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Nettie Duncan

"Wait to die, Wait to live. Wait for an absolution, that will never come."

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a character in “Welcome to Bellingstone”, as played by Calvazara




"Wait to die...Wait to live...Wait for an absolution, that will never come."


Race: Witch

Gender: Female

Age: Seventy-Seven

Nicknames: People affectionately call her 'Nettie' Caroline calls her 'Aunt Nettie'

Occupation: Retired; previously worked at the library.


Height: 5ft 3inches

Weight: 130lbs

Build: Fragile/Frail

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Pale Blue

Scars?: Nettie has large burn scars, near her neck and chest, from an accident with hot milk, which happened last year. She also has multiple on her arms and legs from her walks in the wood and working in her garden.

Brief Written Description: Nettie is a woman of old age and a life time of experience and this reflex in her appearance, her skin is quite significantly wrinkles, especially around her face and hands, making her look more into her nineties than mid-seventies, but a lifetime of casting spells has taken a dramatic toll on her body, though she may feel as if she is approaching a hundred, her soul and mind are still as spritely as ever. Her eyes still shine a pale blue as they did when she was young, she often says that she's glad her eyes haven't changed much, as they were her husband favourite part of her; she does need glasses now, but refuses to wear them unless she's reading or doing something that requires her full attention. Nettie's hair had always been her pride, she had the most beautiful, long, curly red hair as a teenager and now although turned as white as snow, it still holds its length and some curls, though she mainly keeps it back in a bun now. Once a woman of poise and posture, Nettie has seemed to have stooped of late, something which she hates, she can no longer stand up straight and so has developed a slight stooped back.

Clothing Preference: The only way to describe Nettie's style is as a little miss matched, the clothes she wears doesn't necessarily always go well together. She has quite a feminine style, such as, dresses, skirts, blouses and cardigans, she loves pastel colours, such as pinks and yellow, along with the floral print, although she also quite enjoys the Aztec print. Nettie is a woman who has travelled the world and has the jewellery to prove it, most of her stuff is quite old, especially the pieces coming from Africa and quite often have some story or legend attached to it.


-Making things
-She can shoot quite well
-Casting spells

-She often where's odd matching clothes.
-She has become a little forgetful.
-Can still drink quite a few younger people under the table.

-Hard candy
-Seeing people happy
-Cooking and Baking for people
-Seeing Caroline happy
-Being in her garden
-Telling stories
-Listening to the radio
-Period Dramas
-Making things

-The thought of having to leave her home
-Caroline being in trouble/danger
-Being to weak to perform spells
-Not being appreciated
-People threatening the pack
-People telling her she can't
-Her age restricting her.

-Being forgotten
-Loosing Caroline
-Loosing her magic, for good.

Written description: Nettie is a gentle old soul, she is exactly how you could imagine your grandmother being, sat by the fire, knitting a blanket, with the soft melodies of Frank Sinatra playing in the background; or baking a cake or pie in the kitchen, criticising her 'daughter' Caroline for not eating enough. She is a woman with a heart of stone, who loves to surround herself with people, she loves to tell stories, although she often repeats the same ones, nowadays. Nettie adores children, she always regrets not having the chance to start a family before her husband died, but it wasn't to be, luckily she found a daughter in Caro and she loves her like on two, she honestly can't wait for her to have children, so she can have grandbabies. She is a stubborn woman, one who will not accept help, she still believes she can do everything her twenty year old self can do and she can, to some extent, although she can't move quite as fast anymore.

She is a woman of great knowledge and is well respected throughout the town, in her prime she was a powerful witch, although her spells have caught up with, making her look older than she actually is, she does still participate in magic but she is cautious and careful, it can tire her out quite easily, making her feel that she is going to die because of a spell. She probably knows everything there is too know about the supernatural, over the years she has accumulated a number of artefacts and books, some older than America itself. She has many grimoires from her ancestors, a very powerful line of witches and also others she has brought back from every corner of the world.

Although her strength has wavered in recent years, Nettie still hold a spark within her that makes most smile. She likes to drink and boy can she put it away, she often amazes Caroline at how well she can hold her liquor, she does not like violence or bullying and will not hesitate to give anyone a good scolding, even Axel has bore the brunt of them from time to time.


Relationship Status: Widowed, her husband was once the Delta of the Pack, though he died close to fifty years ago, Nettie never remarried.

