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Rhiannon Prinsloo

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

0 · 1,053 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome to Hollywood High School”, as played by uniquest







"There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes."











Full Name
Jacqueline Rhiannon Prinsloo
"Almost everyone knows me as 'that one girl that seems to fuck everything up whilst not seeming to give a damn'. I kinda have a reputation at this school."

Rhiannon (common; liked) Jackie (family only) Coco (Rarely; accepted) Hookah (rarely; adored) Babe (friends; adored) HHS fuck-up (explains Jacqueline in 1 word) Prinsloo (used by the authority and shit, sometimes A & B listers) YG Blood (sometimes)
"I've got more nicknames than I can count. Some of which are based on my exotic personality i.e, hhs fuck-up, coco, young blood .. though hookah would have to be my ultimate fav. Others, like rhiannon, jackie, babe, and prinsloo are some of the generic ones."

Date of Birth
October 31, 1997
"Pretty fucking weird how I was born on Halloween. If i'm not some sort of sinister I don't know what is."

Zodiac Sign
"Don't assume you know me by what you heard. I grow daily. Your source might have outdated information."

45% Namibian //18% Welsh // 20% Dutch // English 17%
" helped a lot. You should try it."

Bisexual; Heteroflexible
"I'm not into labels. As long as you have two eyes and two legs, I really don't give two shits."

Sexually Active?
Must you ask [???]
"Do you even know who you're asking? Jacqueline Rhiannon Prinsloo. C'mon, I've lost my virginity at the age of thirteen. Sex defines me, well, not in a slutty type of way. I can tell you that I'm not a slut. I'm just.. unstable. A fuck-up. A bitch that fucks everything up. As I was saying, sex is great. Sex,sex,sex. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing going on in the minds of today's generation of teens."

Relationship Status
"Though I've had numerous boyfriends, I'm not ready to settle down. I just don't do committed relationships. They're waste of time. You only live once, do it by living wisely."



How old does he/she appear
Fairly young; early twenties i.e, 20-22
"I look my age, if not just a tad bit older. Prob somewhere in the early twenties. It helps when I'm sneaking into clubs and shit."

"It sucks know that I'm getting older. It seems just yesterday I spoke my first words: Vagina. Ever since then my parents knew that I was a Devils' child. Haha, I'm just curious of what they think of me now."

5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
"I'm like a walking Empire State building if you ask me."

51 kg or 112.5 lbs
"I have one helluva high metabolism. Believe me, if I didn't I'll be one fat ass. Just saying."

32-24-34 in or 81-61-87 cm

Bra Size
"Sadly, I have no tits which is why I'm thinking of getting a boob-ey transplant. I don't know. If my father ever approves of it."

Dress Size
4 (US) or 34 (EU)

Body Build
Ectomorphic; slim, skinny like sticks w/ long legs
"I eat so much, it's redonkulous. My mother always told me that my weight is going to come back and bite me in the ass- literally. But oh fucking well, McDonalds is life.. yolo. That's my motto."

Shoe Size
8.5 (US) or 39 (EU) or 6 (UK)

Shape of face
"I have a square-ish looking face; the typical bony jawline, forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are almost the same width.."

Distinguishable Marks-Tattoos?
Tattoos- x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x
"I remember when I first asked my dad if I can get a tattoo and he said yes, but what he really wasn't expecting was for his daughter to come home with twelve tattoos; all in different areas around my body. He was pissed! But I soon explained to him that memories are forever, tattoos are permanent. The inspirational speech didn't seem to help, otherwise I still wouldn't be grounded."

Physical Disabilities
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, "ADHD";A chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.
"If you have not noticed though I'm pretty sure you have by just looking at me, I do have ADHD, and I'm not afraid to say so. I'm very hyper, always jittery, and on the constant move. I can almost never stay in one place for so long. I just can't. I like moving around, jumping, skipping, whatever it takes to control my hyperness. However, I do take stimulants two-three times a day, but we all know that it barely works."

Eye Color
Hazel; blue
"My eyes are practically mysterious."

Glasses or Contacts
Yes; reading glasses

Tann-ish, white

Hair Color
Blonde; ombré


"I usually let my hair express itself; however, if I'm not lazy I might just spice it up a bit. It all depends."

