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Mavis Spencer

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

0 · 483 views · located in Bellingstone, Pennsylvania

a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, as played by Luxe




"Thank heavens, for little girls 'cause little girls grow bigger every day"


Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Nicknames: She just goes by Mavis

Coven/Pack name: Wolff pack

Rank: Juvenile


Height: 5 feet 4 1/2 inches

Weight: 103 lbs

Build: Petite

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Green

Scars?: A few minor scars

Brief Written Description: When you first look at Mavis, you'll see an average 16 year old, 5'4 height girl, with a small frame and a pout. But if you really look at her, you'll notice a few things about her. First and foremost, her eyes. Both deep green in colour. Her eyes are large, and her eyelashes long- but usually lengthened by mascara- and eyebrows around medium thickness. Her hair, fairly normal. A rich, medium brown colour with waves here and there and natural highlights from the sun. Then, of course the fact She is a werewolf. You probably couldn't tell from her appearance. But there are a few giveaways, one: She's tanned. Maybe not as tanned as some of her brethren, but tanned enough. Two: a glimmer in her eye. No, not an actual glimmer, but if you study her closely you could probably tell her strangely coloured eyes hold secrets.

Clothing Preference: Not really much to say apart from the fact her style changes like a fashion magazine. She likes to mix girly and casual, But sometimes she just sticks to girly.

(Faceclaim is Sarah Hyland)



  • Singing. She doesn't exactly remember when she started, but she grew up singing. The passion burned bright until about age 12, and now it's become more of a hobby of sorts.


  • Breaking out into song at random moments. not just in the shower, in the middle of a cafe she'll start singing Bruno Mars something random like that. (WIP)
  • Short temper. Some people find it funny, but Mavis has a really short temper. It flares up occasionally. (explained more in the written description)

Likes: Early mornings. Orange Juice. Goats. Smiles. Ancient Greeks. Lollipops. Swings. Children. Opera.

Dislikes: Transforming. Wasps. Coca Cola. Tears. Hospitals. Glue on her hands. Shouting/Arguing. Big Cities. (aside from New York, which she adores)

Fears: Hunters. Suffocating. Being hated.


Written description:

Mavis is nice.

Actually, nice is a bit to vague of a word. Maybe sweet, or forgiving would be more appropriate. However , I think I've made my point. These traits make it impossible for her to to stay mad at someone for a long period of time. And don't get me wrong, she's not a person who never gets mad, just not for long. She can be a little melodramatic. In fact a lot melodramatic, but it's just in her nature. She was born a drama queen. The cause of this is probably hormones and she migh settle down a bit when she is slightly older. Even though she's a werewolf, she is also a teenager, and have you ever met a teenager that isn't affected by hormones? Anyway, back to her being nice. She's a cupcake and unicorn kind of girl, with a bubbly personality, and she can be a bit childish. But a whole other side of her is her temper. Contrary to popular belief, Mavis has a really short temper, but it only happens on 'bad days' but when she gets really, really angry she becomes vicious , slightly feral even. It's kind of a werewolf trait, but amplified by hormones- obviously. She is a bit sensitive, and it's nearly impossible for her to take criticism, so she kind of jokes about it whenever she gets it. another layer of her personality would be her independent side. She finds it hard to trust anyone but her pack. Trust has always been a big issue with her. She likes to help other people with stuff, but if they ever offer to help her with something it’s obvious what her answer is going to be 90% of the time. Some People view this as standoffish, but She just thinks of it as being protective.


Relationship Status: Single.

Brief History:

Mavis was born on a cold November morning in New York to George Spencer, and Her mother Nikola, who father wants to talk about as
Little as possible. They say your childhood makes you who you are, and this was most probably true for Mavis.

Let's start with some major details, first her mother.

After Mavis' birth, she just… vanished. Packed up her belongings and left in search of a better life. Nobody knows what happened to her. Her father told her she took off in the direction of Europe. Like I said, her mother left when She was basically just born so She didn’t really know her. She was always brooding and miserable before she had you , her father had told her. She was apparently a cold-hearted woman who only cared about herself. But Ishe can’t help feeling like there is a big part of her childhood missing whenever she thinks about her. Despite this, Mavis had a good childhood. When she was approximately 4 her father moved back to his hometown, Bellingstone, and re-joined the Wolff pack. she found out her father was a werewolf when she was old enough to understand, about seven or so. She never realised that she was also a werewolf until around that age.

