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Elwood James Brookfield

It's always the quiet ones, they say. I wish they weren't so right.

0 · 309 views · located in Greyson Reformatory

a character in “Welcome to Greyson Reformatory”, as played by Electric Pool


Name: Elwood J. Brookfield

Age: 17, going on 18

Gender: Male

Sexual orientations: Doesn't really care. "They don't let me get out much."

Role & Dorm Assignment: Boy 9, Room 4.

How long have you been at Greyson Reform: Almost five years.

Abilities: Doesn't need to breath to live, but it calms Elwood down to take deep breaths. His breath is flammable, explosive, and deadly (not because he doesn't brush!) and as such has to wear a surgical mask most of the time to keep the fumes in. He is also fairly flammable, and can't spend too much time in direct sunlight or he'll catch on fire. Seriously. But you never heard that.

Elwood's never tested it out but there's a possibility that he doesn't need to eat or sleep either. He has found out that he's less effeced by any explosion caused by him, which makes no sense to him. At all.

Personality: Despite being a walking gas factory/ time bomb, Elwood is a pretty cool guy. He'll help you out if you really need it. If you can get him to talk, he knows quite a bit and is nice. He's never really tried to cause trouble at Greyson, simply because there was never any real cause for it.

Of course, he's also rather neurotic and crazy at times. He'll start shaking and his eyes widen just the slightest bit, at which point Elwood starts taking deep breaths. He usually only does this early in the morning, or late at night, but he has potential to have crazy meltdowns at any time. Guy is messed up a little. (Not that Elwood doesn't feel bad for freaking out. He does. Especially for the poor sap who gets stuck as his roomie.)

History: There are important milestone birthdays in every kid's life. One, five, ten, thirteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one. Happy occasions, full of celebrations, presents, and occasionally liquor. Thirteen is especially important, as it is one of the first steps towards adulthood.
Most people's thirteenth birthdays are joyous, with lots of smiling parents and goofy preteens and teenagers. It's like that throughout all the classes, really. Hardly any involve any sort of felonies, and fewer still spill blood.
Elwood just got to be the one lucky bastard who murdered his party guests.
Unlike quite a lot of the mutants in his neighborhood, Elwood's powers didn't start showing until he started hitting puberty. He'd always had an ashen skin tone, and he'd never really talked much, but everyone figured that was the extent of Elwood's mutation. They were, sadly, horribly wrong.
So, Elwood's thirteenth birthday rolled around, and his parents planned a party for him a week early, as per the usual. The whole neighborhood helped throw him a surprise party, which took quite a bit of time on their part. It was a cloudy day, but they still held it at the neighborhood park. All of Elwood's friends and their parents were there, ready to celebrate what could have been a happy occasion.
Elwood ran around with his friends for an hour or so, goofing off, playing games, the lot. Then came time for opening presents. Elwood recieved many things he wanted, and was happy with what he got. Then, cake.
The candles were what triggered the first explosion. Others went off soon after, due to Elwood running around and panting earlier. By the time everything settled down, almost everything in the park was ruined, most of the guests were either dead or severely injured, and Elwood had passed out.

The next week up to his birthday passed quickly. Elwood doesn't remember most of it. All he knows is if he sets foot outside the reformatory he'll probably get shot on the spot.

Likes: books, stories, clouds, thunderstorms, solitare, cooking, food, smoke.

Dislikes: Sleep, open flames, open spaces, cities, lots of people in one area.

What goes on in nightmare land, stays in nightmare land. End of story.

Elwood catches on fire if he stays outside for too long, but only the wardens and a few of the inmates know that. He hasn't caught on fire for four years, give or take.

He constantly carries a book of matches and a deck of cards on him at all times, as well as a backup mask.

Fears: Dreaming, explosions, lynchings, people in Greyson finding out how he ended up at Greyson (seriously, not that it'd be that hard.)

Crush: "Yeah, no."

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None.

Other: For some reason (either the trauma of his 13th birthday party or his powers) Elwood is somewhat mute. He has trouble getting his vocal chords to work, so he only talks if absolutely necessary. Even then, it's still pretty hard.

His lone electronic device is a tablet, coupled with quite a few labeled flashdrives hidden in various places in his room.

The cooks like him, for some reason, and will occasionally let him cook for himself.

Height: 5'11

Build: Tall, with some muscle, but not much.

Looks: Elwood has some physical mutations, most notably in his abnormally grey-white skin color and the strange lines on his neck. He keeps his charcoal-black hair short, despite this. His eyes are also grey, and of course he always has on the lovely white surgical mask.

Generally he wears long sleeved button down shirts or a jacket with jeans and slip-ons, even in summer. It's not like he goes outside much, anyways. He has a few t-shirts given to him by old roomies or inmates, but he rarely wears them.

Distinguishing Features: The lovely white surgical mask is a dead giveaway to who Elwood is, but if he isn't wearing it (not a good sign) he has those black lines going down the sides of his throat, almost like gills.

So begins...

Elwood James Brookfield's Story

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Ah, the thunder of new arrivals heading into their dorms. It was an interesting sound, one that changed every tine Elwood heard it. Sneakers, boots, flats, water shoes, flip flops, bare feet. One kid had even come in wearing beat up clown shoes. That had been interesting, to say the least.

Not that he was completely interested in going and meeting the new arrivals. Many of them were probably in the process of going to their rooms, and the ones who weren't in their rooms were outside. Elwood certainly didn't want to go outside. No, that would have been a terrible idea. One time was more than enough, thanks.

Besides, that was waaaaay too many people in one spot for his liking. No sirree, people could wait to gawk at him until lunch. Then they could point and stare all they wanted at the weird gray guy with the long, dressy shirts and a surgical mask on. But then again...

'It couldn't hurt, could it? I mean, they probably didn't get any new pyros this time around. We haven't had any in awhile. I should be safe, at least enough to go down to the mess hall. Right? Right,' Elwood mused as he made his bed. Quite a few of the kids needed help early on in their stay at Grayson, especially with learning to deal with the plethora of assholes (pardon his french) that resided there.

Elwood rolled his eyes and chuckled. (Or, he did his best to. Guess talking was out of the question for a little bit.) He needed to get a new hobby, or something. Get sone new books, or download some on his tablet. Yeah.

Guard shoes and street shoes ran down the hallway. 'Ah, we got a runner!' Of course, the noises afterwards led him to believe otherwise. 'Poor girl. Hope she runs into someone decent's room.' Not that he would be much help in a fight. There was always that....

No. Those were for emergencies only.

Sighing (mentally, if nothing else), Elwood took off his mask. Positive thoughts. Happy place. New people! Calm down. Don't spaz. Go have fun with the other kids.

We love you, son. Happy-

"GRAAAAAH!" Elwood fell to his bed screaming. He curled up on the bed, put his head in his hands, and took deep breaths. In, out. In, out. "Get. Out. Of. My. Head," he muttered through clenched teeth.

At this rate he'd have to prop the door before he left so his roommate wouldn't suffocate when he came back. Elwood hadn't managed to run this one away yet, and by God he wanted to keep it like that! Still taking deep breaths, he managed to sit up on his bed and put on shoes. Were they on the right feet? Yes. Yes they were.

'Okay. I think I'm good now,' Elwood thought to himself, still a bit shaky. It had be that he hadn't eaten yet today. That must be it. It's not good to not eat, even if he didn't have to. He stood up, fixed his mask, and walked out of his dorm room, careful to prop open the door with a hardback to let the room air out. Don't want to suffocate anyone!

Now, downstairs!

OOC: '@$$##' is inside Elwood's head, and "@#$!^&" is him speaking. Hope this keeps down the confusion!