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Will Arkins

"Will wants to plaaaay~! Play with him, pretty please?"

0 · 196 views · located in Fairy Tail Guild

a character in “Welcome to Fairy Tail”, originally authored by Byte, as played by RolePlayGateway


Will Arkins


Age: Twelve
Gender: Male
Rank: D

Mage: Dragon Slayer
Element: Wither - The element of decaying, rotting. Now to make one thing clear, Will can't just flick his hand and expect things to be corrupted by his magic. In no way is he able to inflict permanent impairments like rotting away someone's arm. In fact, he can't really let anything decay, safe for stuff that isn't alive and certain magic. But even then it has to be almost microscopically small.

Type of Magic: Lost magic, Caster-type - As a Dragon Slayer, Will is, what most people would call, an improved version of the original and the copy of said original. The boy has not only been taught by a real dragon, but has also been implanted with a Dragon Lacrima, effectively dubbing him a Third Generation of Dragon Slayers.

Party: Dragon Heart

In any sense of the word, pipsqueek. Will is definitely far, faaaaar from standing head to head with most of the guild members. The boy is short -- Even for his age -- standing at a measly height of four foot and nine inches. A typical hurdle for him to fall over when he wants to snuggle with one of the members, and they're a couple of inches large than he! Well that's a major first world problem right there, isn't it? Seriously, though, Will really has some issues with his lack of tallness, and will do anything in his power -- Whether that be grabbing a chair or nonchalantly stepping on a table. -- to be at eye-level with whoever he's talking to.

Apart from that, comes his obvious scrawny, skeletal build. He weights approximately a slim eighty-eight pounds, and you really wouldn't doubt that number! Will is definitely thin, almost unhealthily so. It's as if his element and strange taste for food doesn't want him to gain any meat on those rattle-bones. On the plus side, he's portable. If Will ever complains about sore feet during a long track, you can just pick him up and experience his feathery weight. Don't expect him to comply with being carried, though, but I digress.

The boy's hair is a bright blonde with streaks of orange tints evenly spread across a couple of strands. He often lacks to patience to comb it or do anything with it other than ruffle it a bit for less of a 'I just rolled out of bed' hairdo. It easily reaches down to his ears, and comes with the common problem of the boy having to constantly swipe a fringe of his hair away from his orange eyes, though some may mistakenly call it red. Which isn't entirely wrong, funnily enough specks of red-tints do inhabit Will's eyes. He thinks it lovingly compliments his other facial features, such as his turned-up nose and, strangely enough, red-tinted lips that always show a wide smile.

His skin is completely devoid of any markings, safe for that lovely pink crest that resides on the inside of his left hand, but other than that, that pale organic blanket of his doesn't seem to sport much else. Anything remotely scar-related is well-hidden underneath his clothing. Yeah, he's ashamed of that one stripe on his back. It's ugly!

Crest Location: The inside of his left hand, a fluorescent pink.

It's not much of a classy surprise that Will is, in all his fibers, a child. But the good kind of child. Y'know, that adorable, heart-melting puppy-eyed boy who will get away with anything just by looking at you innocently. I mean, who doesn't want to cuddle him for just being so fluffy and bright?

Will has a heart of gold, and, as is a staple of every child, is not able to tell one lie without feeling bad about it afterwards. He seemingly apologizes for anything that may sound or seem offending to anyone, and does his best to please whoever he can. The Guild Master in particular. His overall jolly and charming nature allows the boy to get along with most everyone in the guild, and has a tendency to call everyone he spoke to, even if that talk was a mere good morning, a friend. A buddy.

There is, of course, not much debate that Will can be needy if a situation warrants it. Jealousy plays a big part in his life, and he isn't too fond of sharing attention when he got it only a mere second before said interruption of some other attention-seeking person. But apart from that, it ain't a bad kid. A rascal, maybe, but it is clear as day that he wouldn't want any of his friends to get hurt by him or his powers.

* The colour pink
* Playtime
* Chitter-chatter
* Hugging
* Aresceth, his dragon parent
* Being called Sonny, Kiddo or anything related to child

* Tall things
* Being ignored
* Fresh food, give him something that is well over its expiration date
* Nightmares
* People making fun of his parent
* Being called Pipsqueek

Lethal Klutz - Will has a natural talent for making his flailing that much more dramatic. A simple tumble will always result in things going haywire from there. Mind you, that could be a great way to defeat an enemy, but otherwise a lethal problem for the guild.

Gullible Child - You know Dragon Slayers will eventually burst if they eat too much of their respective elements? Really...? No, no they won't. But Will would believe it and end up not eating anything that's grown a green, smelly coat.

Lack of confidence - While not lacking in the ability to make social contact. Hell, if anything, he's just shy around the Big Guns. But others are free game. No, Will has a serious lack of confidence in his magic. It's great and all, but... He knows the danger it possesses, or at least thinks he does, and is quite reluctant to use it.

Rookie Mage - As proofed by the above, you'll rarely find Will getting stronger. He may have an abundance of techniques, even Dragon Force on his side, but all that matters very little if the best you can beat is a top D rank member of the guild.

Magic Consumption - Can I eat now? No, no you can't. Sadly, this has nothing to do with devouring an expired sandwich of some description. Rather, that Will unconsciously drains his already low magic reserves much faster than anyone else would. Whether that be lack of control, or maybe that Dragon Lacrima needs some magic power to be sustained- whatever it is, Will is quick to exhaust his magic during a fight because of it.

Loveable Scallywag - Awww look at that adorable puppy face~ It's okay, I'm not mad. Pretty much just that. It's hard not to melt when a kid plays innocent after some mischievous action. Right? Well, don't be mean! That's just cruel, and you probably hate kids, then.

