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Shikei Klemkiewicz

"It's not that I don't fare well with others; it's just that others don't fare well with me."

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a character in “Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy!”, as played by reveries


Shikreyul Klemkiewicz

Role: Meister

Gender: Female

Appearance: A tall gal with long legs, Shikei has an aura of confidence and sureness, being thin yet slender, having a lean, tightly toned body with lean muscle as well with fair skin, her mix of Japanese and Caucasian blood makes her stand out in a room, never able to fit in properly, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Mature, blank looks going along with long, thin black hair that reaches to her back, with dirty blond strands streaked through it, Shikei indefinitely stands out even more with her long lashes framing a pair of bright orange-amber eyes. Some could consider her to be cat-like with those features. She wears a multiple stringed necklace, as well on her arms and legs, occasionally wearing a scarf like belt or having her hair pulled up. With 5 piercings in each ear, a black and skin tattoo of her family household that trails down her back, many consider Shikei to be a delinquent, but her pose and manner of walking says otherwise, of a classy, confident and open-minded lady. She usually looks as if she's blushing, mostly because of her nervousness (her? Nervous? Never!) sensitive skin that usually begin to redden when under sun for too long.

She wears a green tank with black shirt mixed up with fishnet underneath a black vest, with gray shorts slightly shredded up with black tights underneath those, with black boots of black, orange and green design. It's quite complicated.

Age: 15

Personality: With her looks, many consider Shikei to be a delinquent whose looking for trouble, and while her character is slightly the cause of her appearance, Shikei is genuinely a bluntly straight-forward, stupidly honest, open-minded individual that speaks with a gentle absolute confidence - she doesn't doubt her decisions, despite several not always being the most well thought put together when she springs into automatic action. Even with her open-mindedness though, Shikei is a loner, quiet, and speaks when spoken to (when she does, some find it odd to see the hidden weirdo beneath the surface). Seeing as she wasn't raised with many friends in her upbringing, and with her aura of other-worldliness, most don't try to approach her. She doesn't mind this - her dazing into daydreams usually are the cause of such an impression, not minding her in-dependency.

She's laid-back, going with the flow when it comes to light matters that concern her, yet extremely serious when something goes down that goes against her morals (which are of a lot). Never afraid to back down from a fight, she had a fierce determination when someone does an act that breaks that moral of code, yet, she becomes completely nonchalant when it has nothing to do with that code in terms of violations. In this manner, she becomes hard to provoke unless otherwise.

Shikei is a very mysteriously complicated individual with an outlook on everything that could be considered very weird. With her very mature and laid back lazy smile, one could think that Shikei is quite cool, being as the non-fearing of things and boyish girl she is with a good impression of everyone. Til, you know, you get on her bad side. Hell usually breaks loose form there.

  • Fruity bubble tea, gums and desserts
  • Autumn rain; autumn and rain
  • Soft jazz
  • Flowers
  • Fighting on her own
  • Strolls, walking, jogging, some sort of individual activity that requires physical moving
  • Carrot juice / Rasberry-kiwi-mango smoothies

  • People breaking her code of morals, which is of a lot, with the typical good morals that you see in fairy tales when they teach this when you're young but you do it anyway to the downright weird ones, for example, never tip over a glass jar when on one side of the road, never disrespect an anthill - say "excuse me" and walk around them and never over, cursing in a white painted room, pushing a carriage over when it's 3 pm, etc. The list is endless - how she remembers all of them, or just makes them up, no one knows.
  • Ignorance, rudeness, impoliteness ("unless you're the enemy, it's more understanding that way".)
  • Spicy and/or bitter food; Nuts of any kind.
  • When her skin beings to flare up because of her time under bright sunlight.
  • Teamwork - she finds it too troublesome, and though she won't really complain out loud, she'd rather get the job done than to having conflict with others - despite it bringing conflict itself.

  • .. Her code of morals. No one knows where she picked any of those morals up, mostly the weird ones - the more normal ones were taught by her familia.
  • She's ambidextrous and can read backwards in fluent English; having her native Russian and Italian a slightly more iffy second language.
  • She normally has 6 hours of sleep everyday - while everyone else is in bed resting, she's probably watching them sleep doing gods-who-knows-what.
  • Unable to cook - at all. Burning water is an ease for her; any feminine considered feat (sewing, cooking, gardening, knitting, housekeeping, artistic things) is unable to be done successfully by her. It usually ends up as chaos or the complete opposite of the desired effect.
  • She has sensitive skin - so she's often found in redden skin that looks like she's blushing, when really, her skin's scorching when under direct sunlight for too long, as temperature does not pertain to so to her.
  • She's agile and has quick reflexes. Her physical strength is best noted though - easily being able to take on two adult men of notable physique with her mere physical strength, but she cannot take on anymore than that.

