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Enna Kovitz

"Jeez, cool it! I told you, I'll deal with it later!"

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a character in “Welcome to Fairy Tail”, as played by Laseu


Enna Kovitz


Holder Mage
Element/Type of Magic:
Far from perfection, Enna is able to envision and summon creatures. As before stated, It's a skill that still requires much more development. The best she can summon are small and timid flower-like creatures that can serenade her enemies. In other words -- they're near useless.
Crest Location:
Just above her ankle
The necklace around her wrist is the source of her powers, yet she wields a long and spiked whip. With an ability like hers, a girl needs some form of protection, doesn't she?
Appearance:A dull combination of blonde hair and blue eyes, Enna herself could certainly use a bit of spunk in her personality. She prefers to avoid the use of any unnecessary accessories and keeps her hair down for the most part. Simple and absolutely dull ( or at least in her opinion ), Enna dresses modestly in her typical attire of white wool sweaters, and shorts with black leggings underneath. She carries a tightly wrapped whip adorned with spikes, latched to her belt, and a necklace tied around her wrist.

Lean and slender all around, sex appeal is the last word that would come to mind - not that she cares. With the body of a pre-teen child, it's easy to assume she is one. Enna never really went through the stage of growing busts and rear ends, and regretfully so. An incredibly high metabolism rate makes up for Enna's lack of exercise, resulting in a lean and slim body with the absence of any ripped muscles. Not that she cares. She's fine with the way she is, in a way. Though it's more likely that she's simply too lazy to change anything.


"You're kidding me, right?"
Enna views the world with a critical eye; first impressions are everything. She's quick to judge a book by its cover, whether she's being a hypocrite or not.

"Oh big deal, If I wanted to I could do something even cooler than that.."
Enna likes to believe that if she tried, she would be better than everyone else. The only problem with that, is that she doesn't try.

" want me to fight that? You've got the wrong person, adios amigos!"
In all her pride and wishful thinkings, Enna hates having responsibilities. She'll run from any and all difficult situations without batting an eye.

"I'll take care of it soon, ok? Just wait a bit longer!"
Procrastination comes as second nature; always putting things off is what she does best.


โ™ฅ Relaxation
โ™ฅ Having Fun
โ™ฅ Being Occupied
โ™ฅ Sweets
โ™ฅ Food
โ™ฅ Days when it's not too sunny, and not too cloudy
โœ– Being put under pressure
โœ– Smoking, Drinking, and Swearing
โœ– Dealing with difficult situations
โœ– Aggressive People
โœ– People she has no control over
โœ– People pointing out her flaws
~ Runs from uncomfortable situations
~ Wants things to change but never takes action
~ Procrastinates much too often
~ She's quick on her feet
~ She's great at listening
~ Moderately skilled at talking herself out of a tough situation
~ Making up excuses
~ Big responsibilities
~ Being left behind
~ Being last ( She can be second to last, but not last -- her pride wouldn't allow it )

Enna was never really close to her mother or father, nor were they ever close to each other. Her father left his wife and daughter for another woman, and never showed his face again. She lived with her mother in a small house, and was spoiled rotten. Her mother was able to support the family with several jobs, with little help from Enna. When her mother became sickly, she had to take matters into her own hands. WIP

Other : When she 'accidentally' says something wrong, she quickly follows whatever she said with "That was a joke".

So begins...

Enna Kovitz's Story

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Kai Fetegori

It was another one of those days in the guild. Not in a bad way obviously. Kai loved his guild, and everyone in it; Layden, the Lualdi siblings, Seraphina, Enna, Daimen, Soriu, Acelin, Zephyrine, Hiromi, Kento, Kisara, Andrea, (Even) Jikan, Roxie, Will, Soran, Zwein, and Rosas. He loved everyone in it with his life and would do anything to protect it. Saying that it was another normal day was good because no harm or danger would come to them. That's what made him so glad.

Though, Kai was also glad because he could sleep in. Perhaps he was the guild master, a very powerful mage who reigned over a whole entire guild, but he was also an old man, despite his youthful appearance. Old men have to get extra sleep to you know? He didn't mind though because most of the guild members didn't mind, so he got at least a few extra minutes in, just hoping it wouldn't be too loud on the bottom floor where everyone would drink and eat and do their daily business.

The Lualdi Siblings

Isako was sitting down at a table on the bottom floor. She was one of the first ones to get up, earlier than most, and sat down there for around a whole hour and a half. She didn't mind though. It was due to the fact that her health was in a strange condition and she had a few problems here and there. Quietly, she sipped a bit of tea from her cup, and put it back down as she got up to look at the bulletin board for any new quests that she may be able to handle alone, although that would be quite difficult.

Her brother though, Shibuya, just like the guild master, was still in bed, but he was a bit more active than that, seeing how he wasn't an old man. He was up, but he was tired, getting up most times even after Kai would wake up. While walking out of his apartment, which was about four blocks from Fairy Tail, he began to wonder what quest he would take. But while thinking, he entered Fairy Tail without realizing, and immediately tripped on some water spilt near the entrance from the fresh rain a day ago.

"There's water there." Isako said without having to turn around, although her comment was a bit late for her brother to hear, seeing how she said it just after he slipped.

"Thanks..." Shibuya answered with a grumble as he got up, rubbing his forehead where he fell first and where the impact of the fall was.


Jikan hadn't slept in days, and it wasn't bothering because she chose not to. She's stayed awake longer, and she didn't care. She didn't care about anything for that fact actually. From the upper floor, she looked around, trying to find the guild master, but when she didn't, Jikan smirked as she leaned on the wooden rail so she wouldn't fall, "That lazy old man... Who knows what could go wrong when you're sleeping past the accidents." She chuckled while moving her black hair out of her face but then became expressionless the next moment and said quietly underneath her breath to herself, "Boring. I can't do anything right now other than watch."