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Adam Kirby "XIII"

They tell you to stand, you stand. They tell you to sit, you sit. They tell you to jump off the damn Brooklyn Bridge... what the hell happened to freedom?

0 · 314 views · located in Central Park

a character in “Welcome to Dystopia: The R-Evolution”, as played by Chuckles


Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Build: Medium/Thin
Skin Tone: Caucasian, very slightly tan skin
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 148 lbs
Voice: Casual, with the occasional hint of sarcasm
Handed: Right dominant
Body Markings:
Scar Tissue: Various scars can be found on Adam’s body, most small and insignificant. A scar over his left eye has caused the eyebrow to grow slightly differently around it. Another, and inch and a half or so long runs diagonally from the left down right on his right cheek, the result of an incident that nearly cost him the better part of his nose.

Adam Kirby






Visual Age
mid twenties

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Body Modifications
Neural Technology Integration for use with the GLOVE

Web Assassin


Personality Description
Adam is a casual, fun loving, speed freak. He can go with the flow, adjusting to enjoy the company around him in most cases. He has a very lighthearted outlook, joking and being otherwise sarcastic. On the other hand he is a very serious individual, committed to his work and his word. XIII is a very serious contrast to Adam's normal personality, adopting a very hard line "matter of facts" tone.

Adam takes the stairs. For some reason he has always gravitated toward stairs over elevators. He also has a love of "old tech" as far as both mode of transportation and method of defense go. His computer network is by far the most advanced thing he owns, everything else is nearly "antique".

Losing those he counts as friends, being alone.

The underlying goal of Adams life is Freedom.

Most sports and activities involving speed

The system when it over steps its bounds

Adams biggest strength is his personality, coupled with his habit of keeping an eye and ear on what’s around him. He is a socialite, and uses what is at times a “spot light” persona to cover up and hide under the radar. He isn’t bound to any form of schedule, which makes him hard to pin down, but usually knows what’s going on.

His penchant for speed tends to put him in situations that bring him to the notice of authority figures, usually the standard old NYPD. For obvious reasons this isn’t a good thing when one is living outside of the system.

He also has a “hero” syndrome, often attempting to help or save his friends at his own risk.

Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[perfect] - [excellent] - [good] - [above average] - [average] - [below average] - [poor] - [very poor]

Adam wears t-shirts, plaid shirts and slim fitting (but not tight) jeans. He some times wears a grey suit vest and newsboy style cap or a black leather jacket and green wool beanie cap. Other clothing includes black riding gear with Kevlar armoring.

Combat Prowess

Close Combat Average When it comes to throwing fists Adam is a run of the mill guy, nothing special. He is fairly tough skinned and can take a decent hit, but it’s far from his specialty. He can swing a club about as well as the next guy, though something requiring more finesse is best left to those who are trained.

Armed Combat - Firearms Good to Exellent A lot of training and preparing for the worst has given Adam an edge in a fire fight. A calm manner brought about by hundreds upon thousands of drills and muscle memory allows him to get done what needs doing and get out of the situation quickly.



Networking Perfect - As an artist Adam has created quite the network of associates, contacts, and friends. These range from other “outsiders” of the system all the way up to some notable members of society. Luckily the art circuit hasn’t come under scrutiny from the government, as rich folks like art, and the government likes rich folks. The relationship has allowed “the Underground” to carve out a nice niche for itself, one that Adam has learned to play very well.

Hack Excellent to Perfect - Adam’s ability with a computer has granted him a free life in an otherwise tied down and tethered world. He employs wireless hacking via a GLOVE. Employing a mix of “speed” hacking and “covert” he has built up such a secondary persona that even if he was caught it would be extremely hard to back track any records to his physical self.

Up close gun slinger Excellent -Adam carries his weapons for self defense, as such he has been trained to use them where the majority of defensive engagements occur, close range. He trained heavily on making the most out of situations where decisions must be made in less than seconds and distances were more associated with a knife fight than a gun fight.

Marksman Above Average - While a majority of his training focused on situations where an attacker was near by, Adam didn’t forget about situations that might arise at a distance.


Name: Springfield XD .40 cal Sub Compact
Type: Pistol
Ammo: .40 cal hollow point 155 grain personal defense rounds.
Information: Holstered in an old “Crossbreed” concealment holster along with an extra 12 round magazine.

Name: Colt .38 Detective Special
Type: Revolver (6)
Ammo: .38 Special hollow point 110 grain
Information: Adams trusted back up, complete with several speed loaders tucked away in his jacket pockets. Usually carried in the inside left pocket of his jacket or a soft leather cross draw holster tucked inside his pants.

Name: AR-15 5.56x45mm
Type: Semi automatic Rifle
Ammo: .223 / 5.56x45mm
Information: “side by side” 20 round magazines, 6x magnification scope, off set “reflex” red dot scope, rail mounted flashlight, rail mounted forward vertical grip. Originally built for the hobby and sport of shooting. This weapon was never intended for use in combat.


the GLOVE an integrated computer operating platform, the future of computing technology. Integrating with the human neural system via NTI creates a display system that is unique to the user and allows for “virtual work flow”. Literally windows suspend themselves in the space in front of the user,
allowing complete interaction. A black market device, none traceable.

Custom Mold Active Hearing Protection Adam likes his hearing, and so he purchased a set of AHP ear buds for use with fire arms training, these resemble a hearing aid that fits completely inside the ear perfectly and are designed to shut down in the event of a harmfully loud noise, particularly a gunshot.

While Adam has quite a bit of memorabilia at his pent house, none of it jumps out as impressively significant.


Religious Affiliation

Group Affiliation
Adam Kirby - The Underground Art circuit
XIII - no official ties, has been known to assist Grime Protection and Anarchy.

The Guardian Act

Marital Status

Robert Kirby - Brother - 24 - Living - Virginia
Alicia Kirby - Mother - 49 - Living - South Carolina
James Kirby - Father - 50 - Living - South Carolina
Matt Kirby - Uncle - 48 - Living - New York

Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, New York, New York.

College Graduate, Associate degree in Design and Visual Arts

Artist (Hacker)

August 24, 2424


So begins...

Adam Kirby "XIII"'s Story