Athena Edison

"Something you miss when you have nothing, is something you want when you have everything"

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"Something you miss when you have nothing, is something you want when you have everything"

Full Name:
Athena Christine Edison
Sexual Orientation:

Apartment Number:
Artist, mainly Commision based but does create original artwork.

Apartment Room Appearance:
Put the url here: http://s668.photobucket.com/user/iconicchipmunk/media/image_14.jpeg.html

Hair Color:
Brunette but she will sometime highlight a streak on her friinge with a bright color since she always seems to get paint in her hair anyway.
Eye Color:
Chocolate Brown with some hints of hazel
5 ft 10 inches
Athena has her left ear peice red all the way up with small hoops she will change them to different colours or ones of her own design.
Athena has a set of scars going all the way up her left side, some up her left underarm and a small ammount on her left leg. They look a little like burns but they are not
Plays with her hair when thinking,
Walks bare feet everywhere (within reason of actually going outside.
Mutters in Italian when frustrated
Twirls pens in her fingers while working or taking a break.


{Creative, Thoughtful , Caring, Self critical}
Athena cares deeply about others as she likes to make sure everyone is happy and safe, she uses humour to bring a smile in the darkest times even though it may not seem relevant laughter is the best medicine. She was taught at a young age to be kind to everyone and she is, even if someone is horrid and detestable. Kindness is the best thing you can do. Athena likes to use her creativity to bring a certain flair to herself, drawing Thankyou cards and making present for people is something she enjoys and she is sure that people enjoy too.

However Athena does feel that she doesn't do well in helping people, so she will hide herself away from situations that she feels she had messed up. She doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of her actions. She critiques herself and her work most times, starting over a few times before being happy with herself.

Playing violin
Walks barefoot everywhere except of course outside of the apartment complex because that is just silly.
Staring intently at everything mainly to pick out the fine details that people take for granted.
Always carries a pen and paper with her no matter where she is.
  • Watching the world roll by, preferably from her bedroom window or from the roof.
  • Cheesecake, seriously if you can make cheesecake Athena will be your best friend, lover, mother whatever.
  • Drawing, Athena's mind is constantly flowing with ideas so she sketches then out.
  • Music Athena can lose herself in music, any kind can get her thinking
  • Cuddiling, it's not being the person who cuddles the other person but rather being cuddled. Just being held no matter how she is a hug will always soothe her.
  • Cars, motorbikes anything automobile related, even bikes Athena will NOT go near them.
  • Coffee, the smell more than anything, Athena lived above a coffee shop for a year and the smell made her I'll.
  • judgmental people, really if you don't have anything nice to say,say nothing at all.
  • Being alone. For certain reasons Athena can't stand to be alone for more than a few hours. She jokes that she is like a puppy, but in a way she really is.

Drawing, obviously. Athena can draw almost anything. If she can't she will at least have a go she see's it as development.
Listening, listening is so important, to take time to hear other people is something we take for granted.
Giving advice, it may seem strange but Athena is great at giving advice, even something simple to something so complex you may wonder why she is an artist and not a motivational speaker.
Cooking, having Italian roots Athena has some culinary skills passed down to her from her grandmother and her great grandmother. Whipping up Italian dishes and deserts.

Athena is a terrible speller, she loathes Writting with a passion.
Even though Athena may seem happy with her life and want the need to help others. Deeper inside she has very low self esteem, the slightest knock in her confidence makes her worry for days thinking she has done something wrong when she probably hasn't.
Athena's sleep patterns are varied, sometime she will sleep well then if she has a nightmare or get into a rut of inspiration and not sleep.

Athena was born in Italy, so naturally she was surrounded by art and culture till it was coming out of her ears. She knew from a young age that she wanted to draw and paint for a living. She would sit by the fountains over her home town sketching the statues and painting with water on the pavements. She moved through school and at the age of 18 Athena and her family moved to America to stay there permanently along with her two older brothers Arturo and Angelo. They had moved over to America when they were 18 and truthfully Athena was thinking the same until her parents informed her before she could tell them.

She attended and art school in the city and paid for it selling her paintings and commissions to art sellers and private buyers, she moved from her parents home to be close to her brother Arturo who owned a bookstore in a small town, she would help out in the store and would draw intricate designs on the chalk display board outside his store.

Unfortunately this happiness came to abrupt end when she was 23, her and Arturo were riding down the motorway on Arturo's motorbike , it was dark and raining. It was supposed to be a visit to there parents house as a surprise for there parents anniversary. Then a car swerved out of the opposite lane skidding all directions, hitting another car that slammed into the back of the motorbike flinging Arturo and Athena off, Arturo's body was slammed into the highway guard rails crushed by the car that had gone into the back of them. He died instantly. Athena however went sliding down the motorway made worse by the freezing cold rain, the asphalt cut into her body tearing down layer upon layer of skin close to muscle. She couldn't stop herself there was no grip and the pain was tremendous, she was unconscious for days as she lay fighting for her life in a hospital bed, so afraid and so alone. Skin grafts were applied to her body but it took a while to heal. Leaving the left side of her body scarred like a scene for a horror film. She avoids clothing that shows the sides of her body.

