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a character in “Welcome to Fortwick University”, as played by Phil_J


Name:Jack Skully. This is a name he gave himself after running for so long that he forgot his real name. He prefers going by his made up last name though.
Age:Died at the age of 15 and has managed to avoid school for 50 years... He is now a 65 year old healthy bag of bones that still acts like a teenager.
Race:Human skelleton
Height:6ft 1in
Weight:25 Ib. But acts and feels like he weighs more because of the muscles that are no longer there. (Obvious)
Curse/ailment:nope... Well besides the fact that I'm just bones... I feel perfectly healthy!
Special Needs:should oil his bones once a year as not to splinter or shatter.
Major:what you talking about?!
Career:Running, Blending in with society and causing chaos.
New or Returning student: He is a recent arival... Wouldn't call him new.
Appearance:a skeleton wearing cloths and trying to blend in with the others.
Weapons:do sharp flanges and wolf like teeth count?
Personality:Jack was your average happy go lucky boy that has lived too long. He had become strangely flirtatious in his twenties and turned himself into a weapon in his thirties due to people chasing him. As the years went by he learned to enjoy his immortal life as a bag of bones and caused a bit of choas from time to time. But this "kid" never quite grew up and never learned everything from mortal schools... When he was invited he thought maybe he could bring a party or two there and finaly get his education? Maybe he could teach the students a bit of self defense and fun while he was at it.
History:(pre death):as a teenager Jack was called Phil and loved by many, those who hated him were quite honestly jellous. he was a great archer and knew how to fight rather well, the girls loved him, he had a great family and a loving girlfriend. (After death): in his teenage years he was running from people that called him a monster because the fact he had become one scared him... As he went into his twenties he lost all of his flesh and eventually stopped smelling bad... He also learned the miricales of oiling himself... He started flirting and scaring girls but some of them found him fun... Amusing even? As he went into his thirties he slowly grew cold and bitter, hating the world for rejecting him more and more. He got into many fights in these cruel years and won most. However he also found that his light weight, even though it let him move much faster and be more fearsom, had made him easer to knock him around. In his forties he sought ways to have fun and usually scared people in the process. But at least he was having fun right? In his fifties he got an invitation to go to a school and he sat around, thinking, just thinking about why he would be invited to this school... In his sixties he decided to walk to school and it took him five years to find it. But when he found it he didn't know what to expect in this strange new school...

So begins...

Jack's Story