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Merle Moriganz

"Silly little humans~; you are my playthings~, and playthings shouldn't back-talk~. Or I'll have to kill you~. ... Do you understand me?"

0 · 252 views · located in DWMA

a character in “Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy!”, as played by reveries


Doesn't require being accepted at once. You may accept her when she should appear. o u o;;

Merle Moriganz
"The world should be my playground and you should be my obedient playthings, you little brats!"
Role: Witch / Destructive Crow Witch

Gender: Female - like most witches are.
Appearance: Merle is a beautiful, slender, and graceful creature of average height, always wearing black. Because of such, she's often referred to as "The Woman in Black", because of her always wearing the color. Her thin and slender form is curvy yet lean, looking quite defenseless - easily broken if one were to try to snap her limbs. She has a pale complexion that stands out amongst her extremely long, straight black hair and vibrant glassy blue eyes. She appears quite young, (when in reality, she's not exactly in the prime of her youth) with delicate looking features. Merle usually wears a long sleeved, open collared shirt with long pants. She sometimes wears long feathers of gray or black with specks of white in her hair that is accompanied by small white flowers such as cypress. She wears a lot of things that have a tie to her magic theme - crows - whether crow shaped earrings or cloth patterns.

Because she is a witch though, and has been influenced by the Sway of Magic, her angelic-looking smile can be turned into a more sinister and downright frightening crooked grin, which can be quite the opposite as what you first see.

Age: "Hm? Oh, please, I'm forever 24, and don't you forget that, caku!"
Appears within her 20s - there's no need to tell you her real age~ ; she's like, several centuries old - 700 or so

Personality: On first impression and basis, Merle is a gentle and kind woman who seems to have endless patience. "An angel in black," even. Ditzy, naive, and painfully modest to the point one could suspect that she must be as fake as she comes, but her acting of genuine honesty is what has fooled so many humans and the like. Many doubt her angel-persona personality, but she doesn't allow anyone to see her true motives merely by acting - they must be rid of if deemed useless or to be prying too much. And so, she kills.

Beneath the fake exterior, is a more demonic interior. A truly sadistic and intelligent experienced witch indeed, as she takes so much joy in seeing humans squirm in their agony and pain. She is a calculating and a manipulating woman, she snakes her way through people's hearts, fills them up with false hope, and then relishes as she crushes it slowly and bloodily.Vain and brutal, she isn't afraid to get what she wants, and may seem impatient when things don't go her way (at least, on the inside. As if she's let you see that side of her, hah!) but quickly gathers herself together to begin reforming new plans. She hates competition, gets drunk off of power, and enjoys having men fall at her feet - both in romantic and murderous manner.

To put it down honestly, she's a two sided coin, one obviously a fake halo wearing milady, and other an extremely messed up being. To be honest though, which side would you rather see?

  • The sight of blood - it excites her
  • Her darling pet crows that she keeps in cages in her home
  • Interesting test subjects and experimenting on them
  • The color black; Horror stories and macabre related objects; Scary urban legends
  • Autumn - a fine representation of death and chilly weather
  • Playing around with others in her mind games

  • Being asked about her age - she's forever 24, remember?
  • The experiments who don't do as according to plan
  • Snotty little brats who back-talk
  • Having her control on her games being tugged at
  • People who have no use
  • Lord Death and his little army of goody-two-shoes meisters and weapons

  • She often says "caku" at the end of her sentences.
  • She keeps a lot of crow like things, having a crow theme to go along with everything. Her favorite story being Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven", she had even a black stature in the form of a very realistic looking crow above her "chamber door".

  • Research. What it is she's researching - that's classified.
  • Messing with humanity's sanity
  • Drinking orphan tears and trampling homeless puppies/

Goal: "Fufu, if I told you that, then you'd try to stop me, wouldn't you?"
To get rid of Lord Death and to do that, gathering up an army to manipulate and play with to her heart's content, then wiping out the DWMA and it's Overlord; to use the world as her playground of sadistic experiments.

History: Merle has been in the Witch Society since she started practicing magic, and that was around 200 years after the Grim Times, when the first Lord Death had been in his most powerful form. She was easily a sadistic child, having being affect by the Sway of Magic even at a young age, making her more advanced along than the other children of her age at the time. She has gone through many things, and because of her longevity as a Witch, she has lived for a long time, and has correct her younger self's mistakes with new found experience. During that time, there were many witch hunts, and Merle quickly escaped to avoid her own soul being taken, going into hiding. During that time, she perfected her skills, and traveled about the Earth, occasionally breaking her soul into pieces before reuniting after a century or two.

Now, with her violent destruction tenancies, she hopes to take down the current Lord Death and his army; taking an interest into Medusa's work, despite her disinterest in Black Blood, she finds the kishin much more fascinating. Merle has tested some theories by capturing meisters who were on missions, and has played around with their bodies, their souls and how they and their weapons worked. For 20 years, she slowly researched on it, and now, with her final conclusion, she wants to take meisters and weapons - slowly manipulate them and control them, so she may take down Lord Death. Her hatred for him and how he hunts down the Witches, are what fuel her muse, hating his preventing of not allowing her to be able to freely experiment and reek havoc on the world.

Now, she's infiltrating the DWMA, hoping to find some powerful children to use for her army.

Friends: "One needs not 'friends', but rather, 'toys' and 'playthings'."
Forever alone.

Other:Her witch mantra is "Cawku, cawku, Caw caw kukuku." She is also able to shape shift into a black crow.

Due to her old age, she is very strong, of course, not as strong as Mabaa, the Queen of Witches, or Arachne the Heretic Witch (much to Merle's displeasure), but she's considered an elder despite her appearance, and has a very strong magical ability, able to escape even the keenest of Soul Perceptions with the occasional exceptions here and there. (Perhaps only Maka could be able to sense her soul.)

So begins...

Merle Moriganz's Story