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Hiromi Sendo

Want to play with me?

0 · 367 views · located in Fairy Tail Guild

a character in “Welcome to Fairy Tail”, originally authored by PINKanime, as played by RolePlayGateway




Age: 18
Gender: Female
Mage: Lost Magic - God Slayer
Element/Type of Magic: Ice - Ice God Slayer Magic incorporates the element of ice into the user's body. This allows the user to produce (almost) indestructible black ice from any part of their body. The user is also able to consume ice and anything colder to replenish their strength.
Rank: S-Class
Crest Location:Back of neck in a lilac color
Weapon: None
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 121lbs.
Party: None AM

  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Hair Style: Straight and long going down bellow her waist. The bangs frame her face and her hair is cut in layers. Almost always up in two pigtails.
  • Eye Color: Deep purple going to Lilac
  • Build: A little lanky with an average sized chest.
  • Skin Tone: Pale with a light tan.
  • Clothing: Hiromi wears a variety of clothes. She wears pastels and black. Most likely it's a dress and in some cases just really child like clothing.

Personality:Well... heh heh heh, she's crazy. Not all the time though. She just never actually has a set personality. Most of the time it changes with her mood (and her mood changes randomly, sometimes it's not even right for the occasion) so...
  • Happy: Mostly here her personality is like a happy-go-lucky kid. Joking around and such. She loves to just have fun. You'll here a lot of laughing ^^
  • Sad/Depressed: Get ready for a really moody person. She gets pessimistic and sort of emo-ish... She talks to herself quietly and it's just really creepy.
  • Scared/Worried: Well she certainly doesn't like to accept this part of her. She trembles a lot and will find any opportunity to get away from any situation she's in.
  • Angry/Violent: Destruction... A sadomasochist at this moment. It's sort of the time where if she is fighting at the moment in this mood... well run. A lot of creepy laughter o.o
  • In Love: This doesn't happen that much but there is a lot of giggling and just being a really girly girl. She does act a bit more mature then normal though.


✓ Raspberries
✓ Sunny Days
✓ Snow
✓ Cold things
✓ Nice People
✓ Just having fun
✓ Games

X Meat
X Thunderstorms
X Lava/Fire
X Heat
X Bad People (very vague, very vague...)
X Working

# As a side effect of her magic, since she is able to control it well, she's sort of insane... no mental disorder or anything, just crazy...
# She gets distracted easily and acts really young for her age
# She doesn't like to sleep so she wears herself out then collapses... randomly

~ Good Singer
~ Surprisingly good fighter (when she has the right attention span)

@ Claustrophobia
@ Chronomentrophobia
@ Hyelophobia

^ She walks backwards a lot
^ Her speech is sometimes impaired (ex. I think... yes... I think I am right.)

Bio:Because of her personality, she really doesn't know her past that well. (eventually fragments will come in the roleplay)

Spells List:

  • Basic:
Ice God’s Bellow: A breath attack that spews sharp shards of ice from the user’s mouth at an alarming rate
Ice God’s Sword: Makes a large ice sword, that if broken it grows back to normal as long as the user is touching it
Ice God’s Punch: Once the punch makes contact with the target ice will rapidly spread onto the target
Ice God’s Shield: Makes a shield of almost indestructible thick ice, can be formed into any size or shape
Ice God’s Sculpture: Is like dynamic ice-make, though stronger
Ice God’s Burn: When the user shoots ice out of their hands, but the temperature of the ice is below 0 degrees, so it feels like fire
Ice God’s Control: Controls most ice that is under another user's power
Ice God’s Platform: Ice that covers the floor and creates structures from the initial ice, good for catching people when falling
Ice God’s Figure: Like static ice-make, though stronger and more complex
Ice God's Armor: Armor made completely of ice, very durable
Ice God's Diamond Gun: Creates a gun made of ice with bullets that can get as sharp as a diamond, it has unlimited ammo as long as the user is touching it
Ice God's Doll: A doll of ice that can move and fight along side the user, can have any appearance the user wishes
Ice God's Beam: A light that comes out of the user's hand and in the middle a pole of ice that can have any thickness or length and comes out the speed of a bullet
Ice God's Chains: Ice chains that can tie up someone

