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Alexandria Belmonte

"I'm not dead, but I'm not alive either."

0 · 1,023 views · located in Crown City

a character in “Welcome To Crown City”, as played by desire99600



What Lies Beneath || Breaking Benjamin
"All in all
You're no good
You don't cry
Like you should
Let it go
If you could
When love dies in the end

So I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here"


Image Image Image Image Image

House On A Hill || The Pretty Reckless
"Somewhere in the end of all this hate
There's a light ahead
That shines into this grave that's in the end of all this pain

In the night ahead there's a light upon this
House on a hill
The living, living still
Their intention is to kill and they will, they will
But the children are doing fine
I think about them all the time
Until they drink the wine and they will, they will, they will

Somewhere in the end we're all insane
To think that light ahead can save us from this
Grave that's in the end of all this pain"


☽| Name |☾
"It's a pretty shitty name, but I guess it could be way worse."
Alexandria [Al-ex-an-dree-uh] Rose Belmonte

☽| Nickname(s ) |☾
"I don't really care."
Alex [Most preferred], Alexi [uh-lex-ee] [likes], Lex [likes], Lexi [neutral], Andy [neutral], Dria [doesn't like], Allie [hates], Al [hates]

☽| Age |☾
"I'm old enough, that's all that matters."
Alex is forever stuck at the age of 21, though she was born in 1942

☽| Birthday |☾
"I don't even remember really, I think it's sometime in June."
June 5th

☽| Gender |☾

☽| Sexual Orientation |☾
"I love sex, but hate love."

☽| Ethnicity & Nationality |☾
"Can a ghost even have a nationality?"
Alex was born and raised in America. She's never really known where her family's roots came from an never really cared to ask. Besides, it doesn't matter anymore. She's a ghost and stuck in Crown City.

☽| Species |☾
"I was human once."

☽| Abilities |☾
"I don't just haunt people. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve."
Alex has several interesting abilities that come along with being a ghost. The smallest, most insignificant ability, is probably her effect on temperature. When she's in a room, many experience a chill, as the temperature of the room will drop a few degrees. She also has a "ghostly" form, meaning she is not tangible. She is fully visible, but should you try to make contact with her, you would just drift right through, like a hologram (not without getting frostbite however, as the closer you approach her ghostly form, the colder the air gets). She can also make herself invisible to the eye as well as take on a "shadow" form, where her figure is visible, but she appears to just be a shade.

Most ghosts don't have a physical form as well, but Alex does. She paid a huge price to a Mystic in Crown City in order to have one. She cannot remain tangible for extended periods of time, as she risks becoming a "zombie" like creature (basically a corpse with no soul), but she likes this form a lot because it makes her feel human again. While in this form, she can experience human things that she can't as a ghost, such as sex, food, sleep, warmth, and, of course, physical contact.

Also, with these abilities, Alex has several fun mind abilities she likes to utilize. She can read most minds and communicate telepathically (though this gift is limited). She cannot read the minds of or communicate with certain supernaturals or with human beings who do not believe in ghosts. She can also teleport from place to place, which can prove to be particularly useful. In her ghostly or shadow forms, if she makes "contact" with you and looks into your eyes, she can occasionally cause hallucinations or illusions. Finally, she has a limited ability of telekinesis, making her able to have an effect on the world around her even when not in her physical form, though this typically takes a lot of concentration. She can only move or use telekinetic force on small objects, though, occasionally, if her emotions are provoked, Alex will have an outburst, allowing her to effect huge objects or use a lot of force.

Ghost || Sky Ferreira
"What did I do to make you so cruel
I've got this ache inside my heart
I know that it's you
What should I do now that
I know that we're doomed
I loved you most
And now you're a ghost
I walk right through"



☽| Eye color |☾
"They're interesting I guess, not your average brown, blue, or green."
Alex has quite unique eyes. They're rather hard to describe, as they appear different in all different lighting. Typically, you could say her eyes are a light hazel color. This can mean that, depending on the lighting and how close you're looking, her eyes can appear to be anything from grey, to green, to even a pretty unusual honey gold color.

