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Juliet Aberdeen

"Isn't the fire pretty Mr. Sniffles?"

0 · 528 views · located in Greyson Reformatory

a character in “Welcome to Greyson Reformatory”, as played by DarwinianAssault


Name: Juliet Aberdeen

Age: 13

Gender: Female


Sexual orientations: Heterosexual

Role & Dorm Assignment: Girl #8, Dorm 31

How long have you been at Greyson Reform: Less than a year

Pyrokinesis: Juliet has the power to ignite her body oils, creating fire wherever she touches. This fire spreads to any other sources of her oils nearby, even leaping across the room to reach a handprint. Juliet is completely unaware of her condition and thinks the fire just happens. She is required to wear gloves 24/7.


Before she was sent to Greyson, Juliet was everybody’s token little sister. She always tries to look on the bright side of life and loves to play games with people. She is very pure, not wishing violence on anyone and thinking that the very act of violence is the worst thing in the world. Despite her innocent demeanor, she is very skilled at getting what she wants, often manipulating people using her cute looks and way of speech.
Juliet doesn’t know she’s in a reform school/prison, she simply thinks that this is her new school because her other one burnt down. The only exception to the no violence rule is fire. She believes it to be the very essence of beauty and anything consumed by it automatically goes straight to heaven. She tends to get attached to people, especially older boys who she calls her “Big Brothers.”

The last thing Juliet Aberdeen would ever be suspected of doing would be an act of violence, hurting anyone in anyway. So you can imagine the shock of the teachers of Briarwood Elementary School when they witnessed a twelve year old girl unknowingly burn down a whole school because the teacher wouldn’t let her use pink sparkles. Her mother and father were appalled at their mutant freak of a daughter and never even showed up for the court case. The reason why her powers never surfaced before the incident is unknown, though they suspect latent mutations that showed themselves in puberty. With this evidence, they court ruled Juliet Aberdeen to Greyson Reformatory, a school for “Special Children” as she was told.

• Fire
• Friendly People
• School
• Reading
• Sweets
• Getting her way
• Her teddy bear “Sniffles”
• Playing dress-up
• Older boys, known as Big Brothers.
• Her mom and dad

• Bullies
• Her gloves
• Vegetables
• Violence

She is absolutely terrified of heights and spiders
Her teddy bear talks to her in her head, urging her to burn things.

Her family never coming back for her.

Crush: None ATM

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None ATM

Other: Juliet is never seen without her teddy bear, if taken away, she will combust everything coated in her oils in a fiery rage that will not stop until she gets him back.
Her electronic device is a holobulb, a sphere that goes over the light of the room and projects a scene onto the walls. It is currently set to a blazing fire to help her sleep.


Build: Fairly thin for a twelve year old, her breasts are starting to develop and barely show through her shirt.

Looks: Image

Distinguishing Features: Juliet’s most defining feature are the fake ears she wears on her head, not even taking them off to go to sleep. She also wears a backpack full of books around with her in case she gets bored.

So begins...

Juliet Aberdeen's Story

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Character Portrait: Juliet Aberdeen
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In this school of criminals, druggies and mutants, one would not expect to find a ray of sunshine amidst the dark gloom. Fear and reformation are the two things in this place that everybody knows and each day the feeling grows stronger. This is the life of someone in Greyson, a life of miserable sadness and regret.

That is, unless your name is Juliet Aberdeen.

Throughout the whole orientation, the small girl smiled. She smiled at the guards, she smiled at the inmates, and she even smiled at cameras. This was a happy day! After her last school mysteriously burnt down, Juliet had missed it. None of her friends could play with her, all her favorite library books were gone, even the playground was reduced to a smoldering pile of ashes. This had been the single most beautiful thing Juliet had witnessed. The way the flames flickered around her, the crackle of popping wood, it was a portal to a whole new world of heat and fire and she wanted to live there forever.

Now, she was in a new school with new friends and new teachers and, most importantly, new adventures! There was only one thing she couldn’t quite understand. Looking around, it seemed everyone was sad, which makes no sense because a new school is fun!
‘I guess they just don’t like school.’ She thought to herself as the funny man finished his lecture. She didn’t understand half of what he said but she did know there were lots of rules, which are no fun. With a small pout, she held Sniffles to her chest and stared curiously at the gloves on her hands. “Why do I have to wear these, they’re stupid.” She mumbled, slipping them off when the teacher wasn’t watching.

Suddenly, the crowd started to move and caught the little girl off guard, forcing her to the floor as people swarmed around her. Fear began to rise in her throat as hundreds of feet smashed the pavement beside her, narrowly missing her head. She closed her eyes, wishing the scariness would go away. Lightness filled her body and she opened her eyes again to find she was above the crowd, held by the back of her dress.
Juliet turned to find a teacher with kind brown eyes smiling at her. “You know, you should be more careful, you could’ve been killed.” As the teacher put her back down, she turned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She smiled at him before running down the hall. “Thanks mister!”

It wasn’t long before she caught up to the end of the group. The numbers had dwindled since she last saw them, leaving only the few who were didn’t care about dorms or the ones who were lost. Unfortunately, Juliet was a part of the latter group. She flipped the map over in her hands. “What do you think Mr. Sniffles? Do we go right or left here?” After pausing for a few seconds she nodded in acknowledgement. “Right it is Mr. Sniffles!”

After three minutes of walking, Juliet still had no idea where she was. A group of men adorned with tattoos stood on the side of the hallway, their heads shaved clean as the smoked their cigarettes. Naturally, she asked them for directions. “Excuse me! Can you tell me where my dorm is?” She pointed to the map questionably. The leader laughed and looked at her with menacing eyes, like a hawk that had finally found prey. “Look at this fella’s. It seems a cute little kitten has stridden in our hallway. What do you say we show her to our dorms?”
“No, I need to find my dorm.” She insisted, moving backwards in the hallway only to bump into more of them. One of the members, a large black man, yelled “Tunnel Snakes rule!” before grabbing onto her dress and lifting her into the air. The captive girl flailed wildly, smacking numerous gang members with her limbs, while clutching Sniffles close to her body. One of her assailants noticed this and yanked the bear from her grasp.

A huge blast of heat exploded through the hallway causing all the gang members to stop their proceedings. Juliet looked up, all traces of fear wiped from her body. Instead of her usual jolly voice came one completely devoid of anything but anger. “Give me back Mr. Sniffles.” The gang leader, a man named Butch, laughed. “We’re the Tunnel Snakes, the baddest gang in this school. You think we’re going to be scared of some girl?” With a flick of his wrist, he plucked the cigarette from his mouth and shoved it into Mr. Sniffles. Juliet screamed.


The criminals screamed in pain as the girl’s body exploded in flames, becoming an inferno of heat and hatred. Every inch of her skin was covered in fire that stretched around the crowded hall, igniting the rapists in a flurry of flames. Her hair, once short and pink, had become long tendrils of lava that whipped around the hallway, leaving scorch marks on everything they touched. It only took three seconds for all of the men to be burnt into a pile of ashes.

The flames retreated back into her skin, pulling her back into reality. With a skip and a hop, the little girl picked up her teddy bear, completely unharmed except for the burn mark on his forehead. She held him tightly to his chest as the teachers came running down the halls. She was delighted to see the brown-eyed teacher with them. One of the teachers, the mean one who had given the introduction, spoke first.
“What in the hell happened here!”

Juliet smiled and pointed to her slightly singed map. “I was asking for directions but the bullies hurt Mr. Sniffles so they went to heaven. Can you show me where my dorm is?”