When she was maybe eight or so, her father had left for New York on a business trip ( he had a successful Home based advertising company), and she was staying with her aunt, but after a week, he hadn't come back. Her aunt phoned her friend, a lone wolf living in New York. he searched and found a body hidden under a dumpster in the Bronx. Shot. She was confused. She was eight, she didn't get it. All she knew was that He was gone. She moved in permanently with her aunt. She became less depressed and a bit more happy, But... started having visions. Short, only around half a minute. One was so frequent that it stuck in her brain. A gun. And a gravelly voice.

You're next.

So begins...

Mavis Spencer's Story

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#, as written by Luxe

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Got my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feeling alive


Her feet moved rapidly across the uneven ground almost rhythmically, face contorted into a scowl and teeth grinded together with such force it was making her gums hurt. But she didn’t stop doing it. In fact, she did it harder. It was actually a pretty nice day, the sun was shining behind a few sparse clouds, but it was the morning, so she couldn’t really tell if it would get better or deteriorate. She didn't remember what had made her angry. It probably was something stupid. She had stormed out of the house and slammed the door behind her. She had ran. But she was angry, not specifically at her aunt, but anyone and mostly fricking everyone. She wasn't walking anymore, she was sprinting. Away from the old faces that made her think of her father.

But she couldn't run forever

The common sense part of her brain was starting to kick in. But it was slightly too late, she tripped over a rock, landing face first on the ground. She sat up, and breathed a heavy sigh. She was blushing. But there was no one there to laugh with. No one to share her embarassment with, or even anyone to sneer at her. She was alone. And even if people were there they just ignored her. She hated that and It had been like that for a while now.

No one.

“Spare some change, miss?” A man with scraggly, unkempt facial hair and a ragged t-shirt sat glumly under a bush , his dirty hands outstretched in his desperate hope. She could see through the thick layer of grime that decorated his now tired eyes. There was something though, maybe a glimmer hope- or desperation. He was hardly older than thirty. What had happened to this man to bring him to this state? Pity crossed my mind, and I somehow took blame for his misfortune. “Sorry, I’ve got no money with me” Mavis said slightly awkwardly, her shoulders attempted a shrug and a half smile came upon her face. “Here, you can have this if you want.” She passed him a sandwich He smiled. “Thank you, Miss”

Wait, She thought to herself, beggars in the countryside?

She jerked her head round to get a good look at the beggar again only to find that he was gone. The only traces of him being there seemed to be wiped away by the breeze. Unfazed by the whole situation, she walked again. Her feet tapping against the ground. She came to a halt. Back already?

'Welcome to Bellingstone, Pennsylvania'

I'm feelin' electric tonight
Cruising down the coast goin' 'bout 99
Got my bad baby by my heavenly side
I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

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"Yes. Yes I have some experience. I waited tables at a café, il miglior caffè d'Italia, for a Summer two years prior to now." The Italian beauty replied to him, chuckling aloud. Oh shit, had he done something stupid to make her laugh? A blush briefly showed on his cheeks but he grinned quickly and the blush seemed to blend in better when his cheeks raised with the smile. Her tongue ran along her lip slowly and she took her time to look him over now. God damn it, if he wasn't already supposed to be with Leanna, he wouldn't have hesitated to hit Caterina further. Yet, he knew doing such a thing would set him back so many months with his "mate" many months that he'd worked so hard to cover.

"Well, um, what's your work ethic like?" he asked next, temporarily stumbling over his words. Damn it, Axel...get it together, he thought, mentally kicking himself. Who's the one who's interviewing here? "However, let me assure you, I am well versed in customer serivce, and can regain any lost traits of import I may have forgotten since." She slowly rung her fingers in her lap. Jesus, she looked nervous, too. How come? Hell, she really had no reason to be nervous, he thought. She was well on her way to the job, anyway. And, even though he wouldn't admit it, it was partially due to her looks. As he gave her time to think over her answer, he noticed Lassiter slam the note down on the counter before him.

"Well, have a good morning, Axel," he said, nodding and then turning to address the Italian. In the mean time, Axel rolled his eyes at Lassiter. Why the hell was he so pissy? "See you later," he replied, waving his hand to the Delta and then looking down at the note just in time to miss him hitting on Caterina. Slowly, he unfolded the note.

"Check your messages."

Axel arched an eyebrow. My messages...? Quickly, he pulled out his phone and noticed the messages that had piled up. "Shit...excuse me," he murmured to Cat before getting up and walking back into the kitchen to read the messages.