When she got out of the hospital she knew she wanted a new start and that start was Greenview, she built friendships and is still looking for someone to hold and love.

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So begins...

Athena Edison's Story


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Location: Evergreen Heights || Time: 6:50pm || Outfit: â™Ĩ

It has been a while since Genesis has been invited to a party. She has been to many individual dates where there happened to be a party. Her focus was on one person so the party did not matter. But not she had a real party to attend. Where she would be intermingling. This was rather exciting. And she did not even need a new outfit. She had plenty of outfits from when she was acting as an escort. This time she can use her actual name. Miss Carter was standing in front of her full length mirror with just her undergarments on. She was trying to get her hair and make up done. If she had the dress on first then she would ruin it. She took a few steps back to make sure that each curl was perfectly curled. There was a buzzing. She reached for her phone and read the message from Ashton. He was the person who invited her to the party.Taking a break from curl patrol, she replied.

To: Ashton
Got the outfit right on the first try. And see you soon.

Which she had her phone in her hand she decided to send out a couple more messages.

To: Ant
I hope to see you at this party and later in my bed

To : West
West darling. You better be ready to dance with me.

That was all the text messages she had time for. She still had to get the dress on and then double check to make sure that she was not a complete mess. Placing the phone back down, she took a step back up to the mirror and fixed up the curls in her hair. Once they were perfected, she unplugged the curling iron and finally went to put the dress on. She was very careful to make sure not to get any makeup stains on it. Genesis adjust the edge of the dress when it was completely on. Back in front of the mirror. It looked great. Next were the shoes. She clasped the buckle and stood up straight. She was about three inches taller than normal. Slowly the outfit was coming together. Genesis started running around the room looking for accessories. She settled for stud earrings and a while clutch. One last look in the mirror. "Perfect"

She left her room, with phone in hand. She checked her social media and kind of just stood in the common area. "Athena! Are you ready?" Genesis and Athena were roommates and good friends. They had no problems with one another and often hang out. They were not extremely close, but they were definitely friends. "And do you DD?" she added, before finally moving to sit on the couch. Genesis needed a designated driver herself. She planned on drinking. But at the same time she did not expect to go back home with Athena. An idea came to her head and she sent Ant another message.

To: Ant
Would you like to be my DD?"

The message was sent and she was back to scrolling through her phone. Her and Athena needed to leave soon if they wanted to be on time. The earlier they got there the more wine she had access too. Just the thought of wine was making her wan to rush Athena. But she was keeping herself together and being patient. Genesis took a selfie and decided to focus her time on what filter should be used on it for instagram.


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Location: Evergreen Heights || Time: 7:10pm || Outfit: â™Ĩ

Genesis scrolled through her social media, waiting for Athena. She had been dishing out likes and comments that she did not even realize the time. Her phone had buzzed twice, but she ignored them for now. She was in the middle of a buzzfeed quiz. "Aw..that puppy is so much cuter than the other one.." she mumbled allowed as she went through. Finally getting to the results. "I am not boring in bed!" she countered. With five random questions, Buzzfeed had determined that she was boring in her sex life. A pout came to the brunette's lips and she closed out the app. Genesis thought about how she was not boring. Anthony would claim otherwise. A smirk came to her face at the idea of spending the evening with him after the party.

Miss Carter finally checked her messages. First from Tony. He was not going to be her designated driver. That was going to be difficult. She definitely was not going to give up alcohol just to be safe on the road. She sent a reply.

To: Ant
Damn. That's okay. I look forward to modeling my lingerie ;)

She had made sure that she wore her most expensive pair of bra and panties for him. He would greatly appreciate it. Or he would just ignore it and get to the point. Genesis bit her bottom lip at the thought and crossed her legs, right over left. Then she read the next message from Westley. Wear something slutty? The brunette looked down at her self. The dress came mid-thigh to show her smooth legs. Her boobs were pushed out and yet the cleavage was modestly covered. The waist showed off the curves of her hips, without showing her butt. Genesis was classy, yet slutty. Her favorite kind.

To: West
Of course. If we get drunk enough will you put your hands on me?

Genesis sent the message and then sent the message. Athena was not responding and she needed to leave. A sigh escaped her. Now she would have to drive her own car. That was not going to be fun. She might have to leave it at the club. But she loved her baby. It was graciously paid for by all the men she has escorted. It does not have one scratch. There was no way she would be driving it with one ounce of alcohol in her system.

The brunette stood up and adjusted the hem of her dress. "I'm leaving! Text me when you get to the party." She called out to her silent roommate. She stuffed her phone in her purse and then grabbed her car keys. She headed out of the apartment and walked straight to her car.