☽| Height |☾
"I'm not the tallest."

☽| Build |☾
"I may be small, but underestimating me would be a huge mistake."
Alex has quite a small stature. She's thin and bony, though not sickly or gangly, more in a delicate sort of way. She's also not extremely curvy. She does have all the basic curves of a woman, keeping her from appearing boyish, but her hips are not especially wide and her chest is not remarkably large. Because of she's not very heavily built, she appears to be quite fragile even though this is not true in the least. She may not have much physical power due to her size and weight, but she's got outstanding mental durability.

☽| Scars |☾
"Way too many."
Alex, as a ghost, can no longer scar, not even in her physical form. However, she does still have scars from when she was living.
>> Left side of chest <<
Just under her left collarbone, close to her shoulder, Alex has a scar that stretches a few inches. This scar was given to her by a kitchen knife stabbed into her shoulder by her mother during one of her "episodes". It just missed her heart. The doctors said, had it been even a centimeter in another direction, it would have killed her.
>> Above left eyebrow <<
Above her left eyebrow is a small scar she typically tries to hide with her bangs. It's from the bullet that killed her so many years ago. It used to be rather large and gruesome looking, but since her death, it has gotten much smaller and is no longer gory or unsightly to look at. Still, she does not like to show it, as people tend to ask about it far too much.
>> Knees and shins <<
As a child, she was quite adventurous. She was constantly climbing trees and venturing through the woods near her house. This meant she took quite a few hard falls during her childhood, earning herself many bruises and scrapes. Most healed normally, but there were a few particularly rough incidents where she'd slice herself on a rock or fall from a tree that left permanent scars. These scars are on her shins and knees but are very thin and white, seeing as they're so ancient. They almost blend with her skin, though they are still barely noticeable.

☽| Piercings |☾
"I have my ears pierced."
Alex has both earlobes pierced three times as well as a cartilage piercing in her left ear.

☽| Tattoos |☾
"I've only got two."
>> Inside of left arm <<
On the inner part of her lower left arm, Alex has a intricate cross tattooed.
>> Right foot <<
On top of her right foot, Lex has a paintbrush that she got while she was younger, during the days when she dreamed of being an artist before her death took that away from her.

☽| Manner |☾
"I'm kind of a lone wolf."
On the outside, Alexandria appears very laid-back. Almost everything she does is casual and comfortable. Even when sitting in a room she's never been in, you'd think she'd lived her whole life there. Though she's capable of moving with speed and accuracy, this is not something you'd expect from her because she has a very low-energy essence about her. Not much emotion ever flickers over Alex's face and, when it does, it's usually brief flashes that you have to have a quick eye to catch. When she's angry, all her muscles tense the slightest bit and her mouth tightens, though this is often as extreme as it gets. She's been through quite a lot and you can almost see this thoughtful awareness in her eyes. At the same time, while she appears laid back, there is, in no way, a friendly energy coming from her. She takes life very seriously and you can tell this by just being around her. Without even saying so much as a word, Allie gives off an almost unapproachable energy for she's not very fond of socializing or trivial, meaningless conversation. That being said, should you somehow evoke happiness and true laughter from her that is not sarcastic, it becomes clear. Her muscles relax and she laughs with her whole body, throwing her head back, shoulders bobbing, though this is quite a rare sight. Most laughter coming from her is the cruel, cold kind.


Semi-Automatic || Twenty One Pilots
"I'm never what I like,
I'm double sided, and I just can't hide,
I kind of like it when I make you cry,
'Cause I'm twisted up, I'm twisted up inside."



