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Welcome to ElseWorld

Welcome to ElseWorld


"It doesn't matter what your previous life was. What matters is that you have been chosen to help save our world from disaster. Welcome to ElseWorld; I pray that you can survive."

1,591 readers have visited Welcome to ElseWorld since Guardian Aelita created it.


Basic Story
Welcome to ElseWorld. This is a world which is split into 5 different factions; Maracondia, Soumna, Gaia, Salvis, and Umbra. You can control either a person from the factions or one of a group of 10 who have spirited away from Earth into ElseWorld. Life goes on and you have to fight monsters or people who have escaped from Umbra. However besides the monsters, there is another looming threat residing ElseWorld that is causing the world to be deleted. Now more than ever, the five factions must band together to get rid of the unknown threat looming their world. However, the factions are unwilling to co-operate with each other. Can the 10 humans get the factions to band together to save ElseWorld or will it perish? That's for you to decide!


The royalties of ElseWorld. Princess Aelitianna is in charge of the faction and this is a generally peaceful place. The kingdom is ruled with order and despite being a monarchy, Aelitianna will take on democratic ideals and invites citizens to participate. They take on an elfish appearance and focus on magic. Maracondians cannot stand Umbra and Soumna as they view both as a threat.

This is a rather unique faction. Anything that your mind can create in Soumna and it will come to life. Some people see this world as a blessing while others see it as a curse due to nightmares being able to come to life as well. As a result, the guards Shio Naona and Relia Unelma were appointed to keep Soumna in check. This world also houses both humans and people created by dreams; both are referred to as Soumnians. Soumnians are scared of Umbra and hold a grudge against Maracondia for viewing them in such a disrespectful manner.

The ordinary faction. This is merely a faction where normal people can enjoy their everyday lives. There are a vast majority of people living in Gaia, one of which is Misano Amane. They used exist to keep harmony by bringing harmony to other factions however due to the hate going on between the factions, they've since stepped down and need a boost of confidence to get back to their jobs. Gaians can be human or elf. Gaians don't hate any faction, they just hate the conflict going on.

The faction that acts as a merchant shop. Salvis provides anyone with what they need to live in this world. However, nothing in life is free and everything has a price, as Akane Tachibana knows all too well. Salvians are a mixture of human, elf, angel and demons. Salvians don't really care about the war going on between the factions, as long as they can get money for the supplies each side will use.

The darkest faction. Umbra houses unstable minds, known criminals and is generally a madhouse with a keeper gone. Umbrians establish their own groups and are at a constant war with each other. The groups in question are the Bloodlusts, Poisions, and Psychomen. Umbrians hate all factions because they need something to hate or personal reasons.

Available Positions
How this works is that once you submit a character, you get in. I'll keep the list up to date as best as I can however there will be some times when I may need to make compromises due to two people wanting one slot. If it's something specific like a court mage, I'll have to choose however if it's a knight there can be two of those. With that out of the way, here is the list of available slots which your characters can enter into.

Human 1:
Human 2:
Human 3:
Human 4:
Human 5:
Human 6:
Human 7:
Human 8:
Human 9:
Human 10:
Observer: Nobody played by Guardian Aelita

Princess: Aelitianna played by Guardian Aelita
Court Mage:
Court Jester:

Guard 1: Shio Naona played by Guardian Aelita
Guard 2: Relia Unelma played by Guardian Aelita
Dream Soumnians:
Human Soumnians:

Human Gaians: Misano Amane played by Guardian Aelita,
Elven Gaians:

Human Salvians: Akane Tachibana played by Guardian Aelita
Elven Salvians:
Angel Salvians:
Devil Salvians:
Water Merchant:
Food Merchant:
Clothing Merchant:

Bloodlust Leader: Winter Laven played by Guardian Aelita
Bloodlust Second in Command:
Bloodlust members:
Poison Leader:
Poison Second in Command:
Poison Members:
Psychoman Leader:
Psychoman Second in Command:
Psychoman Members:

Form for Entry
I'm not too picky on how you write out your characters. Feel free to describe them in any form you want. However, these minimum requirements must be met.
Role in Faction:
If you can get at least these in, you're in. Thank you very much for at least reading my roleplay idea.

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Raven Summers
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The host of the five factions.

The setting changes from ElseWorld to Maracondia


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aelitianna
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Aelitianna awoke from her slumber very slowly. She had a very pleasant night's sleep thanks to no one coming in to kill her. She stood up from her bedside and walked over to the window. Looking outside, she saw that Maracondia was in it's peaceful state which greatly pleased her. She didn't like it when someone tried to ruin Maracondia's peace. Aelitianna sighed and said softly to herself "I just wish something would bring the factions back together..." Then she shook her head. Who was she kidding? Umbra and Maracondia hated each other and Soumna was too much of a threat to be allowed freedom. If there was to be any peace in ElseWorld, the factions needed to stay far away from each other. A knock was heard at the door, interrupting Aelitianna's stupor.