"I have an dark, edgy type of clothing style that defines me in so many ways. I usually like to stay away from bright colors."

Accessories or Jewelry
Barely- beanies, dark shades, gauges; depends what she's wearing.
"I barely where any jewelry or accessories. The closest you'll see me wearing is a beanie and dark shades. I was never a huge fan of bangles and stuff, however, i love gauges. Though if I was wearing a certain outfit that is in need of excessive jewelry, i'll wear it no problem."

Standard Outfit/s

["You don't know what to expect of me generally when it comes to a certain outfit. Tomorrow I may even come to school wearing a onesie if I feel like it. My clothes are just very edgy and comfy."

Overall Attractiveness
"I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty hot. I'd date myself if I was ever up for it."



Grade Point Average
four point eight [4.8]
"Wait for it...wait for it..BOOM! A four point eight grade point average. See, I'm not as retarded as you think I am. I'm in advance classes, I get good grades, well, only when I actually try and we all know that's less likely to happen. Cheating does pay off i guess. Ha! I'm kidding. My good grades are all on me. And Casper Hopkins as well. Cool kidd, cool kidd. He's got a bright future ahead of him. I'm being the least bit sarcastic."

Drives and Motivations
Her exotic personality
"Y'know, I've been told so many times that I have a very... interesting personality and that I'm always fun to hang out. I actually use my personality to motivate me through tough times. My personality is what gets noticed, it's what separates me from basically being normal because no one wants to be normal. Normal's boring, and I'm not the type of girl to be caught up with boredom. Generally, I like to have fun."

Immediate Goals
"Growing up I have always dreamed about working for the Circus. However, I've grown up, partially. And if you haven't noticed, I have an interest in music, the development of music, making music, music in general has always been my thing. When I graduate I want to work in the record industry, in dreams of producing my works. I'm really not a big fan of actually going to college. I'm not like my brothers. That's not what I want to do."

Long Term
"Hopefully by then I'll be a famous musician and record producer. I'll travel the world, see new things, explore. I have not found if I'm willing to marry anyone by that chance or even have children. It's never been in my interest. I like to spread my wings and soar. I can't be tied down all the time. I like running solo on things most of the time."

How the character plans to accomplish these goals
"Well, no matter how much I hate the general idea, i guess I'll stay in school, I can tell you that. Get my education. Blah, blah, then I'll break the news to my parents that I have zero interest in going to college, and of course that'll break their little sympathetic hearts, but they'll get over it eventually. Then, I'll pack my bags and start my music career. Whether or not I'll have the support of my parents."

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?
"Living under a bridge with a hobo named Kevin. Ha! I'm kidding. I see myself living the dream as a famous musician with the support of adoring fans. I'll be single of course, no children. And, yeah. I'll travel a lot."



Beatboxing [x]; making music in general
"What most people don't know is that I can actually beatbox. And it's funny because what is a skinny, five feet eight inch white girl from new york be beatboxing? I'm actually really good at it. At least that's what I like to think. It takes skills to accomplish something as difficult as beatboxing. It isn't easy I can tell you that. You have to have rhythm, and you have to explore sound with you mouth. But in general making music is what I do best. It's a well-known talent of me."

Plays a musical instrument?
Yes; vocals [x]-[x]-[x], drums [x], acoustic guitar [x]
"I enjoy singing. I sing every were from showers to in my car.. I sing whenever and wherever possible. I think my parents are getting tired of it. The best thing that happened to my singing career is that I even got to sing a duet with Pharrell Williams [x]. Other than singing, I can play the drums and the guitar fairly well. Not better than Caspian I can tell you that, but I'm getting there gradually, but surely. I have less rhythm in my hands. "

Plays a sport?
Yes; captain and striker for the girls' varsity soccer team
"I give my soccer team my full dedication in leading them to victory this year. I'll give them my full support and be the best teammate to them as I can be. I'm not setting up for losing this year. Other than soccer, I really don't have any sport that I'm interested in. I have yet to figure out if I want to try out for the swim team later in the year."

Spending habits
"I have a really bad addiction to Starbucks, as I'm often told. I drink about five Caramel Macchiatos' in a day. I don't just want coffee, I need it. How else am I suppose to stay fully awake during all my classes? It's very important that I am stoked with some type of caffeine beverage, I even have a doctor's note explaining my condition. I don't know what else I'm supposed to say, besides the fact that I just love coffee."