Extravagant Imagination - Y'know, because I just imagined myself in the most adorable scene of approaching my idol. Sparkles and bubbles included. Will err- I guess you could pass it off as daydreaming, but honestly? It's more a mental disorder than a cutesy and silly quirk. Will needed some kind of cooping-system for what he's been through. And I guess this imagination thing was the result.

Heightened Senses - Will, as a Dragon slayer, is capable of smelling and even hearing things far beyond humanly possible. Mostly his sense of smell has been heightened to a certain extreme, the boy being capable of tracking a scent that has long since left the scene. As well as remember each individual aroma.

S class mages - Will is both intrigued and frightened by just the presence of one. It has been a dream of his to actually be able to talk to one, but he never seems to be able to attempt such a thing. Whether that be due to his own lack of courage, or a random event throwing a big gigantic invisible wall between the boy and said S-class.

Thunder/Lightning - Loud, flashy and deadly? Yeah that's something to be scared of alright! Run! Flee from the indescribable bang of white light! Hide under the tables, it's impending doom! Seriously, though, Will cowers under a couch or other seemingly safe spot if you so much as utter the sound 'Bang!'.

Child of a Dragon
A dreaded place, where the fog is as thick as smoke from an erupting volcano. Where no true living thing can stand the stench of rot and decay. The Sepulcer, or, more commonly known as the plains of the withered. It is but a small and meaningless area that inhabits nothing that will bloom. Trees are mere grey stumps of rotten wood, waters ooze a murky green, and its few wildlife can only be described as walking dead if they're not buried underground. The Sepulcer was home to Aresceth, the Lady of the Withered and dragon mother to Will.

As oddly cliché as it was, the then baby boy had been found by this frightening, winged creature on her many tracks through the wasteland. She did not know where the boy came from, but its endless cries had a certain... motherly affect on Aresceth and thus, the dragon decided to take him in and raise him to be her son.

Those few years, Will learned to speak, write and survive the harsh, dry land of The Sepulcer. He didn't at all seem frightened by the zombie-like appearance of his parent, and was quick to bond with the majestic Lady of the Withered. It was she who gifted the boy in the ancient Dragon Slayer magic, and taught him as much as she could. In Aresceth's words; It is a power of balance. With life, comes inevitable death, that is my gift to you. To keep that balance.

Will, seemingly knowing nobody else to call his mother, enjoyed his primitive lifestyle. Yet, that life would end sooner than he'd like. Much, much too soon.

The Arkins Family
And, at the age of merely seven, Will returned to his home on the lone tombstone that stood at the centre of The Sepulcer. Only to find it empty. Frightened and panicky, the young boy inspected every nook and cranny, but Aresceth was gone. Vanished. His parent was gone, and he was, yet again, a lone boy in a big scary world. He couldn't move away, and spend what felt like a weeks worth of crying at the crumbling tombstone, until-

He fell asleep, and woke up to a pair of unfamiliar faces, his body meeting with the soft and comfortable hugging of a bed in a brightly lit room. Where was he? Where was Aresceth? No. Mother wasn't there, only they; The Arkins family. His second to-be family that found him crying in his restless sleep, and couldn't leave a poor lost child in the midst of the most dangerous place on Earthland.

They were loving, almost as loving as his real mother was. Little did Will know that his adoptive father had other plans in mind for him. The first two years seemed so loving, so caring, so... Family-like. But all that was a seemingly well put together façade for his foster father to later put Will through a cruel test. Dragon Lacrima, a rare crystal materials that, when implanted, give people the ability to use Dragon Slayer magic. But, what would happen when you implant it within someone who already has learned said magic? A much more powerful Dragon Slayer, but at what cost?

With great power comes great responsibility, and Will lacked control that resulted in the lab he was put in to collapse. Which made his chance to escape through the help of his foster mother, but she died as the result. And, although that may not be the truth, Will does feel responsible in some way for her early demise. Even if it is all his foster father's doing. And so, he once again had to feel the pain of going through life, alone.

Fairy Tail - A New Family
Broken, lost, hungry and frightened, Will stumbled upon the infamous Fairy Tail guild. At first, he had hoped to just... be brought in for a short while. But what seemed only temporary, has become a two year stay in the guild. They took good care of him, and have shown what a loving family should be: A group where you share joys, fears and angers. All for one, one for all. Despite being in the care of Fairy Tail for two years, Will has only just become a full-fledged member for... Oh roughly a month or so, and has yet to experience the life of a mage-for-hire.

He enjoys the company, though, and can only hope things will roll uphill from here. And maybe, just maybe he's able to find answers to where Aresceth might've vanished.

Third Person Speech - As odd as it may sound, Will speaks in a manner that refers to himself as a third person. Not ever does he use I, me, mine, or anything pertaining to first person speech. Why? Ain't that a million dollar question. He just does. That, in some twisted manner, it is cuteness overload is just a bonus, right?

Withered Dragon's Roar - The staple of all Dragon Slayers: their roar. Will lets out a howl, followed by a blast of green-black smog that speeds forward in its aimed direction.

Withered Dragon's Cleaving Claws - Will lunges, coating his hands in claws and swipes in a downwards X-pattern.

Withered Dragon's Morningstar Tail - Thrusting either arm forward, Will releases a ray of magic in the shape of a morning-star, or rather, a flail that lunges in its thrown direction.

Withered Dragon's Scorching Talons - Will hops into mid-air, stretching his legs into a split, as feet are now coated in talons, and spin-kicking in a clockwise manner

Withered Dragon's Steel-Bone Horns - Charging head-on, Will literally butts into a target with his head as two identical horns protrude on hit.