  • Advanced:
Frozen Blizzard: When the user creates a blizzard, but instead of snow, it is sharp shards of ice
Aurora Beam: A beam of light will shine over the enemy and case them in ice.
Code Zero: An ice attack that cannot be seen, but drops the temperature rapidly until the user collapses from fatigue
Sweet Dreams: Causes the blood in a person to freeze so the person becomes unconscious
Melt Down: heats ice until it turns into vapor
God's Healing: heals wounds by using ice to cover them up (depending on the wound is how long it will take to heal)
Ice Shard: Creates sharp ice shards that come out from the user in every direction
Freeze Shock: In the form of an ice knife, if it hits it starts to shock(in a pulsing manner) the enemy with freezing cold air
Thin Ice: used before hand for setting traps which can cover a hole or cause an enemy to slip


  • God:
Hell Freeze Over: anything the user touches turns completely into ice
Complete Melt: evaporates anything that has a liquid form, includes juice, snow, nitrogen, etc.
Absolute Control: controls any ice, whether it is static or dynamic and if it's made by a wizard or not
Permafrost: Freezes stuff until it explodes
Time Freeze: Freezes everything so it is slower, so the user seems faster
Frozen Nitrogen Flash: Flash Freezes a person before they can react, it is undetectable
Crystal Hailstone: Causes large ice crystals to fall rapidly and randomly

  • Forbidden:
Ice God's Ice Age: unknown
Freezing Supernova: unknown
Hypothermic Crystal: unknown
Ice God's Complete Freezing Hell: unknown

So begins...

Hiromi Sendo's Story

Characters Present

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Kai Fetegori

It was another one of those days in the guild. Not in a bad way obviously. Kai loved his guild, and everyone in it; Layden, the Lualdi siblings, Seraphina, Enna, Daimen, Soriu, Acelin, Zephyrine, Hiromi, Kento, Kisara, Andrea, (Even) Jikan, Roxie, Will, Soran, Zwein, and Rosas. He loved everyone in it with his life and would do anything to protect it. Saying that it was another normal day was good because no harm or danger would come to them. That's what made him so glad.

Though, Kai was also glad because he could sleep in. Perhaps he was the guild master, a very powerful mage who reigned over a whole entire guild, but he was also an old man, despite his youthful appearance. Old men have to get extra sleep to you know? He didn't mind though because most of the guild members didn't mind, so he got at least a few extra minutes in, just hoping it wouldn't be too loud on the bottom floor where everyone would drink and eat and do their daily business.

The Lualdi Siblings

Isako was sitting down at a table on the bottom floor. She was one of the first ones to get up, earlier than most, and sat down there for around a whole hour and a half. She didn't mind though. It was due to the fact that her health was in a strange condition and she had a few problems here and there. Quietly, she sipped a bit of tea from her cup, and put it back down as she got up to look at the bulletin board for any new quests that she may be able to handle alone, although that would be quite difficult.

Her brother though, Shibuya, just like the guild master, was still in bed, but he was a bit more active than that, seeing how he wasn't an old man. He was up, but he was tired, getting up most times even after Kai would wake up. While walking out of his apartment, which was about four blocks from Fairy Tail, he began to wonder what quest he would take. But while thinking, he entered Fairy Tail without realizing, and immediately tripped on some water spilt near the entrance from the fresh rain a day ago.

"There's water there." Isako said without having to turn around, although her comment was a bit late for her brother to hear, seeing how she said it just after he slipped.

"Thanks..." Shibuya answered with a grumble as he got up, rubbing his forehead where he fell first and where the impact of the fall was.


Jikan hadn't slept in days, and it wasn't bothering because she chose not to. She's stayed awake longer, and she didn't care. She didn't care about anything for that fact actually. From the upper floor, she looked around, trying to find the guild master, but when she didn't, Jikan smirked as she leaned on the wooden rail so she wouldn't fall, "That lazy old man... Who knows what could go wrong when you're sleeping past the accidents." She chuckled while moving her black hair out of her face but then became expressionless the next moment and said quietly underneath her breath to herself, "Boring. I can't do anything right now other than watch."