat. She came upon the girl working on her laptop and didn't want to interrupt so she went back down the stairs. As she stepped off the stairs, she paused. Something wasn't quite right in the air. Something smelled...metallic. Then she heard the sirens stopping next door at the Police Department. She looked out the back window upon quite a scene. There sat almost every cop car the town could spare. With her more advanced vision, she could see people walking in the woods by the police department. She was intensely curious as to what was going on. As she contemplated going and checking it out, her decision was made for her in the form of an elderly volunteer, Maude. She came by on some days to dust and such, but mostly she just read. Jo was sure she could trust Maude with the library while she took a few seconds to sate her curiosity. She greeted Maude and said she would be right back and left the library.

The walk was short to the police department and as she grew closer to the scene, the metallic smell grew stronger. She spotted Lassiter's car there and felt a little more comfortable. She ventured on, and finally spotted him talking to the Sheriff who had been in the diner. She was pretty sure that she shouldn't be there, so she stood a little ways away.

The corpse was plainly visible on the ground and she looked a little familiar. Jo had the distinct notion that she had seen her around town. What was left of her blood had been the metallic smell Jo had been searching for. Her body looked...deflated. It was actually rather disgusting. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what had killed the girl. Vampires.

Axel must be made aware of this as soon as possible. Jo looked back to Lassiter who was asking the Sheriiff if he could go. She tried to catch his attention and pulled her phone from her pocket. She mimed out, silently asking if he had already informed Axel.

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“Oh crack- I asked them to slip crack into my breakfast. Makes the eggs go down easier,” Alarick stated somewhat flatly in response to her sarcastic comment. Of course considering the way he ate said meal- one might assume that was quite correct. Truth was he had forgotten to eat dinner the night before, and now his body was complaining about the skipped meal in that angry lion-like tone it enjoyed taking. “I did about the same- except I managed to score an awesome shirt.” He remarked and unzipped his jacket enough so she got a peek of sequins before he covered it back up again.

If anyone was to coin a familiar saying towards the two it would have to be: ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Ariana and Alarick were two peas in some defunct pod. They had the same motif, the same modus operandi , and the same stories to tell. The half-Italian hunter saw himself in the girl, and he was damn sure she saw the same. That was probably the reason he had yet to bed her, but continued his persuasive flirtations anyway. There was something odd about knowing your perfect match when you saw them, but then understanding that you were too much the monster to do anything about it.

Slowly he pulled himself up and felt the hot brush of her body against his. Alarick just smirked and snorted. “Sexual espionage-?” He breathed softly. “And here I thought we were on the same team Ari. See you soon.” Though given Alarick’s cool demeanor he was worried. Who had they lost? Sebastian was not the one to ring the alarm unless there was truly an alarm to ring. “Be safe.” He added somewhat shortly- and honestly didn’t know why.
Alarick peeled away from Ariana as he left the diner. His car was parked close by and he managed to pop the trunk and change shirts without too much voyeurism. He also grabbed The Grey Lady and made sure it was loaded and ready to fire. He wouldn’t at all bring it with him to a crime scene but at the same time it was not his style to go to such meetings without a weapon close at hand.
Taking his 302 Ford Bronco- he parked in the police station parking lot and exited his vehicle assured that Sebastian would make sure he was not ticketed.

Slowly he made his way down to where the body was and noted the crowd. Alarick was not close enough to see the corpse, but he was close enough to note the woman from the diner. He casually approached her as if his being here was nothing more than coincidence. “Came to get my cellphone back from the Sherriff and here I am at a crime scene. IPhones- they all look the same.” Alarick remarked the woman with a bright smile. “Same place as you- might be fate. Especially considering you work at a library. Then again- who could pass up the allure of a dead body in a small town?” He paused and glanced over the female victim. “Not to make it any less gruesome- but- ah- I’m doing this wrong.” Alarick smirked. “is there any good way to hit on a woman at a crime scene? If there is- you can help me.” It was then he extended his hand. “I’m Rick.”
There were too many people here to have a confidential hunter meeting- especially considering the EMT on the job was a werewolf. No no, Alarick had to make the best of it as to not make it seem overly obvious- or at least he assumed that was the plan. He had to admit- for a werewolf this woman was fairly attractive. It wasn’t the sort of beauty he labeled to a small town such as this, and had it been another time and both of them in another mindset he probably would have hit on her in earnest.