Withered Dragon's Wing Swipe - Sliding on the ground, Will turns a hundred-and-eighty degrees and quickly raising his arms. A flock of wing-shaped magic sends anything within their vicinity hurling through the air.

Withered Dragon's Devouring Canines - Will charges full-body, and then allows smog, in the shape of a dragon's head that is about to devour its coming meal, to envelop him and his target.

Withered Dragon's Corrupting Breath - Will inhales, then exhales air, that is now mixed with his magic, and lets a thin layer of black fog surround a small radius around him. Any low-level magic projectile coming into contact with this fog may be corrupted, basically weakening it. Though, it'll still injure Will when hit.

Withered Dragon's Blood - Will undergoes a semi-transformation, his eyes turning red as the white of said eyes turn a void black. A green-black aura surrounds him, continuously draining Will's magic reserves. This technique slightly enhances the boy's speed, he's quicker and more agile. Though, it doesn't enhance his overall physical strength, nor that of his magical attacks.

Dragon Force - The ultimate form a Dragon Slayer can obtain. While most know, or at least those familiar with Dragon Slayers, that a Dragon Slayer needs to consume a ridiculous amount of magic relative to their element. Will seemingly has no trouble willing this state. But willing, is a long ways away from actually sustaining Dragon Force. He's known to have trouble keeping it up for long periods of time -- Hell, you may just call it a 'eyes-playing-with-your-mind' trick seeing it the first time, it's that short! -- especially with his lack of magic power.

When in Dragon Force, Will's body is completely covered in scale-like prints randomly scattered around his body, that then vaporize and literally rot away his skin. Showing innards and bones. His eyes turn a glassy, see-through white. It is almost as if he has literally become a walking corpse. (Though he does not obtain the traits of one.) Bone-white claws and talons shape around his hands and feet, growing long, edged black nails and his canines seemingly grow a bit as well, giving a much more Zombie Dragon-like appearance.

So begins...

Will Arkins's Story

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#, as written by Byte
Will Arkins


Abort! Bail! Do not proceed!

Jikan, the destroyer of fluffy things is present within Fairy Tail. Hide yo' wife! Hide yo' kids! Cause she'll de-cutesify everything!

Backyard. Yep, much more peaceful, Will is there if his fwiends need him!

“Did too!”


“Did too!”

Again, came a shake with his wee-little head.

“Don't run awaaaaay!”

Will excitedly took the chase for the tiny squirrel who mistook the boy's head for a gigantic, hairy nutcracker.

“Oh, nice tree!”

A hand patted the brown, crusty bark ever so friendly.

“Are you hiding the squirrel from Will?” He remarked with a sleazy grin of every-so-jolly mischief.

kyun, kyun~

The scene around Will suddenly began to fade, leaving only a circular patch of grass around him, the tree, and the squirrel who had just managed to hide between the many green leaves of the large oak.

“Who asks? Squeaky is my friend, and I protect him from mean little kids like you.” The tree bellowed, shaking its large, well-developed branches to hide Squeaky as best as it could.

“Oh? Can mister Tree tell Squeaky to stop using Will for cracking acorns?” The young boy managed his cutest puppy-face he could muster, head cocked to the left as his whole body sparkled with fluffy cuteness.

“He did?” The large oak chuckled, leaves shivering with amusement. “He does have a strange way of asking attention.”


“Squeaky just wanted to play.” The tree once again bellowed, lowering one of his branches to allow his little squirrelly friend to hop onto Will's head.

“You two have fun now, okay?”

“Yes, mister Tree.”

kyun, kyun~

Will blinked his eyes, the scene from before having been replaced with the dull, not-imaginitive backyard of Fairy Tail again. “Oopsie, Will fell. Hee~” He announced, flinching a wee-moment when the squirrel from before leaped onto his head. “Hey! Wanna play with Will?”

A squeak came in response, the furry little creature hopping onto the grassy floor beneath him so his new friend could chase him.

“Oh, you wanna play Tag? Okay~!”

So the chase resumed with Will giggling excitedly like the hyper and cheery child he was.

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A small apologetic smile appeared on her face, her eye watched Rosas as he stumbled about trying to locate her. Which he did eventually, after crashing into a column and quite a few benches. A mirth filled smile overcame her apologetic one and it was rare to see such an expression on her otherwise blank face.

“I go because I prefer to be alone and for that very reason of you being blind I do not wish to have to babysit you the entire time.” Her answer to him was blunt and would most likely hurt him but that was just how Kisara was. However she realized Rosas wasn’t even looking at her, shaking her head ever so slightly Kisara reached out taking his chin gently in her fingers so he would actually be looking at her without really seeing in her.

“Have you been waiting for me this entire time Rosas?” concern trickled down her words almost becoming like a song as her words reached his ears prompting him to tell her all that she wanted to know. This was all thanks to the magic she dipped her words in making sure Rosas spoke to her truthfully and to calm his heart which was beating pretty fast from frustration.

Neko-san let out a sigh and sat down on his hunches on the table top, the others soon followed suit, Fairy Ann lifted Tea into the air and poured cold beer into Kisara’s raised glass despite the early morning she was already drinking. And it wasn’t like it was going to do anything to affect her, ever since she joined Fairy Tail and was old enough by Kai’s standards she began to drink furiously and not once has she ever really gotten drunk.


She woke up to the sound of an eerie silence, forming goose bumps on her bare neck. Scowling at the bright light that filtered through the curtains of her window Roxie began to get dressed, her trademark dress slid over her head, resting on petite shoulders and small barely noticeable chest.

Roxie caught sight of herself in the full length mirror her scowl deepened, realizing just how underdeveloped her body was compared to a few people she could name in her guild that had such nice curves. Suddenly a stream of curses escaped her lips and Roxie kicked her bedpost and if it had feelings it would most definitely started crying.

