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Rebecca Callaghan

"I just want to find my own way."

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a character in “Welcome to Fulton University! {Reboot}”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed



"I just want to find my own way."

Rebecca Mariella Callaghan

Nicknames: Red, Becca, Ariel, Mari, Ella

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birth Date: December 13th

Sign: Sagittarius

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Nationality: 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Italian, 1/2 American

Major: Undecided

Minor: Music



History: Born and raised in California, Rebecca's life has been anything but normal. Her father is a rock star and her mother is a famous actress and singer. Surprisingly enough, or maybe not surprising at all, both her parents went to Fulton. Her father was a member of Sigma Chi Delta and her mother was the president of Alpha Theta Pi, making her a legacy. With two parents in the music business it wasn't surprising that Rebecca ended up being quite gifted herself but this seemed to be her undoing. When her parents noticed her musical potential a Fulton pamphlet appeared on the fridge and she was forced through singing, piano, and guitar lessons. From a very young age Fulton was her set college and with such a wide variety of options Rebecca never minded much. Through high school was when Rebecca felt she was really starting to find herself. Having two famous parents partying was not new to Rebecca and through high school she really got into it, her parents allowing it as long as Rebecca brought home A's and B's. All through high school she brought home straight A's and her parents pretty much let her do whatever she wanted. Though it had always been something talked about, talk about sororities seemed to start to dominate the conversations Rebecca had with her mother. It was obvious her mother wanted her to follow the legacy and join Alpha Theta Pi but Rebecca was unsure, especially after one of her older friends joined Zeta Nu Delta. As if it wasn't hard enough to choose already a member of Theta Chi approached her about a week into her freshman year at Fulton and showed interest in her joining due to her 4.0 GPA.

Henry Callaghan|Father|40|Image
The lead guitarist and vocalist of a popular rock band called Black Smoke. He is also a song writer and has written multiple songs for his band, other artists, and movies. Born and raised in Florida he dropped out of high school his freshman year, not due to lack of ability but because he was bored of it. He started a band with his friends and traveled for a while. What would of been his senior year he realized his mistake and got his GED.

Rosalyn Callaghan|Mother|43|Image
A famous actress, model, and singer. She is well known, having won over a dozen Grammys and Best Actress Awards despite having only started acting when she was 35. She has performed in a few operas and was previously in an all-girl country rock band called Fyrestorm. She is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Irish, her mother's Irish parents moved to America when they were young and her father moving to America on his own. With a strict family everyone except her father was disappointed in her choice of music as a major and drama as a minor. He encouraged her and believed in her ability to follow her dreams.

During her 6th grade year Rebecca went through depression from both her parents being gone on tour. In result, when they both had to leave the next year they gave her Tank, a Pitbull-Black Lab mix puppy.

Despite being busy with their careers Henry and Rosalyn always made time for Rebecca. As such, she has never felt neglected by her parents though when they go on tour or her mother travels for a movie she does get lonely. Rebecca always describes her dad as 'laid-back and fun to hang out with' and her description of her mother is usually 'a drama queen and strict about the weirdest things but loving'. Her mom has always been the authority figure though the things Rebecca always got in trouble for were skipping piano lessons or forgetting to practice a song, while her partying and clothing choices were something her parents cared little about. Overall the four of them make a happy little family and Rebecca would never change a single thing about them.



-Hates being Alone
-Counts Stairs

Good personality traits:
Playful, Intelligent, Energetic, Charismatic, Friendly, Determined

Bad personality traits:
Reckless, Impatient, Flirt, Deceptive, Picky, Stubborn

Rebecca, at a glance, is an extremely cheerful and naive girl. She always has a smile on her face and is extremely easy to get along with and fun to be around. She has a great sense of humor and honestly loves to have a good time. Being raised by two famous parents and their agents she is extremely good at keeping a friendly front and honestly even if she hated someone they wouldn't know unless she wanted them to. Despite this her happiness is for the most part genuine and her energy is always real. Having ADHD everyone around Rebecca was surprised at how well she was able to control her emotions and focus from quite a young age, especially since before she could be extremely dramatic. The change happened when she was about 11 years old and was very sudden. When she got grounded for skipping a voice lesson and though her parents were expecting a tantrum, especially from the angry expression she wore during their lecture, she took a deep breath and apologized before agreeing to her grounding. Her mother, having expected the usual tantrum, was shocked and asked Rebecca if she was feeling okay. In response Rebecca smiled at her mother and nodded, responding, "Yeah, I'm just done letting bad emotions control my life."