☽| Skills & Strengths |☾
"Strength is about overcoming weaknesses."
▲ Manipulation ➛ A combination of her outstanding ability to read people and her habit of people watching has made Alex two very important things: sly and manipulative. Most people don't realize it about her when they first meet her, but she's actually very cunning. She could, as the saying goes, sell ice to an Eskimo with her dangerous silver tongue. It's a skill she's quite proud of for it's helped her get out of a lot of tough situations as well as play games with people, which she finds much too amusing. Plus, on the flip side, the fact that she's good at manipulating others helps her realize when people try to do the same to her. By no means whatsoever is she gullible. Very little can get past her.
▲ Resilient ➛ Alex has been through a lot in her life. This means that, emotionally and mentally, she's quite durable. Her hardships have given her a strength to carry when the chips are down. It may have made her fairly bitter, cynical, and closed off, but, above all, her difficulties have made her strong and quite independent.
▲ Collected ➛ Lex is quite calm and collected. She has the incredible ability to keep herself together even in the most terrifying or difficult situations. It isn't until later, when she's alone, that she allows herself to break down or feel fear. In the heat of the moment, she's quite level-headed and clear, refusing to let things like panic or pain cloud her judgement.
▲ Artistic ➛ Alex is a very skilled artist. It used to make her unbelievably happy, but she hasn't so much as picked up a brush, pen, or pencil in a very long time. It was a dream of hers once, to be an artist, but she never managed to achieve it as her death brought her dream of being a famous artist to an abrupt end.
▲ Singing ➛ Lexi is quite a talented singer though she doesn't do it much anymore.

☽| Flaws & Weaknesses |☾
"People tend not to like me."
▼ She's not always tangible ➛ One of her weaknesses is that Alex is not always tangible. As a ghost, her physical form is very limited, and, as such, she can't do or experience all the things the living get to all the time. This means maintaining any sort of relationship could be rather difficult.
▼ Socializing ➛ Though Lex is a skilled manipulator, she's not very good at connecting with others on a deeper level. Sure, she can read people easily and knows just what to say or do to get what she wants out of them, but as far as friends and relationships go, she's a total wreck. Very few people can tolerate her because she's very blunt and realistic, causing her come off as rude and pessimistic. It takes a certain type of person to realize that her words aren't personal, they're just who she is, but that type of person is rare. As such, she has few friends, making her quite lonely most of the time.
▼ Emotion ➛ Alex hates to feel too intensely. The way she sees it, she's had enough pain and misery in her life. As such, she bottles up and locks away all her more powerful emotions and, as anyone could tell you, this is not exactly healthy.
▼ Teamwork ➛ Alex is a rather solitary, independent person and, as such, teamwork is not really her forte. Especially seeing as very few people tend to get along with her.

☽| Likes |☾
"I like people who can think for themselves."
♥ Playing tricks/haunting people
♥ Her cat, Sphinx
♥ Hard liquor
♥ The night sky, she loves the stars
♥ Black coffee
♥ Sex
♥ Art
♥ Her physical form
♥ Music
♥ Parties, she loves being around the living
♥ Physical contact
♥ Dancing
♥ Singing
♥ Teleporting

☽| dislikes |☾
"I wish I was alive."
✘ Naive people
✘ Being a ghost
✘ Emotion
✘ Optimists
✘ Being told what to do
✘ Being told no, it just makes her want to do it
✘ Thunderstorms
✘ Her scars
✘ Dogs
✘ Tea
✘ Being organized
✘ The color yellow
✘ Being bored

☽| Fears |☾
"Fear is a four letter word, you can't let it rule you."
☠ Passing on ➛ Alexandria clings desperately to the living. She doesn't want to pass on because she's terrified of what's in store for her in the afterlife. It's been a long time, but she's still in denial of the fact that she is, in fact, dead. She doesn't want to give up her life on earth just yet. She's not ready and she's not sure if she ever will be.
☠ Losing her soul ➛ When Alex got her physical form from the Mystic, she was warned that, should she use the gift too much, or for too long, she will become stuck in a perpetual state of emptiness. Her soul will cease to exist and she will become "zombie like", never even having the opportunity to pass on or find peace. This terrifies her even more then the idea of letting go and passing on.
☠ Being alone forever ➛ Though Alexandria has a hard time being kind to people and acts as though she has no interest in a romantic relationship, she's actually quite afraid that she'll be alone for the rest of her existence. That, maybe she's too broken, bitter, and intolerable for anyone to love her. Additionally, she's afraid that no one could ever love her because of the fact that she is a ghost.
☠ Opening up to people ➛ Alex doesn't like to open up to people for fear that it would cause her to feel close to them. If she were to open up to people and make emotional connections with others, she wouldn't be able to bear losing them.

