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Lauren Haley Pierce

"Sorry, but I've already reached my 'Compliments' quota for the day. You look nice, by the way."

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a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, originally authored by AmbrosiaVAC, as played by RolePlayGateway




"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary," ~Vince Lombardi


Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female


Nicknames: Prefers to go by her Given Name

Occupation:Unemployed, often does odd-jobs and has a degree in Mechanics

Pack/Coven Name:Wolff Pack

Rank in Pack/Coven: Pack Member


Height: 5'7"

Weight:112 lbs.

Build: Athletic, Petite

Hair Color: Dark Chocolate Brown

Eye Color: Reddish-Brown

Scars?: Multiple, mainly in the form of claw or stab wounds. The most noticeable running across her left hip; flat and faded white, approximately 7 inches in length.

Brief Written Description: When it comes to Lauren, appearances are deceiving. No matter how small or delicate she might look she can easily hack it with the rest of the pack. Very fast and agile, she's almost mastered the art of parkour as a hobby. Her skin is a light tan, and her hair falls to just above her bust naturally in light and gradual waves, although often she will straighten it out. Her eyes are and odd reddish-brown and always seem to be staring straight through a person when she looks at them.

Clothing Preference: Lauren prefers to wear clothes depending on what she's doing. If she's out doing everyday tasks, then a tight-fitting tanktop or tight-fitting long sleeved shirt and dark jeans that fit in the same manner with black knee-length boots. This her usual type of attire with slight variations to it. Often she will wear a black leather jacket or a black leather vest over it all.


-Lauren has a special knack for dealing with machines. Particularly vehicles and even the occasional firearm now and then. Her pride and joy is a sleek, black, 2012 Harley Dyna Super Glide Custom. Just one in her small collection of 6 bikes, but by far her favorite.
-A strong-willed fighter, Lauren has no qualms against using force as an alternative means of achieving a goal.
-Whether due to luck or incredible math skills (She often credits it to the latter), she is the go-to person for financial or investment opinions. Her money, of which she actually rarely uses and often gives away, speaks for itself.
-Her favorite hobby, of which tinkering with Mechanics is second only to, is parkour. And she's very, very good at it.

Quirks: Bites her lip or plays around with a bracelet when she's nervous. She finds fire to be extremely beautiful. Hence her almost always-on fireplace.

-Most lethal bladed weapons
-Scottish Food
-The Outdoors
-Rock Music

-Nosy Woodland Creatures
-Nosy Pack Members
-People with overbearingly large Egos
-Vampires with overbearingly large Egos
-Being right at the worst times
-People trying to comfort her when she wants to be alone

Fears: Lauren, for some untold reason, is deathly afraid of Centipedes.

Written description: Lauren is the bad-girl type to some degree. Often not following rules, save for those set by the Alphas, she has had run-ins with the law more than once though she's never been arrested. She's sarcastic and playful, and nearly all the insults she tosses someone's way in a conversation are meaningless. She doesn't get angry or hurt easily but if one does get to her... suffice to say, she can hold a grudge and doesn't forgive easily.

She can be very aggressive and energetic, maybe even being described as being "wound-up". Not even she really knows why. It's just something about her that is so.

The way she is is partially due to the fact that her parents died shortly after she turned 18. As a teenager she was the party girl. The one who loved the bad boys. Without any forseen goal in life she turned to her love of machinery and had gone to University for it. She considers it one of the few good decisions she's done. Left with a large inheritance after her parents' death she invested a good portion of it. Another decision she considers genius, as she has gained quite an untouched fortune from it due to her actual lack of living a normal life other than paying for the house, bills, taxes, and the like that are necessary.

Ironically enough, the things she loves the most are her vehicles. Her bikes and sole car, the car being a recently purchased red 2013 Audi R8. She holds a strong attachment to her Harley and god forbid anyone dare try to do anything to it without her permission.

A generous person at heart under the sarcastic and tough-girl exterior, she will do what she can to help her friends when they need it. Whether those needs be monetary, mechanical, or for shelter. Still dealing with responsibility she uses her resources freely. She has the time and the, well, resources to.


Relationship Status: Single, with a small crush.

Brief History: Born to Sarah and Arthur Pierce on a snowy winter day in rural Virginia, Lauren Haley Pierce was a beautiful child. She was the third of four children the couple had. In her childhood, Lauren's growth was clearly influenced by the presence of a male-dominated family. Her father, being a Werewolf, was severely concerned as to the fate of his children. What turned out was to be a small pack of wolves, with all of the four taking on the dominant trait. Despite this they weren't a pack and each of the children often acted in their own manner.