Often to rarely
"Let's be honest- I'm not a crack head like my friend Caspian. I rarely even smoke pot with him, and most of the time is because he doesn't want to be the only one. He needs company or some shit. I don't know. What I do know is that I don't always smoke. Smoking always leave my breath with this tangy very rancid taste in my mouth that is always unflattering. It's provoking."

"Oh, yeah. I drink though it depends on the type of alcohol we're talking about. I don't drink beer [x] nor I'll drink hennessy [x] because last time I drank that, I was leaning of the toilet puking up a storm for hours and hours on. Therefore, I try my best to stay as far away as possible from the overly heavy drinks. I'm not looking forward to getting a hang-over. Like I said, I drink, but expecially vodka [x], it's my favorite."

"Do you really need to ask this? I mean come on.."



Greatest Joys In Life
Her eyebrows
"Yeah, everyone knows that I have the best eyebrows at BHHS- in all of Beverly Hills to put it simply- eyebrows on fleek. Believe me when I say that they're NATURAL. Some fake ass bitches take the attempts to get their eyebrows this thick, but I'm sorry honey makeup ain't gonna work. I grew up with fabulous eyebrows, and that's a fucking blessing that I'm going to cherish for the rest of my sinner days..."

Greatest Fear
Growing old


Life Philosophy/s
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
- Walter Bagehot

"We're all just stories in the end so make it a good one, eh?"
- The eleventh doctor

"Be a Fruitloop in a world full of Cheerios."


"Jacqueline Rhiannon Prinsloo brings nothing but smiles to Beverly Hills High. From her good looks to her enigmatic personality, it seems hard to resist her. Though most love her, others scold her for being so different from the world. She doesn't believe in fairy-tales, marrying She your one true love thus having a happy ending in the end. No, Rhiannon believe that there's more to it than just living the life that everyone expects you to live. She recalls that life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy. Life to her is nothing, but a never ending mystery.

Rhiannon has the confidence-span that only goes on in on. She's a confidence girl. She's not afraid to voice her opinions, or say what's on her mind whether or not it'll be appropriate. Confidence is key to doing the unknown that you had no idea you'll be doing. She would even come to school wearing only her bra and panties; if she could, she would. She's a bold individual. Her confidence and courageousness borders between being a good thing, to being narcissistic.

The next thing people often notice at first hand is Rhiannon's witty side. She is humorous even when she's trying not to be. She knows how to crack a smile out of someone by only quirking her eyebrows. It's difficult being in a bitchy mood around her because she always knows how to break you. Rhiannon is a great girl. Nothing can bring her down. She's always on the move that makes it harder to keep up with her.



Favorite color/s
Purple, Black
"I'm a huge fan of both purple and black."

Least color/s
Bright, Exotic colors
"To put it simply- I fucking hate rainbow colors, like orange, green, yellow.. Not to sound like I'm emo or anything, but why the hell they gotta be so damn bright? We know what color you are, you don't have to go blinding everyone. I don't know. I just hate really really bright colors, it gives me anxiety."

"I don't have a favorite genre of music I generically listen to. I like to expand the varieties, or just listen to the 'Today's Hit Radio'. The upbeat, pop is mostly my thing. "

McDonald's [x] and McDonald's [x] only
"I know that this is a big no-no for models, but who fucking cares? Mickey D is hella good. If I can- I'd eat it 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days of the week, 12 months in a year.. Everyday. My mom hates it when I try to stuff my face, but I can't help myself. The best part though is finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag; that's fucking life right there."

Ermm. Does Dr. Suess [x]count?
"Psh! Reading? I do can do that. The last time I read was six. Six years ago. Or maybe it was seven... Honestly, I'm not really a big fan of reading. Reading is useless. I'm not and never will be addicted to it reading. I can quit every time I read the very first line, and that was the title."

Form/s of entertainment
American Horror Story [x], Watching Mtv; Awkward [x], Girl Code [x], Social media; Vine-[x], Twitter-[x], Tumblr-[x], Instagram-[x], Youtube-[x], Partying, and Modelling
"I hardly watch television,




What was your Childhood Like?
Normal; supportive
"Like any other teenager, my childhood was practically normal. I have two loving parents, two older brothers, an older sister, and a young sister. With a family of seven, life couldn't get any better for us. My parents often supported us. My siblings often annoyed me. We were indeed the average 'American family'."