  • Training her body and mind to meet the expectations of her familia (See History for more information)
  • Taking quiet walks/jogs/strolls throughout the city
  • Parkour
  • Watching people sleep

Goal: To become stronger in both mind and body. And, well, to learn to get along with others when it comes to fighting along side with everyone.

History: Shikreyul (her legal name) grew up with the Mafia, a shady business to the rest of world, something that one can never get out, no matter what. The Klemkiewicz are a Russian-Italian family of mafia assassins that don't mess around when it comes to getting down to bloody business, with both great skill and heavy bloody burden. Several are weapons and meisters, and a few of them have gone astray, but they are the ones who have been considered traitors by this. She had became involved in the Mafia at some point, despite their moral code, when she had demonstrated being a worthy hitman from her self defense by an enemy family trying an attack on her home; despite protest from her fellow familia, it was the Don who approved of her presence in the underground world. Because she was home-schooled to be a fierce fighter at a young age due to the violence and dark troubles that surround the reputation of her family and its members, it is most likely the cause of her eccentric personality towards the world, seeing as she wasn't raised along with the rest of society to be as what society considers 'normal'.

While most think of the Mafia as a cold hearted underground matter (which it usually is), Shikei grew up with the good moral filled Klemkiewicz, as their name foretells, they are of a merciful group, until one crosses the group, and then they become a ruthless bunch of individuals who don't come off as their name would say.

Shikei was a bit of an oddball even among the mafioso. She was more laid-back than her fellow familia, less serious until the morals that were beaten into her brain were broken, too lady when in disguise, and too man when otherwise. Despite a well coordinated fighter, she was an individual fighter who didn't get along with teamwork or her familia, and it roused many a problem for her and the rest of her familia. Despite her training to be a hitman, where it's an individual job alone, it is when she gets involved into matters that require more people that she can't seem to understand that she must learn tot accept the help from others and to allow them to fight along with her. It just wasn't in her to fight with others with regular weapons in a well balanced and coordinated team.

She wasn't looking for the spotlight - she only wanted to finish the job. And she would, but it still didn't sit well with her family that the girl - who they had firstly didn't wish to be involved - could become a Kishin at any rate at this point with her progression. In their world, women were to their precious and respected lovers and womanly figures, not the blood thirsty fighters that the men are. Seeing as Shikreyul was legally a woman, and that it wasn't going to change anytime soon, they had to had to take matters into their own hands.

Added along with the reasoning of having their family becoming more powerful with meisters and weapons with having so few members who actually were, she was sent to the DWMA to be able to challenge her skills, hone it better, and to find a weapon to kidnap practice her teamwork skills with and hopefully bond well. With this being done, she is to only come back when she was deemed suitable enough to fight with the rest of her family. She must keep to the Omertà, though, and must never speak of her connections or otherwise.

Friends: (Forever alone) TBA

Other: Try not to pronounce her last name; it's a variant of 'Clement', which means merciful. c: .. I just like complicated names. XD

So begins...

Shikei Klemkiewicz's Story


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Shikei was heading up some steps, pausing to yawn, and then looked at her hand that went to catch that yawn with a frown. ".. Odd. I usually don't get tired during the day." She looked up to the DWMA academy building as she walked up the few steps that were at the top. "I should re-adjust my sleeping schedule." She'd been talking her time, staring over behind her with much disinterest. She was late. Extremely, very late. But it was alright. Her code of morals for tardiness were only when it was for either the familia, for a job, or during a new moon, was when she had to take it seriously.

Her 'meister' badge on stuck to her vest was slightly sloppy, and noticing it, she adjusted it so. By the time that Shikei had made it there to the DWMA, she was only been able to hear the final moments of a speech by whom she cold only assume was Lord Death. ".. Must've been rather long, I suppose." She took another yawn, taking a note to herself to definitely add a half hour towards sleeping, and then made her way through the crowding of other meisters and demon weapons conversing and making friendly talk. None took her interest. Maybe I should develop a better Soul Perception sense? Shikei let out a quiet huff through a puff in her cheeks, while she kept her confident walking with a head held high, despite her disinterested facial expression, heading towards the doors of the inside of the academy. "It's so crowded," she muttered.


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Character Portrait: Shikei Klemkiewicz
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Once she had gotten past the intensely packed crowd of other meisters and demon weapons who practically ignored her existence, Shikei inconspicuously made her way through into the DWMA building, her eyes looking over the corridors and the inside as she walked through. It had several people walking about, and she supposed that despite having not met a person to converse with just yet - she drew to conclusion that it was her own anti-social character that didn't allow her to talk to anyone, really, despite that it was merely the start of the day and that would be more opportunities to come - she wouldn't mind the idea of merely looking around to get a familiar grasp on the layout of the school building. It would be better to know the place inside and out for smaller chances of getting lost.