☽| Personality |☾
"I'm not the easiest person to like."
"People call me a pessimist, but I like to think of myself as more of a realist."
Upon first meeting her, many people do not really like Alexandria. She's the kind of personality that grows on you and takes a while to get used to. She tends to keep herself fairly closed off from others for many different reasons, mainly because, in her experience, letting yourself become attached only leads to getting hurt. Because of these two things, she's often isolated and alone, making it fairly hard to get to know her at all.

Alex has a very blunt way of speaking that tends to turn people away from her because sometimes, her words can come out cruel and she simply doesn't care. She speaks the truth, whether it hurts or not. This is also commonly mixed with a general bitterness and sarcastic bite to her words. Sometimes she may come across as rather cynical, but her life has made her that way. The way she sees it, no matter how "good" a person is, human nature is not. She goes into nothing with naivety or blind, unsupported optimism.

Rather, Alex likes to focus on the reality of the situation. If the situation is dire, she won't tell you things will to be okay, she will look you in the eye and tell you the truth of it. False hope is not something she cares to support. This leads people to believe she's pessimistic though she's really not. Sure, refuses to sugar coat things, but she's not always looking for the downsides of life. She can appreciate a happy moment, it's just a little more difficult for her because truly happy moments are few and far between.

When spoken to, Alexandria speaks with an unshakable confidence, refusing to let others see her waver even a little. Typically however, she doesn't do much speaking unless spoken to. She's not shy, she just prefers to remain unattached to others and she finds, the more you talk and get to know people, the more they become apart of your life. She doesn't like letting people into her life to get close to her.

She's lonely and sometimes, it's almost unbearable, but the way she sees it, loneliness is far better then the pain of caring for someone only to have them not reciprocate the feelings, or worse, lose them. Besides, she prefers to watch people as opposed to interact with them. She's a good people-reader. She can tell what you're thinking just by the slight twitch of your eyebrow and nothing amuses her more then learning the what makes people tick. She then turns what she can gather from someone into a weapon of sorts, using it to get what she wants out of them or just simply cause a little trouble. She's very sly and tricky and she likes it this way because it gives her an edge that many don't have.

Because she is not alive and is practically an immortal being, Alex has learned to remain unattached to people and things. Her only true attachment is to her cat Sphinx. She doesn't let herself feel attachment, seeing it as a weakness to need other people. Instead, she locks her feelings away, pushing them back in order to remain aloof, very rarely speaking of things that pain her. If you do manage to get her to talk about some of her more painful moments, she speaks about them nonchalantly, shrugging them off even when it kills her inside. She's locked up tight like a vault.

Mostly, she's lonely, always looking for affection but too afraid of it to let it happen. She's always choosing the worst guys, but at the same time, "nice" people just bore and annoy her. She cannot stand being around the ridiculously happy, nice, or optimistic. She likes people who are strong willed with minds of their own that aren't intimidated by her. Arrogant people can often irritate her, but, at the same time, these are the people she works best with. They push her and challenge her which is what Kitty responds to best. She improves most when she's challenged.

Alex is also very crafty. She likes to be constantly entertained. When bored, she'll often head to a club where there are tons of dancing bodies and lots of euphoria because she loves being around the living, as it's something she misses very much. Other then partying or haunting clubs, Lex also really loves to haunt people individually. She is a ghost after all. She loves playing tricks on people and scaring them out of their minds. This can seem rather cruel, but when you're a ghost who doesn't sleep, has few friends, and nothing but time to kill, you get dreadfully bored. She can't help herself.