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Annelise panted as she arrived quickly, 3 minutes rather than the 5 Sebastian had said. She hoped he wouldn't be upset.. She walked over to him slowly, her knees wobbling from the running she just did, but mainly because of the wolves standing around. She hated them, why did they have to be here. Of course the EMT had to be there, but why was the girl there? She looked over as she saw a second figure walk over to the girl, scoffing at Alarick as she shook her head. Seriously? Annelise's attention was quickly drawn away through when she saw the body. She cringed, staring at it for almost a minute straight before she realized it was Nika. The tears that had been pooling in her eyes starting to overflow as her body shook. But it wasn't a wolf.. No, it was one of the perverts that did.. She hiss internally, wiping her eyes as she shakily closed the remaining distance between her and Sebastian, looking up at him with red eyes, begging to cry more although she willed them not to.

Annelise opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it when she saw the annoyance in his eyes. She stood beside him for what seemed like hours but was really only about 15 minutes. Finally, to her amazement, words escaped her locked up throat. "Should I still come over..?" She asked, her voice shaking far too obviously as her body slowly relaxed.

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Jeremy Donovan, the Law office of Bellingstone's Doe-eyed rookie, perched happily in his stiff backed desk chair; filing away not only his paper work, but also the work of several other higher ranking officers too lazy to worry themselves with such tasks. Jer didn't mind though, he was always one to be productive and helpful if he could manage to do so. Most of the police officers he came to work with when he first started there were initially suspicious of his kindness, but they soon came to accept his friendly overtures. They were just part of who this kid was, much like a puppy, and they often liked to take advantage of that fact.

Detective John Riley, A sallow man with a pocked doughy face, crept his way up to the rookie's desk; grinning devilishly. As the head office hazer and heckler, he certainly had his job cut out for him. Jeremy was all too pleasant and nice for his tastes, and wouldn't break the way he wanted him to, which in turn made him try all the harder. Jeremy had been absentmindedly rolling a coin over his knuckles, back and forth with skill, a mundane action that he always managed to pick up whenever he had a free hand, when Riley snatched it free from his fluxuating grasp. "Thanks for the quarter rook, I was just getting peckish." He said rather nastily, fishing a dollar bill from his own pocket and heading over to the snack Vending machine resting on the wall opposite to them. "No wait, stop!" Jeremy pleaded, rising from his seat, arm outstretched. This particular coin was not just some quarter, it was a coin of great importance to the teen who carried it. See back when his sister was still alive, some stoner had bought a dime bag of weed off of her with a cheeseburger and a handful of coins. Buried deep in that mess had been an Irish Shilling, a silver coin stamped with a bull on one side, and a harp on the other. Samantha had decided to keep the coin and deemed it to be her good luck Tolkien, the luck of the Irish. Jeremy had claimed if it were really lucky, she'd of been paid properly for her drugs. Now that she was gone, he carried that coin everywhere.

Jeremy felt as if there were a stone in his chest, maybe an albatross around his neck. John Riley had the temerity to look offended, sending Jer a stern glance. "Seriously Rook, you'd thing you'd be more generous to your superior officers. It's just a quarter for Christ sakes!" His pudgy fingers hovered over the coin slot, leaving Jeremy's shilling perilously close to tumbling in. Jeremy's voice cracked as he spoke, crumbling beneath emotion."You don't understand, that coin-"

"10-54. All officers to the scene." Riley's radio voiced, screaming static from it's secure spot on his hip. "Scratch that, 10-55. Bring back up. We've got a crowd. over." John Riley rolled his eyes dramatically before tossing the coin through the air, the metal singing as Jeremy deftly caught it. "To be continued." He intoned before trotting off, his black police issued dress shoes squeaking all the way. Jeremy finally let out a breath of relief as he rubbed his thumb over the rough surface of his coin, before placing in firmly back home in his pocket.