Bangs covered her eyes and Roxie let out a huff of breathe, white strands lifted from her freckled face just for a moment before settling back down. Roxie walked to her dresser rummaging in one of the draws until she found her favorite hair tie and tide her bangs up, which were looked more like a spiked pineapple at the top of her head than actual hair.

Roxie growled, as did her stomach and she slung her guitar on her back, put on her shoes which added to her short stature and jumped right out of her window. “Time for some rehearsal” white teeth flashed brightly with her smile.

But it seems her glee would be short lived as she landed in a tree as she should and then jumped to the floor only to be runned over by an equally small body similar to her own. Roxie landed on her butt; staring for a moment at nothing in particular it finally registered to her what just happened. “What the HELL!” she shouted, orange almost red eyes locked with her own pale blue eyes and Roxie glared.

Eyes widening, a light blush crept across her cheeks but that would soon be mistaken for anger as she yelled out a name that at the moment she hated but would eventually go back to giggling like a little girl later on.


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#, as written by Byte
Will Arkins


The boy gazed hungrily at his squirrelly friend, pouncing towards the general vicinity where the furry little creature had been, for a lack of a better word, clapping his hands excitedly and make a series of hiccups that were more akin to laughing-taunts – From Will's lovingly imaginative perspective, anyway.


“Mister Tree won't hide Squeaks!”

The fluffy beast had scurried up the one large oak tree in Fairy Tail's backyard, chased by a widely grinning Will, who had already kick-started a sprint to hop onto the tree.

However, such a thing would be badly disrupted by one of the many things he'd hold dear.


Some weird blue-purple, blurple, blob flashed in front of the boy's path. Too late!!!


Brake! Brake! Halt! ….. Broccoli?

No time! Brace yourselves for crash-landing!!!


Will's attempt at using the poor grass as a break pretty much backfired completely, and actually send him hurling fast at the blurple flash before him to greet it with a fancy head-butt, before gravity took its natural course and pulled both participants by their strings and dropped them on their bottoms.


Will instinctively dragged his pair of teeny-little hands to the boo-hoo on his head, muttering some more Ouch's and Oof's along the way.

That bump on his forehead felt like a giant potato! Probably was one, too. – He hated potatoes, unless they've got a green, furry coat, then it'd be no problemo.

“What the HELL!”

Uh...? Orange eyes met with the pale, blue gaze of – Oh bugger he'd done it again – Roxie. Who, incidentally, was just as surprised to see him, as he was her.


“Hi!” The boy retorted nonchalantly, having completely forgotten about the fact that he had a massive bump sticking out of his head, and raising one of his hands in a flamboyant wave of greeting.

“Ow- Sorry...!”

Will hopped back on his two feet, walking over to his team-mate and, maybe, friend? Both those terms were confusing for him, probably because he never knew what to call a hyper, loud-mouthed and very, very aggressive girl. Apart from just her name, that is.

Anyway, he grabbed one of Roxie's arms, and pulled her back on just one pair of legs.

“Hope Roxie's okay!” He remarked, his tone genuinely concerned with the well-being of his team-mate – And just to check she wouldn't gut him after this unfortunate encounter.

“Will hadn't seen her jump, was too busy chasing Squeaky.”

He pointed to the top of his head, where, once again, his fluffy friend had settled himself.

“Does Roxie want to join them? They're playing Tag!” He asked, the smile on his face widening with each word, as his hand stretched out, waiting for Roxie to accept the offer.

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a light blush covered her cheeks when he helped her up but then they just got redder as she got mad again.

“Hope Roxie's okay!” He remarked concern obvious in his voice.

Roxie glared at him then in one swift movement punched him in the gut. "of course im okay you twit! why wouldnt i!?nor do i want to play some kid game!" she said angrily closing her eyes in anger, after swatting away his hand.

turning away Roxie folded her arms across her chest, cracked open one eye and puffed out her cheeks. "but thanks for the concern" she had said it in such a hushed and gentle tone no one would have thought possible.

blushing even more Roxie glared over her shoulder at Will and left. but instead of going through the guilds buildjng Roxie went around. the whole way she mumbled to herself about squierrles and childish people. that is until she found Damien on a bench, for a moment she thought he was dead but saw the small rise and fall of his chest.

"oh well that sucks one less crazy person in the world" she growled. then proping her fists on her hips Roxie frowned and opened her mouth speaking loudly in his ear. "you know people are going to think your dead, sleeping the way you do" flicking his forhead with one finger. if he did wake up he would have been met by a chesire cat smile and mishevious blue eyes.

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#, as written by Byte
Will Arkins

The area around them seemed to swallow time itself, grass no longer dancing with the wind, trees no longer shaking their leaves with joy as rays of light cast themselves on the green surface. Time stopped, and a bright, clear filter made way for a soothing, pink screen that made everything seem so... lovely.

“Is Roxie okay?” Will asked, ever so concerned with the well-being of his most treasured companion

“I am, thanks to you.” Came the reply, blue eyes locking with Will's bright orange beads, her big smile temporarily soothing the boy's sorrow.

He beamed a smile of sincere relief and extended his right arm to help Roxie on her two feet again.

The boy felt genuinely sorry. He was always a clumsy sod, but to bump into the friend he cared for the most was... Unacceptable.

“Will apologizes for... Bumping into Roxie. He should not have done that.” He uttered, sobbing aloud as his eyes began to swim around in tiny, little tears of gold.

“He's soooooo sorry!” Will cried out, a single tear running down his cheek.



Roxie locked the young Will into a warm and loving embrace, placing a gentle kiss on his left cheek.

“It's okay! I know you didn't mean it!”