Dear Sister || The Pretty Reckless
"Dear sister, can you help me lie?
I've told the truth so many years
No one seems to want to hear that
I'm not someone else inside

I've been along this lonely road
Looks like I'm not coming home
But I don't mind
Please don't cry"


☽| Family |☾
"I miss my baby sister."
Nikki Belmonte || Mother || Deceased
Henry Belmonte || Father || Deceased
Lillian Belmonte || Little half-sister || Deceased

☽| Biography |☾
"It's not a happy story."
Alex was dealt pretty shitty cards from the beginning. Her father, Henry Belmonte, died a long time ago in a war only two years after she was born so she has no memory of him at all, just an old black and white photograph of him in his uniform. Her mother, on the other hand, was behind almost every decision she ever made in her life.

Nikki Belmonte was a troubled woman. She struggled with schizophrenia as well as severe depression, only the depression came later. Before her father was sent to war, the schizophrenia was a struggle, but somehow, Henry knew just how to take care of his wife. She was happy and it was hard, but barely manageable. At least manageable enough for her to pass as "normal".

After Henry was sent to war and killed, things changed drastically. Her mother's schizophrenic episodes became worse and more frequent, and she developed a deep, life consuming depression that caused her to drink profusely. She became very hard to handle so it was extremely difficult for Alex growing up, watching her mother sob into old war letters one moment, attack her like she was a threat the next, and dance around the kitchen singing and cooking the next.

When she was nine, her mother became pregnant with another little girl. Nine months later, Lilliana was born and now Alex not only had to take care of her sick mother, but help her sick mother raise a child. It was a lot of responsibility to handle, causing her to grow up very fast. She may not have lived long, but she was sister, mother, and daughter all in that short time.

As time went on, her mother's schizophrenic episodes became downright dangerous. There was a time she walked in on her attempting to down Liliana in the tub and a time her mother stabbed her with a knife. It became almost impossible to live with her. Alex was twenty one and only still living with her mother for Lillian's sake. Shortly after the bathtub incident, she decided to do what she should have a long time ago. She made plans to have her mother institutionalized and for her to take Lilian away from their hometown altogether.

Only her mother caught onto this and it caused an episode. The night before she was going to leave, her mother put and end to her plans with a bullet in her head.

The bullet killed her instantly, and as her soul left her body, she caught a glimpse of her twelve year old sister coming around the corner to the gruesome sight of what her mother had done. The next few months, she floated in a haze, caught in limbo, constantly trying to come in contact with her baby sister, desperately needing to know what happened to her.

When her soul finally settled, however, it wasn't near her sister. It was in a town she'd never even heard of. A town she couldn't leave. The only thing good about this town was that it was home to many supernaturals and, as such, she was able to make a deal with a witch. Her soul would last forever and she would even have a physical form. Since her arrival, she's been haunting Crown City restlessly.


| face claim |: Sky Ferreira
| hexcode |: #632B58

So begins...

Alexandria Belmonte's Story


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Welcome To Crown City


In The Chambers Of The City Council....

Light from the bay window cast shadows about the room, illuminating on the cobwebs and dust particles that swam freely through the air. It was clear that the room had not been used in some time. A central placed dining table covered in a fine layer of dust took up most of the room. Surface laden with a full set of finely cracked china and fake silver utensils. Opposite the table, against the mahogany wood panel wall rested a bookcase spanning the length of the room. Filled to the brim with book after book, each sporting its own signs of wear and tear. Among the most damaged a red leather journal, its spine painted with fine gold filigree. It was this book that Mayor Bourne promptly plucked from the shelf.

The man in question walked a wide arc around the table to the adjoining room, hidden in a place where the light didn't quite touch. He marched in solemn silence to the singular table in that room. A circular monstrosity that takes up nearly all of the available space. He sat at the head, King Arthur and his Court. He lays the journal heavy upon the table, setting his grim gaze to the occupants of the room. Men and Women alike, wearing masks to obscure every aspect of their identity. Not many of them actually needed to obscurity, but most opted for it as a tradition. For years now the masks, simple clay creations stretched tight over skin before molding just right to its wearer, have been an integral part of these meetings.