"Axel, it's Jo. Something's gone down close to the police department, actually, more like someone. Definitely a fanger attack, the girl's dead. Lassie and I are here, but the Sheriff is as well and the people he was with earlier. There's something off about them. I think they might be Hunters but I don't have anything concrete...yet. I'll keep you posted."

"Human dead. Vampire attack. Brutal. Definitely not the normal blood lust. I’ve got to hang around because Detective Asshat wants full report. Message back with orders"

"Crap..." growled Axel, a low, animalistic snarl coming from the back of his throat. He clutched his phone tightly, making a fist around it. He didn't have time for this, damn it...why couldn't the vampires keep to themselves for once and leave the humans alone? Was animal blood really that bad? Of course, Axel didn't think so. The few animals he'd killed while in wolf form weren't that bad. Actually, they were pretty good if anything. He shook his head slowly and composed another message to the pack.

"Well, I'm not exactly sure exactly what the hell is going on over by the station, but Jo tells me a fanger got to a human down there. Anyone know who she is? But, at the same time, I don't want any of you sticking your noses in places they shouldn't be. If we can stay out of it and leave it to the Hunters, I'd be fine with it. Watch your backs. The Hunters are going to become more active...stay safe."

He sent that and then, sighing, leaned up against the wall while he shook his head. Stupid, stupid vampires. Why had his ancestors even trusted them? Why had his ancestor decided to build a town up with them? Axel pocketed his phone and walked back out to his seat beside Caterina. "So sorry about that," he said, smiling quickly. "Just some business to attend to, that's all."

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Axel's ride the night before hadn't really succeeded at much of anything. In fact, it only managed to anger him further as he dwelt on the idea of his brother having the audacity to move back here and tell him, the Alpha, that the pack was rightfully his. It was a load of shit and AJ certainly wasn't going to put up with it. When the pain in his leg finally became too unbearable, the Alpha had ridden the bike back to his home and parked it in the driveway without even bothering to notice if Leanna was there. In fact, he certainly wouldn't be prepared for her reaction come the next morning when she called him out for his shameless flirting the night before. Granted, he really didn't think she had heard him from the kitchen, but she was a werewolf and he knew she too had enhanced senses like he did. He did kick off his boots before falling asleep, but he basically neglected to undress at all and fell asleep, like he had the night before, in his full outfit.

It was a new day now and, at eleven in the morning, Axel had finally woken up and decided to hold a pack meeting like he'd said via text. It had taken the Alpha a while to get his bearings but, now, he stood in the clearing behind his own house with the rest of the pack. The only odd part being, of course, that they had all assumed their wolf forms. The young man slowly circled the group, doing a head count and quickly assumed everyone had arrived. If they hadn't, well, it was their fault and he'd certainly make sure they knew it. The brown wolf sat beside Sam and curled his tail over his paws neatly while his ears continued to swivel lightly, listening for sounds.

"I guess you've all heard the news by now that Albrecht's back," he began, the fur on his back bristling as he "spoke" telepathically to the other wolves, his voice filling their minds. Briefly, his teeth bared and he fidgeted in place uncomfortably. "The ditcher just thinks he can come back and be Alpha again." Now, his teeth bared again and he let out a bark. "Well, we'll show him he can't simply leave and expect to be treated the same...from now on, I don't want to catch any of you talking with him, you hear me? He may have been a member of our pack, but he's a traitor and a liar..." The Alpha paused, giving himself time to calm down before he "spoke" again.

"There are other things we need to focus on, though," he said, shaking himself quickly as if to shake off the past topic. "They found the body of a Hunter yesterday and you know the Hunters are going to be all over it, given that one of those fangers did it."

"On that note, since it doesn't concern us, stay out of it," said Axel nonchalantly. He's already decided the day before to not involve his pack. They shouldn't have to pay for what the vampires were doing anyway. They had already suffered enough with the Hunters moving into their safe-haven, hadn't they? "I don't care if they kill off all of the vampires, really. It would save us a lot of trouble and then, perhaps, they'd leave us alone. Until they, stay low and play it safe. Last thing we need is someone going into wolf form in public."

Finished, AJ stood and stretched, his tail swaying slowly back and forth before he sat down again. "Questions? Comments?" Sure, he was the Alpha, but this certainly wasn't a monarchy or a dictatorship. Besides, Leanna also had the right to speak, along with his Beta couple. Still, he'd most likely make his decisions law. They were in the best interest of everyone.