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Aya Fujino

"... What? Oh, sorry, I was daydreaming."

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a character in “Welcome To Crown City”, as played by OtakuD1213


[ 藤野 綾 ]


"There's so much more to life than I can imagine. I don't want it any other way."


{Birth Name & Alias}
Aya Fujino

Yaya, Yachi




Human with ESP


[ かがみ ]


{ "So much space to get lost for a moment. just a lil' bit, just a lil' bit." }
- Chiara Noriko

5' 1"

105 lbs.

{ Appearance }
Aya stands at a whopping five feet and one inch (technically five feet and three quarters of an inch, but that's not important) and one hundred and five pounds (though that depends on her self-discipline). Her build isn't anything impressive. She's a healthy constitution, and her charming smile supposedly makes up for her lack of "womanly curves." There's a slight tan on her feet from her sandals, but otherwise her skin tone is very fair. Her dark brown hair usually falls in loose waves down her back and is constantly plagued with flyaway hairs, lest she bothers to actually brush it. Her fringe had grown out past her chin, and they're often pinned away from her face. Her eyes are black, and they're what people like to call "baby doll eyes," mainly for the natural poofiness underneath them that is similar to that under an actual baby's eyes. Her face, in general, is rather soft and sweet like a baby, which is something she is a little proud of. Some of the items in Aya's wardrobe are pretty, girly, and cute. Most are secondhand clothes from her parents. As long as she feels comfortable and cute, it's an okay in her book. It would be easier to talk about what she doesn't like to wear. Suits, extremely tight clothing, anything that would make her feel confined, boxed and stuffy are a no-go. She isn't afraid of wearing loud colors, though, she is perfectly fine with light pastels and moody earth tones. No monotones. Her name means "colorful," after all.

[ マインド ]


{ “And I feel life for the very first time, love in my arms and the sun in my eyes. I feel safe in the 5am light.” }
- Oh Wonder

{ Abilities }
• Psychokinesis/Apportation :: manipulation to a certain extent of all simple and some forms of complex kinds of matter, including certain movable objects, liquids and gases. Must be in constant thought of the object for manipulation to work. She can also teleport, make appear, or disappear similar objects at ease, with the same rule of focus applied. The largest object she can manipulate wth much effort was a minivan. It is unknown to what extent Aya can control.

• Telepathy/Mindreading :: Aya concentrates on a person and thinks in that person's direction to convey her thoughts into that person's mind. In order for her to read minds, she needs to make her own mind clear from distractions and focus on a person. When mind reading, she can't hear anything except the thoughts of the person who's mind is being read. It takes more effort to read minds, however, and she rarely does it intrusively.

• Illusionist :: the ability to conjure an illusion of anything, limited by her knowledge and of the recipients' knowledge. If she knows what a Scallymadoodag looks like, she can make an illusion of it. If she doesn't, but her recipient does, than she can also make an illusion of it. If neither of them know, then she cannot. She must concentrate on the illusion, otherwise the it would break.

In general, prolonged use of any of these powers grows difficult and more inaccurate with time. For example, the longest Aya can hold a small illusion is an hour before her head begins to throb heavily. The intensity of use quickens the rate of difficulty.

{ Weaknesses }
• Distractions :: Although she has these powers, Aya is easily stimulated by anything or anyone that can catch her eye. Her thoughts also tend to wander, so it can be difficult for her to focus and actually use those powers. She isn't just distracted from her psychic abilities, but also her objectives in general. Long term goals are often hard to achieve instead of immediate satisfaction from other means of entertainment. In short, she's a procrastinator.

• Naive :: Her automatic openness and vulnerability to others have been both a blessing and a curse. She befriends whoever gives her a smile and a warm hug, and that's resulted in a number of broken hearts and stolen wallets. Even so, she remains trustworthy, believing that whatever happened should stay in the past and she should move forward. She forgives and forgets, but it seems that she rarely learns from her mistakes.

{ Likes }
+ Food :: Food is sacred to Aya. Anyone can curry in her favor if they present to her something to eat. She's not picky, and she has a very large appetite. When she was little, her dream was to become a "food taster." It brings people together, and it helps that its super satisfying.