"So tell me," Bourne booms, his own masks lips pulling into a taut snarl. Emotion reflected over the surface, "Why it is nobody has stopped these broadcasts!?" His anger swept the room into stony silence. After a beat of timid silence an answer comes, from whispering lips. "We tried sir, its just -" "Its just nothing, we have the best goddamn tech in this forsaken city!" Bourne interrupts, seemingly more interested in causing a scene than discussing anything civilly. The members of the council would be lying had they said their meetings usually went better than this. Bourne was a force to be reckoned with, and this latest slip up was clearly stressing him out.

Bourne's hands slam against the table as he stands once more, crossing quickly to the far wall, where three large monitors hang haphazardly. Yet to be fully installed, or perhaps purposefully hung askew. He flicks on all three, gritting his teeth at the words emblazoned across every single damn one. The strangers are here.

"I want all agents working on this, who ever this message is intended for - no, whoever sent this message is going to be shackled. Do you hear me?!" Barking orders left and right, the Mayor calls the Council to a quick close. With his final words to find out what everything they could. With the extra bodies gone from the room he turns once more, and stares at the monitors listlessly. Turning to his journal from before, he flips through page after page until reaching the final. A page directly in the middle of the book, as if the author had never got the chance to finish.

He scans the page in grim silence, until finally, mercilessly his eyes settle on those damning words.

"The Strangers Are Here."

Welcome To The Den

At the farthest point from the Council Building, in the slums of the City, there lies a place that has been home and haven for many of its wronged citizens. A looming tower, six floors made up of apartments, shops, and most notably a bar. Known as The Den, a place where anyone can go to have sanctuary or safe haven. Guarded by a plethora of wards. Its sprawling visage has been a sign of hope for many of the citizens for years now; Even more so at the founding of the Wicked Six - the Slums resident superheros (or police force if you will.)

Monday nights were rarely packed at the Den, its usual patrons either too tired from the beginning of the week or still hungover from the sunday night parties. Still, workers filed in like flies, buzzing around here and there to serve what little customers they did have. Others filtered down into the basement where their more secretive members liked to stay. All except for Tom, who stood tall and proud against the backdrop of a stage. Microphone in hand, his words garbled and slurred but just barely understandable. It was not unusual for him to be drunk so early, but nonetheless he was.

Many of the patrons in fact were...strangely drunk already. Yet the night had just barely started. It didn't make sense really, not until the workers began to slow down. Foggy brained, feeling sluggish, slumping down into the nearby booths and tables. Some falling to the floor where their heads would clack against the concrete, hard.

Slowly, slowly, and then all at once every single person within the bar collapsed. All except for one little girl, Sonny, neither a patron nor a worker. But a Poltergeist whom had taken up residence there for several millennia. No less than a few seconds later the power shuts down. Curious. Sonny steps through the bars threshold, out into the street. Darkness slowly enveloping the city, building by building. Sonny frowns, watching the pedestrians around her slow to a stop and pass out in much the same way as the bar patrons. Confusion turns to Panic when she notes that even the drivers, though few, have begun to lose control of their cars. Hitting each other, buildings, anything in their way. Sonny turns away, feeling sick at the sound of one car crunching over a fallen pedestrian.

She returns to the bar.


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stranger :: #F08080 :: outfit

Black and white. A colorless vision replayed in Aya's mind, over and over. It was of her, standing still, eyes glued to the digital screen in her hands. Her phone's screen showed no image, just a blank whiteness. There was nothing beneath her feet. No sound to be heard. She couldn't even hear the sound of her own breathing. Complete silence. She would look up, and see standing before her an enormous figure. It was shrouded in darkness, its shape indeterminable. Her eyes would widen at the sight, and she would feel her legs turn to jello. A scream caught in her throat, and with a couple heaving breaths, she tried with all of her might to yell. She could have felt her vocal chords shredding apart, yet she was only met with silence. Darkness would overcome her, then she would reawaken by the brightness of her screen. Over, and over. Until her eyes opened for real.

