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Seraphiel Thompson

"Be true to yourself, it's about standing out, not fitting in. Honestly, just because they're doing it doesn't mean I should, doesn't mean anyone should."

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a character in “Welcome to Fulton University!”, as played by Temperance



[size=150]Quote or Saying


Name: Seraphiel Lien Thompson

Nicknames: Phi, Sarah
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birth Date: August 10th
Sign: Leo
Sexuality: Demisexual (Demibisexual)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Major: Classical Voice: Operatic Focus
Minor: Music: Composition



Childhood/Family Life: Seraphiel grew up never knowing her birth parents, but was lucky enough to be adopted at a young age. Her adoptive mother was a veterinarian, and her adoptive father an FBI agent. But she was not the only child in the family, Seraphiel has two older brothers, one older sister, and one sister that is a year younger than herself. Her siblings didn't like her much at first, and they both shy'd away from her and gave her a hard time, even bullied her at times. However, her younger sister on the other hand, was very attached to her and they always got along really well, despite being polar opposites. She would refer to her little sister as her shadow sometimes, but she said this with the utmost affection. Her family was known as what's called upper middle class, but while they were well off, they didn't spoil their children, and only gave them what was neccessary or what they worked for. They stressed the importance of learning, working hard, building character, having a good sense of morals and beliefs, fighting for what you believe in, and being yourself.

When she was young, they were always throwing her into different classes or camps. Things like gymnastics, karate, swimming, dance, and many more. Seraphiel always protested having to being around so many people, however over a time the classes grew on her, and she became really competitive. She was always striving to be the best in her classes, and the most unique in some way. Although he didn't know it, her father, when he was teaching his children how to properly use a gun and and shoot it - Seraphiel would be a natural, and take to it quickly. Futhermore, the more her father showed her and let her practice, often going to the shooting range with her in his free time, the more grew addicted to it. When in her younger teens she started entering shooting competitions, both action and precision. She won three of three action shooting competitions and two out of three precision competitions.

Aside from this, her other guilty pleasures were video games and and music. Growing up she loved to sing, though mainly she would sing in her room or for her little sister. However, as she grew older, she started taking classical lessons, recording covers, then making her own music. Over time, her pop and edm music with a classical twist grew o people, and she became wildly popular on youtube. Eventually, she started working with some composers and made and released her own music managing her music herself independently. Two of her songs have made it onto the radio so far, and she created an album that she sang in, mixed, and wrote lyrics for. However, she did not do any public appearances or performances, and preferred to keep it about her music and away from the spotlight. It was at the same time she started streaming herself playing video games and mmorpgs as well as shooting games. She became popular online, especially on twitch, and was part of one esports gaming tournament, for counterstrike in which her team won. However, she still prefers mmorpgs for the most part.

When it came to school, Seraphiel always got perfect grades, however, she never had any friends in school. Instead, she picked a lot of fights with a lot of people, often getting sent home, and being saved by her parents or her grades. In high school, this didn't happen anymore, but she still had a hard time getting along with many of the females, who she thought were bullies that needed to be dealt with somehow. Most of the time she would sit off alone at lunch, listening to her headphones humming a song, doodling, or writing a new song as it came to her. It was around this time she started getting hit on a lot, and turned down every person who ever lay eyes on her, as she believed their intentions were no good, and disliked being flirted with.

When she was older, her siblings stopped being so harsh with her, and accepted her like all of their other siblings. She was never as close with all of them as she was with her little sister, but she was happy all the same. However, this was short lived. Because her father started working more hours, his relationship with his wife and the kids suffered. Because of this, he started drinking. One night he got really drunk and threatened her mother waving his gun in her face and threatening her. Seraphiel stepped between the two trying to defend her mother, arguing with her father. When he pushed her causing her to fall onto a table, in retaliation put her hands on him, unfortunately, this cause him to accidentally shoot his firearm which hit her sister that was now beside her crying for them to stop. That night, her younger sister died on the way to the hospital, and since then her mother and older siblings completely disowned her, telling her she needed to move out and they never wanted to hear from her again, that she was not their daughter.

Seraphiel was heartbroken, but she wouldn't let herself crumble and fall apart. She had enough money from her personal hobbies to take care of herself, and she made sure that she did not let her future slip out from under her because of the tradgedy she had experienced. She was able to obtain a scholarship for college and was accepted to Fulton University. Some place that was far away from her family, and everything she had grown to know and love.




Shakes foot a lot when sitting still for too long
Doodles on random surfaces
Composes music on random surfaces
Tries to save all animals in need

Good personality traits:

Bad personality traits:
Trust Issues
Dislikes authority
Has a mean streak
Can be cruel

Seraphiel is a rather mysterious individual to most. She is very outspoken, and passionate about what she believes in, however, she is also someone that often isolates herself from people. She seems rather cold and appears to lack any kind of empathy or consideration of other people at first glance. However, the truth is that Seraphiel doesn't trust others easy, and thus keeps the world at a distance until people have gained her trust or earned her respect. Because people's real intentions are important to her, she's often observing others, to take in the actions of those around her. She has a habit of analyzing people and their habits, strengths, or weaknesses. That isn't to say however, that she thinks herself superior to most people, as she believes the worst thing you could ever do, is underestimate those around you. It leads to problems in the future. Seraphiel is someone, or perhaps the first person, that would step forward and fight for what she believed in, even if it meant going against the entire world, with her own life at stake. Even if her opinion varied from everyone else's she would go out of her way to make people see what in fact, she saw in the first place. One of the things that really gets under her skin, is the ignorance of others.