Childhood Hero or Idol
Madonna [x]

Dream Job
Musician and Record Producer

Schools Attended
Pre-K - Little Red SchoolHouse NYC [x], Elementary (K-5) - Trinity School [x], Middle & Freshman (6-9) - Horace Mann School [x], High School (9-12) -Hollywood High School [x]
"My parents had sent me to some of the most elite schools in the United States though I never understood why. Hollywood High is probably the first and only diversity I've ever went to."

Currently Living With?
Both parents and four siblings
"I live with both parents and four siblings all together."

Destiny's Golden Retriever (Maximus "Maxx") boy gender, alive- [x]; Siberian Husky German Shepard mix (Lucky, prior to his luckiness) boy gender, alive -[x]; Siberian Husy (Maisie) girl gender, alive- [x]; Russian Blue Cat (LuLu) female gender- [x]; Beagle (Belle) girl gender, alive- [x]; Texel guinea pig (Professor Smittenwell) boy gender, alive- [x]; Palomino Quarter Horse (Aladdin), boy gender, alive- [x]; American Saddle back (Chestnut), boy gender, alive- [x]

Part-time model for TeenVogue [x] and Seventeen magazine [x] full-time student at HHS
"When I'm not at school. I mostly modelling for magazines and the like. I usually don't start my modeling until during the summer because my parents don't want it interfering with my school work. My salary is about 50 dollars an hour or so."

Filthy Rich
"As a surgeon and a part-time realtor, I would say that my mom makes around 800,000 per year plus that of 500,000 in investment. My dad; however, makes around 37-80 thousand a year just as a traveling agent, but as a lawyer he make about an average salary of over 400,000 per year. Both of my parents are exceedingly wealthy pupils. They both had recently been nominated as one of the few top billionaires in the United States. "

Address:3331 Clerendon Rd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Nestled serenely in the private Mulholland Estates, this elegant 6-bedroom, 6-bath tennis court estate is a perfect California lifestyle home with a luxurious indoor/out living flow for entertaining. Grand formal foyer and living room with soaring high ceilings and double height windows. Gourmet kitchen opens up to cozy family room, wood paneled office/library, formal dining room. All French doors open up to unique patios/fountains surrounding the home. Secluded backyard luxuriates in a resort-style setting. Beautiful views from the balconies, veranda, heated pool/spa. Gym located adjacent to the N/S tennis court. Impeccable attention to detail throughout. This home is truly a must see. Owner holds California real estate license.

Front view, Front Door
Sitting Room
Living Area
Dining Area
Breakfast Area
Office Area
Laundry Room
Master bedroom (Parents' bedroom) w/ master bathroom and closet
Destiny's bedroom w/ closet and bathroom
Thomas' OLD bedroom w/ closet and bathroom
Matt's OLD bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Rhiannon's bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Behati's bedroom w/closet and bathroom
Home gym
Home Theatre
Tennis Court
Pool w/ hot tub & spa


Catherine's black 2015 lexus ls
George's 2016 acura rdx and silver 2015 lamborghini aventador
Matt's white 2015 ferrari f12 berlinetta
Thomas' black 2016 porsche 911
Rhiannon's silver 2014 vanquish Aston Martin and Ducati Diavel
Behati's baby blue 2016 fiat 500

New York City, NY


Father || George Prinsloo || 43 || Lawyer and Traveling Agent || Currently Alive

Mother|| Catherine Prinsloo || 38 || Surgeon and Realtor|| Currently Alive
Relationship: "."

Brother || Thomas Prinsloo|| 24 || Stanford college student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "."

Brother || Matt Prinsloo|| 20 || UCLA college student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "."

Sister || Behati "Bea" Prinsloo || 16 || HHS Student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "."

Sister || Destiny Prinsloo || 6 || Elementary Student || Currently Alive
Relationship: "."



Spent the summer how?
Ask her sister, Bea
"Wanna know what I did over the summer? Ask Bea. I was so wasted I hardly remember, HA! I'm just kidding. But seriously, ask my sister.."

