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Nat White

"Do what you fear and fear disappears."

0 · 461 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Welcome to Fulton University! {Reboot}”, as played by aurban16




"Sometimes what you're most afraid of is the one thing that will set you free."



| Name |
Natalie Sophia White

| Nicknames |
Almost everyone calls her Nat, even if they aren't good friends or dislike her. It's just what she is known by.

| Age |

| Gender |

| Birth Date |
December 12th, 1996

| Sign |

|Sexuality |

| Ethnicity |

| Major |
Elementary Education

| Minor |
She is currently undecided on a minor, but she is thinking about minoring in either Mathematics or History.



On December 12th, 1996, at 4:26 in the morning, Nathaniel White was awoken by his wife, Penny, who had just begun having contractions. At three minutes apart, they decided it was time to go to the hospital. And six hours later, they gave birth to their third daughter, Natalie Sophia. Their other two girls, Kenzey and Sara, were much older than this newest baby, and this pregnancy was definitely not planned. Kenzey, who was twenty at the time, was a junior at South Florida State College, and eighteen year old Sara was a freshman at University of West Georgia. Nate and Penny originally planned on giving the baby up for adoption, but their girls convinced them to keep her. This was one of the best decisions the couple had ever made. Natalie was the happiest baby the couple had the privilege of raising. Everyone who laid eyes on the little girl agreed with this. She rarely cried, slept through the whole night right off the back, and followed a great nap schedule. As Natalie grew, Nate and Penny decided they would home-school her. Penny was a Psychology professor at a state university in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Nate was a Plastic Surgeon. Penny decided she would quit work to teach Natalie since Nate brought in enough income.

While Natalie was going through elementary school, she was a very outgoing child. Her parents put her in as many extracurricular activities as possible since she couldn't meet peers at an actual school. She played t-ball and soccer, took karate classes, etc. You name it, she probably did it. By the time her parents decided to put her in public school in sixth grade, she already knew half the students in her class because of this. Natalie was a popular girl all throughout middle school. She had tons of friends, and was a part of many of the sports teams and clubs at school. She also excelled in the classroom with the help of her mom and dad's tutoring.

Once Natalie hit high school, things changed. Her friends became distant, and her popularity slowly dwindled. As all the other kids were getting into partying, drinking, drugs, sex, and the like, Natalie was much more focused on her school work. She didn't want to be involved in the trouble that stirred around the in-crowd. By the time she was a sophomore in high school, Natalie had no close friends. She was a complete loner, and nobody wanted to invite her to parties or hang out with her. She hit rock bottom in eleventh grade. It began when her oldest sister, Kenzey, was seriously injured in an accident. She was hit by a drunk driver on the interstate, and was paralyzed from the waist down. She had to quit her job as a high school history teacher and move back home with Nat and their parents. Because Nathaniel was working double shifts every day to pay for Kenzey's surgeries, and Penny had gone back to work at a middle school, Natalie had to care for her sister. She didn't let her grades slip, however. She still maintained a solid GPA, and when she scored higher on her SAT's then she expected, she began looking into more prestigious colleges. Her first choice was University of Chicago, but her backup plan was Fulton University. When she was denied from Chicago, she realized that Fulton was her dream school. She also decided she would join Greek life to make up for her lack of social life in high school.



Always counts stairs when going up or down them.
Loves drawing, especially comics and fan art.
Is extremely ticklish. Like... abnormally so.
Says "Right?" a lot when she's angry or upset.

Good personality traits:

Bad personality traits:

Natalie didn't exactly become a quiet person until high school. She had previously been very outgoing and sociable, but now she typically keeps to herself. This doesn't mean she doesn't know how to talk to people. She actually has very good people skills, and can make friends quite easily. She tends to get along better with boys than girls, and likes to stick to having guy friends because it's "less drama." Girls are just too judgmental. She is one of those people who flirt with boys without really knowing it, because she's actually just trying to be nice. Natalie is always down to go on adventures, and she hates staying in her room. She would much rather prefer to be out and about. Nat has also always been very smart, both book- and people-wise. She can read people's emotions very well, and often uses this skill to her advantage.

On the other hand, Natalie is often pessimistic. She likes to consider herself a realist, and the real-world isn't a place for optimists. She doesn't let these pessimistic feelings affect her day-to-day life though. She will just tell you how it is. Nat can get a bit anxious under stressful situations. This doesn't really come in to play in social situations, but mainly in her education. She can become stressed very easily if a big exam or project is coming up. And for some reason, she hates speaking in front of big crowds. She has no problem being around many people, but doesn't like all the attention to be on her.

Greatest joys in life:
Her sisters
Young kids
Drawing and art

Greatest fears:
Losing any of her family members
Car crashes

Life philosophy:
"Do things that count, but don’t count the things you do."