She woke up slowly. Her body sat unmoving, and though her eyes were open, the lids were heavy, and her mind was still elsewhere. Her gaze followed a couple figures passing by, until a sudden realization jolted her mind awake. Where... was she? She sat more upright, but immediately regretted it afterward, discovering a knot in her neck. She must have been sitting in her position for awhile to have her back and neck ache in that way. Her head throbbed, and she put a hand to her forehead to alleviate the pain. Confusion plastered her features, her eyes darting from side to side. She was sitting on a bench on a sidewalk, and the sky signaled that the night was young. A shudder ran through her body, and she grabbed her arms, suddenly feeling chilly.

Aya stood from her spot, jerking out her arms from momentarily losing her balance. She took in the sights before her. She must have somehow made way into the less fortunate part of town, seeing how poorly kept the streets seemed. The streetlights were dim and crooked, almost eery. The young woman continued to observe her surroundings, wondering what on earth was going on. It couldn't have been a self-made illusion. A dream? A hard pinch on the upper arms told her no. Maybe she daydreamed particularly hard before she passed out on the bench and somehow ended here. What bothered her most was that she couldn't quite remember if that was true or not. The last thing she could recall was washing dishes somewhere that was definitely not here.

Figuring that it standing around and doing nothing won't change the situation, she eyed the bar across the street. There seemed to be a lot of people, and there were a couple others who were approaching the building. Although they didn't seem very open to chatter, she sighed in relief, hoping to get some answers from anyone. She began to cross the street, seeing that no cars were around, and lifted her arm to wave. But before she could even open her mouth to speak, a strange sensation of drowsiness overcame her. Her steps slowed, and she barely made it to the other side before her body limped and dropped to the ground.


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Skylar had her head down, buried in her arms, dead asleep. She woke with a soft groan, rolling her head across her arms. She sat up slowly, her muscles sore as she blinked the sleep from her eyes and glanced around, trying to figure out where the hell she was. She didn't recognize anything around her. She appeared to be in a bar, but it wasn't one she recognized, and she knew a lot of bars. She sighed, her head pounding badly as she tried to make sense of what was going on. Despite waking up in completely unfamiliar surroundings, Skye was calm as she flagged down the bartender and glanced around her.

A lot of people might panic or worry, but not Skylar. She was used to waking up in strange locations with huge gaps in her memory. There had been times where she'd woken up and not been able to recall the last several weeks. As the bartender brought her a drink, she did her best to figure out where the hell she was and how she'd gotten there. She tried to think back as far as she could, but she kept drawing a blank, unable to remember anything. It was honestly a little scary, because usually, her black outs were accompanied by flashes of memory at the very least, but she honestly couldn't seem to remember anything.

She'd been sober for a while, that much she could remember. She'd been doing a great job for months. Her little sister had been so proud of her. She'd been sober for longer then she had in a long time, so what the hell had happened? She must have flown right off the handle and lost it completely. God, her sister was going to be pissed when she finally dragged herself back in the door and had to explain to her that she'd fallen off the wagon again.

She couldn't help herself. All it took was one drink, and she fell into a black hole of drugs and drinking that she couldn't seem to pull herself out of on her own. It was ruining her and she knew it, but for some reason, she couldn't help but let it just because it felt good. She was way too good at destroying everything around her and all it ever took to tear her world to pieces was one little drink.

The bartender placed her drink in front of her. A shot of tequila. Skye sighed as she ran her fingertip around the rim of the shot glass and stared at it for a minute, trying her hardest to resist the temptation, knowing if she picked up the glass, there was no going back. She'd be drunk within the hour. It was like the devil himself was staring up at her from the bottom of that shot glass and she was doing everything in her power to pull away and break the spell.

After sitting there for what felt like forever, trying to resist, Skylar finally let out a deep sigh and picked up the glass. She brought it to her lips, feeling a wave of guilt overtake her as she did so, but knowing, the second that liquid fire hit her tongue, it would be washed away, replaced with euphoria. Her head ache would cease to exist and her misery and shame at waking up disorientated in yet another bar would dissipate instantly.