The setting changes from Maracondia to Soumna


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Character Portrait: Shio Naona Character Portrait: Relia Unelma
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Relia kept an eye on the grey sky of Soumna. She stared at it wondering about the other factions. She frowned at the thought of Maracondia and Umbra. They both gave Soumnians a bad name and she was quite frankly tired of it. Relia sighed loudly to herself.
Relia jumped a bit before realizing it was her friend Shio. "Oh, hey." said Relia, still a little uneasy. Shio smiled softly at her friend.
"Hey, Relia. I have a feeling something interesting's going to happen today."
Relia scoffed at the notion. "You mean like every other 'feeling' you happen to get?" This made Shio frown a little.
"Come on, I think this one is real... Besides, wouldn't it be cool if someone new happened to drop down from the sky?"
Relia almost laughed at Shio's naïveté but caught herself. She then pondered the idea for a moment before saying "Well, it's better than sitting around doing nothing, right? Come on then. We'll do patrol on the way over." This made Shio pout.
"I hate patrol. Don't you think Dream Soumnians should be treated with the same respect as Human Soumians?"
Relia shrugged. "It's the higher-up's call, not mine. Besides, we don't know when those dreams will become monsters." Shio sighed.
"Alright... But we don't hurt them unless it's necessary, okay, Relia?"
Relia sighed "Yeah, yeah..." and with that, the two guards went to survey the area.

The setting changes from Soumna to Gaia


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Misano Amane
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Misano woke up in the streets again. She soundlessly sighed upon remembering why she was on the streets. Another night with a drunken father. Misano patted herself on the back for leaving the bastard when she did. Then she shuddered... He would come find her. He always did, promising sweet nothings of "I'll be better this time, I promise". He never did keep any of his promises. Misano then stood up. She had roughly 10 hours to kill before her father starts to look for her, so she may as well have fun. And so Misano walked, wondering to herself just what to do.

The setting changes from Gaia to Salvis


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Character Portrait: Akane Tachibana
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Akane began to cough again. This was the third time this day that she had kicked up a coughing storm. She shook and shivered and yet no one in the busy crowds came to help her. Akane found this was natural. Their own greed is going to consume them... In any case though, Akane needed painkillers and fast. She walked as fast as she could to the herbalist to try and get some medicine.

The setting changes from Salvis to Umbra


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Character Portrait: Winter Laven
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Drip, drip, drip. Blood had escaped from the corpse as Winter stood above it, smiling a small smile. The bastard had mocked Winter behind her back, saying that Poisons could take down the Bloodlusts any day. Well, that just wouldn't do for Winter. So she cut and stabbed and ripped the man to pieces. The rookie should know not to cross an opposite gang member unless he had a death wish or was ordered to do so. She wiped blood from her mouth and walked over to the Second in Command, ready to brag about her accomplishment.

The setting changes from Umbra to ElseWorld


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Character Portrait: Nobody
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Nobody sat on top of a tree in Earth. The planet seemed boring from where she stood. She had escaped from ElseWorld looking for a good time but it seems that nothing was happening. Nobody was just about to leave when she had remembered that she needed to be in Earth. 10 of these... humans had met the requirements necessary to save ElseWorld and it was up to her to bring them over there. Nobody didn't see anyone with those requirements met. When she was about to give up, a certain ringing noise was heard in her head. Nobody grinned at the noise. She knew that meant someone had magic inside them and didn't even know it. Nobody was excited as she jumped down to the tree and started to look for the source of the ringing.

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Maracondia by Guardian Aelita

Royalty Faction


Soumna by Guardian Aelita

Dream Faction


Gaia by Guardian Aelita

Normal Faction


Salvis by Guardian Aelita

Shopping Faction


Umbra by Guardian Aelita

Dark Faction

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Character Portrait: Voleta Alluriana
Character Portrait: Aelitianna
Character Portrait: Shio Naona
Character Portrait: Relia Unelma
Character Portrait: Misano Amane
Character Portrait: Akane Tachibana
Character Portrait: Winter Laven
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Character Portrait: Voleta Alluriana
Voleta Alluriana

She's a sociopath that will only do things that work in her favor and she hates losing

Character Portrait: Nobody

"Humans really do have interesting reactions~"

Character Portrait: Winter Laven
Winter Laven

"Look at that. It looks like someone wants to join our flock~"

Character Portrait: Akane Tachibana
Akane Tachibana

"What's the point? I'm going to die anyway..."

Character Portrait: Misano Amane
Misano Amane

The way I see it, you're going to have to be quick to survive this world.

Character Portrait: Relia Unelma
Relia Unelma

"Look, I can't even stand looking at you brats for five fucking minutes so go away."

Character Portrait: Shio Naona
Shio Naona

"Dreams think too, you know?"

Character Portrait: Aelitianna

"Maracondia is a peaceful place and I plan to keep it that way."


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Welcome to ElseWorld

Hello everyone, this is Guardian Aelita! This is my very first RP. The way this is set up is that there are 5 different factions; Maracondia, Soumna, Gaia, Salvis and Umbra. Each of these factions are at war with each other for one reason or another. Elsewhere, 10 humans are spirited away into ElseWorld because of an unknown threat looming over it. This threat has the potential to end ElseWorld as we know it. That is where you guys come in. There's no bars for entry, and anyone is more than welcome to enter! I would at least like to know the character's name, faction, what part of the faction they're in and personality. More details are available in the RPG Welcome to Else World. Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to playing with you~