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Lenora Vivian Ruth

Beauty may be fleeting, but I am eternal.

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a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, as played by Boomstick




“But he who dares not grasp the thorn. Should never crave the rose.”


Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: 170

Nicknames: Introduces herself as Vivian as she considers Lenora to be an intimate name.

Pack/Coven Name: Dubois Coven

Rank in Pack/Coven: ((Not sure))


Height: 5'6

Weight: 146 lbs.

Build: Voluptuous, although she doesn't like how wide her hips are commonly referring to them as 'child-bearing' hips.

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Scars?: The only noticeable scar is a three inch long scar on her stomach where a knife was shoved in.

Brief Written Description: Vivian is exquisite, a fact she will do her best to remind everyone of, both constantly and often. Her most striking feature is her deep, fiery red hair that falls in waves around her shoulders and to his back almost as a curtain of crimson silk. She has bright, crystal blue eyes that seem to look through to the soul with a touch of innocence giving them a sparkle. She has long, thick eyelashes and thin arching eyebrows. Vivian has a thin nose with a round tip, one she is quite fond of and would never dream of piercing. Like most vampires, she has high cheekbones. Her thin neck, protruding chin, and strong jaw make her face, almost, sharp. Her teeth are almost unnaturally perfect. Her full lips are always painted a deep, ruby red.

Vivian has the classic 'hourglass' shape. Thin shoulders, large breast, thin waist, and large hips. Her legs are long and thin with nicely shaped calves, and just like the rest of her body, smooth and silky. She has small, delicate hands with long fingernails.

Clothing Preference: This is a difficult question as what is the occasion? Is it informal? Is it semi-formal? Is it formal? Is it a party? Is it a date? Is she trying to seduce someone who has caught her attention? It is safe to say that you will never see her in jeans or t-shirts as she does not do 'average'. She does have her little black dress that all women should have, as well as, various dresses from sleeveless hourglass dresses to the low-cut slender that leaves little to imagination, or perhaps, just enough.

When lounging about, she will don a bodice over a skirt. She will usually wear leggings, or fishnets if she is feeling adventurous. When going into town, she wears black business suits. She does love hats, all kinds of hats from fedoras to sunhats. For jewelry she prefers silver or platinum as gold is too stark a contrast with her skin, they will usually have rubies or sapphires set in them. Its better to not get into shoes, or this will never end. She tends to dress in crimsons, blues, and blacks to bring out her hair, eyes, and complexion.


- Sewing
- Cooking, although she will refuse to do so unless asked by Cristine.
- Cleaning, another thing she will refuse to do unless Cristine, herself, asks.
- Dancing
- Persuasion/Diplomacy
- Fencing
- Cosmetics
- Master Painter, specializes in landscapes
- Master Pianist
- Proficient Sculptor, specializes in marble

- Paces when angry
- When bored and sitting, she will cross her legs and then flick her ankle.
- Clicks her tongue when annoyed
- If in view of what she, or someone else, is talking about; she will point which makes it rather awkward at a party when one is talking behind another's back.


- Dancing
- Being admired and desired
- Puzzles
- Verbal 'spars'
- Cristine, shes powerful, dominating, and an adorable little puzzle
- Men and Women, she is not picky over such a small thing like gender.
- Teasing
- Manipulating
- Being manipulated
- A good story
- Music that can be danced to.
- Art
- The Stars
- Snow
- Cosmetics
- Werewolves, there is something attractive about all that animal instinct
- Children
- Blood, human preferably.
- Dressing up
- Halloween
- Gifts, getting them. Not so fond about the giving part.