Something strange happened though. A powerful wave of exhaustion washed over her, sucking the energy right out of her body. She lowered the hand holding the shot to rub the grogginess from her eyes, but she couldn't seem to make her other hand move no matter how hard she tried. Eventually, Skye gave up. Whatever was happening to her was too powerful to fight. She closed her eyes and lowered her head to rest on her arms again, blinking slowly, using up the last of her energy pushing back the blackness until finally, she closed her eyes and didn't open them again. The last thing she remembered seeing before passing out cold was the bartender, dropping to the floor.


Alex was busy doing "ghost things". Being a ghost with no job and only one friend who was busy doing other things, she had a lot of free time on her hands. It got awfully boring sometimes. Sure, she was lucky enough to have a physical form, but she couldn't use it too much. So she had to improvise in order to entertain herself. She'd spent about an hour in her physical form that morning getting drunk as hell before changing back to her "ghostly" self and spending the rest of the day doing what she liked to call drunk haunting.

Haunting was fun sometimes, but drunk haunting was always entertaining. Sure, some might see it as cruel to torment innocent humans all day, but she was far past caring. When you can live forever and yet, are barely able to change the TV channel without extreme effort, you get pretty damn bored. Besides, she wasn't really hurting anyone. She just liked to play harmless tricks on people to scare them a little. Sometimes she didn't even do that, sometimes she just liked to follow people around and watch them live their lives. The living were so interesting to her. She was dead and had been for a long time, but if she was being honest, she hadn't come to terms with it yet.

She couldn't make herself pass on if she tried. She just didn't feel like she was ready to give up her time on earth yet. So she just spent her days haunting humans, or following them around, or maybe using her physical form to interact with them. Anything she could do to maintain a connection with the living, she did. She just wanted to be alive again and maybe get the hell out of Crown City for good, but even though she was in denial, she knew that would never happen. She was stuck as she was for the rest of her life, a lonely ghost. How could you blame her for wanting to get fucked up and laugh at the fear of the living?

Alex was starting to bore, however. She was beginning to sober up and she was starting to feel a little bad about scaring some innocent lady out of her mind almost all day. She hadn't hurt her, but still. The woman wasn't going to sleep without nightmares of ghosts for a while. Alex sighed and placed her hand on the woman's arm. This instantly caused her to start screaming, as she couldn't see Alex, but could feel her icy cold touch. In fact, her touch was so cold, that her teeth started to chatter.

She was about to calm the woman down and manipulate her memories a little to make her forget most of the scary events of the day. After all, Alex liked to play fucked up jokes sometimes, but she wasn't ruthless. She had a little bit of mercy in her. However, before she had the chance to dip into her mind and change alleviate her fear, something strange happened. As Alex reached for the woman's subconscious, she felt it slipping away from her. Almost like she was dying, but not quite.

As she watched, the woman simply fell asleep while she grasped her. She took a step back and looked her over in confusion. What the hell?, was all she could think. No one had ever fallen asleep while she was touching them before. That was definitely unexpected. Alex just sighed and rolled her eyes. She'd seen a lot in her many years as a ghost, but even she was still surprised sometimes. She shook it off and made her way through the house into the kitchen. She did the woman a quick favor by using a lot of concentration to flip her oven off for her before closing her eyes and doing what she loved most about being a ghost: teleporting.

When she opened her eyes, she was out in the street, walking back towards the little apartment she shared with Haven. The two of them certainly made interesting room mates, a ghost and a robot, but Haven seemed to be one of the few people Alex found tolerable. More importantly, Haven was on of the few beings that could find Alex tolerable as well so they actually made rather good friends. While Alex wasn't one to get attached emotionally, she couldn't help but love Haven a little. She was so lonely most of the time, it was good to have company.

As she walked down the center of the street, cars drove right through her, having no effect on her. Standing in the street letting cars pass through her was yet another thing she liked to do as a ghost. Every time something or someone drifted through her, it sent a strange sensation though her that she kind of liked. As she walked and yet another zoomed through her, she watched, perplexed, as it veered suddenly off the road and went right into the side of a house, making her raise a brow. She teleported over to the wreckage to find the driver passed out cold at the wheel. Damn. Something freaky was definitely going on in Crown City. Being curious, naturally, she wanted to know just what the fuck was up.