As she grew older it was apparent that she got her father's intelligence, making all straight A's through 5th and 6th grade. A week into seventh grade she started pestering her parents, impatient with learning stuff she already knew and a month later she had taken a test and was going into eighth grade. For some reason, despite being able to control her emotions and force herself to focus her lack of patience never went away, something her parents usually say is due to her used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Despite this Rebecca was never spoiled, I mean, she had all the money in the world and could do whatever she wanted but she still had chores and responsibilities she had to do to earn those freedoms. Rebecca has never been a snob, though she can be picky about things, and she plans on keeping it that way. She feels that the amount of money someone has should have nothing to do with how people are treated.

High school is when Rebecca really developed her current personality. Having always been outgoing, and usually popular, her freshman year she became friends with a group of juniors and seniors which is how she really got into partying. For years her parents had been dragging her with them to publicity events and the after parties that accompanied them but it wasn't until her first high school party that Rebecca found joy in attending such events. When she was in middle school she had always been a little shy around boys but after a few months of partying her friends had successfully trained her to be a major flirt. She loved the sexy clothing, which her mother was extremely excited to buy her, and the attention it got her. With her outgoing personality and social grace it came naturally to her, though she never let herself become a tease like her friends. She always made sure to never cross the line from sexy to slutty and she was always honest in her intentions to guys, turning them down as kindly as possible if she wasn't interested rather than leading them on.

It was also during her high school years that Rebecca lost her naivety through having to deal with quite a few attempted bullies. While her friends got angry about the bullying she just smiled and ignored it, or at least, that's what it looked like she did. Behind her mask of friendliness to her tormentors Rebecca was extremely angry and she decided to go to her mother about it. Her mother taught her the 'subterfuge' that Rebecca uses, albeit rarely, when people manage to get on her bad side. A simple phone call to a magazine editor or an email to a certain company and your problem was fixed. Though Rebecca will rarely go over peoples heads like that, feeling that it's a horrible thing to do, she will make the exception for people who really tick her off.

Greatest joys in life:
Tank is the most wonderful mix of a best-friend, brother, and child all in one extremely cuddly body. She loves him more than anything else in the world. Despite having hired help to do everything else for her she always takes care of Tank herself, walking him at least twice a week, playing with him constantly, as well as grooming him.
Despite being forced through the lessons as a kid Rebecca has a strong love for music and is extremely glad her parents insisted she go to them. She is quite talented and has even thought about making a career out of music.
She been going to parties since she was 10, though she only started to enjoy it when she turned 14. She can drink a surprising amount despite her weight and she loves to dance.
Rebecca is absolutely obsessed with make-up whether it's beauty make-up or special effects. She is extremely skilled in beauty make-up and even has a YouTube channel that currently has 7 Million Subscribers on which she mostly does Make-up Tutorials and Music Covers. Previously it was only around 3 Million but then her mother shared one of Rebecca's videos on her twitter and a lot more people subscribed. She has definitely bought more than a few thousand dollars worth of make-up in the last few years and puts it to good use.

Greatest fears:
Making the Wrong Choice
Rebecca has trouble making big choices because of this fear. Currently this is which sorority to join, what to major in, and what career path to follow. She doesn't want to end up choosing wrong but she doesn't like overthinking it so the decision is always hard.
Being Unhappy
Seeing how some other people feel about their jobs and lives Rebecca doesn't want to end up stuck in a life that makes her unhappy. She also just generally likes to be in a good mood.
Losing Tank
Now that tank is starting to get a bit older Rebecca is becoming more and more scared of losing him since he's always been with her. He also recently got sick and had to have a surgery so she worries about him a lot.
Being Alone, Outside in the Dark
Rebecca has been afraid of the dark ever since she started forcing herself to watch horror movies to be able to look at the special effect make-up about 6 years ago. Being with Tank usually helps but since she wasn't allowed to bring him to school this year she is nervous. Usually as long as she's with other people she's usually fine. If/When she's alone and it's pitch black outside with noone else around she completely breaks down. This is one of the reasons she would never go camping.
While she got into her first relationship at 13 and she had sex for the first time at 15, Rebecca's greatest fear is commitment in a relationship. Her parents have had an open relationship and a happy marriage since Rebecca was four, where as most of her friends parents were divorced, remarried, or in unhappy marriages. When Rebecca finally asked her parents why they were still together and happy when most of her friend's parents weren't they honestly told her that it was because they had an open relationship and both of them recognized that love and lust were different. The first time she dated a guy in high school she hadn't yet realized how uncommon this opinion was. Obviously she had sex with other guys at parties and such and when her boyfriend asked her if it was true she was honest. Sadly, this only started her problems as it gave her bullies the fodder they needed to hurt her. He broke up with her and ever since she has refused to date anyone.