❀ Drawing and Art
❀ Starbucks Coffee
❀ Reading
❀ Kids
❀ Alcohol
❀ Warm Weather
❀ Chinese Food
❀ Reality TV
✘ Weed
✘ Public Speaking
✘ Mexican Food
✘ Social Media
✘ Messy People
✘ Country Music
✘ Religion
✘ Sluts



Thoughts on Greek Life
Both of Nat's sisters were involved in Greek life at their respective universities, and they spoke highly of it when Natalie was considering joining herself. When she rushed freshman year, she knew immediately that she wanted to be in Theta Chi. The girls she met during Rush Week were all incredibly sweet, and it genuinely felt like home. She had a hard time transitioning to the college life style when she first came to Fulton, but being a part of this sorority helped her out a ton. She also met some of the nicest guys in Kappa Alpha, and grew close to them as well. Nat isn't the biggest fan of Alpha Theta Pi and Beta Gamma Omega, but they do throw great parties, so she remains civil. The other frats and sororities don't really have any impact on her. She knows a couple of the girls in Zeta Nu Delta, as well as a couple of the guys in Sigma Chi Delta. However, she is not a party animal like them. She does like to go out on the weekends, but doesn't live her whole life waiting for the next banger. Overall, Greek life has been nothing short of what she wanted out of her college experience.

Plans for after college
Natalie has always wanted to teach. Her parents were not fond of her decisions, since teachers nowadays make very little pay for what the job is worth. But she went against their judgments to follow her dreams. She is majoring in elementary education in hopes to teach either second or third grade kids. She decided to pursue a minor in either history or math because these were her favorite subjects in high school, and she hoped having a minor would look better to employers. She had an internship at McGraw-Hill Education, helping design AP textbooks, over the summer, and she hopes to go back after this year.


Nat is much shorter than the rest of her family, who all happen to be around six foot. Natalie is only 5'2", and she has a very athletic body from going to the gym every single day since starting college last year. She weighs around 115 pounds, much of which is muscle.

Hair Colour:
Natalie's hair is naturally dirty blonde, but she regularly dyes it a lighter color.

Eye Colour:
Her eyes are dark brown.

Distinguishing Marks:
Nat has her ears pierced, as well as her belly button and her nose. However, she hasn't put a stud in her nose in over a year. She does not have any tattoos, and doesn't plan on ever getting one.

So begins...

Nat White's Story


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Tuesday, October 4 || 12: 30 PM || Location: South Campus Lawn || Weather: Sunny, partly cloudy with winds coming from the south

It was something about the day that had a certain kind of buzz trickling into each and every vein of each and every student on the campus of the magnanimous Fulton University. Seniors and professors alike would tell you that it was perhaps the excitement of the upcoming Homecoming Week, which would mark the return of esteemed alumnae whose legacies were still felt in the halls they once occupied. Older staff members might say it was the stifling heat of the near oppressive Miami sun, its beams bearing down on each and every individual as they made their way across campus, some wearing less stifling clothes than others. The promise of water rides and cool refreshments for later in the afternoon practically drying tongues with anticipation for the Annual Fulton Carnival. However, as newer and the band of less sentimental students would tell you, was the thrill of the unknown...of the spine-tingling allure of Rush Week. While the Student Organization Fair was exciting in and of itself, there was still something devastatingly seductive about seeing the booths for the competing Greek houses, all of their members decked out in their Greek colors. The synergy of their competitive spirits was electric in the air and there was no telling what could happen before the rest of the day's celebrations...

[ Location: South Campus Lawn Gate Entrance ღ Outfit: Click Here ღ Mood: Enthused ]

To be quite fair, it was not like Naomi had left the girls, Xanthe in particular, unprepared. For one, she had specified that she needed to finalize the plans for the foam party, which meant overseeing the yacht docking, making sure that catering was still on, and the other small details she needed to iron out while simultaneously making sure that they had enough snacks and such for those who visited the Alpha Theta Pi. They had been decorating since Sunday and Naomi had had the small menu - yes, she was doing extra and no, she did not give a damn - for snacks planned out back on Saturday. Xanthe didn't have those things planned out. Naomi just wanted to see how she would handle dealing with having to keep track of which of the Alpha ladies could leave duty at what time, greeting and informing prospective members while getting contact information from the ones that really stood out, and keeping up when food started to run out. She had left an hour ago and she had been getting one of the seniors to keep her updated on the sophomore's progress.

