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Leone Mareth

"Syntax Error, Subject Thirteen Memory Files Corrupted, Re-Initializing"

0 · 229 views · located in Brooklyn

a character in “Welcome to Dystopia: The R-Evolution”, as played by SubjectThirteen


Physical Description

Appearance : twenty-seven year old male of the caucasian nationality. His skin tone is incredibly pale. He is exactly 5 feet, eleven inches tall. His body is of the slim and slender nature, though he is almost nothing but muscle. His hair is down to the back of his neck at the back of his head, and relatively straight. It drapes down to just behind his ear on the sides and is parted away from his eyes in the front. The color of said hair is of a pure black. His eyes are silver, as though more mechanical than anything, with a black pupil ( Which goes without saying ). Usually wears a pure black suit, with a white undershirt and red tie.

Hair: White
Eyes: Silver
Build: Slender / Muscular
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: Five Eleven
Weight: 185 lbs
Voice: Calm, Cool, Collected. Deep Without Being Shaky, Example : Vergil , Devil May Cry Three
Handed: Ambidexterous
Body Markings: Barcode Tatoo on the back of his neck
Scar Tissue: None

Name Leone Mareth ( Former Subject Thirteen )

Nickname : Lone

Alias : Ninja

Species : Devoid

Race : Unknown

Nationality : Unknown

Visual Age : Twenty Three

Factual Age : Twenty Seven

Gender : Male

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Body Modifications : Super Soldier Modification, Raised muscular output, enhanced nervous detection.

Class :


Religious Affiliation

Group Affiliation

The Guardian Act
Against or For

Marital Status









Personality Description : Leone has never been one to work as a partner, So imagine his joy when his memories came flooding back. Technically, because he recovered his memory, he was no longer a devoid, and was free to live his life as an agent... But something still bothered him, his undying determination willed him on all the more.

Quirks : Snappy Comebacks, Jokes At The Most Inapropriate Times.

Fears : Memory Loss

Goal : To kill everyone and anyone who dares to get in the organization's way.

Likes : Candy, Attractive yet smart women, Yo-Yos.

Dislikes : Crying, Chaos, Liars

Strengths : Enhanced mental and physical capabilities.

Weaknesses : Electric Shock



Abilities & Skill & Combat Rating

[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Clothing/Armor : Micro Plad Suit ; Made from a special material that is resistant but not immune to lazer fire. Pair of Sound Shock shoes, self customized. With them, his sprint is twice as fast and his jump height is raised dramatically. Though he has learned to use them well enough to do an array of other things.

Combat Prowess : Muay Thai, British & American CQC Expert, High Accuracy With Thrown Weapons.

Abilities : Due to enhanced physical ability ; Higher running speed, enhanced strength, Increased stamina and speed.

Skills : Making Due as some would call it, The only weapon that leone is gauranteed to carry is his short sword. With it, he can cut throwing stars and knives out of any metalic material.

Name: Mark II
Type: Sword
Ammo: None
Information: This is an experimental sword, the diamond-alloy edge sharpened with a high focus lazer, making it one of the sharpest, most durable swords in existance. Often called the 'mirror's edge' by those who have seen it, as small lazer fire bounces off the polished alloy.

Name: Erret
Type: Dual Handguns
Ammo: Seven Round Clips, Usually Only Carries Three Spar Mags
[b]Information: A Pair of handguns that fire an electrostatic round. Scrambles telecommunications when struck, and paralyses when they come into contact with flesh. [b]

Equipment : Throwing Stars, Sword

Accessories : Steel Thread, as some would call the thin, yet durable length of wire he carries.

Memorabilia : A single pack of cigarettes.



Religious Affiliation : Omnistic

Group Affiliation : None

The Guardian Act
[X] Against or [ ] For

Marital Status : Single

Relatives : None

Residence : Downtown

Education : Multiple College Degrees in phsycology, physics, telecommunications, biology and mathematics.

Occupation : Agent

D.O.B. Unkown

Bio/History : Most devoid never get to see this, so imagine thirteen's happyness when his memories were awakened. He became so much more than just another devoid.. he became an agent, able to finally walk alone.. finally.

So begins...

Leone Mareth's Story