“Yeah! You were just playing a game, right?”

Will managed a smile, his cheeks still as red as a tomato from the unexpected course of action.

“Yeah, Will is playing Tag with Squeaky!” He announced, his finger pointing upward to his head, where the squirrel had once again settled.

“Can I... J-join?”

Will could only chuckle as he witnessed Roxie lowering her head to cover her embarrassment. For what, exactly? “Of course she can!” He responded In his laugh, grinning widely when he, Squeaky and Roxie resumed their fun little game.

Kyun, kyun~


“Oof...” A tiny fist managed to bury itself in Will's stomach, knocking him back to square one, back on the ground.

Both hands went to his wee-little belly, pressing firmly on the region where he was 'injured'. Though one could arguably say it didn't hurt him... much.


“Of course I'm okay, you twit!”

Came an angered – Though somehow, that was putting it lightly – response from Roxie.

“Oow... Why did she have to do that?” Will muttered through clenched teeth, squinting his eyes to force himself not to cry.

“Why wouldn't I!?”

“Will was just worried...” He didn't need to be shoved, punched, or anything physical that didn't involve a hug.

– Deserved it.

Yeah, he should've paid attention to his footing. He could he be so clumsy as to butt into someone? Into Roxie? Stupid, stupid... STUPID!

“Sorry... Still want to play with Will?” He asked excitedly. Hey, second time is a charm, right? Or was it the third...

“Nor do I want to play some kid game!”

As if it didn't faze him one bit – It really didn't. Will kept on his cheerful smile, standing back on two feet again to get on – somewhat – eye-level with his companion.

“She got to go now, right? Will and Roxie can play later!” He announced, waving her off.

Roxie left without a word, or at least, she probably thought she did. Her muttering didn't go unnoticed, yet Will only grinned with relief that he had a done at least ONE thing right today.


The boy eyed the little girl until she vanished behind the first corner, continuously waving both arms as high as he could.

Hmm, pineapple hair... Pineapple. Food. “Hungry!”

Breakfast! He hadn't eaten all day! Qui- Oooooh..... Jikan alarm. Riiiight.

Will reluctantly stepped back into the guild's home, eyeing every nook and cranny like it was some sort of Jikan hideout. She was... gone? Gone! The destroyer of fluffy things had left Fairy Tail!

Reliefed, the young boy squeezed his way through the many members, seriously not knowing where he was ending up, until-


White hair... Tall... Enormously tall... Strong... Layden!

Or, as Will always said-


Oddly enough, Will had some trouble pronouncing that name. Yeah, very difficult... Lay-den!


“Morning! Will hopes his friend slept well!”

He greeted, briefly hugging his Dragon Slayer buddy before wondering who, or what he was talking to.

Uh-oh, An... An-dre-a? Eeeeeeeeeek!

Hide! Danger! Use Laydin as your human shield! S-class wizard alarm!

Not that excessive of a reaction. Will simply nodded nervously at the fourth member of their team, before hiding behind his friend to wait for any response or friendly greeting.

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Andrea Moneks

Andrea had been lost in her own world again, lost in her thought and memories, she didn't like to dwell, let alone think about the past, but when it came to her mind, well she zoned out often, she tended to crawl into the deepest, darkest parts of her minds and hide in the past instead of living in the present. A voice pulled her from her memories and thoughts through, and she was rather grateful for it.“Morning! Will hopes his friend slept well!” Instead of paying attention to her team mate as he greeted Layden, she casually leaned to the side and zoned in on the Quest bored. There were a few quests that weren't taken, and a few that were, all she really knew through was that she needed to take a quest and get out for a breather.

Andrea let out a frustrated breath before turning back to her team mates only to find Will hiding behind Layden. She raised an eyebrow at him before offer a small smile. She because she was S-rank doesn't mean she was going to try and snap his neck, that would be very uncalled for after all. After all, most people judged her by her rank and how she looked, not by how she really acted. Rea had never really been a violent person, others had always made her violent, she saw no joy in having to harm someone, it was very unappealing to her, but she wasn't surprised Will, of all people, would be scared of her. As she did with everyone else, she would just have to prove to her team that she would protect them with her life, because no matter what they thought her of, they were her friends. "Hey there Will. Layden, could we please get a quest today?" Rea looked up at him with a small spec of hope in her eyes.

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#, as written by Byte
Will Arkins

Intense staring contest. Go! Hnnnggggh-





“Hi...” Will uttered in a low-frequency whisper, only his eyes revealing themselves from Layden's back to briefly gaze at Andrea, before turning to the-

“Nice floor.”

He liked a wooden floor, especially one where he could see his reflection – Though barely.

“Hi!” He greeted, waving to the blurred Will trapped inside the dense floor.

“Hey there, Will. Layden, could we please get a quest today?”

Yay! Playtime-

Yes! Yes! Will wanted to play with his friends!


The boy eyed his 'Brother', confused at his remark. That straight face did not help to ease his little racing heartbeat.

No playtime? Bu-

“Sounds like a good idea. I picked last I think it's your turn.”

Will gleefully smiled as Layden did. Oooooh! A joke!

Silly Laydin.

Will did not object when his buddy picked him up for a piggy-back ride. On the contrary, he grinned out of sincere joy – And gave everyone present a look that needlessly said: 'Look at my amazing horse.'

“Giddy up!” He announced, one hand firmly holding onto Layden's shoulder, while pointing at the quest board with the other. “Adventure time!” He said, humming something along the lines of na-na-na-na-na! Batman! When they made their way through hordes of other Fairy Tail members, and towards the questing board.

Kitty Rescue! Will wanted to do that one. Poor kitty, probably couldn't get out of the tree – They should do that o-

Nope. The Kitty Squad was not today, Layden and co had other plans. Which meant, harrumph! Serious business. Most of Layden and Andrea's choices were that. Never something, entertaining.