- Modern art
- Slobs
- Push overs
- Old humans
- Rapist
- Brutes
- Breaking nails.
- Rap music as well as 'screamo' and 'death metal'
- Dogs
- Heat
- Being wet
- Hunters
- Personally having to fight. She is not opposed to violence in general.
- Sand
- The wind
- Being rejected

- Becoming ugly
- Being raped
- Being 'spoiled' goods
- Falling completely and utterly in love.
- Not being able to move

Written description: Vivian loves to tease. While some would label her as a 'whore', which she finds to be a crude term, Vivian has only had sex once in her life, and it was not pleasant, to her seduction, manipulation, and love are all just a game; one she enjoys playing. One could say she is even afraid of physical contact and only years of training allows her to hide her revolution to being touched, especially by men. When she does touch others, Vivian convinces herself that she does like it, and has to constantly remind herself that it is all a game. Just a game because there are many nights, when she is all alone, that she just wants to curl up into a ball and cry, but she has far too much pride to ever just break down, well, perhaps its more like she refuses to give herself the luxury.

Vivian has little to no ambitions in life besides to enjoy herself as what is the use of immortality if one doesn't enjoy it? Vivian can be called a 'shallow' or even a 'hallow' person because everything she does is just to elevate a few hours of boredom, even her most intricate plots are really just a means to keep herself entertained as she truly doesn't care if they work or not. Vivian does love intelligence in others as an intelligent conversation is hard to come by no matter what era one is born in. Vivian, to a certain degree, does love to be manipulated, and sometimes, even dominated which is why she is even in a coven. Even if she knows someone is just trying to use her; Vivian tends to let them just to see how far they will go in their little adorable plots... Her interest in domination is why she joined the Coven only a few years ago upon meeting Cristine. Do not confuse her fascination with the coven leader as love, instead consider it more akin to respect and a little bit of envy for someone who is so sure of themselves.

The new arising conflict with the werewolves does not concern her beyond another means of entertainment. All Vivian sees is a new game that is waiting to be played, what is to stop her from playing with a few wolves? Putting them against fellow vampires or pesky hunters? Perhaps seducing one to cause a glorious scandal? What does she care if they go to war with the Coven? Worst comes to worse, Vivian leaves the coven and searches for a new one, not a truly big loss, although she would miss Cristine. Fighting herself is out of the question as why fight herself when she can get some other lesser being, and everyone is lesser then her, to do the fighting?


Relationship Status: Single

Brief History: Vivian was born in York, England in 1843 near the dawn of the Victorian Era. She was the daughter of an Earl and all the benefits of such a position. Not only was she born into nobility but also into power and wealth. It was easy to see just how a young girl would turn out when you add in the factor of a doting father. The older she got, the more beautiful she got. Her only drawbacks were her vanity and her own intelligence. She was one of the most beautiful women in England, and worst of all, she knew it. Vivian constantly pitted suitors against each other for her own amusement never intending to ever give them the time of day as none of them could keep her interesting. Gaining it was easy, keeping it was an entirely different matter. All men were predictable they wanted her because of her beauty and her lineage. After the initial butterflies disappeared, all that was left was remains of a pathetic little man chasing after her like a slobbering dog.

Vivian was not popular with the other girls at court as she was constantly talking down to them and stealing the attention of the more attractive prospects, and they plotted and schemed to knock her down a peg, but Vivian was always a step ahead as they were good at manipulation, but she was better that was until Sophia Blackmire appeared. The new girl was not as beautiful as Vivian, but she was cruel and extremely intelligent. Sophia studied from the outskirts never committing herself to the 'field' as it were and so Vivian never paid the girl any mind, a fact she would dearly pay for later. Vivian learned later that Sophia had never paid her much mind, until Vivian started to approach the man she had set her eye on, and with a few words, Lady Blackmire sent her world crumbling.

Few people understand the true dangers of politics or just how far people shall go when something gets in the way of the things they desire. Lady Blackmire had friends in low places. Vivian was out one night talking a walk with one of her suitors when they were attacked by a group of thugs. Seeing them brandishing knives, the thought of how they got in there was far from Vivian's mind, her dashing suitor was offered the chance to flee, and he did without a moments hesitation leaving Vivian alone with the group of men. Dragging her into the dark alleyways of London they did what... well, what armed men usually do to beautiful women. Her first time that all the other girls giggled about was taken in a dirty dark ally with a blade pressed against her throat. Before leaving, the last one shoved his blade into her stomach and left her to die in the alley, and she would have had she not been found by a monster. A beautiful monster, a vampire. The vampiress saved her because she was beautiful and, "Things beautiful deserve to be preserved."