+ Games :: Meaning activities which don't require higher level thinking. This includes boardgames, hand games, mobile games, and video games. She's particularly partial to simulation games, like the Game of Life, or video games where you take care of a virtual animal. She doesn't usually have the patience to finish such games, but there's always a new one to play.

+ Dancing :: Nothing says "good vibes" more than upbeat music and grooving to it. Aya doesn't dance for the looks of it, or for exercise. She's not even that good at it. No one really minds that, though, because she just genuinely has a good time with it, whether it be on the dance floor or to a passing radio in the park. Unless there's a clear unwanted for her dancing, she isn't very discreet about it, either.

{ Dislikes }
- Abandonment :: A motivation to make so many friends is rooted in her fear of being alone. Not so much physically as emotionally and spiritually. She has no qualms being by herself, but she needs to have the knowledge that there is someone out there who can stick by her as an ally, or preferably a friend. Otherwise, she would't be able to care for herself very well.

- Conflict :: Sadness, anger, and discomfort are feelings that Aya doesn't fare very well with. She loves happiness and joy, so she tries her best to keep it that way. She's no busybody, but if it's under her control, she's like it if others felt happy, too. Thus, confrontation is mostly avoided.

- Nonfiction :: Aya loves books. Novels, comics and graphic novels all take her to new worlds. History books and biographies are significantly less entertaining. She doesn't really read the newspaper either, save for the headlines. To her, they're just too real.

[ こころ ]


{ "Don't let her go— 'cause she'll never be fine alone." }

{ Personality }
Aya can be a pretty goofy young lady. Whenever she gets in the mood, she tends to ramble to anyone near her and she isn't afraid to branch out and talk. If she's buzzing with energy, she can talk nonstop about anything, ranging from the weather to the history of fashion. When she's not as stimulated, however, her mind wanders, and she becomes aloof. If there isn't anything or anyone to entertain her, she entertains herself with her own fantasies. It's much more difficult snapping her out of reality than it is to make her stop talking. Though she can't help herself from daydreaming, talking is usually intentional, and she wouldn't dare to speak if it made someone uncomfortable. Sometimes that would have to be pointed out to her, however, as she can forget or miss cues or airs.

Aya is very agreeable, but her sympathies are often misunderstood for being a pushover. Which is false. It's conflict that she tries to avoid, and she just has a lot of patience. She accepts things for the way they are and doesn't ask too many questions, so she's doesn't make a fuss when something doesn't go her way. She believes that things happen for a reason, and no matter what happens to her, she must make the most out of it. Although that may sound noble, she may use this as an excuse for mistakes, or to lighten up situations. She doesn't like to take things too seriously concerning herself and others. She doesn't have a lot of self-discipline when it comes to choices between logic and her emotions, for her feelings usually triumph over what is rational, even if it's for worse. In that aspect, she can be a little selfish. But her heart is her priority, and she would quickly shut off whatever or whomever gives her a bad time.

[ 布 ]


{ “Words would not describe what I'm seeing. I try to hold my tongue, but it's useless.” }
- Barcelona

{ History }
Aya's parents immigrated from Japan to the US, where she was born. They were an unassuming, humble family. Her childhood wasn't anything special, except that she wasn't very good at controlling her psychic abilities. Her parents figured of her gifts when she was 6 years old. It had always been happening, but it was only blatantly obvious that day. As Aya dreamt in her sleep, she'd draw on her walls manifestations of her dreams using her powers. Certain events became clear after that, such as how her bowl of food would magically reach across the room. Her parents were appalled and scared. They didn't call a doctor, or anyone for help, being new immigrants and all. They figured that her abilities were mostly harmless. Worried for Aya's safety, they adapted to her abilities in their everyday life and homeschooled her until middle school.

Aya had figured out how to control her psychic powers by that time, and she was really excited to meet new people and go to school, just as her younger brother did. She was a little shy at first, but she quickly grew very outspoken. She had many friends, and she also did very well in school. Things were going great for her. Her first crush came around. She found herself looking in his direction often. Later he claimed that he could read Aya's mind. He was incorrect, and after similar instances, Aya learned of her telepathy.