With her swift gait, she walked past other meisters and weapons - taking note of the tags that they had on, like she had - but took no heed as she looked on in disinterest, allowing them to continue conversation without interruption. When she thought about it, she didn't know exactly where to go - practically everywhere she went, there would be someone or several people occupying the place, and she'd leave and turn around as so not to bother them. There wasn't any need to go about and interrupting strangers' conversations. It was rude nonetheless, and against her morals. She kept doing this as she explored the hallways. How exactly am I find a weapon again? The grave importance and high expectations of the familia made her shoulders slump slightly as she let out a dejected sigh. Then she stopped to slap herself for not maintaining a positive attitude about it upon realization, the red mark on her cheek becoming a more distinct red on the sensitive skin of hers. "Never lose hope," she recited to herself, keeping her head held high. Her cheek still hurt from that slap, and by now it stung. She lightly rubbed it with her hand as a way to reassure the sensitive skin that she wouldn't do that to herself again, trying to ease the pain.

Shikei decided to continue viewing the layout of the school, mentally drawing out a map of the DWMA for future reference - despite knowing that she was going to forget eventually. She eventually came across a bulletin board, and drawn in by curiosity, her eyes hovered over the two pieces of paper that had names on it, and spotting hers, she noticed that this was a public notice of who was in what class. I'm supposedly in E.A.T, aren't I? She tilted her head slightly as she just stared intensely at the list of names, attempting to memorize them and failing lmiserably. Surely, there'll be a weapon in that class for me to bond with, right? Then again, she didn't exactly understand how one was to - but she could try hard enough. Her gaze was stuck onto the list of names of Class 1 as she kept a hand on her hip while she leaned to a side on her left foot. 'Kayl, Dakota, Morana, Janus, myself, Adrian, Kon, Aki, Alistair.' .. So many goddamn names. Maybe she should've just assigned them as letters or alphabets in her mind to remember?


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Character Portrait: Shikei Klemkiewicz
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Once she had finally tried to memorize the names as she soothed the skin she had hit, to of which everyone went by the first letter with an added numeral if sharing the same alphabet letter, Shikei had strolled off back to her small apartment, which was more than enough room for one person despite the lack of furniture. The rented out space having very few at most. She skipped rest of her first day after seeing as classes started the next day, and when it finally did come by (she had entertained herself as she walked throughout the city via the roofs and the ground for a better view before falling asleep for 6.5 hours, more or less.) As she dressed, she had merely kept the 'meister' tag in the back of her gray shorts' pockets, and put on a white shirt and black sports jacket instead of the tank and vest she was so accustomed to. Her heavy black boots were still on, and she had merely arrived early in the morning to the DWMA school by jogging there, and wandered around til it was close enough to being late. "If by chance, today.." she gnawed the inside of her cheek, as she said aloud to no one in particular while walking towards the classroom with no hurry. "I'll be able to find a weapon."

It wasn't like she was worried that she wouldn't find one,(cough cough.) it was just that if she didn't find one, it'll bring more shame on her shoulders for not being able to set to the task of becoming more powerful for the familia. Recalling several encounters she had the day before, it was rather shocking to find so many people who couldn't understand the basics of moral conduct (though, in her case, she had way too many for it to be considered moral). But she had ended up either snapping only.. once or twice, confronted several as she gave her name before inquiring about the broken moral crime they committed, she had argued with a few, and took a jab at one before a quick apology was given to the knocked out one, and she had left some compensation before strolling off to calm her nerves.

Shikei stopped momentarily. Speaking of such, she was sure that she had met an individual that was supposedly attending the DWMA as well, and then classes or of so were mentioned, but then things went for some turn with very few questions answered. Her memory not the greatest of things, she didn't really recall much. He was pretty though; an ethereal appearance, that much she remembered. She forgot his name however her, despite introducing herself. Men like him shouldn't be so pretty. Women'll feel self-conscious about their own appearances. .. And no one likes such uproars.

Shikei found herself approaching a classroom that she was more or less sure if it was the one she was to attend first thing. The numbers were coming to her, more or less. It's Class 1, right? She stared at the sign overhead that stated as such. ".. My uchitel* is 'T'.. I think." She had assigned her room's instructor a name to remember as well, seeing as it would be rather rude to just assign the others with names, and merely remember the teacher. (Not like she would be able to, anyway.)

Shikei stared at the door before knocking on the door twice and then entered without wait for an answer. She looked over the room that already had several occupants as she walked further in. She then bowed lowly to the point she should've been bending over to just reach her toes, but her arms were straight to her sides as she quickly introduced herself, maintaining a monotone but polite voice, "Shikreyul Klemkiewicz. Nice to meet you." She quickly asserted herself to a straight position again from the presumptuous gesture. These were to be her classmates, so it would be more or less to be expected that she was to become familiar with them. She stilled as if in pause as she took in the appearance of the room and of the occupants in it.

((* uchitel - 'teacher' in Russian.))