The manner in which she got revenge of Sophia Blackmire and those thugs, well, those are stories she reserves for lonely and cold nights, and sharing those with someone would be the most intimate thing she could do, and Vivian has never shared with anyone.

So begins...

Lenora Vivian Ruth's Story

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"I suppose I can do that. Vivian.... she is a character. But I think she can handle her own. Isabella, on the other hand, I think would be the best for me to train. I'll try to contact both of them and see which one needs to be trained the most" Cristine smiled and tucked herself into the leather seat of the bar. "But hopefully, the our relationship with the wolves will not get any worse. I want to meet with their leader, privately, but truthfully, I am a little scared" she laughed and looked a Livius.

"But if you tell anyone that, I swear I will personally kill you. I do not get afraid, at least, I want everyone to think that. The spiders are not helping that, by the way" she turned back in her seat and smirked. "However, I may have to. Some of the fledgelings hate the werewolves from what I have heard and vice versa for the wolves. It's horrible really. This town was founded on a friendship between the two, not a hate" she pressed her face against her hand and sighed. "Now if only we could get that back. The wolves are always good for a party, or at least they were. I've skirted around talking to them" she turned her head to the table and looked down at it.

"I.... would rather not drink, Livi. I do intend to help Vivian or Isabella" Cristine blinked a few times and turned around in her chair. "I must be off. Find the little ones" she laughed and started towards the door. "I really hope I can fix this before the shit hits the fan" she whispered to herself. It would be best if nothing between the two groups happened- she really did miss when they had mutual respect for each other.

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Vivian rolled her eyes as the posh little woman on the television droned on about a missing family in Pennsylvania. People were always so fascinated with what happened to others hundreds of miles away, and she could never figure out why. Was it a culture thing? Was it expected that all people should pretend to care about other people? Plus, it would only last for a week or so and then everyone would forget about it as the new great tragedy came rushing in. Vivian didn't know about others, but she didn't care in the least. Either it was a vampire on a feeding frenzy, or a psycho. Either way. She didn't care.

Vivian rolled over, her ruby hair flaying out on top of the black pillow. She lay on the top of a large bed with rumpled black blankets dressed in a long onyx nightgown. Silk, of course, as if there was anything else one could make a decent nightgown from. It wasn't like she truly slept anymore. Not truly, but there was something fun about laying in bed late just watching television. Plus with all the anti-vampirism going around, it really was just a hassle to go outside. Werewolves didn't like them. Humans didn't know about them, and those that did... well, they were just a bunch of self-righteous bigots. All this 'human' rights business, and yet those 'hunters' chased down good god-fearing vampires like dogs. Tsk tsk.

Wasn't much to do that day as it was. It was Sabbath, so she didn't intend to do anything that required more labor then getting dressed as wasn't that the point of a Sunday? The other vampires would be off doing, whatever it is they did. Darling Cristine was most likely working at the mechanics 'shop'. If a man could ride it. They loved it. Explained why they were so fascinated with horses, then cars, and well, they have always been fascinated by women. Or at least, the woman's body.

Vivian cast her blue eyes over the walls of her room, the skyblue walls adorned with numerous masterpiece paintings done by the greatest artist of all time. Herself. Some were of the ocean, others of mountains, some of cities, a few of people, and one of herself which was across from the door. The first thing anyone walking in would notice. Her apartment was small, but she preferred it that way. Much less cleaning, and much cheaper. Vivian detested paying for anything, she had money. Lots as, technically speaking, she had invested all her daddies money when he passed away, but once a penny pincer always a penny pincer.

Flipping the channel to what appeared to be a soap opera and watched on as some man revealed to his 'wife' that he slept with a woman who turned out to be his long lost sister. Oh, joy.