When Jeremy arrived at the wooded pass, his nervous tension from earlier had melted away. He knew deep down he should be solemn, but he could not help but feel excited. A crime scene! A real crime scene! And he was working it! This was only heightened by seeing Sebastian in all his glory. He was peering down at the body, looking like the serious Byronic hero with his russet hair, tanned skin and uniform, seemingly unfazed by the chill in the air. Jeremy tugged his own shirt high up under his chin, and flipped the collar of his coat up, framing him like ravens on his shoulders, to block out that cold. "Tape off the scene Rookie! Damn! Do I have to tell you everything!" Riley shouted at him from behind, causing Jeremy to flush with embarrassment. He quickly began wickering off a yellow line, forming a square around the body, but paused to take note of who had come to be called deceased. It was some woman he didn't know personally, which was surprising as Jeremy was the kind of person who gotten to know just about everyone in town. He was the sort that remembered your grandmother's eightieth birthday after only having met you once.

She had a great gaping hole torn in her neck, only a few ropes of pale tendon still keeping it attached to the rest of her body. Her skin was as white as bone, dried blood coated her body like the scarlett flames of a wild fire consuming the corpse, and it made it difficult to ascertain just where else she had been cut open at. It was all eerily familiar...animal attack. His mind offered, just like they said happened to your sister. Jeremy's eyes were lit fuses and he heard the ticking of a time bomb in his chest, it was quite possible that being fed that crap line once more would be the death of him, so he should be buried, like a claymore mine, maybe he’ll be harmless that way once he does ignite he thought idly. He stuck the final piece of tape up and knelt down next to the body. "I will find your killer, I swear it. I- I am so sorry." He intoned quietly before rising again.

"You'll wait until I have my report, alright? I'm sure your bed can wait for a little bit...a woman's dead here- show some respect." Sebastian recounted to an EMT, his rich tone, pouring through the air, thick golden warmth, slowing the blood in Jeremy’s veins like sap. It didn't matter that the tone was angry, he sounded like a real live warrior to Jeremy. He would find the one responsible, Jeremy was sure. "Detective Harding!" He called out, bounding over to his superior.

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Jo was still studying the body from afar, seeing if perhaps she recognized which vampire made the marks, when one of the men who had been with the Sheriff in the diner approached her. “Came to get my cellphone back from the Sheriff and here I am at a crime scene. IPhones- they all look the same.” He acted nonchalantly, as if it was coincidence that he was here. She was not so easily fooled, but she would play his game. "I don't use an Iphone, I've got a Galaxy. Much easier to identify." She said holding up her phone for him to see. She gave him a noncommittal smile as she spoke to him.

“Same place as you- might be fate. Especially considering you work at a library. Then again- who could pass up the allure of a dead body in a small town?” He said looking at the dead woman. Jo snapped her fingers as she remembered exactly who this man was. "Oh that's right, you work at the library too. You know Maude, right? I've got her keeping an eye on things. There's only a few people there anyway. I couldn't resist seeing what was going on, I can be pretty nosey." She said commenting on the fact that she knew pretty much everything there was to know about the town. She wondered if he would be smart enough to take notice that she was more than suspicious of him.

“Not to make it any less gruesome- but- ah- I’m doing this wrong. Is there any good way to hit on a woman at a crime scene? If there is- you can help me.” She chuckled. Even if he was what she suspected, she couldn't really care less. This man was certainly charming and was rather handsome. “I’m Rick.” he said, extending his hand to her. "Jo, nice to meet you." she said, and it certainly was nice to meet him. Axel certainly wouldn't approve of her behavior, especially considering she was supposed to be with Sam, but when had he ever told her what she could and couldn't do? It was true he was the Alpha, but ever since they had met as cubs, he knew she was never one to be tamed.

As she thought of Axel, she recalled the situation at hand. Lassiter was still being firmly scolded by the Sheriff and had not answered if he had contacted Axel yet. She was pretty certain that he hadn't and that now would be the best time to do so. "Excuse me," she said to Rick, "I've got to call and check in with Maude." she said, lying.

