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Abigail Chu

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

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a character in “Welcome to Fulton University!”, as played by Sunflower




"I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph."-Leon Levinstein


Abigail Destinee Chu.

Abigail has an array of nicknames that she likes to be called by some of her peers. She of course likes to be called Abby, because people are too lazy to call her by her full name unless their an adult though. Abigail has most people that calls her Gail, as well and she asks the people that calls her this as to why Gail and their reason is because she kind of resembles the female wrestler, Gail Kim. Of course, Abigail thought their reasons were a bit racist but just went with the flow of things. Most people know of her beautiful middle name and gave her the nickname Des. It's not her favorite nickname but she accepts it anyway.

Eighteen; 18.


|Birth Date|
September 1st; 9/1.

Virgo; ♍.

Heterosexual. Though she doesn't just fall for any male that's able to walk, he has to have a certain presence about him. He has to have an intelligent mind set along with a great personality. Other than that, he is not the one for me.

|Sexually Active|

|Relationship Status|
Single. Not really looking to mingle.




Abigail works at the campus bookstore.


Abigail stands about five foot six and weighs about one-hundred and twelve pounds. Even though it may not look like it, Abigail is athletically built due to her training in Martial Arts.

|Hair Color|
Abigail naturally is a brunette but she has dyed her hair to a pure, raven black color.

|Eye Color|
Abigail eyes are a chestnut brown color.

|Distinguishing Marks|
Abigail has her bottom two earlobes pierced, like any other girl would have. She has a tattoo of her birthday in Roman numeral form and zodiac symbol on her left ankle.

Abigail style is a bit up and down. One minute, she's dressed in girly girl attire that consists of blouses, skirts and heels. Another minute, she'll have this grunge appearance about her, which consists of anything leather and black such as a jacket, jeans and heeled boots. Most of her clothes are color coordinated with each other but most are just thrown together.


β€’ When angry or arguing, she switches her language from English to Korean or mispronounces some of her words β€’ Always flipping her hair to the side β€’ Stutters before she is about to tell a lie β€’ Has a weakness of rescuing stray animals β€’ Has a slight OCD problem β€’ Always early for meetings or appointments β€’ Sometimes correct people when they use improper grammar β€’

|Good personality traits|
♦ Intelligent ♦ Creative ♦ Adaptable ♦ Accepting ♦

|Bad personality traits|
♦ Self-righteous ♦ Blunt ♦ Indecisive ♦ Sarcastic ♦

Intelligent. Of course, that is one word to describe Abigail's personality as she has a high intelligent level. And her intelligence just isn't applied to school work neither. She also has social intelligence and can interject herself into almost any conversation. Though, she has to be careful not to show her bluntness at the same time. Abigail's very blunt but only when it comes to certain things. Someone asks her to be brutally honest with them, she will without hesitation. She has been known to hurt a few feelings with her words but at the time, she doesn't care but when she thinks about, she truly does care. She is creative when it comes to doing things for the sorority such as making signs, coming up with ideas and even coming up with certain themes for parties or whatever else they may be doing.

Abigail is accepting when it comes to adding new members to the sorority, although she isn't really accepting of putting the pledges through grueling and awkward stages throughout their trials. She is also accepting to any kind of race, sexuality and gender as she sees a person for what's on the inside and not the outside. If someone was to make plans with her, she'd need a minute to think about it because she is so indecisive about making plans with others. Whatever someone else is doing, she'd be happy with whatever their doing, as well.

Overall, she is not a bad person to befriend as she'll give anyone at least a chance to make some sort of impact in her life. She is always looking to make new friends outside of her sorority and hopefully they last long around her.

|Greatest joys in life|
β€’ Milkshakes β€’ Family & Friends β€’ Chinese Food β€’ Pizza β€’ Martial Arts β€’ Money β€’ Having people care β€’ Ice cream β€’ Internet β€’ Wifi β€’ College β€’ Apple Inc. β€’

|Greatest fears|
β€’ Being put in the spotlight β€’ Tight spaces β€’ Clowns β€’ Physical abuse β€’ Dying young β€’

|Life philosophy|
β€œLife will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up.”
-Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum


❀ Being a part of Alpha Theta Pi
❀ Social gatherings
❀ Most parties
❀ Her friends
❀ The college lifestyle
❀ Reading old and new books
❀ Smiling & Laughing
❀ Starbuck's Coffee
✘ Guys that are players
✘ Know-It-Alls
✘ Smelly people
✘ Drug users
✘ Cold weather
✘ Being sad
✘ Reality Tv
✘ Racist comments


|Thoughts on Greek Life|
Abigail honestly likes the Greek Life at Fulton as she was actually recruited in by some of the girls doing her Freshmen year in college. She was a little bit reluctant to join but when she did and had a blast, she was completely hooked for life. Her parents were a little bit against the idea and wanted her to focus solely on school and nothing else but she's an adult now and they respect her decision enough because they only want to see her happy. She happy to be apart of Alpha Theta Pi as she only a little sister right now but she hopes to be a big sister to someone when she is a Senior.