Brief History:

So begins...

Nettie Duncan's Story

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The drive to Aunt Nettie’s cabin wasn’t a particular long one but it gave Caroline some time alone with her thoughts. Usually the woman hated being in such solitary situations, memories of a time long ago seemed to shroud her mind, her inner Mr Hyde still haunting and tormenting her with words that were meant to break her, ‘He doesn’t love you…if he did he would tell everyone. No, Sam could never love a broken runaway like you.’ Of course she knew it was a load of crap, at least she though she did, Sam did love her right? And keeping their relationship from the rest of pack was the best solution, wasn’t it? Truth was she wasn’t so sure, about the latter one anyway. At the moment they were stuck in a rut, she could feel it even if their actions spoke otherwise, Caro loved Sam with all her heart, she nothing more than to marry the man, settle down and raise three children but at the moment it was like he was scared to move forward. He blamed it on Axel; truth was Caro suspected that Emily was more the reason for his apprehension. Before Caro, Sam had loved another and she had sadly died and a part of her thought Sam feared the same thing happening to her and no matter how many times she promised nothing would happen to her, at the end of the day she really had no control over such things, this they both knew.

Pulling up in Nettie’s drive way Caro cut the engine to her jeep, silence engulfing the cabin of the car, rested her head back against the head rest she let out a heavy sigh, she couldn’t help but fear they would always be in the same situation and to be honest Caro wasn’t sure how much longer she could carry on this façade, she wanted to be his, solely his and she wanted the world to know it. Running a frustrated hand through her hair, Caro finally unfastened her seatbelt and exited her car. Walking up to Nettie’s door she knocked twice to signal her arrival before entering, “Aunt Nettie” Caro called out, her voice loud enough so it echoed through the home.

“In the kitchen dear,” Nettie’s voice followed hers almost immediately and just as quickly, Caroline’s senses were hit with the intoxicating aroma of her Aunt’s baking. Licking her lips slightly at the anticipation of what was in store, she quickly walked towards the back of house and into the homely kitchen, where she spotted Nettie hunched over a mixing bowl. Walking over Caro placed a quick kiss upon the older woman’s cheek before sticking her finger into the mixture, “What have I told you about doing that young lady!? Nettie scolded lightly, swatting her hand atop of Caro’s.

Caroline merely laughed as she moved and sat down at the kitchen table, reaching for one of the cupcakes which stood on the stand, they looked far too delicious to pass up. “So to what do I owe this pleasure, my love?” The older woman asked as she turned back towards Carol, wiping her hands on her apron, “asides from you eating all my food?” she teased.

“You know perfectly well that I’d starve without your food hampers” Caroline uttered upon a chuckle, she would as well, she often worked crazy hours that she had very little time to shop for groceries let alone cook and Nettie, being the woman that she was often sent her food and baked good, some weeks it was all she lived on. “That’s because you work too hard. If you’d only hire a manager or something you’d be able to have much more free time. Time which you could be spending with Sam.” Caro couldn’t help but grimace at her words, an action that did not go unnoticed by Nettie.

Concern flushed across the older woman’s countenance as Nettie regarded her daughter, “my love, whatever is the matter? Has something happened between you and Sam?” she asked taking the seat next to Caro and taking her hand in hers, her thumb gently running over Caro’s knuckles in a soothing manner. Not exactly…” Caroline began with a heavy sigh, “But that’s just the problem, nothing is happening! I love him so much Aunt Nettie and I respect his wishes to keep things quiet, I can understand why he does it but every time I ask him about it, it’s just ‘a little while longer’ and I fear that I’m going to waste my life desperately chasing something that can never be!” By this point tears had started to escape from Caroline’s blue hues, her emotions didn’t always get the better of her but when they did tears weren’t always that far away.

“Oh my darling, come here” Nettie cooed as if she were a young child and pulled her into a loving embrace, pulling back the older woman wiped the tears from Caro’s cheeks and smiled softly, “I don’t pretend to know a lot about men, my love, there has only been one man in my life and that was such a long time ago I can barely remember all the do’s and don’ts. But one thing I know for certain is that Sam loves you a great deal, I can see it in his eyes every time he looks at you and I bet he is suffering just as much as you are.” The certainty in her voice caused Caro to feel quite a bit better; Nettie’s words were reassuring but did not completely stamp out her doubts or fears, however she decided not to dwell on the situation any longer, there was no use worrying over something that she had no control over.