“Will doesn't like any...” He sobbed, pouting his wee-little lip as he glanced over the options.

He had to choose, however. Team sacrifice, so to speak. That, and Will had no intention for a re-run of last week. To sum it up: Will ended up going on a quest alone, got back tired and covered in mud, and with no reward to show for it.

“Hmmm...” He pondered, scratching the back of his head. “Will thinks that one!”

His tiny finger pointed in the general direction of the haunted shrine paper. That didn't seem too bad. And, unlike most kids his age, Will seemingly had no trouble with haunted stuff. Safe for his own nightmares, perhaps, but other scary things were fair game.

One of the plus points, having been raised by something more scary than the Boogie Man.

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Andrea Moneks

Andrea stood still and watched Layden move in front of her in a very protective manner as strange new voice reached their ears, Andrea didn't miss how he growled or hunched forward, ready for any kind of attack. Andrea also tensed for a moment, also ready to act at a moment's notice to protect her friends, but she relaxed when she realized the girl was in fact part of the guild and that there was no real threat. Layden relaxed as well and moved back beside her as he talked with Will, who replied to her, but then looked back down at the ground. “Hi...” Will whispered before he waved down to his reflection in the ground. Andrea smiled a rare, soft smile to him, before turning back towards Layden. Through Will had yet to connect with her on the level she had connected with Layden, she will felt very protective over him. Maybe it was his child like nature that got to her so much, she had once fought to protect other children, so it was only natural to want to protect him, and Roxie was much like a child as well, through she seemed to have a horrible temper, Andrea had been able to get past that part of her more than once and she was able to get past that part of her she saw the sweet and caring side, and of course she loved that side of the young girl more than anything else.

However, the person Andrea connected with the most was Layden, they had both had horrible childhoods, and they both had to fight to protect what they believed in. When she was around him she tended to calm down and talk more than she normally would, and she tends to gravitate towards him, almost as if being by his side helped her clear her mind of bad thoughts and memories. In some ways, he was her savior, from herself. Layden looked down straight into her eyes, playing off a straight face as he spoke. ".............No." Andrea blinked once before tilting her head to the side ever so slightly and staring back up at him with the same expression, and then not even five seconds later his normal bright smile spread across his face "Sounds like a good idea. I picked last I think it's your turn." Andrea nodded and followed Layden as he gave Will a piggy back ride over to the Quest board, quietly agreeing that they should go fetch Roxie once they chose a mission.

"Hmmm. Retrieve the ancient Shield of Sedjet from the ancient ruins of Sodjek in the Goharo Desert. Cleanse the haunted shrine outside of Graybrook village. Huh.....Retrieve "The Drakes Hand", an ancient magical artifact of great power, from the infamous Dark Wizard Dragmire, leader of the Dark Guild Blaze Skull. What do you guys think?" Layden said looking at both Will and her. Andrea pursed her lips for a moment and stared intently at the board. The one she was most interested in was Retrieving "The Drakes Hand" from the infamous Dark Wizard Dragmire, leader of the Dark Guild Blaze Skull, but of course that was what called to her most, she could tell the difference between a sweat and blood mission from a sweat and tears mission. “Will thinks that one!” Andrea was brought back from her thoughts by Will pointing towards the quest for the haunted shrine paper. Andrea frowned slightly before nodding to herself. "That one will do." She said offering a gentle smile to Will and Layden, but as soon as they turned their backs she reached up and ripped the other quest from the board before she folded it up and tucked it in her pocket. She would do that one once they got back.

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she looked down at the bottom of the quest page, and found the reward "it says here that its worth about a thousand or so jewels, maybe even less depending on how hard the quest turns out to be, as well as who it is that comes to collect. so in other words, the reward will change depending on our results and such."

Kisara glanced up at the young man from before, who stood in front of Andrea protectively. her head tilted to the side slightly, her eye narrowed some, inspecting this new person she didn't know. who is he? Kisara then whistled an incredibly high tune, one that very few would be able to hear, it was directed towards him (Layden) and it bounced back with new information based upon what she could hear from his magic. a dragon slayer hmm no matter was the only thought that expressed her opinion until she turned her attention back to Rosas.

at least that was her plan, until she overheard something that made her tense, her eye widened slightly, mainly out of surprise and possibly fear. Retrieve "The Drakes Hand", an ancient magical artifact of great power, from the infamous Dark Wizard Dragmire, leader of the Dark Guild Blaze Skull. those words sent chills down her spine, it made her remember her childhood. Kisara looked over to her small family, her face darkened with pain, but then Neko-san walked over nudging her hand with his head. this earned him a gentle smile and a nod of thank you.

"so what do you think Rosas still want to do it or no?" Kisara looked back at him, handing Rosas the paper.


everyone had been practicing pretty well, Roxie beamed with utter joy at being able to play with her friends and let it all out. "alright guys it's time I went back so see you guys later" she chirped, turned on her heel and excited the building. it hadn't even been that long since she got there maybe twenty or thirty minutes had passed but to her it seems like she had been there for hours. Roxie huffed saddened by the fact that she wouldn't be there for the majority of the day, but instead would be loitering about at the guild.

this made a sad thought cross her mind papa where are you? Roxie began to tear up but got mad at herself for almost crying, and yelled out "IM NOT CRYING OKAY!" even though there was no one around, Roxie ran forwards wiping away the oncoming tears with her sleeve.

she ran the rest of the of the way to the guild, hands balled up into fists, not really watching where she was going. and so Roxie slammed the doors open at full speed. when suddenly a figure appeared in her peripheral vision. Roxie yelped in surprise and in one swift move, had her guitar in hand and swung at the tall figure(Layden) her eyes closed from surprise.