She stepped away, closer to the yellow rope that the younger cop had just placed around the scene and pulled her phone from her pocket. She quickly dialed Axel's number, hoping he would pick up. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. "Hello, you've reached the vo-" She hung up as the voicemail picked up, frustrated. She was sure that he was busy with work, he always was, but this matter was extremely important. Sighing she dialed again and left a voice message for him. "Axel, it's Jo. Something's gone down close to the police department, actually, more like someone. Definitely a fanger attack, the girl's dead. Lassie and I are here, but the Sheriff is as well and the people he was with earlier. There's something off about them. I think they might be Hunter's but I don't have anything concrete..yet. I'll keep you posted." she said and ended the message. Hopefully he would get a break soon and get it.

After she was done, she walked back over to where Rick was. She crossed her arms, peering back at the crime scene. "So, did you know her? Or were you just curious too?" She said nonchalantly. Her true motive was to find out if this girl was associated with those she considered Hunters, and if it would cause the Sheriff to begin an all-out war with the Fangers and by extension the Pack, of course, that was if they were Hunters.

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Lassiter couldn’t roll his eyes even harder even if he tried. He inevitably contained such an action until after the Police Captain turned his back and made his way away from the crime scene. “Sure, why not? I don’t have a life. And I love hanging about contaminating the crime scene. Why don’t I litter it with more fingerprints? Over here, and over there- and roll around in the blood. Awesome.” He grumbled under his breath, “asshat.” Even though Detective Harding’s personality was that of a wet towel that had soured in days of heat- Lassiter decided to use the other’s temper tantrum as means to get a text message out to Axel.

Human dead. Vampire attack. Brutal. Definitely not the normal blood lust. I’ve got to hang around because Detective Asshat wants full report. Message back with orders.

Lassiter wasn’t the good werewolf- that was Sam- but he was loyal to his pack especially in regards to their survival. So he tucked away his cellphone, stuffed the gloves into a biohazard bag, and pulled out the ‘Official Documentation Clipboard’. He glanced up for a moment and caught Jo being cornered by a fellow who looked somewhat-vaguely- familiar. “I wonder if he has the appropriate amount of scars.” The werewolf nearly hissed beyond an inaudible sass before he returned to filling out his paperwork. He didn’t have a name for the woman, but then again- who would be so quick to claim such a pulverized piece of meat that at one time probably was a woman?


“What did they say about curiosity?” Alarick questioned somewhat off-handedly. “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. Nothing wrong with being a bit nosey- you are a Librarian it does come with the turf. The pursuit of knowledge no matter the cost- or in this case- the abuse of shoes in the muddy woods.” He offered his own smudged trainers as proof, and frowned at the thought of abusing the apartment complex’s washer for quite some time. Yet that didn’t deter him from his thoughts, and inevitably he brought his attention back to the woman with a sincere smile splashed upon his face. “Pleasure to meet you Jo- I wonder why the fellow at the diner didn’t think I needed to know.” He hinted heavily at their waiter being overly protective of her identity. Honestly Alarick didn’t think she was lying to him now, because he could find it out easily enough- small town and all that. Either way he was about to ask her the simple sort of questions about this and that before she trailed off that she needed to call Maude and check in with her. Now did he believe that? Not really, but he wasn’t going to investigate that notion any further for fear of eluding too heavily that he was far too curious for his own good. “Tell her her glasses are on her head- if she is looking for them that is.”

Alarick took this reprieve from Jo to take a better look at the body. ‘Shit Nika- no wonder Sebastian was overly worried. I need to get to him’. Of course when he turned from the body he found Jo standing before him once again, and he ran a hand briskly through his stylishly-mussed dark hair. “Not really- I guess I saw her around once or twice, but I didn’t know her that well.” He paused, “I’m actually here for my cellphone- like I mentioned earlier- I think Sebastian nabbed it by accident. Actually let me go grab that now.” With that he offered a somewhat playful bow. “Pleasure to meet you Miss Jo- I hope we shall see each other again soon.” Alarick didn’t lollygag too much after that in hunting down Sebastian and inevitably having a very conspicuous powwow. He saw Sebastian begin to make his way back towards Nika’s corpse and he lifted his hand to flag him down. “Hey buddy- um- do you happen to have grabbed my cellphone?” Those eyes bored into him as he tried to make it evident that was his cover excuse for following the other so soon after they had had breakfast.