Squeezing her Aunt’s hand, Caroline offered her a small smile, “thank you” she whispered almost inaudibly. “You don’t need to thank me, you are my child and it is my job to ease your worries.” Caroline felt a rush of warmth sweep through her body at Nettie’s words; she always did love being regarded to as Nettie’s child, even if it was not by blood but through love.

“You’re are staying with me tonight, there’s been a rather nasty murder in the woods and I don’t want you staying here alone tonight, okay?” Caro uttered, leaving no room for arguments, which Nettie seemed to sense as she simply nodded and rose from her seat, “I shall go and pack my bags, be a help and put the pie I baked in a container, oh and pack those steaks I have in the fridge, we can have them for dinner.”

Not long later both women were in car and driving back towards town, after quickly dropping Nettie’s things off at Caro’s the pair headed towards the diner, just as she had promised Sam. By the time they reached the establishment, the usual bright smile was back on Caro’s lips as was her happy demeanour, the bell rang over head as they entered and by the looks of things almost the entire pack was, but there was also a other scent, one which Caro was certain she had smelt before but for the life of her she could not place it.

That was until he turned around. Caro’s blue eyes widened as did her smile as her gaze fell upon no other than Axel’s older brother Albrecht, “your back!” she cried in a happy delirium, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him into a welcoming embrace, “god I missed you!” she mumbled into his shoulder before pulling away and looked around the group who all bore very different expressions, she noticed Leanna and offered a quick concerned glance as if you say 'are you alright?' Only god would know how Axel would deal with this.

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Albrecht was absolutely ecstatic. In only a few minutes, just about everything was rushing back to him. He was able to, if even for just a few minutes, pretend he simply hadn't left and he was just being greeted by friends. Or, perhaps, that everything was going to be perfectly fine and would go according to the mental plan he'd made up before coming here. As far as he knew, his father was alive. As far as he knew, he was the next in line to become Alpha male. He was absolutely oblivious and he didn't even seem to care.
For example, he didn't even seem to notice how upset Leanna looked. She obviously wasn't as overjoyed as he was by this extemporaneous meeting. His innocent question, which he assumed she'd be able to answer quickly, seemed to surprise her. Lea gave him a look that almost unnerved him, as if she was trying to read his emotions or thoughts. Her anger dissipated and was quickly overcome with...pity? Albrecht's brow furrowed.

"Leanna...?" he asked, cocking his head slightly. "Lea, what's wrong?" Oh God, had he said something that upset her? Had he done something (besides leave the state) that got her angry? But, then, why was she pitying him with that gaze of hers.

"Albrecht...your father, he's-" Leanna cut herself off when Sam entered and, distracted by the other male, Al forgot completely about what Leanna had begun to say. Next, Caroline entered along with the old woman who Albrecht really couldn't think of a name for. He knew the face and he knew she was related to Caro, but he had completely forgotten her name in his time away.

Having greeted Caro, she cried out in joy and threw her arms around his neck. "You're back! God, I missed you!" Albrecht wrapped his thick arms quickly around the blonde, his broad smile still plastered on to his visage. Perhaps it would stick there forever, seeing as it hadn't fallen since he entered the diner. As she pulled away, he reluctantly let go of her and sat back down at the bar. "God, I missed you guys..." he mumbled, laughing lightly in a breathy manner. "I've missed you all..." In his mind, nothing could ruin this moment.

The blow out of the bulbs around the diner frightened just about all of the patrons. Albrecht leapt slightly in surprise, jumping off of his seat for a moment only to land back on it. Instinctively, he held his arms out to shield Leanna from the flying shards of glass. He may have left her for years but he still did care for her like he had before. Even Leanna would be unable to completely deny that fact. Slowly, he moved away a bit and settled back in his seat, ruffling his ebony locks with one hand to clear the glass from it. The kitchen door suddenly opened and Albrecht looked up as he heard an oddly familiar voice. "Everything alright?" The smile returned, yet again as the man's eyes settled upon his younger brother.

"Axel..." he murmured, expecting the younger man to come running over to greet him. The diner was quickly clearing, but he didn't seem to notice. Instead, the werewolf studied his brother. The clothing style of the shorter werewolf was still just about the same. All of the Wolff boys had worn flannel and jeans for ages. It was warm and it was convenient. But, his younger brother had, it seemed, aged a bit. His forehead had creased with worry upon entering, but he also just seemed older overall as compared to when he was in his twenties. It seemed like, to Albrecht, that the weight of the world had been dropped on to the shoulders of his only sibling. Why was that, he wondered.