With her plans having been laid down in full last night, Naomi had been with the first wave of Alpha Theta Pi members setting the booth up and getting the food to the Lawn where all of the organizations, non-Greek affiliated included, were setting up. Like Naomi, some of the other girls who had helped earlier, especially seniors who needed all the credits they could get to graduate on time, had to leave. But she made it a point that everyone, much like every other Greek organization, had to wear the house colors. While she had made it clear that the girls could wear either pink or green, Naomi had done well with incorporating both colors into her ensemble. Her apple-green dress wasn't one of her most expensive items, not that she normally checked which brands she wore, but her elegance and refinery still stone through with the garment was accompanied by Lily Pulitzer sandals, Hellmuth bracelet from Portero, and Samira pearl-drop earrings. Naomi ran a hand through her hair idly as she closed the driver's side door of her Bugatti Chiron. Just as she made sure it was locked, she noted a few guys from the football team, shirtless, and painted in Fulton's school colors and had to laugh. "This is about to be interesting," she mused to herself quietly and stepped onto the sidewalk and headed to the gate to blend in with the throng of students coming and going.

After checking with the yacht her father had made sure to dock in Miami, Naomi did herself - and Jade - a favor by actually getting food without being prompted. She had drank a small mug of coffee when she first woke up, but stopped at PasiΓ³n del Cielo - a place she had found with Chantal - for the largest vanilla latte they had and an empanada. Nibbling on the flaky treat, she got the idea to text Jade a picture of her good deed for the day while simultaneously checking up on her favorite people. She didn't have to rush back to the Alpha booth anyway, after all.

To: Jade
See!? Eating w/out prompting lol! Aren't u proud of me?

To: Zan
Everything good?

To: Kat, Tamara
You guys behaving lol??

To: Chanti
Plz tell me I'm not da only 1 who could sleep 4 another 10 yrs


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Tuesday, October 4 || 6: 55 PM || Location: Fulton University Annual Carvinal || Weather: Sunset, still humid with light breezes

There was something about carnivals that brought out one's inner child. The whimsical surge of energy combined with various food stands packed with every sugary, fatty and downright delicious delicacy coating the sticky sweet air everyone breathed. Screams from passengers aboard rides echoed all around, little beeping noises from won games filled people's ears. The playful ambiance of such events welcomed couples holding hands, students and even families, all searching for a little bit of fun after a long day. Carnivals were places to have fun, to relive just a small piece of one's childhood. It was also a place where anything could go and perhaps, where certain rules no longer apply...

[ Location: Fulton University Annual Carnival ღ Outfit: Click Here ღ Mood: Competitive ]

"Oh come on, Cunningham!" Naomi goaded, bending over to retrieve the white ball she missed in picking up from beside her Aquazurra sandal-clad feett. Once it was in her head, she quickly went back to the skeeball war she and Chantal had been in engaged in, playfully glancing over at the other woman before grinning. "Don't tell me that's the best you got." She laughed along with the overseer as they continued their rapid fire competition. The two had decided that the person would win the best three out of five. So far, they were neck and neck, which was as annoying as it was thrilling. It was a decent distraction, particularly after the day she had been having.

The truth was that, despite the fact that she was having fun with one of her best friends and even managed to get something on her stomach to give herself the much needed edge to get through the day without either passing out or killing someone, she wasn't actually calm. No, that was the point of finding games where she could expel as much energy and tension without actually finding Andre and punching him in his throat. Especially after his text. Naomi bristled at the thought and threw a ball just a little too hard, and it bounced off of the rim of the highest points she could have scored, which further made her upset. Who said she could tell him what to do anymore? Was he actually serious? How about the person who still could barely stand being in her presence for more than five seconds without storming off at some point? How about the person who text her continuously once they broke up because he wasn't ready to let go? How about - ?

Naomi scored two balls in the second highest point-giving hole and beamed. Andre pissed her off and she had really, really forced herself not to just dump all her things, find her way to wherever he was, and curse his ass to the fathomless pits of hell. She was impulsive enough to do it and literally hopped off her bed earlier with the desire to go after him. It wasn't until she had gotten another text from Chantal that she plopped down on the plush bed, took some breaths and then drank some water to clear her head. But that had not been enough to center her. Hell, playing carnival games with her bestie wasn't enough. It was just...satisfactory least until she felt less inclined to cut her ex. It came to a point that the game was over and, unsurprisingly considering her train of thoughts, Chantal won and Naomi playfully rolled her eyes as the Theta president picked out her prize. It was perfectly fine with Naomi. She had a pair of goofy sunglasses and a teddy bear to Chantal's first stuffed animal. They were bound to match up in terms of how many prizes they would win anyway.

"Look at you keeping up with me!" She cried dramatically and picked up her Angry Bird toy, and hugging it with one arm while her glasses fell on the top of her head. "Where to next? Or are you still feeling a little lush?"