|Plans for after college|
Abigail chose to major in Journalism because she always wanted to write articles for Vogue magazine and hopefully even take a few pictures for the magazine as well, hence why she is minoring in Photography. Before she even becomes a Senior, she is going to submit her application to and hope to have them call her back before she graduates from Fulton University so that the day she does graduate she can pack her bags and head to New York and be apart of the team.



|Childhood & Family Life|

Abigail was born on a beautiful fall day to two wonderful parents, Ken and Anna Chu. She was born at the Seoul hospital, which is also the capital of Korea, as well. Growing up, whatever she wanted, she got even as a little girl. Her parents spoiled her to the T. She honestly liked being spoiled but at the same time, hated it as well. Her parents always wanted to see Abigail do something with her life, no matter what it was as long as she was happy. Abigail grew up in Seoul, Korea until the age of four when her mother got a promotion at work but the job was only available within the United States. Of course, it meant more money for her and the family so her father agreed that she should accept the offer and when she did, they were on the next flight out of Korea and to the United States - California, to be exact.

Growing up within the California lifestyle wasn't as much different as growing up in Seoul. Everything was pretty much the same until Abigail had to be enrolled in elementary school as she attended Beverly Hills Elementary. She was heavily bullied because she wasn't originally from Beverly Hills and because she didn't have that look like everyone else. She heard a lot of racial slurs from people and went home and begged her father to home school her. They didn't as they felt like this was setting her up for real life since people are going to talk about you till the day you die. Abigail continuously went to school after her parents talk with her head held high and she became somewhat of a Queen Bee in kindergarten. She was impressed how the tables have turned so quickly against her first few days enemies.

A few years went on and she still remained at the top of Beverly Hills food chain as the Queen Bee. Her life became a bit easier that way as she hated that she had to change her complete attitude around just to make friends but she had to do what she had to do. Her mother was quickly rising in the ranks at her job as well while her father stayed at home, watching over her and even training her in Martial Arts, something she loves till this day. Her father showed her everything he knew, even how to meditate and clear her mind, which is something she did periodically.

Moving forward to high school now, Abigail had finally be accepted into the Beverly Hills lifestyle fully even though she had retired her Queen Bee status to someone else. She was much happier within the lifestyle now and even made a few more friends to join her clique. Though now that she was in high school, she had to seriously think about her future and where she was heading from that magic moment. She joined the Drama Club and Photography Club and became an instant sensation due to her ability to take magnificent pictures and even act the way the teacher wanted to bring the role to life. She even started writing her own criticism for the plays and showing it to the drama teacher, who loved what she wrote about the shows since it was the truth. Abigail was granted a critic blog with the school newspaper, which is an offer she could not refuse and people raved on and on about her writings from the drama club.

As high school was approaching to a close, Abigail's parents made sure she sent in a ton of college applications. Of course, with her 4.0 GPA and 29 score on the ACT, she was likely to get accepted anywhere but the one college that stuck out to her was Fulton University as she toured the campus before even deciding on it. She was impressed with the campus lifestyle and even what the college had to offer its students. She didn't really want to join a sorority when she toured the college because they all looked like stuck up snobs, in her own personal opinion though.

The time had come for her to graduate from high school, which she did and received her diploma. She got a lot of hugs from teachers and students alike as everyone was going to miss her but she promised them that she was going to visit during her breaks, if she can. She started at Fulton and was immediately approached by some girls from Alpha Theta Pi. She heard their words and told them that she'd think about and indeed she did. It took her about a month to join the sorority and pledge her life to the sorority. She had to endure some grueling tasks but preserved through the challenges and was able to become a Alpha Theta Pi girl, who are not all that bad when you get to know them.

Abigail still attends Fulton University and is still apart of Alpha Theta Pi. She loves the girls, or her sisters with all her heart and she'll do almost anything for anyone of them, honestly. Abigail is really focused on her studies more than the sorority though and hopes that her sisters respect that and not give her any mess about it. She still finds the time to manage to hang out with the sorority for events though since they do need her for coming up with themes and ideas. Abigail hopes to remain apart of Alpha Theta Pi until she graduates from Fulton so that she can be someone else's big sister, as well.

So begins...

Abigail Chu's Story