Seraphiel is someone that people might consider a nuisance. She is quite rebellious, with a hatred for authority figures; the exception would be her teachers, which she has respect for due to her love of learning. Although she doesn't do it consciously, she has a history of always finding trouble, and always being there for trouble to find her. If there are rules to keep her away from something that may be dangerous, she'll find a reason to gravitate or just charge straight into said place, no fucks given. She does have a strong sense of morals however, and is rather pure of heart. Beneath the exterior of hers of the stone cold face which makes most people refer to her as mainly a serious individual, she is a very kind hearted a playful person. However, the only people that see that side of her, are close friends - which she doesn't seem to have much of. However, she is content with the few she has as she believes you only need one good friend.

Neither optimistic, nor pessimistic, Seraphiel has more of a realistic outlook on life. She believes that people that are always optimistic are just kidding themselves, and living in a false reality, and pessimists are just a drag to be around. She will call everything exactly like it is and tell you her honest thoughts, regardless if it's appropriate for the situation at hand. Because of such, Seraphiel is known to be a person that upsets a lot of people. She will never sugar coat her words, being blatantly honest to everyone she comes across at every given moment. While she doesn't intend to hurt anyone, it usually effects people's opinion of her. Seraphiel's drive to succeed is nearly unrivaled by most people, as is her natural instinct to survive and adapt to what is going on around her. Because of the hardships she's been through in life, she's become very tough skinned and it's hard to get her down.

Seraphiel can be rather bold when it comes to protecting the wellbeing of others. She would be the first person to jump in the middle of a fight, or voice her opinion in order to protect another. Regardless of the individual or individuals she was up against. She would sooner throw herself in front of another to save them, than sit back and watch them die before her eyes. She will however, completely disregard anyone she thinks is not worthy of being helped due to their personality or past actions. If someone that often bullied others was about to lose their life if she didn't save them, she would end up turning away, never turning back. She is a no-bullshit kind of a person, and there is no fooling her by spewing lies and nonsense. She will not stand for this kind of thing, and ones energy is better spent elsewhere.

Deep down, and what people don't usually realize, is that Seraphiel is a really kind hearted individual. She cares about the feelings of others, she's sensitive to people's emotions, she wants people to be happy. But this side of her is rarely apparent, being that it seems now that she has buried it behind another version of herself, or perhaps, the true version of herself, neither can be said for sure. Although Seraphiel is a good person, she has a rather dark side. She undoubtably, needs to be pushed beyond her limits to get there.

Greatest joys in life:
Deep conversations

Greatest fears:

Life philosophy:
A quote that personifies all your characters beliefs.


❀ Singing
❀ Music
❀ Composing
❀ Gaming
❀ Animals
❀ Swimming
❀ Shooting
❀ Fencing
❀ Competitions
❀ Streaming
✘ Bullies
✘ Ignorance
✘ Parties
✘ Liars
✘ Fakes
✘ Losing
✘ Failing
✘ The heat
✘ Drinking
✘ Drugs
✘ People who don't pull their own weight
✘ Overly flirtatious people



Thoughts on Greek Life: Seraphiel thinks the greek system is a joke. She doesn't understand why there needs to be hierarchy, why anyone would want to spend so much time with so many of the same people. The thought feels smothering to her. She especially doesn't like the idea of having to spend too much time with a bunch of girls. She thinks it's hilarious that they throw around words like family and friends in the sorority so loosely, yet let each other act like complete morons. Everything about it seems excruciatingly fake to her. What is even more ridiculous is that the houses seem to be discouraged from spending too much time with those in other houses. This doesn't make any sense to her at all, let alone why someone would actually listen to that nonsense enough for it to have become some kind of rule. However, her mother and her sister had wished for her to spend more time with people, and stop isolating herself. She said it might be good for her to join a sorority and wanted her to try it - thinking she knew what was best for her. However, as that was her sister's only wish, she wanted to make sure she honored it.

Seraphiel doesn't know much about the sororities, she visited the campus a few times and stopped by them, and only had a few first impressions of several sororities.

Alpha Theta Pi House: "Didn't seem like people I wanted to be around, that's for sure."

Beta Gamma Omega: "...?"

Theta Chi: "This is the only female sorority in which I have any respect for. It didn't take me long to notice that they have their priorities straight and a good head on their shoulders."

Kappa Alpha: "From what I heard people deem this the sorority of 'nice guys' as well as 'nerds'. In that case, I think they sound great."

Zeta Nu Delta: "They were hard to miss, the house was a representation of a stereotype. I have no interest in wild parties, objectifying my looks, and flirting with everything that has a heartbeat."

Sigma Chi Delta: "...?"
What does your character plan to do with their lives after graduation? What are their goals and aspirations? Why did they choose their major?


Build: 5'6" Slim and slender (However, toned, it's apparent she's in shape and goes to the gym)
Hair Colour: Blonde (As opposed to the pictures, natural blonde, and a bit lighter)
Eye Colour: Light grey
Distinguishing Marks: None
Style: Seraphiel's style is everchanging. It's a little bit of this, that, and everything. Whether it's preppy, sophisticated, romantic, rocker, goth, or casual.[/size]

So begins...

Seraphiel Thompson's Story