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Isabella Bloodrose

0 · 614 views · located in Cromwell Psychiatric Hospital

a character in “Welcome to Cromwell”, as played by BubblyBrunette




"Who needs food when you have alcohol!"


Isabella Bloodrose.

Bella|| Bee|| Isabella|| Izzy|| Is.


|Birth Date|
October 31st.


|Sexual Orientation|

|Why I'm Here?|
Anorexia|| PTSD





Isabella has porcelain skin, bright Chocolate brown eyes and long, healthy, elaborately styled dark chocolate brown hair. She has a long face with friendly eyes, a small nose, defined cheek bones,and full pink lips.She has a small birthmark on her right shoulder blade. A very noticeable feature is her white, sparkly teeth. she is 5'3" and has a small muscular build. Isabella's wardrobe varies on her mood. She wears feminine and chic with a splash of indie and soft grunge. She has double pierced ears a nose stud a belly button piercing, and a tattoo of two roses on her shoulder

✦Hot showers - "The shower here doesn't even close to the one I have at home. The part I miss most is sitting on the shower floor and letting the hot droplets cascade down my back."
✧Wine - "It is something that calms my nerves."
✦Lightening/ Thunder -" I used to say I'm not a girl, I'm a storm with skin. I think its because I'm so unpredictable".
✧Dancing - "I miss being able to dance, It used to be my entire life without it. Well without it I don't feel complete".
✦Coffee - "I have at least one cup every morning, even if the doctor tell me not to."
✧Tequila-" Don't judge me its been a tough year."
writing|| cigarettes||breaking the rules/adventures|| green tea

✦FOOD - " It is my worst enemy."
✧Anxiety - "I get anxiety attacks at least once a day, they have gotten better though. Or so I thought."
✦ Physical therapy- "I am their worst patient."
✧Swimming- " I have never been much of a swimmer I look like a drowning rat."
✦The Dark - "I know I'm eighteen and still afraid of the dark."
rap music|| spiders|| sandals|| peaches||summer|| math

Isabella comes off as either very outgoing and bubbly or very elusive and at times, mistakenly snappy, both are mere facades that she'll run herself into the ground trying to keep up.In reality, she is extremely emotional and unpredictable, also a bit tightly-wound. she has a lot of games she'll play, those of acting like the happiest person in the world and those or she'll simply retreat into a shell of quiet fear. in truth all she just wants is confidence, security, and safety, but when you get too caught up in thinking nobody will listen or that you're bound to need bandages if you do, then you're just six feet under and stuck with your melancholy soaked lips sealed.
Positive~witty||bubbly|| fierce|| seductive||outgoing|| cunning
Negative~perfectionist|| distrusting|| impulsive||insecure||unstable|| emotional

Isabella had a tough childhood, with an abusive mother and a psychotic brother. Her parents, Lucas and Elizabeth had her brother Stephan at a young age. Since her parents were so young when they had him they didn't have the money or support to raise him appropriately. Isabella on the other had was very fortunate by the time she was born. Her parents adored her more then ever because not only did they have support and financial assistance, they also always wanted a little girl.
Stephan always tormented his little sister because of the huge age difference. Having a brother who is 12 years older then you is very challenging. Stephan tormented Isabella since the age of 6. When their parents would go on their "date night" which was every friday evening Stephan would have to watch Bee. Instead of watching his little sister he would put the dogs bed in the grocery closet and put her in there. Isabella would be left in the cold dark room for hours until her parents came home. Isabella's parents never knew what her older brother would do to her.
Isabella's love for dancing and music occurred at the young age of three. Her mother was a beautiful ballet dance and she wanted Bella to follow in her footsteps.
One snowy day in december Isabella was in the car with her father on their way to dance class. Isabella had a cold and her mother told her not to come to class today. Isabella insisted and convinced her dad to drive her. At the time Isabella was thirteen. While on their way to the studio it started to snow hard. Isabella always found comfort in the snow. As she was looking out the window she started singing along to the radio her father looked over at her and turned the music up trying to cheer her up. As they started to sing louder her father looked over to her again, right at the moment a truck came barreling down the road. The driver was drunk and struck the car on her fathers side. He died on impact. Isabella had a couple of scratches and bruises but she was okay. since the accident her mother and brother blamed her what occurred and the death of her father. Isabella's mother now has chronic depression she would verbally abuse Isabella every time she drank to much which was every day. Right before she moved, she went to a party with her boyfriend, only to discover that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, which of course resulted in the end of the relationship and a shattered heart. although once she confronted him, it ended in one of her worst fears coming true, he took advantage of her in a drunken rage, he left her stranded in a bedroom alone. however, once she moved, Isabella was sent spiraling down and completely rebelling against her mother. Her weight plummeted and she became obsessed with not eating, calorie counting, amongst other things in an attempt to regain control of her life. Her grandmother took notice and forced her to get help.



|Face Claim|
Lily Collins.

|Dialogue Color Code|

Bubbly Brunette.

So begins...

Isabella Bloodrose's Story