Sierra Henderson

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||G E N E R A L - I N F O R M A T I O N ||


Sierra Vivienne Henderson.
Sierra is named after both her maternal and paternal grandmothers. Her first name coming from her maternal grandmother who passed away a year after Sierra was born. Her middle name is from her paternal grandmother, who is still alive and healthy today.
Sierra prefers to be called by her given name. Sometimes she'll let people call her Henderson. She likes it.
United States of America
She is half African American and half English.
Date of Birth:
May 26th 1998
Zodiac Sign:

|| I N T I M A T E S ||

ImageSexual Orientation: Sierra is pansexual. Gender has never mattered to her. You are who you are. She tends to go after someone for who they are, not what they are.
Relationship History: Sierra has dated her pick of guys. She has dated a total of six, thus far. One when she was thirteen, which wasn't much really. She shared her first kiss with the guy and that was about it. Then she dated two guys when she was fifteen. One was a year older at the time, and they dated for about four months. The other guy she had met outside of a club when she was trying to get in. He was about twenty two at the time. It was highly illegal, but she wasn't going to tell if he didn't. Besides the fact he didn't know she was fifteen until later. The twenty-two year old is the one she lost her virginity to. His name was Jaxson. He was mature and she had really fallen for him. They dated for a year. He had turned out to be a bad boy, always getting into trouble. One or two times he had gone to prison for being drunk in public or stealing something. He gave he such a rush that she didn't get before. She loved the adrenaline rush, and she skipped quite a bit of school for him. A few times Sierra stole money from her parents to bail him out. After that they'd just go back to his place where they'd get high together and get quite intimate. Although, when she started wanting to go to school again he hated her for it. They'd get into fights about it and he'd try to leave, and she'd tug on his sleeve to stay. He mentioned obviously he wasn't any good for her and left her alone. That was when Sierra attended classes again. Eventually she had a few relationships two of them were girls, those lasted three months each. Mostly those two were rebounds and Sierra didn't truly care for them. Her most recent one, wasn't really a guy she dated, the were basically fuck buddies for a couple of weeks and then it ended. Truth is Sierra still hurts from Jaxson and she really just wants to move on.
Current Relationship Status: Single and trying not to sleep with others randomly in attempts to fill the void.
Virgin?: Sierra is very much not a virgin. Lost her virginity at fifteen.

|| P H Y S I C A L - A P P E A R A N C E ||


Skin Tone: Can look fair in photos, but she's got a bit of dark colour in her from her father.
Height: Five foot six. It's a little above average but compared to the rest of her family she is quite short. Unless she is wearing heels that is.
Weight: A hundred and twenty pounds. She likes her fast food, she never claimed to be a model. Besides she's normal weight for her height.
Body Shape: A slight hour-glass figure. She worked hard for what she got.
Body Type: Ectomorph.
Hair: It is naturally thick and dark, due to her heritage. Although she's dyed it over the years, and still continues to. Her favourite as of the moment is blue. It goes down to breast length.
Shape of Face: Oval.
Eyes: She has chocolate brown eyes.
Distinguishing Marks: She has some small scars, from some of the harsher drugs she tried awhile ago, but they're quite faded and healed over by now.
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Tattoos and piercings: She has two tattoos on her right arm. One is on her upper arm and one is on her lower arm. She has quite a few piercings as well.
Fashion Sense: Sierra wears whatever she wants. Whatever shows herself off, or whatever is comfortable. She has no set style. She'd probably call it the Sierra Style.
Overall Attractiveness: If you ask Sierra she's a bombing 10/10, and most people can see it but the lowest she has been called is an 8. Sierra says the haters is what makes her thrive though.

|| D I S P O S I T I O N ||



Good Personality Traits: Charismatic, honest, bold, confident, and sarcastic.
Bad Personality Traits: Audacious, egotistical, lustful, addict, and rebellious.
Personality: Sierra has two different sides to her. One is very real and is without a doubt who she is. The other is just a role she plays for her family to keep appearances up. Although she argues school is her ground to be herself. Besides she hardly goes, so no one digs into her record much that would say anything to her family. Sierra at home with her family is the well rounded daughter, who is there to follow the example of her older brother. Where she is to be confident, elegant, honest, and humble. Often times she can play the role quite well. Tie in some charismatic traits and there you have it. The perfect daughter to associate with all of her fathers co-workers and possible investors. Their family is really big with public relations, so Sierra has gotten fairly good at it.

Lets be honest here, Sierra really doesn't care though. That's not who she is, and she laughs to herself and her friends about the things her parents make her do. Her parents even arrange for boys she's supposed to date. Sierra pretends to date them to make her father happy, but once she graduates she's done with her family and she's going to go travel and do whatever it is that she wants. Sierra gives no fucks what so ever. That is who she is. She's reckless and rebellious a lot of the time, doing little thing of defiance here and there. Ever since she was fifteen, something made her want to go out and do things. Make her parents ask where she was, and why she was coming home late. Make her parents worry. She wanted her parents to feel something. Behind closed doors, their family was a nightmare and no one cared about anyone. Sierra wanted to fill that void of no love desperately. In order to achieve the fake love that she got, she did stupid things and she would break rules. It was the most attention she ever got from her parents.