Life philosophy:
"Life is Short. Break the Rules, Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly, Laugh Uncontrollably, and Never Regret anything that made you Smile.


❀ Sex
❀ Liquor
❀ Learning New Make-Up Tips
❀ Her Music
❀ Dogs
❀ Meeting New People
❀ Giving people Make-Overs
❀ Partying
❀ Long Baths/Showers
❀ Tim Burton Movies
✘ Being Alone
✘ Pink
✘ Most Social Media
✘ Salad
✘ Quiet
✘ Serious Relationships
✘ Cats
✘ Being Bored
✘ Coffee
✘ Jump Scares


Thoughts on Greek Life: Even before she was in high school Greek Life was something she heard a lot about. Her mother and father have always made Greek Life out to be amazing, talking about the sense of family you get from your brothers and sisters and how much fun you have being a part of it. As such she is extremely excited about joining a sorority. That being said she's also extremely nervous about it because she doesn't know which sorority to pick due to the fact that she's a legacy.

Plans for after college: While Rebecca is beautiful, musically talented, and could easily follow in her parents footsteps being an actress or musician she isn't sure that's the path she wants to take. She chose to go Undecided so that she could take some courses and see if anything caught her interest enough to major in it. Either way she did some modeling through high school and was featured on her father's last album, which sold quite well, so she has a career to fall back on if she doesn't find something that she enjoys more.


Build: Rebecca is 5'9 with a slim build and weights 121 pounds. Due to the amount of dancing she does and her weekly workouts she has toned muscles though no one would ever describe her as toned, more that she is slender

Hair Colour: Rebecca has naturally red hair that reached down to her waist.

Eye Colour: Rebecca's eyes are an icy blue.

Distinguishing Marks: She has one tattoo and two piercings in each ear.

Style: Growing up with a model for a mother Rebecca has always had an eye for fashion. During middle school and the beginning of high school she was always wearing the newest styles and the most expensive brands but through high school she found a style more her own. Despite the diversity of her closet since she spends a lot of time partying she is usually wearing high heels and revealing clothing, both of which she is comfortable in. That being said it isn't completely uncommon to see her in skinny jeans and converse. With a closet as big as hers and her carefree attitude Rebecca pretty much just wears whatever she wants whenever she feels like it.

So begins...

Rebecca Callaghan's Story


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Tuesday, October 4 || 12: 30 PM || Location: South Campus Lawn || Weather: Sunny, partly cloudy with winds coming from the south

It was something about the day that had a certain kind of buzz trickling into each and every vein of each and every student on the campus of the magnanimous Fulton University. Seniors and professors alike would tell you that it was perhaps the excitement of the upcoming Homecoming Week, which would mark the return of esteemed alumnae whose legacies were still felt in the halls they once occupied. Older staff members might say it was the stifling heat of the near oppressive Miami sun, its beams bearing down on each and every individual as they made their way across campus, some wearing less stifling clothes than others. The promise of water rides and cool refreshments for later in the afternoon practically drying tongues with anticipation for the Annual Fulton Carnival. However, as newer and the band of less sentimental students would tell you, was the thrill of the unknown...of the spine-tingling allure of Rush Week. While the Student Organization Fair was exciting in and of itself, there was still something devastatingly seductive about seeing the booths for the competing Greek houses, all of their members decked out in their Greek colors. The synergy of their competitive spirits was electric in the air and there was no telling what could happen before the rest of the day's celebrations...