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Senior [12th]
"Senior quote: I want to thank Google, Wikipedia, and whoever invented copy and paste. I'm out bitches!"

"I am my own brand of bad ass, love me or hate me... I can walk past your ass as if you evaporated out of thin air."

Place on the Social Ladder
The B-Listers

Are you happy?
Most Definitely
"Hellz, yah. We got young blood baby!"

If you could be apart of any other clique which would it be? Why?
"Are you shitting me? Us rebels have most of the fun at BHS because rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive. "

This may or may not be a secret as i'm sure everyone knows what I'm capable of- a rebel without a cause. Anyhow, I just wanna put that out their that I slept with a girl last year, no strings attached. I was just a little intoxicated, or maybe a lot.. we weren't in control of what we were doing, as most teenagers are. It was fun though, fucking was pretty fun; exhilarating be it girl or not."

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
Yes; captain of the girls' soccer team and varsity center-mid fielder, advertising manager of the Highlights.
"Honestly- I'm not that big on participation. Why should I be anyway? My after school activity revolves in sleeping; however, my counselor and every other fucking adult in this whole fucking planet just had to think that it'd be best if me, Jacqueline Rhiannon Prinsloo, join an extra curricular activity. That's just fucking bonkers!"

Best Subject

Worst Subject

01- Visual Communication Design- Advanced
02- Photo Art- Advanced
03- English 8
04- American Government & Economics
05- Physiology
06- Physical Education (Soccer 1st Semester) (Basketball 2nd)
07- Probability/ Statistics
08- Film/ Cinema
09- Lunch


• Username - uniquest
• Timezone - Pacific Time (PT)
• How Often Do You Post - I am mostly always here; however, considering that I have school and all, I'd try to at least do a quick log in and out just to read up on the posts and post whenever I'm able to. :)
• Excreta- I'm an Honer student, so most of the time I won't be able to post exceedingly.

So begins...

Rhiannon Prinsloo's Story


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Wednesday, October 2, 2015 || 4: 30 PM


Outfit || Location: Normani Devereux's Home || Theme Song || Mood: Optimistic

"I love you...I do. I know...I-I-I know I don't say it often enough, but never doubt that. And never doubt that I don't blame you for earlier - for any of this. I want to be Catalina right now and I just wanna forget that the last few hours just happened. Can we do that?"

That was what Chad had had to say about the situation yesterday and that was honestly how he wanted to leave it for now. While the reasonable and logical human being inside of him understood the importance of having the conversation his girlfriend had been trying to conduct, a rather petulant version of himself - which had taken on the outer visage that Catalina had to confront - was adamant to leave it where it was. Yesterday. Or...well, at the time, it had been earlier in the day yesterday, but now he was definitely not in the mood to confront the events of the day before. No, he wanted to actually enjoy a party. He wanted to drink (and did Chadwick Arsenault drink often? Abso-fucking-lutely not, but he was gonna do it today!) and laugh at some of his classmates (because knowing Chris' goofy ass, he would be the main one trying to belly-dance) trying to belly-dance, maybe even partake in some hookah. Who knew? The point was that no, he did not want to talk. No, he did not want to acknowledge the rage at which he had attacked Tony. That also meant not wanting Honey to change, in any way since he had fallen in love with her for being herself, not because he wanted to eventually change who that person was. Kinda defeated the purpose, if you asked him.

Of course, that meant asking him and he wasn't even answering his own girlfriend, so...shit out of luck going once...twice...sold and totally forgotten.

Which was good for him because soon enough he was parking a little down the street from Normani's home. It shouldn't have been a surprise that after only thirty minutes of her Arabian Nights themed beach party that the party was already all over social media with people posting pics of themselves with Hijabs (which a few of the Muslim and Arabic students had been privy to not doing because of reasons), henna tattoos, hookah vapors all around them, and going on and on about how great the party was. Hell, he could hear the music from where he was helping Honey out of the car. If Normani never made it in the fashion industry, as Chad had told her several times over, she could easily go into event planning because she never held back with a party. Plus, she had chosen a great venue considering there was ample space between her home and others, with her only being connected to the nearby few through the sandy pathway leading from the back of her home down to the beach where a few smaller homes were situated.