As Aya was learning more about herself and her powers, other children began to ostracize her. Her name became a cry of fear or insult as others would scream "ayahh" upon seeing her. She did;t know very much about her abilities, so she was unaware that she was projecting illusions or her thought on others. She would accidentally give others an illusion of their nightmares if they talked to her. Who she thought were her friends didn't think very highly of her either. She eventually kept to herself, and she grew to hate school and learning. At the same time, her family was in financial trouble. Her parent's relationship grew strained, and Aya felt that she could only go to her little brother for comfort. She was in a dark place, and it affected her relationships with others and herself.

It wasn't until her senior year in high school did Aya realize how much she had been missing out. It was a simple conversation with her mother that opened her eyes. By then, she was mostly in control of her powers, and her outlook on life changed greatly. It was a culmination of her past that led her to that change, and it's that newfound perspective that's pushed her to do better for herself and remain happy. She attended a decent university while working one odd job after another to help her family. One day, a job offer came up. Aya accepted it with no qualms, as she usually did. What happens next is unclear.

{ Family Ties }
- Toshiyuki Fujino, 70 :: Grandfather
- Fumiko Fujino, 66 :: Grandmother
- Isamu Fujino, 48 :: Father
- Masami Fujino, 44 :: Mother
- Ken Fujino, 19 :: Brother

[ 操り人形師 ]


{ “I've never really thought of it that way. I definitely do now.” }

{ Face Claim }

{ Hex Code }

{ Role-Player }

So begins...

Aya Fujino's Story


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Welcome To Crown City


In The Chambers Of The City Council....

Light from the bay window cast shadows about the room, illuminating on the cobwebs and dust particles that swam freely through the air. It was clear that the room had not been used in some time. A central placed dining table covered in a fine layer of dust took up most of the room. Surface laden with a full set of finely cracked china and fake silver utensils. Opposite the table, against the mahogany wood panel wall rested a bookcase spanning the length of the room. Filled to the brim with book after book, each sporting its own signs of wear and tear. Among the most damaged a red leather journal, its spine painted with fine gold filigree. It was this book that Mayor Bourne promptly plucked from the shelf.

The man in question walked a wide arc around the table to the adjoining room, hidden in a place where the light didn't quite touch. He marched in solemn silence to the singular table in that room. A circular monstrosity that takes up nearly all of the available space. He sat at the head, King Arthur and his Court. He lays the journal heavy upon the table, setting his grim gaze to the occupants of the room. Men and Women alike, wearing masks to obscure every aspect of their identity. Not many of them actually needed to obscurity, but most opted for it as a tradition. For years now the masks, simple clay creations stretched tight over skin before molding just right to its wearer, have been an integral part of these meetings.

"So tell me," Bourne booms, his own masks lips pulling into a taut snarl. Emotion reflected over the surface, "Why it is nobody has stopped these broadcasts!?" His anger swept the room into stony silence. After a beat of timid silence an answer comes, from whispering lips. "We tried sir, its just -" "Its just nothing, we have the best goddamn tech in this forsaken city!" Bourne interrupts, seemingly more interested in causing a scene than discussing anything civilly. The members of the council would be lying had they said their meetings usually went better than this. Bourne was a force to be reckoned with, and this latest slip up was clearly stressing him out.

Bourne's hands slam against the table as he stands once more, crossing quickly to the far wall, where three large monitors hang haphazardly. Yet to be fully installed, or perhaps purposefully hung askew. He flicks on all three, gritting his teeth at the words emblazoned across every single damn one. The strangers are here.

"I want all agents working on this, who ever this message is intended for - no, whoever sent this message is going to be shackled. Do you hear me?!" Barking orders left and right, the Mayor calls the Council to a quick close. With his final words to find out what everything they could. With the extra bodies gone from the room he turns once more, and stares at the monitors listlessly. Turning to his journal from before, he flips through page after page until reaching the final. A page directly in the middle of the book, as if the author had never got the chance to finish.

He scans the page in grim silence, until finally, mercilessly his eyes settle on those damning words.

"The Strangers Are Here."