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He was oddly silent, this wolf. And he was unpredictable. Gabby wasn't exactly sure if he was going to chill out (she highly doubted that, however) or jump forward and rip her head off. It was all a bit exciting for her. She wasn't one to play it safe, at least not anymore. Becoming a vampire had changed her entire life, and for the better. Thinking about what would have become of her otherwise disgusted her. A housewife who stayed home to take care of the kids and clean, only leaving to head to church every Sunday. Never doing anything daring or dangerous that would get her adrenaline up, her heart racing. Not that her heart was beating now, but it sure felt like it sometimes. That feeling was unlike anything else, and she lived for it. This wolf was giving her that excitement.

Unfortunately, her fun got ruined. Out of nowhere came another woman, eyes already narrowed as if she were pissed off. And she was a wolf, if Gabby's nose was correct. That wet dog smell wasn't easy to miss. Oh great. "Oi. Blood Sucker, the man doesn't seem to want to be bothered by you. Why don't you stick to your own species, and keep your damn legs shut." This woman's threats made her smile, not a smirk, but a full out grin. A laugh escaped her throat, its tone musical and beautiful to the ears. Apparently just because she was a wolf, she had the right to cut right into their conversation and be a total bitch. Gabby wasn't intimidated in the least. "Because I'm sure he would much rather be bothered by you," she simply said, her tone cool and void of any emotion.

This woman didn't stop. "God damn. You lot will fuck anything that moves, doesn't even need to have a pulse. It's disgusting." That made Gabby smile as well. This stranger did realize she was talking to a vampire, didn't she? Gabby had no pulse, so why wouldn't she have sex with someone just like her? Her ranting was void of any logic. "Even without a pulse, I'm a much better catch than you would ever be. Not to mention what I can do in the bedroom. Or any room really." She said this with a wink at her stud, smirking. She wasn't going to be thrown off her game just because some bitch decided to get in the way.

She had one last line before she was finally finished. "Why don't you go out, and get yourself a set of morals? Or are you too good for those?" Gabby took a step towards this woman, her heels clacking against the sidewalk. "Obviously you are too good for them, since you decided to ruin a perfectly good conversation with your endless bitching." With her heels, she towered over the wolf, and she folded her arms, looking down, her eyes cold and dead.

"Isabella. You need to talk to Cristine pronto. Important business." Her gaze was broken as she turned to look at the new voice. Of course she already knew who it was. Livi. Cristine's second-in-command. She sighed, rolling her eyes. "Very well Livi, I'll find Cristine." There was something she really liked about him, although she had never been able to figure out what it was. Even if he spent way too long on his hair. He walked past her and towards the other woman. "Good morning mutt," he said casually, then strode along down the sidewalk. Well, there was another reason to add to the list of why she liked him. She smiled at his back as he walked away.

Up until that moment, she hadn't really focused on the third person present, her stud. But she sensed his change in mood. Her green orbs turned to look at him, and what she saw displeased her greatly. Saying he looked angry was an understatement. Why was he mad at her?! She hadn't done anything except be nice, and incredibly sexy, towards him. "Have you all completely gone mad? I'll have nothing to do with you fangers or the pack. Back. Off. Or. Else." His words stung her slightly, although she would never admit it out loud. She had done nothing, and yet he was treating her as if she had been the one to start this argument. But it was the bitch's fault. Sadly, she watched him back up, then turn and walk away. She considered calling out after him, but didn't want to make the situation any worse. She would see him again, she had a feeling. So she just let him go, staying silent.

After he was out of earshot, she walked up to the bitch once more. A devilish grin was on her face. "Oh honey, you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. You'll regret this." She stepped back and began to walk away. After a few steps, she paused. "And if he sinks so low as to sleep with you, he'll come running to me, begging to give him the greatest night of his life. Just you wait and see," she called over her shoulder. With that she ran off. She had no idea where to go, since Livi had left out Cristine's location. So instead she decided to go visit Vivian. Gabby looked up to her as a sort of motherly/best friend combination. They had somewhat similar personalities, and Gabby couldn't think of a better person to go see. Within minutes she arrived outside of the door and knocked quietly. She knew Vivian would hear. "Vivian?" she called softly, hoping the elder vampire was home.