"You..." Axel said softly, eyes wide as he looked at Albrecht. The latter smiled.

"Me," he confirmed, nodding.

"You. You bastard!" Al's eyes widened and his grin fell.
"What...?!" In an instant, Axel just about flung himself across the counter and latched on to his brother's shirt collar, holding it tightly in surprisingly strong hands. He must have really gotten more into shape after I left, Albrecht mused, pulling his head slightly away from Axel as the man only pulled Al's face closer.

"You think you can leave and just come back here?! What the hell are you doing?!" Albrecht roughly pulled back and, unable to completely stop himself, fell from the bar stool. In an instant, though, he was back on his feet and glaring at Axel.

"What the hell, Axel?!" he snapped. "I leave for years and that's how you greet me?" Axel's jaw dropped and then he snickered harshly before quickly coming around the counter to stand before Albrecht. The two men were only an inch apart with Albrecht at six feet, one inch and Axel at six feet on the dot. The shorter man sized himself up against Albrecht would stared back with anger evident in his expression.

"You left the pack. You left mom and dad." He snarled. The patrons who had filled the diner now began to leave completely, quite unnerved by how animalistic the two men looked. "You were supposed to be Alpha, not me! I hope you're fucking happy now..." Axel threw a punch at Albrecht, but the taller male easily dodged it and then kicked Axel in the shin, summoning a sharp cry from the Alpha male.

"What the hell do you mean?" he growled. "Dad's the Alpha, I'll be the Alpha after him." A glare of hatred met him from Axel as the Alpha tentatively stood upon his throbbing leg.

"Dad died, you idiot...he's been dead for years and you haven't known?!" Al's countenance cleared and he stepped back slowly, processing the information. He was dead?, that couldn't be right. That would mean Axel would be Alpha and Axel couldn't be the Alpha. He just wasn't capable of it! Albrecht had been training to be Alpha for ages and now it was Axel? No. He wouldn't allow it.

"T-then...then I'm Alpha, AJ. I'm back now and I should be Alpha." Axel had leaned up against a table by then, ignoring the pain in his leg. It was definitely going to bruise for a while but, given his wolf powers, would probably heal overnight. AJ shook his head and then snickered again at Al, which just made the older man angrier.

"You had your chance. I'm not letting an outsider run my pack. No, you left to explore the world and you left us here to rot. I'm not just going to let you run my pack." Al's face contorted in an expression one would easily find on a wolf's face. For a moment, Axel feared the man would shift right then and there in his diner. Instead, though, Albrecht clenched his fists.

"Screw you..." he muttered.

"Get out of my diner, you bastard. I don't want to see your ugly mug around this place again or anywhere for this matter. And if you try to take this pack from me, I will personally claw your eyes out." He stood up quickly, the adrenaline coursing through him and allowing him to rush at the older werewolf who simply glared at Axel, looked over at the rest of his pack members sadly, and then pushed roughly against the door to open it.

Axel sighed and then settled back against the table, breathing slowly to try and calm himself. "I...I'm going home," he murmured, his voice monotonous as he started to stand. "Lock it up when you all leave, Sam." A light yelp came from his mouth, sounding very much like a hurt dog, as he limped into the kitchen to get to the back door. "Cat, I'm leaving. You better head out soon. No use working without lights." He didn't even wait for a response from the woman before he exited the diner and slammed the door shut. In moments, the sound of his motorcycle revving up was heard and Axel raced down the street on his bike.

Despite the pain in his leg, he wasn't going straight home. Instead, he'd probably ride around aimlessly for half an hour to try and piece together what had just happened. Then, perhaps, he wold return to the old cabin.

Albrecht, on the other hand, returned to his home by himself. The man who had helped drive his belongings over had, in fact, left the boxes inside and the furniture (or whatever furniture he had already) outside. For a while, he unpacked things and tried to make his new home as homely as possible. Earlier, he'd thought Axel might let him move back into the Wolff cabin but, now, he knew such a thing was extremely unlikely. By the time he'd set up a bed on his old couch, Al's eyelids were fluttering and, so, he laid down and fell asleep swiftly, still plagued with thoughts of that day.