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Niomi Watson

"Where's the party at?"

0 · 443 views · located in Beverly Hills, California

a character in “Welcome To Beverly Hills, 90210”, originally authored by la.lune, as played by RolePlayGateway



{ Bad Reputation : Joan Jett & The Blackhearts || Cherry Bomb : The Runaways ||Break The Rules : Charli XCX }

|{Full Name}|
Niomi Arabella Watson

MiMi | Used by good friends & family | Adored
Bella | Occasionally used by friends | Liked
Watson | Used by teachers trying to tell her off | Disliked


|{Birth Date}|
November 21st 1999

|{Zodiac Sign}|

|{Sexual Orientation}|


|{Relationship Status}|

|{Sexually Active}|
Not currently || Has been previously


London, England (0-7)
Beverly Hills, California (7-17)

The Voice


✔Parties✔Singing✔Being Wild✔Dancing✔Flirting✔Trashy Films✔Getting Drunk✔Colourful Clothes✔Chokers✔Her Guitar✔Being With Friends✔Funny People✔Loud Music✔Her Fans

✘Boring People✘The Library✘Being Told Off✘Nerds✘Rejection✘Not Getting What She Wants✘Plain Clothes✘Class✘The Majority Of Her Teachers✘Doing Nothing✘Romance Films✘Wasps✘Apples✘Rats

â€ĸ Sings Very Loudly In The Shower â€ĸ Hums To Herself When Bored â€ĸ Rolls Her Eyes Often At Annoying People â€ĸ Can't Help But Dance When There's Music Playing â€ĸ Biting Her Lip When Anxious

â€ĸ Singing (Although it's also her career) â€ĸ Photography â€ĸ Learning Instruments â€ĸ Maintaining Her Youtube Following â€ĸ Baking (Mainly Cupcakes)

☠ Wasps ☠ No Longer Being Relevant ☠ Her Brother Disliking Her

â€ĸ Actually Very Insecure â€ĸ Scared Of Commitment â€ĸ Hates Being So Well-known


Flirtatious | Loud | Charismatic | Boisterous | Cheeky

Niomi is certainly not the girl she was before all her fame. Prior to becoming a Youtube sensation, and consequently being signed, Niomi was far more like her twin brother - reserved, thoughtful and shy. But since being convinced by that very same brother to post a singing video of her on youtube, Niomi has increasingly come out of her shell to be the loud, proud, party girl she is today.

Despite her exterior, though, Niomi's outward crazy girl persona is slightly an act. In fact, the girl gets most anxious just before she is about to sing - in the moment it's amazing and Niomi loves it but beforehand it makes her feel sick to her stomach knowing that there's a huge crowd of people waiting for her to perform. Having been singing since she was 7 years old, Niomi always dreamt of making it big so this is a dream come true for her, but now she's wondering if it's perhaps maybe too much.

Doing what she wants is just part of who Niomi is, she doesn't like to be confined to set rules and has often found herself in trouble with teachers, despite keeping a better than average GPA. Disrupting classes, or even skipping them all together to go see her manager means that Niomi isn't top of any teacher's 'good' list, but being naturally as bright as she is means that there's no threat of her being kicked out either.

There's little doubt that if you're either a) hot or b) a good friend, Niomi will flirt with you. While the latter is in much more of a joking sense, the girl lives and breathes innuendos and her bedroom eyes could never be rivalled. Unlike her completely awkward brother, Niomi is good with, well, just about anyone and if she decides she likes you, there's little chance you'll be able to resist her charismatic advances.



Niomi Annabelle Watson and Harvey Julian Watson were both born on the 21st November - a windy, snow-capped morning - Niomi was born first (and she'll never let you forget that) while Harvey followed six minutes after. The pair are un-identical twins, but as children shared more in common than anyone. Growing up in London was exciting for the twins, the culture and diversity of the place meant the pair grew to become two very tolerable and accepting individuals.

It wasn't until Niomi started to show real promise with her singing capabilities that everything changed. With the encouragement of her parents (Harry & Rose Watson), Niomi began work with a vocal coach who helped her finesse her already strong talent and from there, referred her to some contacts he knew. At the tender age of seven, Niomi was already recording short jingles for commercials and even voiced her very own all-singing all-dancing character in a child's television show. Niomi become more and more excited by the prospect of a future in singing, and so Harry and Rose decided to contact a manager that they knew, however he lived all the way in America - which felt like another dimension to Niomi and Harvey. After flying out there, the manager quickly signed Niomi, seeing true promise in her future.

Still, she wasn't exactly a star. Her fame came almost overnight as, at thirteen years old, Niomi posted a video of her performing on YouTube. All thanks to her brother's persuasion. The video went viral and before she knew it, Niomi was switching labels to be signed to Universal - a company about 10x bigger than her current one - and the family decided to make California their home.


|{Face Claim}|
Charli XCX

|{Dialogue Color Code}|


So begins...

Niomi Watson's Story