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Layden frowned a bit when Will looked apprehensive about the choices of the missions. Will still didn't realize that the point of missions wasn't to have fun. Nor was it for money.....well at least in Layden's opinion it shouldn't be. Doing missions were about helping people. Power without purpose is dangerous, perhaps even more so than power with a wrong purpose. If you don't use your power to better the world, in any way you can, you don't deserve it. That's what Anima taught him from day one and it stuck with him all these years.

"Will thinks that one!" Will exclaimed, pointing at the mission for Cleansing the shrine. It looked like a good mission, but..."Yes it is Will...but, it's not your turn. It's Andrea's turn to pick a mission. It goes Roxie, you, me and then Andrea. I went last so it's her turn, alright?" He looked at Andrea with an apologetic smile.....just before his survival instinct kicked into overdrive.

He heard what sounded like Roxie yell in fear and then the overwhelming sense of danger. Layden only had a split second to react. he grabbed Will and threw him high into the air behind him and he raised both his forearms to the side of his face. Just in time to have a massive blunt weapon strike them and send him flying from the sheer force of the strike. He crashed through several tables, one of them being the table the Lualdi siblings were sitting at, then crashing into the stone wall causing it to crack. Layden fell from the wall to all fours groaning in pain.

Layden looked up with slitted eyes to see the face of his attacker......and calmed down when he saw it was Roxie, and she looked incredibly upset, almost like she was about to cry. His eyes went back to normal and he struggled to his feet. He made his way back over to his team slowly, gripping one arm tightly.

He walked back inbetween the siblings who were now sitting in chairs at no table. He had never really talked to them and he felt awkward. He half looked at Isako, looking embarrassed."Sorry about your food." he sort of half whispered to her. He then continued to walk towards Roxie.

When he got to her, he dropped to one knee and looked her straight in the eye. He then put one hand on her shoulder and talked low, so no one would hear. "You okay Roxie? You look upset." He knew how prideful she could get and he knew she didn't do it on purpose. So he talked quietly so she confide in him without losing face.

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#, as written by Byte
Will Arkins

“But, but but but... Wi-”


Will suddenly found himself taking unwilling flying lessons – Oh gravity, why are you so cruel! – being hurled from Ladyen's back as that blurple blob had appeared again. Out of nowhere!

“Lay-din!” The young boy scowled, this wasn't the game he was looking for.


Impact! Wooden pillar, twelve o'clock! Brace for stylish landing!

Not willing to undergo a third dramatic roly-poly action, Will twirled his body a hundred-eighty degrees – Or at least, twirl his wee-little body as much as he could – bending his knees so he could frog-hop from the pillar to the floor as graceful as gravity would allow.


The youngling tapped the floor with his feet, letting gravity take its course to gentle nudge him down on the floor.


His little hands pressed firmly against his temples, focusing on multiple blurs of people until his eyes stopped rolling like a pebble down the hill.


“Hi!” Will's eyes turned to a small group of members that sat at the table next to the ground where the youngling had taken a comfortable seating. “Why is everything spinning?”

There came no reply, just awkward staring.

“Oh! Playtime!”

Will scurried back to his team, only to find Layden talking to someone. Was it the blurple blob?

No... It was-


Yay, now they could all go play!

Arriving at the quest board again, Will felt – Or at least noticed – that something was off. “What's wrong?” He whispered, tugging Layden's shirt while keeping his eyes on the other youngling of team Dragon Heart.

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she smiled I'll never get used to him doing that. "yes, yes I know I'm coming Rosas" smiling Kisara stood up, and in one motion placed her cloak around her shoulders, it billowed out until it settled down in place, the hood up to conceal her face. Kisara stepped back just in time to avoid Layden from crashing into her, and shook her head, did Roxie-chan really just sending him flying that far, impossible, what a weak fellow she frowned distastefully at him.

she did admire the fact that he got back up, though he held his arm in pain. Kisara shook her head, and started to whistle that same tune as before, but dropped it just long enough to say goodbye, "good-bye Roxie-chan, Andrea, Will-kun and lizard slayer" and she resumed the tune.

once again the others would feel that same cold draft, but wouldn't know where it came from. Kisara stepped outside still whistling, she stopped besides Rosas, placing a hand on his shoulder so he too would be placed under the same spell. she turned him around so he could face the right direction and lead him in the right direction of Liuena.

after walking for maybe half an hour, Kisara dropped the spell, the whistling stopped and was replaced by that same eerie silence as before, until nature spoke up again in its ever constant chatter. "so have you come up with any plausible explanations to the kidnappings?" dropping her hand from his shoulder as she awaited his answer.


the first thing that happened was that she had sent Layden flying, upon realizing this Roxie got even more upset. she liked Layden and like Will, she considered him to be like an older brother figure. as if to replace the father that was not there, but then that thought made even more upset.

growling in frustration Roxie rubbed her eyes furiously trying to keep herself from crying. sniffling a bit Roxie slung her guitar back in its usual place on her back. then looked up to see Layden walking over to her, he knelt on one knee to look her in the eye.

"You okay Roxie? You look upset."

Layden always knew what to do, when she got like this. she gave him a small apologetic smile, glad that he did speak too loud for the others to hear. wiping at her eyes again, a frown creased her brows "just thinking about Papa, I don't like waiting. don't ever make me wait okay, I hate waiting" poking his shoulder with her finger.


looking over Laydens shoulder, Roxie saw Will's landing, giggling at her name being called by him. but then realized she let her secret show, even if just by a little.

