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Charlotte Dupuis

"This is a never ending rollercoaster ride. You sure you wanna hop on?"

0 · 568 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Welcome to Hogwarts”, as played by bittersweetsymphonia



| Full Name |
Charlotte Elizabeth Dupuis

| Nicknames |
Charlie "Call me anything other than that and you're asking for a beating."

| Year/Grade |
Fourth Year "Dont. Say. Anything."

| Ethnicity |
French - British

| Gender |

| Birthday |
January 9th

| Age |

| Sexuality |

| Blood Status |
Pureblood "That's right, filthy mudbloods."

But in all chaos, there is calculation
Dropping glasses just to hear them break


| Hair Color |
Dark Brown

| Eye Color |
Dark Brown

| Height |
5'4" "Shut up, gigantor."

| Weight |
135 lbs.

| Distinguishing Marks |
Has a tattoo of a snake circling her right arm with its tongue sticking out just below her wrist. Has a long, vertical scar on her back.

Now we're in the ring
And we're coming for blood

| Wand |
11 1/2" | Cypress | Boomslang Venom Core | Sturdy

Cypresses have long been associated with the Greek god of the underworld, Hades. This wand has subtle power, and is good at Transfiguration and Dark Arts.
Boomslang venom, whether crystallized or in a rarer liquid core, provides a small boost to jinxes and hexes thanks to its venomous qualities. However, when a wandmaker undertakes the dangerous task of working with the raw venom, it is generally with the aim of creating a powerful Transfiguration wand. Whether or not the advantages outweigh the risks is not generally agreed upon in wandmaking circles.

The wand was originally her father's, but it was given to her when she received her letter to Hogwarts.

| Patronus |

Glory and gore go hand in hand
That's why we're making headlines (Oh! Oh!)

| Quirks, Habits, Oddities |
Cracking her knuckles | Licking her lips when nervous | Can fall asleep anywhere

| Strengths, Talents, Skills |
Physical Strength | Dark Arts | Broomstick Flying | Manipulating People

| Flaws, Weaknesses |
Potions | Hot-headed | Tunnel-vision | Stubborn | Ruthless

| Hobbies |
Playing the guitar | Reading

| Fears |
Claustrophobic | Losing her family

| Secrets |
Doesn't actually want to follow in her parents' footsteps

Chance is the only game I play with, baby
We let our battles choose us


| Personality |
{Ruthless | Dangerous | Manipulative | Determined | Cunning | Confident}
There are two sides to Charlie: the one she shows others, and the one that's truly her. What people see is merely her mask, a facade she puts up to fulfill a certain goal. That side is the abrasive, cruel, and downright evil Charlie. That Charlie is the one that pushes people off their brooms,, or enchants their items so that they'd blow up, or the one who kicks someone's who's already down. That Charlie is the one that has people wrapped around her fingers - the one who has connections everywhere, especially when it comes to needing backup to make a person's life hell. That Charlie is violent and aggressive, someone who will punch a random student just because she's in a bad mood. That Charlie is the Slytherin. That side is the Dupuis.

The other side of Charlie is something that might seem a tad mythical to the people who don't know her. Charlie, without all the pretenses, is a lover of knowledge and classical art. That Charlie is undeniably loyal, and possesses deathly cunning. That Charlie is the one who'll smile a sincere smile, the one who's a hopeless romantic. That side is the Ravenclaw. That side is who Charlie truly is.

| Likes |
Quidditch | Coffee | Flirting | Books | Magical Creatures | Broomsticks | Open spaces | Classical music | Smoking

| Dislikes |
Enclosed spaces | Authority | Sweet things | Betrayal | Her older siblings | Unnecessary noise

We gladiate but I guess we're really fighting ourselves
Roughing up our minds so we're ready when the kill time comes

| Place of Origin; Hometown |

| Family Tree |
Gerdana Dupuis | Mother | Alive
Hans Dupuis | Father | Alive
Yasmin Dupuis | Older Sister | Alive
Oliver Dupuis | Older Brother | Alive
Johanna Dupuis | Older Twin | Alive

| History |
The Dupuis have long been known to be wizards of great power and skill. As such, the children of Gerdana and Hans Dupuis have been given the hard task of trying to match up to the bar that the previous generations have set. Yasmin was a Slytherin who graduated Hogwarts with flying colors. Oliver was a Ravenclaw who became one of the brightest minds in Hogwarts history. Now, the spotlight was set on Johanna and Charlotte.

They both hated everything about their life. The pressure and the gripping fear that if they failed to deliver, they would be shunned - disowned by their entire clan. So they devised a way to sabotage everything. They both rebelled, purposely failed in class, and fought against authoritative figures about the littlest of problems. By their second year in Hogwarts together, their parents had finally had enough. They were given the Dupuis punishment - a year of exile in the middle of nowhere, trapped in small cage-like rooms with no way to fend for themselves. It took four months to break Johanna, and she'd been sent away to Beauxbaton, while Charlie broke after eight months - on the brink of death - and had to stay at Hogwarts. And they were given the very strict order to not disappoint the Dupuis name again, or they would meet the stone cold walls of that cage yet again.

Because of their rebellion and the subsequent punishment received, Charlie became the only sixteen year old fourth year student. It earned her a reputation, one that she kept with a proud face, but also got her to receive judgmental eyes from others. The eyes didn't stay though, since they all quickly learned that looking at Charlie wrong would bring you pain of unimaginable proportions.

Charlie still wants to continue rebelling, but she knows she can't do it without her twin by her side. She knows she'd just have to suck it up for now, make the most out of things, and that they'll have their chance one day. And they definitely would not be like their parents - not in the way they destroyed their childhood, and not in the way they made the twins feel like absolute shit day in and day out. They would be better, Charlie had to make sure of that. But while she was still under their thumb, she'd put on the mask and the play the part.

Wide awake in bed, words in my brain,
"Secretly you love this do you even wanna go free?"

| Face Claim |
Ellen Page

| Other |


So begins...

Charlotte Dupuis's Story