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Bryan Carter

"I don't want them to find out....Promise me they won't?"

0 · 721 views · located in Beverly Hills, California

a character in “Welcome To Beverly Hills, 90210”, as played by InakoUchiha


"Don't let them in, don't let them see."
-Demi Lovato


|{Full Name}|
Bryan Alexander James Carter.

Bry [tolerates] ; Alexander [hates]

Seventeen || 17

|{Birth Date}|
June 26th, 1999

|{Zodiac Sign}|


|{Sexual Orientation}|
Closeted Homosexual

|{Relationship Status}|

|{Sexually Active}|
Virgin Pure.


Beverly Hills, California

The Model


When it comes to the term of model, everyone thinks of Bryan. The male has dark chocolate brown hair, that he keeps cut short so it doesn't get in his face. Bryan's eyes don't really have a definite color, they just tend to kaleidoscope between blues, grays, greens, and occasionally browns. Not too keen on admitting it, but Bryan does have a rather nice body. Toned, and muscular, it doesn't stop any girls or guys from fawning over him. Bryan is rather short for his age, standing at five foot ten. He weighs nearly two hundred pounds, only due to his muscle. He does have a few scars from his "childhood". Bryan's closet is somewhat neatly organized.

✔ Modeling ✔ Dancing ✔ Coffee ✔ Peppermint Tea ✔ Books ✔ Quiet ✔ Cigarettes ✔ Writing ✔ Vanilla Perfume ✔ Drawing ✔ The Night Sky ✔ Indie Music ✔ Tumblr Aesthetics ✔ Halloween

✘ Homophobia ✘ Ignorance ✘ Black Coffee ✘ Cigars ✘ Death ✘ Women ✘ Hypocritical People ✘ Men's Cologne ✘ His Parents ✘ Overly Religious People ✘ Loudmouths ✘ Most Rap Music

Bryan has a few bad habits and a few odd habits. When Bryan is nervous he tends to just place a cigarette in his mouth. But if he is at school, he'll bite his thumb. He also tends to drink when he needs to do something important, to him it relieves him of the stress he has to do. He also has the bad habit of cursing when he's angry, and not just a regular level. Like excess. When truly happy, he can't stop smiling.

â€ĸ Gardening â€ĸ Playing the Guitar â€ĸ Modeling â€ĸ Taking Pictures â€ĸ Playing Football

☠ Heights ☠ Clowns ☠ Deep Oceans ☠ Insects ☠ His Parents ☠ Death ☠ Falling in Love, then Being Left Alone

═ His Sexuality ═ His Love for Cooking ═ Parents Abused Him

Despite what most people would think, Bryan isn't as confident as he seems. He lives a life full of not appearing to be who he is. Only because, he has to hide himself from his family. They wouldn't approve of him, and he knows this. Bryan is a person, who can come off like a dickhead but is really kind when you get to know him. Bryan, though a popular kid, isn't really mean to anyone. He's more of the show respect, get respect type of person. He is commonly seen "flirting" with girls at WBHS, and never going out with them. This is really just to keep his sexuality under cover. He's rather insecure about his own self, but can hide it easily underneath his normal facade. Really, Bryan's just a person to love him for him, and not abuse him because of his sexuality.

One June 26th,1999, a healthy baby boy was born to Isaac and Martha Carter. He was named after Isaac and Martha's best friend who died before the male was born. Bryan was born the youngest of three children, and was the baby. He was the favored child, and his parents focused more on him. By the time he turned three, like his siblings, his family had placed him into the life of modeling. He didn't really mind it, it made his parents happy, and as a child that's all he wanted to do. He soon came to actually love modeling. Only more so, because of the cameras. He wanted to be behind them instead of in front of. As a child, whenever he expressed disinterest in something, his parents would hit him or abuse him. Only because, it was because the Bible stated not to disobey your parents. Bryan had never really read the Bible, and never really wanted to after that.

When Bryan entered the sixth grade, he began realizing that he didn't really like girls. His two elder brothers, had girlfriends, and his parents started to question him about when he'd get his. Bryan just didn't like girls, he had noticed that he liked boys more. He and his best friend, had actually kissed at a party, and that was when he truly realized. He had eventually gotten a boyfriend, and his parents found out. They beat him mercilessly, he didn't even go to school for a few weeks due to being in the hospital. So when he got back, he just avoided the other boy. His parents made him think it was just a phase, so he just buried it deep down in his subconscious, to only manifest a few years later.

As he entered high-school, his career as a model soared. He became well known among celebrity photographers, and even some casting directors. His freshman year, he didn't really get close to anyone, and his emotions for other men came back. He just never told anyone, he got close to a girl in his sophomore year, and they ended not being friends after so. Nobody knows his secrets, and he plans to keep it that way. All while looking for romance, playing football for the school, and being a model. right?

|{Face Claim}|
Dean Geyer

|{Dialogue Color Code}|

Inako Uchiha

So begins...

Bryan Carter's Story