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Soriu Manita

"Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue."

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a character in “Welcome to Fairy Tail”, as played by Mineczka


Soriu Manita


Mage: Dragon Slayer7
Element/Type of Magic:Electricity/Lightning
Rank:Regular Mage
Crest Location:Back of the Right Shoulder in Cobalt
Weapon:No Weapon
Height: 1.6 Meters {5'4" for the standard users}
Weight: 49.9Kg {About 100 pounds for the standard users}
Party:Unknown at the moment
Appearance:Being of almost a tiny stature towards Soriu definitely is easily overlooked by most, yet she's easily noticable with her spells and typically charge throughout her body from her lightning magic. Her build though looking like a weak person, Soriu is a strong one, able to take out the strongest of fighters. Yet her endurance in a fight is sub-par, since she still is not much of a close quarters fighter and prefers to shock her enemy before taking out the opposition. Because of that her defense is not exactly taking hits or blocking, she just evades the best she can.
Her apparel, though, isn't the exact same clothes each time, but she doesn't have much in that area since, she really doesn't care of what she looks like with <put clothing implement here.>

Personality: Soriu is typically relaxed when in the guild and for most of the time she's looking out for others no matter who they are. Yet Soriu can get angry and typically her anger is triggered rapidly by some, since, there are those whom annoy Soriu by basically existing. She feels nothing of her power as a thunder Dragonslayer, she really considers herself as weak, always doubting herself in her abilities. Soriu also when she 's made a mistake tends to beat herself up for it and stops trying with what she's doing, especially with her Perfectionism and Defeatism causing her to spiral into the darkest parts of her mind. Other than her being a self depreciating, Soriu is rather cheery when everything turns out right, she gets more excited than most since she's so used to defeat and mistakes. {More to be added when I think of it...}
Likes:Soriu loves Storms, Flowing music, Perfection, Lightning {Hmm... I wonder why...}
Dislikes:Soriu Mistakes, Being annoyed, Lies, and Evil, and Lies, And. And Bell peppers!! {points for catching that reference}
Flaws:Well Soriu has some killer defeatism, there are some other flaws such as: she typically doesn't control her own emotions, and she can't cook at all {Food of death}.
Talents: Soriu can dance very well, she's a good strategist when she isn't in a blind fury from her emotions, she can sword fight very well as well.
Fears: {To be added}

Bio:Ask her. I dare you! >:D {Gives me the chance to develop her character using her past! >:3}

[right]Image{One of Soriu's attacks.}


So begins...

Soriu Manita's Story

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Kai Fetegori

It was another one of those days in the guild. Not in a bad way obviously. Kai loved his guild, and everyone in it; Layden, the Lualdi siblings, Seraphina, Enna, Daimen, Soriu, Acelin, Zephyrine, Hiromi, Kento, Kisara, Andrea, (Even) Jikan, Roxie, Will, Soran, Zwein, and Rosas. He loved everyone in it with his life and would do anything to protect it. Saying that it was another normal day was good because no harm or danger would come to them. That's what made him so glad.

Though, Kai was also glad because he could sleep in. Perhaps he was the guild master, a very powerful mage who reigned over a whole entire guild, but he was also an old man, despite his youthful appearance. Old men have to get extra sleep to you know? He didn't mind though because most of the guild members didn't mind, so he got at least a few extra minutes in, just hoping it wouldn't be too loud on the bottom floor where everyone would drink and eat and do their daily business.

The Lualdi Siblings

Isako was sitting down at a table on the bottom floor. She was one of the first ones to get up, earlier than most, and sat down there for around a whole hour and a half. She didn't mind though. It was due to the fact that her health was in a strange condition and she had a few problems here and there. Quietly, she sipped a bit of tea from her cup, and put it back down as she got up to look at the bulletin board for any new quests that she may be able to handle alone, although that would be quite difficult.

Her brother though, Shibuya, just like the guild master, was still in bed, but he was a bit more active than that, seeing how he wasn't an old man. He was up, but he was tired, getting up most times even after Kai would wake up. While walking out of his apartment, which was about four blocks from Fairy Tail, he began to wonder what quest he would take. But while thinking, he entered Fairy Tail without realizing, and immediately tripped on some water spilt near the entrance from the fresh rain a day ago.

"There's water there." Isako said without having to turn around, although her comment was a bit late for her brother to hear, seeing how she said it just after he slipped.

"Thanks..." Shibuya answered with a grumble as he got up, rubbing his forehead where he fell first and where the impact of the fall was.


Jikan hadn't slept in days, and it wasn't bothering because she chose not to. She's stayed awake longer, and she didn't care. She didn't care about anything for that fact actually. From the upper floor, she looked around, trying to find the guild master, but when she didn't, Jikan smirked as she leaned on the wooden rail so she wouldn't fall, "That lazy old man... Who knows what could go wrong when you're sleeping past the accidents." She chuckled while moving her black hair out of her face but then became expressionless the next moment and said quietly underneath her breath to herself, "Boring. I can't do anything right now other than watch."

