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"Im not sorry"

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a character in “Welcome To Brightwood”, as played by Anraee


Katusimi Yukira


"Life is a pain...'

Name|| Katsumi Yukira
"Just call me Yuki..."

Age|| 16
"Don't judge me by my height!"

Gender|| Female
"I don't look like a guy..right?"

Grade|| Sophomore
"Once again don't judge me by my height!"

Height|| 5'3
"Don't say a word about my height"

Sexuality|| Heterosexual
"I like guys...I wont tell you who."



Eye Color|| Hazel
"I like my eyes.."

Hair Color|| Blonde
"Im not dumb is that's what you assume about blondes..."

Skin Color|| Pale
"I don't go out much."

Scars|| 1
"Its a tiny scar I got when I was climbing a tree"

Tattoo|| 1
"My parents don't know about it... Its a butterfly on my right outer leg!"

Piercings|| 1
"My ears are pierced"


Katsumi is a very hot headed type of person. She is easily frustrated and when she is its noticeable. Her tiny frame doesn't mean that she cant do much when she's angry. When she is angry to scary and most people tend to stay away from her. Majority of the time if your around when she's angry, and you irritate her in the slightest she isn't afraid of taking her anger out on you. But this is just when she's angry. There are plenty of times where she is very sweet and kind hearted. Its just that she gets upset easily. When she isn't irritated or angry she's a fun person to be around and makes people laugh. Katsumi is also quite the klutz when she's not really focused on something. Some people find it adorable while she personally thinks its annoying when she's like that. Despite how childish she acts she's very smart and will do her homework all night if she has to. Last minute isn't something she would ever do. So you can say that Katsumi is a workaholic and sometimes its in the bad way instead of the good way. Then you could also say that she's absent minded a lot, but that's normally when she's in class. Its likes she listening but as soon as the teacher will call on her she gets nervous and cant answer even if she does really know the answer.



  • Nail Biting
  • Cuddling
  • Doodling
  • Tucking her hair behind her ear

  • Painting
  • Eating
  • Swimming
  • Volunteering

  • Sweets
  • Having Fun
  • Dancing in the Rain
  • Movies
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Dogs

  • Cats
  • Annoying People
  • Laziness
  • Dream Crushers
  • Players
  • Bugs
  • Darkness

  • Cooking/Baking
  • Acting
  • Painting
  • Running

  • Deaf in her Right ear
  • Overemotional
  • Shortness
  • Inability to stop what shes going to say.

More Stuff
Katsumi is student council president. Theres a reason why her history isn't here. If you want to know something more personally ask her. Its not something she normally talks about freely. She also has a tiny pet kitten she keeps hidden on school grounds, its something she only knows about and wouldn't tell anyone, to risk the stay at the school.

AP English II
Physics II
World History II
French I//French II
Mandarin Chinese II//Advanced Mandarin Chinese

Student Council
Pre-Med Training
Cooking Club

So begins...

Katsumi's Story


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Tokyo, Japan || Brightwood Academy; Main Hallway || 7:10 AM
The silence in the halls was interrupted by the loud clatter of books falling to the hardwood floor, childish snickers following suit. No one would have guessed that the sweet young Vice President of the Student Council would ever be picked on. Especially when everyone seemed to like her.

"Wow, look at that! The tiny bitch is more concerned about her books than her own pathetic beaten body!"

Akari yelped quietly as he hair was yanked, pulling her small frame off the floor a couple inches, and Akari flinched as the teens holding her hostage laughed. One of them leaned close to her ear and began the vulgar whispering of a colossal bully. These things had been going on since the first day of school at Brightwood, and they always happened during those times when no one was around, so no one was able to help her. Not that she cared. She didn't want anyone to know.

The girls soon got bored, and since Akari wasn't fighting back or protesting, they walked off down the hall to find more satisfactory prey. The tiny girl scrambled to pick up the books scattered around and put them back on the cart they'd previously been placed upon. As soon as she was finished she continued on her path to the Library.

After finishing her errands, Akari made her way to class. No one ever bothered her when there were other people around. So that meant she was off the hook till the end of the day. The teacher slipped into the room seconds after the bell rang, smiling brightly and starting off on her rant about equilaterals.

Why won't they just leave me alone...


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#, as written by Anraee
KatsumiKatsumi was running a bit late to school this morning. She has already skipped breakfast and nearly missed the train to school. The previous she had stayed up a bit too late doing paperwork for the student council. The school festival was suppose to be happening at one point and everyone had different themes and ideas she had to sort through. In all honesty majority of the ideas would end up in failure.

"Who would honestly want a space and octopus themed festival?" She thought to herself with a sigh.

Once she made it to school she say Akari making her way towardstge library. She honestly liked the girl. Most people ignored her for some reason and she didn't know why. Akari was a sweet hearted girl and didn't ever cause trouble among others. But it's their lose to not have such a good friend. Katsumi didn't personally know Akari too much besides the fact that she was the vice president and they worked together majority of the time when it came it the student council, due to Katsumi being president of the council.

Katsumi went down to the student council office putting away some of the sheets she had printed as templates and of course surveys she was required to do, to decide of the theme of the upcoming festival that would eventually take place at some point in time. But Katsumi couldn't exactly say she would be too happy if it did happen. After all it would mean more work on her part. She softly chewed on a pics of gum as she worked through everything. It was quiet and that wasn't something that happened everyday. Usually there would be someone making a complaint to her or suggesting ideas. By majority of the time it was loud students roaming the halls making loud noises . It quite frankly annoyed her when that happened, its too early for that type of noise anyway.

She was in the process of sorting through some of the files when she heard the bell signaling the start of school. Katsumi jumped up putting some of the files in the drawer and headed off to class. By the time. She made it to pre calculus the teacher had scolded her on being late. She was already used to it, thankfully her teacher never said anything to the board administration or she would lose her place as student council president. Katsumi sat in her seart and began to take notes and work on the assignment the teacher had given them all. She easily passed through it all and finish 10 minutes before the bell. The teacher gave her the homework and she worked on it coddling from time to time when she got bored. This class had to be the easiest time her eyes, if she managed to fail anything she would be kicked out the school and that wasnt an option.