Welcome To The Den

At the farthest point from the Council Building, in the slums of the City, there lies a place that has been home and haven for many of its wronged citizens. A looming tower, six floors made up of apartments, shops, and most notably a bar. Known as The Den, a place where anyone can go to have sanctuary or safe haven. Guarded by a plethora of wards. Its sprawling visage has been a sign of hope for many of the citizens for years now; Even more so at the founding of the Wicked Six - the Slums resident superheros (or police force if you will.)

Monday nights were rarely packed at the Den, its usual patrons either too tired from the beginning of the week or still hungover from the sunday night parties. Still, workers filed in like flies, buzzing around here and there to serve what little customers they did have. Others filtered down into the basement where their more secretive members liked to stay. All except for Tom, who stood tall and proud against the backdrop of a stage. Microphone in hand, his words garbled and slurred but just barely understandable. It was not unusual for him to be drunk so early, but nonetheless he was.

Many of the patrons in fact were...strangely drunk already. Yet the night had just barely started. It didn't make sense really, not until the workers began to slow down. Foggy brained, feeling sluggish, slumping down into the nearby booths and tables. Some falling to the floor where their heads would clack against the concrete, hard.

Slowly, slowly, and then all at once every single person within the bar collapsed. All except for one little girl, Sonny, neither a patron nor a worker. But a Poltergeist whom had taken up residence there for several millennia. No less than a few seconds later the power shuts down. Curious. Sonny steps through the bars threshold, out into the street. Darkness slowly enveloping the city, building by building. Sonny frowns, watching the pedestrians around her slow to a stop and pass out in much the same way as the bar patrons. Confusion turns to Panic when she notes that even the drivers, though few, have begun to lose control of their cars. Hitting each other, buildings, anything in their way. Sonny turns away, feeling sick at the sound of one car crunching over a fallen pedestrian.

She returns to the bar.


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stranger :: #F08080 :: outfit

Black and white. A colorless vision replayed in Aya's mind, over and over. It was of her, standing still, eyes glued to the digital screen in her hands. Her phone's screen showed no image, just a blank whiteness. There was nothing beneath her feet. No sound to be heard. She couldn't even hear the sound of her own breathing. Complete silence. She would look up, and see standing before her an enormous figure. It was shrouded in darkness, its shape indeterminable. Her eyes would widen at the sight, and she would feel her legs turn to jello. A scream caught in her throat, and with a couple heaving breaths, she tried with all of her might to yell. She could have felt her vocal chords shredding apart, yet she was only met with silence. Darkness would overcome her, then she would reawaken by the brightness of her screen. Over, and over. Until her eyes opened for real.

She woke up slowly. Her body sat unmoving, and though her eyes were open, the lids were heavy, and her mind was still elsewhere. Her gaze followed a couple figures passing by, until a sudden realization jolted her mind awake. Where... was she? She sat more upright, but immediately regretted it afterward, discovering a knot in her neck. She must have been sitting in her position for awhile to have her back and neck ache in that way. Her head throbbed, and she put a hand to her forehead to alleviate the pain. Confusion plastered her features, her eyes darting from side to side. She was sitting on a bench on a sidewalk, and the sky signaled that the night was young. A shudder ran through her body, and she grabbed her arms, suddenly feeling chilly.

Aya stood from her spot, jerking out her arms from momentarily losing her balance. She took in the sights before her. She must have somehow made way into the less fortunate part of town, seeing how poorly kept the streets seemed. The streetlights were dim and crooked, almost eery. The young woman continued to observe her surroundings, wondering what on earth was going on. It couldn't have been a self-made illusion. A dream? A hard pinch on the upper arms told her no. Maybe she daydreamed particularly hard before she passed out on the bench and somehow ended here. What bothered her most was that she couldn't quite remember if that was true or not. The last thing she could recall was washing dishes somewhere that was definitely not here.

Figuring that it standing around and doing nothing won't change the situation, she eyed the bar across the street. There seemed to be a lot of people, and there were a couple others who were approaching the building. Although they didn't seem very open to chatter, she sighed in relief, hoping to get some answers from anyone. She began to cross the street, seeing that no cars were around, and lifted her arm to wave. But before she could even open her mouth to speak, a strange sensation of drowsiness overcame her. Her steps slowed, and she barely made it to the other side before her body limped and dropped to the ground.