Frankie Lervova

mild tempered. very skilled in math, not judgemental

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a character in “Welcome to Greyson Reformatory”, as played by Myfootlesscow9


Name: Frankie Lervova
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Role/Dorm: #3/dorm 12
Ability: Quick learning, Mind manipulation
Personality: Frankie is a very simple person. He likes helping people whenever he gets the chance. He doesn't let first impressions define a person. He knows people can change. Frankie always values what he is given. He always uses something until he can't use it anymore. Frankie can make friends very easily. He has an aura to himself that comes off as friendly and trusting. He cared for other people. He puts other before himself, and makes sure they are happy before he is.
History: Born in Russia, Frankie was always the good kid up until his 17th birthday. On that day, Frankie escaped his hometown because he was abused by his father. So he took the train to the airport. Using the money he saved up since he was 8 , he bought a plane ticket to America. Of course Frankie has to live and fight the cold hard streets here by himself. Although he was burdened in his mind to posses a power. A power that set him aside from his two younger sisters. The cause why his father abused and hit him. Frankie is the only one to posses an ability in his purebred family. He has the ability to excellent at anything mathematical, and the ability to manipulate minds. He prefers not to manipulate minds because he thinks it's awful. One night, Frankie was forced to steal again. Alas he was caught and sent downtown. There is where they realized that Frankie is an orphan and has no one. So they decide to sent him to the most prestigious boarding school for delinquents everywhere. Greyson Reformatory.
Likes: Brownies, boxers (underwear), learning, wearing a T-shirt and boxers only, helping others out, meeting new people, being there for anyone.
Dislikes: Unfairness, briefs, arrogance, over manipulating, formal wear.
Secrets: might like boys
Fears: the boys finding out he might like boys, and for people to know he can manipulate minds.
Other: knows Russian, English, and Spanish fluently.
Height: 5'10
Build: average/muscle
Distinguishable features: a scar on his right elbow that looks like a stick person. He got it from his father at age 7 when he broke his arm while abusing him. Frankie also dyed his hair blue to hide his identity.

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