“What's wrong?”

that question gave her a reason to cover up her mistake. so glaring at Will, Roxie yelled at "nothings wrong you little baby, so don't ask!" sticking her tongue out at him. Roxie twirled around, her back to both of the boys, her usual scowl back on her face. then she peeked over her shoulder a Layden "do we have a quest today?" her voice small.

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Andrea Moneks

One second Layden had been standing beside her, in the next he had threw Will up high in to air before the was knocked across the room and into a table. Andrea reacted right away, pulling on of her daggers out of seemingly no where and coiling her body like a snake ready to strike as she turned towards her team mates attacker. She nearly dropped her dagger. "Roxie?" Her eyebrows shot up into her hair line for a second before she lowered them and relaxed her body. Layden came back over to them, holding his arm in what seemed like pain before quietly asking her what was wrong. "Just thinking about Papa, I don't like waiting. don't ever make me wait okay, I hate waiting." Andrea pretended she hadn't heard Roxie as she walked towards them, Will following behind her. Poor kid had gotten thrown around like he was a sack of potato's, and yet he still seemed every happy and cheerful. Andrea wondered if there was a way for him to pass on his energy to the others.

"Whats wrong?" Andrea looked from Will down to Roxie, before turning towards Kisara and nodding her head ever so slightly as the farewell sent her way.

"Nothing's wrong you little baby, so don't ask!" Andrea turned back and watched in mild amusement as Roxie started sticking her tongue out at him before twirling around and turning her back on them all, her normal scowl on her face before she looked over her shoulder at Layden and speaking in a small voice. "Do we have a quest today?" Andrea didn't wait for Layden to answer, she stepped forward and put her hand on Roxie's small shoulder. " Yes, we are going to leave in a moment, do you have everything you would need for a Quest?" Andrea asked with her normal emotionless voice that matched her face, but her eyes showed Roxie that they would be talking later about what was bothering her more and more lately. Andrea didn't like to see her team mates in distress.

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She could feel it to, those watchful eyes that burned into her very being. I wonder how those four are doing a slight frown formed on her face, but disappeared when she took a gulp of her beer. In a matter of seconds she downed both glasses, tapping the bar for another round. The bartender stared at her in shock but complied; when he came back he said three words that peaked her interest “on the house” a grin on his face.

Kisara narrowed her eyes in suspicion; she whistled a short inaudible tune, searching for this person who paid for her drink. But she need not fro that person or who she assumed had paid for her drink sat beside her “so I hear you came here to solve our problems little missy” his voice slurred from so much drink. Kisaras lip curled in disdain and turned to face this drunken fool.

“I am her, what of it do you have something you wish to discuss with me. If not then get out of my face you drunkard” her voice like ice. This raised a holler in her way as the men around her laughed at her words and the man’s face turned red with embarrassment and rage. Standing up the chair fell back and he grabbed the edge of her cloak forcing her against the bar.

“Listen girl and listen well. I don’t know who you think you are but this is our town. We don’t need any fancy mage to fix our problems that you started” his breath stunk badly making Kisara wave her hand in her face. “Whew your breathe smells, next time, before you come up to a woman take some breathe freshener before you talk to them. Now I came see why no woman would want you. And you can’t seriously blame all mages for a single fellows mistake now can you” the man glared at her, mouth open like a fish before suddenly swinging a meaty fist at her head.

Kisara had no problem deflecting his blow with little indifference as to whom it had gotten redirected to. Standing up she tugged at Rosas’s arm “come now I don’t think we’ll find anything useful here” but before the two could even advance they were surrounded by everyone that had been in the tavern drinking.

Sighing Kisara shook her head and then making sure she had physical contact with her partner began to whistle that tune again. Suddenly all the men in the room gasped and blundered about like blind men, trying to figure out where the two mages go. “Come out you cowardly bastards! Enough with your cheap magic!” of course Kisara ignored this and was finally able to get pass the tavern people. “Now that is why I hate drunkards especially ones who have a dislike for mages. Anyway are you alright Rosas sorry for ending our almost supper there” patting him on the head.

Then a feeble voice broke the silence that came while she waited for Rosas’s response. “Um hello there Miss I was watching you two from across the room when that fight broke out. I deeply apologize for how they treated you, if Wilbert hadn’t been drunk he would never have had said those words” bowing to the two of them. Kisara raised a brow unsure as to whether or not this man was a drunk too. Then his eyes widened and he blushed “oh dear sorry I haven’t even introduced myself! I am David, David Whistoker. But the people here just call me Dr. also I was the one who paid for your drinks. I always admire a good drinker who can actually hold their stuff” grinning at her. he was a rather handsome man with a shock of white to the side of his hair though she couldn't fathom why as he was young looking.

“anyway if it’s not too much I doubt you have a place to stay the night so why not stay over at my place it’s just around the corner and don’t worry there isn’t some angry mob that I’m leading you too” he laughed at his poor joke but then looked away embarrassed. “I’ll have to ask my partner about that.” Then turning to Rosas “well Rosas what’s it gonna be? Shall we take the Dr.’s offer or would you prefer to search for a warm bed tonight?”


She looked over at Andrea, she recognized that look in her teammates eyes and never liked it when she was the cause of it. “Yeah of course I have my things” placing her hands on her hips. Then a brief flash of remembrance crossed her face at remembering something “oh wait no I don’t have everything I’ll be right back”

Roxie then ran off towards the kitchen looking for her lunch box. Upon finding it Roxie giggled with glee and began to pack the small thing with small sandwiches and other snacks for the trip. After filling it with as much food as she could Roxie ran back out the kitchen and over to her teammates. But she didn’t stop but instead continued out the door. Roxie did however pause right before closing the door behind her scowling at them “well are you coming or not?” and let the door close behind her while waiting for the others to exit the guild.