[ Location: South Campus Lawn Gate Entrance ღ Outfit: Click Here ღ Mood: Enthused ]

To be quite fair, it was not like Naomi had left the girls, Xanthe in particular, unprepared. For one, she had specified that she needed to finalize the plans for the foam party, which meant overseeing the yacht docking, making sure that catering was still on, and the other small details she needed to iron out while simultaneously making sure that they had enough snacks and such for those who visited the Alpha Theta Pi. They had been decorating since Sunday and Naomi had had the small menu - yes, she was doing extra and no, she did not give a damn - for snacks planned out back on Saturday. Xanthe didn't have those things planned out. Naomi just wanted to see how she would handle dealing with having to keep track of which of the Alpha ladies could leave duty at what time, greeting and informing prospective members while getting contact information from the ones that really stood out, and keeping up when food started to run out. She had left an hour ago and she had been getting one of the seniors to keep her updated on the sophomore's progress.

With her plans having been laid down in full last night, Naomi had been with the first wave of Alpha Theta Pi members setting the booth up and getting the food to the Lawn where all of the organizations, non-Greek affiliated included, were setting up. Like Naomi, some of the other girls who had helped earlier, especially seniors who needed all the credits they could get to graduate on time, had to leave. But she made it a point that everyone, much like every other Greek organization, had to wear the house colors. While she had made it clear that the girls could wear either pink or green, Naomi had done well with incorporating both colors into her ensemble. Her apple-green dress wasn't one of her most expensive items, not that she normally checked which brands she wore, but her elegance and refinery still stone through with the garment was accompanied by Lily Pulitzer sandals, Hellmuth bracelet from Portero, and Samira pearl-drop earrings. Naomi ran a hand through her hair idly as she closed the driver's side door of her Bugatti Chiron. Just as she made sure it was locked, she noted a few guys from the football team, shirtless, and painted in Fulton's school colors and had to laugh. "This is about to be interesting," she mused to herself quietly and stepped onto the sidewalk and headed to the gate to blend in with the throng of students coming and going.

After checking with the yacht her father had made sure to dock in Miami, Naomi did herself - and Jade - a favor by actually getting food without being prompted. She had drank a small mug of coffee when she first woke up, but stopped at PasiΓ³n del Cielo - a place she had found with Chantal - for the largest vanilla latte they had and an empanada. Nibbling on the flaky treat, she got the idea to text Jade a picture of her good deed for the day while simultaneously checking up on her favorite people. She didn't have to rush back to the Alpha booth anyway, after all.

To: Jade
See!? Eating w/out prompting lol! Aren't u proud of me?

To: Zan
Everything good?

To: Kat, Tamara
You guys behaving lol??

To: Chanti
Plz tell me I'm not da only 1 who could sleep 4 another 10 yrs


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Location: South Campus Lawn| Outfit: Here

As Rebecca walked through the fair for the second time she sipped from the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade in her hand and smiled to a girl who was waving hello, her other hand holding a Vanilla Frappe. Now that the fair was in the last 30 minutes the cleanup had started and most of the students were gone. She had already been through once, earlier in the day, her friend Serena. Since the Serena was supposed to be at the stall from 12-2 they had agreed to go see the stalls together though Serena was a sophomore and was only really there to hang out with Rebecca. Serena had earlier joked that she was there for moral support which Rebecca scoffed at but technically it was true. Earlier the redhead had been in sweats and a tee-shirt and had been a bit embarrassed to go up to the stalls but with Serena at her side she felt more confident. Once 11:45 had hit Rebecca left to go to her off-campus kick-boxing class, which ran from 12 to 1. After a quick shower and a wardrobe change, as well as a quick stop for a drink, she was back on campus and decided to go see Serena once more this time with a present.

Now that there were far less people around her outfit stuck out a lot more, and thankfully this time she was dressed the part to stand out. After all most people wouldn't have the balls to wear colors that represent three different sororities at the same time, not counting the fact that most red-heads were too scared to wear pink. As she walked through the stalls Rebecca kept on a cheery smile, forcing the the corners of her mouth down to keep from smirking at the mixed looks she was getting. Most people wouldn't even realize but the guys in frats or girls in sororities definitely did. When Rebecca finally reached the Zeta stall she called out to the back of her tattooed friend. "Hey Serena! I brought you a present!" Though she hadn't spoken very loud her voice rang out in the way that only a singer's could.