Once Honey was out, he linked hands with his girlfriend and made their way closer to the house, bumping fists (totally random, mind you since he could only recognize the guys from a guy classes and definitely not by name) with a few guys and waving at some female classmates. Seeing everyone else go a certain path while others stood around in the beautiful lawn with cups in their hands and conversing, he turned to his girlfriend with a small smile. "Mani's probably still upstairs beautifying herself, or so she would say. Do you want to go wait for her or head down to the beach with everyone else?"


Outfit ⚾ Location: Normani Devereux's Home (Beach) ⚾ Theme Song ⚾ Mood: Entertained

Yes, Christian Hernandez was having a great fucking time. After helping the hostess herself out earlier in the day with overseeing setting up, making sure DJ Morse Code was good and comfortable, and test-tasting (which didn't really need to happen, but both Christian and Mani liked food so this was bound to happen) the absolutely mouth-watering foods, he had really just lounged around at a friend's house in the neighborhood until the party. Lounging meaning that he shot a few hoops, watched a movie or two, and had a bit of a video game session before showering for a second time and getting ready. Which didn't take long since, considering the fact that Christian wasn't a girl that would do the utmost at a beach party, it was a beach party. All he needed was a pair of orange Dan Ward swim shorts, a plain white muscle tee that had been thrown off about fifteen minutes ago, and a pair of Dan Ward sandals that happened to have a bit of wet sand in them at the moment - and Chris was good.

He was even better now that he and a few jocks had successfully thrown a few of the squealing Prep girls (and one of their guys since he wanted to be a prissy little bitch) into the crashing waves, with all of them coming up sputtering and screeching out playful threats. Chris high-tailed it the fuck outta dodge, heading back to one of the lounges so as not to get attacked by pissed off girls who should have remembered that being near water meant actually getting wet. Once there, he smirked at a few girls sitting and gossiping, while pulling out his phone to check on a few of his people.

To: Angel
Don't tell me ur 2 good to come 2 a party now?

To: Chad, Dom, James, Lennox, Sam, Tray
Dudes, this party is 2 live for me 2 c none of u yet

To: Mani
Ur subjects are waiting, ur majesty


Outfit ♕ Location: Normani Devereux's Home (Bedroom) ♕ Theme Song ♕ Mood: Exuberant

While Normani was more than ready to get to her guests and be amidst the fun and just good energy she had noted from the second people started arriving at four, she had returned to her room with Liv and Kat to actually finish getting ready. She had been adamant earlier that every detail be perfect, even with the fire show that would go on at around half past six in the evening. Just when sunset was happening so that it would be dark enough for the show to actually be entertaining and not just random, and her showing off. Not that she wasn't showing off (since come on, she was fucking amazing! Her showing off was equivalent to a lot of girls doing too damn much, just with her...ya know, doing it better) considering when was the last time Normani had even thrown a party at her own home, let along have all the details she had set up? As promised, she had gotten her girls, along with her loyal followers, manicures and pedicures. Hell, to be nice since they had all helped with setting up and being the first to sample the henna artists, she had allowed them all two glasses of her Pernod Ricard Perrier-Jouët champagne during lunch. And Liv and Kat would be the first to tell you - Normani did not serve such an expensive item just willy-nilly.

So, while everyone else was making their way down the dimly-lit pathway from her home to the beach where large lounges were set up with soft cushions, various draperies of jewel tones, and hookah and music lingering in the air around them, Normani was in her bedroom, fully dressed and putting on the final touches to her attire. Her own henna tattoos had been done earlier. "For the record, you can't even say I didn't warn you this time around about what I was wearing," she decided to toss over her shoulder in the direction of her closet's main entrance where Liv and Kat were still in her bedroom, fixing up the last of her eye makeup. The strapless, aqua-colored bandeau bikini she wore emphasized the absolutely flawless figure she held and a semi-sheer sarong was held comfortable on her curvy hips. Her hair had been finished just after her shower earlier and a gold-tone filigree heart crown head piece sat on her head regally, bringing together the hint of Arabian royalty that Normani was going for. Plus, there was something about wedges (or heels, in general) that had her feeling absolutely flawless. She had even changed her bellybutton ring for the occasion.

"You girls ready? Lauren just told me more people are showing up and there is a Long Island Iced Tea that is just screaming my name at this point," she said, walking out of her very spacious closet to confront her very gorgeous best friends.