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Soriu had now reached the guild after making her nice trek through the city and smiled looking at the building, "hard to miss." she said with a small laugh as she walked in, wondering what shenanigans will happen inside, she noticed it was actually quite calm for what she's seen with some of the members. Soon she just walked over briskly to a table which seemed the quietest to her, 'well... Now what?' she thought before rising and looking at the mission-board, "anything I can do?" she asked as she looked at the missions that are simplistic enough for her pathetic self to do. She sighed as she looked, "nothing I can do on my own." she said with a half-depressed tone before sitting at the table she was at earlier. She now decided to pull out her little note-pad and a pencil, she started to draw out of boredom.

{Kind-of went with her thoughts as well}

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Kai Fetegori

"Welcome back Kisara, Zephyrine, Soiru!" Kai exclaimed with enthusiasm as usual, "And I'm fine Soran! No need for food, your guild master will be fine without breakfast this morning! Or else, he'll probably find something to eat~" He said while now watching his steps down the stairs so he wouldn't fall a second time. He looked around, counting his guild members who were inside at that moment. He noticed a few people gone, but just shrugged it off and knew that there were a few people who slept in, and some people who were already gone for their quests.


"Oh calm down Ji-chan. No need to be so crude and say such harsh words. You might hurt our feelings."

Jikan growled, a bit threatening as she muttered, "Didn't know idiots even had feelings." When she saw Kento leave, she let out a sigh of relief before saying, "Finally, one of the kids left. Now only... a lot more." She sighed tiredly, deciding maybe she should go outside just to get away from all the children in the guild that Kai raised when they joined.

She didn't like anyone in the guild. Almost everyone knew that she hated every living thing in the guild, even a plant (Yes, even a plant. Jikan's a mean person.) She didn't like anything ever since that one day years ago, when Kai just became the guild master. While thinking of the past, Jikan sighed, "I think I'll get some fresh air." She grumbled before heading down the stairs quietly, passing everyone like a simple shadow which she really was. Once she got outside, she began to walk on the edge of the stream, watching the water waver as she took everything such as the guild into some sort of deep thought. (Think of where Lucy walked when she went home!)

Luladi Siblings

Shibuya didn't say anything to the people who entered the guild as he was also staring at the bulletin board, wondering what quest to take while his sister stood beside him, although she, unlike him, said hi also, like her guild master, "Welcome back everyone." She said, not really wanting to say each name, not because she disliked anyone, but because she was also studying each mission on the board.

"Neh, what about this one?" He asked, tearing down one that was for S Classes.

Isako looked at him with a straight face and said with little emotion, "Shibuya, you forget I'm not an S Class, and nor will I ever be. I don't have any interest in taking on such a hard mission, and that's an SS quest by the way."

"Hah?" Shibuya took a look at the paper again, but because of his terrible eyesight, he squinted, "What the..."

"You need glasses." She said, picking down another one that seemed to have caught his attention as Shibuya took the pin and put the paper back.

"Whatever. What's this?" Shibuya asked and stole the paper out of her hands although she didn't really mind since she was so used to it, everyday all day, "Ah... this one doesn't look so bad... But it's not as if two siblings can take it alone. Go ask someone."

"You're the one who came up with the idea, go on. Don't be shy now, brother." Isako laughed a bit before taking the paper back and folding it, "You're never going to get along with anyone if you don't try and grab their attention in a friendly way."

Shibuya still didn't do what she asked as the two got into a sort of... sibling argue. Shibuya was growing a bit more annoyed by the second with how his sister kept on responding while Isako just shrugged it all off and continued to study the quest a little deeper.

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Kisara sighed not from pity but from the fact that Rosas had to ask help. she knew he hated having to ask for it, she did too. about to show him where the board was Soran appeared, placing a hand of Rosas shoulder. he then turned to Kisara greeting her with a smile, but all that came his way was a small smile.

Fairy Ann flew to her side, Kisara raised the mug into the air not even looking at her as she poured beer into the mug. if you looked close enough you could just barely see the effects of alcohol appearing on Tea. Kisara took a sip of her beer and let out a sigh, she walked over to Rosas leading him to the table before snatching a random quest from the board.

"here eat your breakfast while i tell you about the quest" Kisara got a spoon full of eggs ate it then handed it to Rosas placing it above the eggs so he wouldnt miss. Kisara took off her cloak, folding it besides her, crossing one leg over the other she leaned on one elbow examing the quest she chose.

a smile appeared on her lips a rare sight but it soon vanished as her eye found something very interesting. mysterous dissapearance of children "well what do we have here" taking another swig of her beer Kisara continued to examine the quest.