As Rebecca closed the distance between her and the Zeta stall she gave smiles to the other girls there but otherwise focused her attention on Serena. As the girl turned and went to take the drink her mouth dropped open and she let out a surprised half laugh-half bark. "Holy Shit! You're either trying to piss people off or you're crazy. No wait, it's both." Rebecca chuckled but rolled her eyes and set the drink down so she could pull out her phone. Serena quickly snatched up the cup and took a sip before continuing to help clean up. "Mom would be so offended. She hired a personal shopper and a tailor to help me get the perfect look." Serena nodded and looked over her shoulder as she put extra pamphlets in a box. "Ah I see, I'm guessing that's why the redhead's wearing pink?" Rebecca sighed and rolled her eyes again, shoving her phone back into her pocket and setting down her drink. "What can I say? I'm a legacy and Bubble Gum Pink is Alpha's main color. Mom was the president for two years, I at least have to represent." The sentence was obviously a summarized speech from her mother since as she said it she put both hands on her hips and made her face look as exasperated yet stern as possible, a look she was sure only her mother could pull off. Shaking her head she picked her drink back up and took a sip. "Either way it's 1:57, You free yet?" Serena looked over at whoever was in charge at the moment and the girl waved them off. As they headed back through the fair, drinks in hand, Serena looked over at her with a smile. "You know there's this party tonight...." Rebecca laughed and hooked her arm with Serena's. "Babe you don't even need to ask."


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Tuesday, October 4 || 6: 55 PM || Location: Fulton University Annual Carvinal || Weather: Sunset, still humid with light breezes

There was something about carnivals that brought out one's inner child. The whimsical surge of energy combined with various food stands packed with every sugary, fatty and downright delicious delicacy coating the sticky sweet air everyone breathed. Screams from passengers aboard rides echoed all around, little beeping noises from won games filled people's ears. The playful ambiance of such events welcomed couples holding hands, students and even families, all searching for a little bit of fun after a long day. Carnivals were places to have fun, to relive just a small piece of one's childhood. It was also a place where anything could go and perhaps, where certain rules no longer apply...

[ Location: Fulton University Annual Carnival ღ Outfit: Click Here ღ Mood: Competitive ]

"Oh come on, Cunningham!" Naomi goaded, bending over to retrieve the white ball she missed in picking up from beside her Aquazurra sandal-clad feett. Once it was in her head, she quickly went back to the skeeball war she and Chantal had been in engaged in, playfully glancing over at the other woman before grinning. "Don't tell me that's the best you got." She laughed along with the overseer as they continued their rapid fire competition. The two had decided that the person would win the best three out of five. So far, they were neck and neck, which was as annoying as it was thrilling. It was a decent distraction, particularly after the day she had been having.

The truth was that, despite the fact that she was having fun with one of her best friends and even managed to get something on her stomach to give herself the much needed edge to get through the day without either passing out or killing someone, she wasn't actually calm. No, that was the point of finding games where she could expel as much energy and tension without actually finding Andre and punching him in his throat. Especially after his text. Naomi bristled at the thought and threw a ball just a little too hard, and it bounced off of the rim of the highest points she could have scored, which further made her upset. Who said she could tell him what to do anymore? Was he actually serious? How about the person who still could barely stand being in her presence for more than five seconds without storming off at some point? How about the person who text her continuously once they broke up because he wasn't ready to let go? How about - ?

Naomi scored two balls in the second highest point-giving hole and beamed. Andre pissed her off and she had really, really forced herself not to just dump all her things, find her way to wherever he was, and curse his ass to the fathomless pits of hell. She was impulsive enough to do it and literally hopped off her bed earlier with the desire to go after him. It wasn't until she had gotten another text from Chantal that she plopped down on the plush bed, took some breaths and then drank some water to clear her head. But that had not been enough to center her. Hell, playing carnival games with her bestie wasn't enough. It was just...satisfactory least until she felt less inclined to cut her ex. It came to a point that the game was over and, unsurprisingly considering her train of thoughts, Chantal won and Naomi playfully rolled her eyes as the Theta president picked out her prize. It was perfectly fine with Naomi. She had a pair of goofy sunglasses and a teddy bear to Chantal's first stuffed animal. They were bound to match up in terms of how many prizes they would win anyway.

"Look at you keeping up with me!" She cried dramatically and picked up her Angry Bird toy, and hugging it with one arm while her glasses fell on the top of her head. "Where to next? Or are you still feeling a little lush?"