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Katy McMilleran

Nurse #2 {WIP}

0 · 824 views · located in Charlotte, North Carolina

a character in “Welcome To Brantley”, as played by SaxyLady15





Katherine Lillian McMilleran.

"Call me Kat, and I'll ignore you."

"Who wants to know?"

"I'd hope so."

|Text Color|

|Face Claim|
Jennifer Love Hewitt.




Light-Medium Brown.

Dark Brown.

|Height and Weight|
5'0 & 130.

|In Depth|
Answer here.


Clumsy ♡ Intelligent ♡ Funny ♡ Pretty ♡ Kind ♡ Ambitious ♡ Flirt ♡ Beauty ♡ Caring ♡ Lovable

❤ At Least 5

✘ At Least 5


Answer Here.

So begins...

Katy McMilleran's Story

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Welcome to Brantley Hospital. Where the patients are treated, and the doctors are... well, employed, to say the least. Here, we take a closer look into the lives of the staff here at Brantley. After all..

The doctor must be well to heal the patient, after all.

It's the beginning of true winter, and that's when the hospital gets busier, with sniffling colds, to deliveries. Tensions are high, and relationships could be at risk.

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He was up before his alarm even sounded, crying out softly at the phantom pain of a bullet shooting through his back. Ray's knees pulled up to his chest, curling halfway into fetal position around his pillow. A few beads of sweat had formed on his brow during his sleep, and he wiped them away as the bedroom door opened up. Ray jolted, sitting up with the pillow in a choke hold of sorts. Makayla stood in the doorway, the hallway light creating a silhouette of her body.

"Dad...?" she said softly, holding the door open with one shoulder as she crossed her arms across her chest. "Are you alright?" Randall rubbed the back of his neck slowly, nodding at an equally turtle-like pace. His chest rose and fell with more vigor.

"I'm fine, Mac," he said, utilizing the nickname he had created for her years ago. It was, more or less, her first name now. Her full first name reminded him of Katy. He could see Makayla nod back at him, uncrossing her arms to take a piece of hair in her fingers where she toyed with it. "Go back to sleep...I'll wake you up in a bit, alright?" Again, she nodded and closed the door behind her as she retreated to her room. Ray gave a soft sigh and let himself fall on to his back, closing his eyes as he did so.

"Dad, I can't be late again!" she cried, clutching her school bag to her chest as Randall hectically pulled up to the front of the school, easily violating a few laws. Makayla turned to him, her face pulled into an expression that reminded him so vividly of her mother.

"Blame it on me then!" he shouted, smiling at her in hopes of evoking a sort of laugh. She maintained the same expression as she got out of the car, turning her back to him just as a light spasm of pain shot through the permanently damaged nerve. "Take the bus home, alright? Call me when you're home!" She shot him a thumbs-up as she walked quickly into the school.

Ray sighed and put the car into drive before hurtling down the road towards the hospital. He arrived with just a few minutes left until he would be considering late. At a light jog, despite the pain in his leg, he managed to clock in and make it to the break room in time. While the others in the room sat mostly around coffee, he made himself a cup of hot chocolate. When he was ready, he took a seat at one of the tables about the room, hoping someone would come up and strike up a conversation. He hated to wait around awkwardly like this.

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Character Portrait: Arthur Malone Character Portrait: Katy McMilleran Character Portrait: Rikie Louis Character Portrait: Katherine Benetton
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Art smiled back at Rikie, momentarily relieved that she had accepted his sarcasm. It would have been terribly awkward, to say the least, if she hadn't. He disliked this menial nurse work he was performing. For a man who had spent his entire life trying to achieve greatness in the medical world, drawing and transfusing blood was comparably boring. Then again, it was a nice change of pace. It certainly helped that she was an attractive woman, plus Arthur so rarely had the chance to talk with patients. Most of his were under some sort of anesthetic when he dealt with them.

He held her skin taut with one hand as he rubbed alcohol over the site where, just a few seconds later, he broke the skin with the needle. Arthur grabbed the box of Band Aids he had been provided with and chose one at random, for all of them sported some sort of outdated cartoon character. "Bugs Bunny" he remarked as he covered the wound. "I'm jealous." Again, he flashed her a smirk before securing the blood he had drawn for transportation.

He looked towards the bag of blood then and carried it over to hang it in the rack. It took him a bit to find a suitable vein, but he did find one. "We'll go get this checked out for you while you get your transfusion, alright?" he said after she'd been hooked up with an IV to the bag of blood. Though he had little trouble going through the majority of this procedure, he truly did feel it was beneath him to carry the blood all of the way to diagnostics. Therefore, he pulled his pager out and contacted the front desk: Can I get a nurse in Room 577 to transport some blood from Miss Rikie Louis to diagnostics for testing?