Growing up in that kind of home, is what led her straight to the bad boy in her life too. She loved the feeling of being wanted, and she got so addicted to that feeling she kept chasing it. Even to this day she is trying to chase it, and she does that with her alcohol and chasing many different sexual partners. Even if she feels it just for a little bit, it was always better than none.
Strengths: Sierra does however despite a dark home life, she does have some strengths. Sierra is fairly talented with art. She has been good at sketching and painting since day one. Between her vision for art she has also always had a knack for singing. Well she had been forced into when she was younger, but her voice is incredible. The whole arts section whether it be music, drawing, or taking photos it was a good place for expression for Sierra. It is also the one place she truly feels talented and gifted, other than those other stupid subjects she has to take.
Weaknesses: Sierra's biggest weakness is her ability to get addicted to something so easily. She is always going after the things she wants to feel, or the things she feels for a moment. She loves to feel the rush of danger and ultimately one day it may lead to her death. Each day she tries to push new limits to how much damage she could do and still come out alive. Death isn't something Sierra has feared. Living often times has been far worse, but she goes on with life. Another weakness of Sierra's is her inability to have a good intuitive mind set. She can't pick out who is supposed to be the right person for her, and she can't pick out easily who she should be friends with or not. She has dealt with a hanful of losers here and there.
Mental or Behavioural Disabilities: Sierra has dyslexia, so it makes school difficult sometimes and often feels like a failure so she doesn't bother to show up sometimes. Her parents refuse to believe she has any sort of disability as such.
Life Philosophy: If they play games with you, show them how the game is really played.

||G O A L S ||

Short Term Goals:
Sierra's only goal for the present moment is to graduate, and not to die.
Long Term Goals:
For long term goals, she really would love to settle down with someone and be loved for who she is.
She aspires to have a family of her own. She really wants to be a mother. To prove she can be better than her own.

|| C H I L D H O O D ||

Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
Upbringing: When Sierra was younger, they really were the picture perfect family. It was her, her brother, her father, and mother. For the most part when she was younger she didn't notice anything that had happened. When she got a bit older she noticed the alcohol her mother had and the women her father had over weren't for actual business. Just for the intimate business meetings in the bedroom.
Childhood Idol/hero: She didn't really have one. She never thought too much about it and it never came to mind.
Dream Job: Her dream job when she was younger was to be president, but that dream job was very short lived. She does enjoy politics however.
Pets: They had one purebree Samoyed dog. Her name was Nikki.
Education: Sierra had attended private schools, where her parents likely bribed them with money to give her better grades. She never asked for it.
Social Class: Upper Class

|| P R E S E N T - D A Y ||


Image Household: William Henderson - Father
Sierra is not close with her father at all. He is always off cheating on her mother and she finds it such a disgrace. Although Sierra has been with many people herself she would never agree with cheaters. Especially if you're a married man/woman. Sierra despises her father, but she is also scared of what he'll do if she doesn't agree with his terms. He's a big man in the business world.
Allison Henderson - Mother
She strives for perfection. Sierra could never be the perfection that her mother wanted, so she was the next best thing. The fake deal in front of all her friends. Sierra knows her mother is an alcoholic, and doesn't seem happy at all with her husband. Sierra has never had the guts to tell her mother that her father is going around with sluts every weekend.
Kyle Henderson - Older brother.
Kyle is only a year older than Sierra. Kyle hates his father just as much as Sierra does and the whole family really. He usually resorts to smoking heavy doses of weed and staying in his room and gaming all the time. Sierra just doesn't speak with him much anymore.
Pets: They still have Nikki, although she is about twelve years old now, and will likely pass within the next year or so.
Occupation: Sierra actually works as a barista. Sierra has been saving up money for awhile now so when she graduates she can leave this place and not look back. Go where the world wants her to go.
Transportation: She has a motorcycle that her parents bought her. She's rather fond of her baby, but she is also careful with it, as she plans to leave it in her parents possession, so they can't use it to make her stay.

|| M I S C E L L A N E O U S ||


Singing, playing guitar, painting, taking photos, drinking, partying, and fighting.
Musical Instruments:
Guitar and piano.
She used to be on the volleyball team and used to be on the cheer squad, but drop those in Sophmore year when she missed a lot of school.
Spending Habits:
She actually saves her money well.
Hell yea. Not nearly as much as her alcoholic mother.
Never has she smoked cigarettes, but she has smoked weed, and she still does when she needs to.
Other drugs:
She's tried heroin a few times, but never got hooked on it surprisingly.
Smoking, vodka, sex, tattoos, hats, snow, her dog, music, art, photography, and parties.
Turtles, reading (because its difficult.), her family, being told what to do, being fake, skittles, hard candy, and the rain.
Favourite color:
Forest green.
Least favourite color:
Favourite music genre:
Alternative and indie.
Favourite food:
Chinese hands down.
Form of entertainment:
Idiotic people. Finest entertainment in town.

|| H O L L Y W O O D - H I G H - S C H O O L ||


How was Sophmore year?: Sophmore year hardly existed for her.
What are you looking forward to this year?: The parties is what she looks forward to.
How do you feel about spirit days? Which is your favourite: She doesn't care about spirit days too much. She will participate if she remembers or cares to. Her favourite day is PJ day. She can always get on board with that.
Group/Clique: Rebels.
How do you feel about your clique?: She doesn't mind her clique.
Are you happy with your place?: Sure.
Would you want to be anywhere else on the social ladder?: She is content where she is, even though she went down a group. She's happier where she is now. Less pressure.
Any clubs or sports?: She is in the yearbook committee.
Your current GPA: A whopping 3.0
Schedule: Pd 1 - US History
Pd 2 - Advanced Guitar
Pd 3 - Studio Art
Pd 4 - Algebra II
Pd 5 - Animation II
Pd 6 - Physical Education II
Pd 7 - English
Pd 8 - Lunch
Pd 9 - Chemistry

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Sierra Henderson's Story