Shinzu Tokage

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a character in “Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy!”, as played by ZenMon


Character Name: Shinzu Tokage

Role: Professor

Gender: Male

Appearance: While he does have a habit of wearing rather formal attire to teach, he is equally as comfortable with casual pants and a T-shirt, or even exercise shorts/pants and a T-shirt. But he doesn't like wearing shoes, instead preferring sandals.

Age: 25

Personality: To be revealed throughout the story.

Likes: Jazz
Good Ramen
Interested students
Playing pranks on other staff members
Strong Tea

Dislikes: Haute cuisine (He wants food, not an art project)
Strong perfumes (They distract him because of the intense scents)
Guinea Pigs (They smell funny and are distracting)
Hospitals (They're too clean)

Quirks: Sometimes while talking about others, he will add on "that he/she does." He also carries around a short stemmed pipe that he chews on when thinking intensely.

Hobbies:Reading and improving his fighting skills, finding new ways to help weapons evolve.

Goal: To eventually surpass Stein's abilities and be the best member of the DWMA.

History: Shinzu attended the DWMA during the Kishin crisis as an upperclassman. He participated in the fight against Arachnophobia, but was unable to fight in the most important fights because his abilities were not at the level of the other frontline fighters. It was there that his fanatical training began so he could fight against Arachnophobia along side Maka, Black Star, and Kid Death (at the time). Unfortunately, he got to the level he needed after Arachnophobia was defeated and couldn't really participate. Not wanting to wallow in disappointment, he strove to replace Stein as the strongest Meister to ever be produced by the DWMA. He hasn't yet accomplished his goal, but he hopes that he is close to it. Time will tell.

Friends:Other professors? Maybe? No students as of yet.

So begins...

Shinzu Tokage's Story


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#, as written by ZenMon
The sun shone brightly above, reflecting off the white overhead skull at the entrance of the DWMA. It was warm, but not unpleasantly so. Perfect weather for a day outdoors. Shinzu Tokage stood at the top of the steps in his usual suit. One hand was stuck down his front right pocket where his pipe was while his left hand was currently being used to shade his eyes from the harshness of the sun. A faint breeze wound its way through air and brushed across his face. 'Another day at the DWMA. Let's just hope I don't get obnoxious students. Sticking his hands back into his pockets, Shinzu confidently strode into the DWMA and headed towards the classrooms. It was not more than 5 minutes after entering the DWMA when another professor bumped into him. Polite introductions were made before the other professor handed him his class roster and scurried off to whatever else he was late for. The man faded from his memory before he was three feet away. A quick glance over the roster was all that was needed for him to memorize his students and classroom number. Shinzu wasn't far off from his classrom and made it there relatively quickly. A standard classroom with his desk in the middle and blackboard behind it, making it easier to give lectures and see all of his students. Shinzu sat down in his chair, kicked up his feet, and chewed on the stem of his pipe while he waited for his students to arrive.


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#, as written by ZenMon
Sleep. Blissful sleep. A pleasant dream, one where he fought off a giant monster that had been devouring human souls to the point where it was nearly a Kishin. Fighting with the best of the Academy. They had nearly beaten it. He drew his fist back for the final blow...

...And fell flat on his back and out of the chair. Shinzu grunted when he hit the floor while the chair clattered and rolled a short distance away. His pipe flew out of his mouth when he fell, smacking him in the face before landing next to his head. Another muffled thump from somewhere nearby jarred Shinzu back into the present and out of his dream. His eyes shot open as energy coursed through him, fueled by panic. How long was I out?! Has the day started? Where are the students!? A frantic look at his watch told him that, thankfully, he had not slept the entire day. At least I won't get in trouble...

Shinzu stood up from where he landed, adjusted his suit jacket, and picked up his pipe. There seemed to be no damage to the plain wooden pipe, so he tucked it away in his pocket. As he picked the chair up, he remembered hearing the thump from earlier. Outside the classroom perhaps? A student slacking off already? Someone dropping their things? A fight? Or just someone walking entirely too loudly? All plausible, but all purely speculative. Only one way to find out. Casually crossing the room to the door, Shinzu opened it and looked into the hall.

He nearly trod on the sleeping figure just outside the door. The blonde-haired boy was lying flat on the floor at the feet of a young girl. Shinzu looked at the girl before arching one of his eyebrows? She had white hair and was simply dressed. The three black lines in her hair were an instantaneous warning to Shinzu. One of the Deaths, eh? Interesting year already. Clearing his throat, he tapped the shoulder of the sleeping boy at her feet.

"Is this one yours?", he inquired.


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She was so relieved to see Janus come up to her. But then he fell at her feet and she felt a clenching feeling in her stomach. Morana was just about to try picking him up when a taller shadow appeared before the two. 

"Yeah, he's mine," Mori answered, leaving the pride in her voice. "Want to help me pick him up?" she bent down and tugged at one of the arms. 

"He must have been really tired to just pass out like that, he was really bursting with energy yesterday." Mori continued to talk. Then she bent back down and with a small huff, lifted the weapon bridal style. She was pretty tall for her age and she was strict about keeping herself in shape. 

She sent a bright beaming smile up at the older man. 

"Do you happen to be our teacher? I'm Morana but you can call me Mori," The young girl grinned before walking over and setting Janus down in a chair. "I hope you aren't a bad teacher... Otherwise.." she looked at him with her bright  golden eyes. "I'll give you the worst time of your life, kay?"

Mori was worried about teachers. They better not give her special treatment or try to suck up to her just cause she was related to Death. She hated those types that only looked at her back ground but not at her. It was so infuriating. She turned back to Janus and poked his face softly. He was really hers... The fact still hadn't seemed  to sink into her mind. 

"We can let him sleep for a bit right?" she asked the man.