She spent her childhood with her brothers, running and playing through the woods. It was during this time she developed her attachment to the art of parkour. She had a life that had seemed completely perfect. No worries or anything to worry about. Until she began to show the signs of Lycanthropy and hit her relatively short-lived rebellious streak. Her older brothers taught her and spent time with her, and she grew to love the gift she had inherited from her father.

In both middle school and into high school Lauren was a popular girl. Charismatic, beautiful, and athletic. But she still held true to the core values her father taught her of hard work and success. All of these traits that seemed to run in the family among other things. Her father being a well-connected lawyer and investor, she had all the money she could want. They all did. Her brothers slowly left as they grew older. Into other ventures and out of the eye of the law. Lauren did the same, moving to Pennsylvania when she turned 18. That was the same year her parents and youngest brother died in a car accident.

To the day, even though she will never admit it out loud, the pain of losing her family resonates deeply. What hurts her even more so is that she has no idea where her older brothers are, or if they're even alive. She has since kept her thoughts to herself and, much to her annoyance, often forgets to sever the mental link between her and her pack to keep her thoughts private.

With her older brothers nowhere to be found, Lauren inherited her parent's money. Which is to say, was a lot. She did what her father did and invested smartly, going to college for Mechanics and receiving a degree. A decision that has literally payed off over the years. And with that money she has given herself a rather easygoing lifestyle, rarely working out of necessity and more for fun when the opportunities present themselves.

So begins...

Lauren Haley Pierce's Story

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Axel's ride the night before hadn't really succeeded at much of anything. In fact, it only managed to anger him further as he dwelt on the idea of his brother having the audacity to move back here and tell him, the Alpha, that the pack was rightfully his. It was a load of shit and AJ certainly wasn't going to put up with it. When the pain in his leg finally became too unbearable, the Alpha had ridden the bike back to his home and parked it in the driveway without even bothering to notice if Leanna was there. In fact, he certainly wouldn't be prepared for her reaction come the next morning when she called him out for his shameless flirting the night before. Granted, he really didn't think she had heard him from the kitchen, but she was a werewolf and he knew she too had enhanced senses like he did. He did kick off his boots before falling asleep, but he basically neglected to undress at all and fell asleep, like he had the night before, in his full outfit.

It was a new day now and, at eleven in the morning, Axel had finally woken up and decided to hold a pack meeting like he'd said via text. It had taken the Alpha a while to get his bearings but, now, he stood in the clearing behind his own house with the rest of the pack. The only odd part being, of course, that they had all assumed their wolf forms. The young man slowly circled the group, doing a head count and quickly assumed everyone had arrived. If they hadn't, well, it was their fault and he'd certainly make sure they knew it. The brown wolf sat beside Sam and curled his tail over his paws neatly while his ears continued to swivel lightly, listening for sounds.

"I guess you've all heard the news by now that Albrecht's back," he began, the fur on his back bristling as he "spoke" telepathically to the other wolves, his voice filling their minds. Briefly, his teeth bared and he fidgeted in place uncomfortably. "The ditcher just thinks he can come back and be Alpha again." Now, his teeth bared again and he let out a bark. "Well, we'll show him he can't simply leave and expect to be treated the same...from now on, I don't want to catch any of you talking with him, you hear me? He may have been a member of our pack, but he's a traitor and a liar..." The Alpha paused, giving himself time to calm down before he "spoke" again.

"There are other things we need to focus on, though," he said, shaking himself quickly as if to shake off the past topic. "They found the body of a Hunter yesterday and you know the Hunters are going to be all over it, given that one of those fangers did it."

"On that note, since it doesn't concern us, stay out of it," said Axel nonchalantly. He's already decided the day before to not involve his pack. They shouldn't have to pay for what the vampires were doing anyway. They had already suffered enough with the Hunters moving into their safe-haven, hadn't they? "I don't care if they kill off all of the vampires, really. It would save us a lot of trouble and then, perhaps, they'd leave us alone. Until they, stay low and play it safe. Last thing we need is someone going into wolf form in public."

Finished, AJ stood and stretched, his tail swaying slowly back and forth before he sat down again. "Questions? Comments?" Sure, he was the Alpha, but this certainly wasn't a monarchy or a dictatorship. Besides, Leanna also had the right to speak, along with his Beta couple. Still, he'd most likely make his decisions law. They were in the best interest of everyone.