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Dorothy Carter-Phillips.

"Lights, camera, action!"

0 · 694 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome to Hollywood High”, as played by insouciance



{ Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Judy Garland | Autumn Leaves: Ed Sheeran | Mr Blue Sky: ELO | Kill The Director: The Wombats }


Full name
Dorothy Willow Carter-Phillips.

Thea {most commonly}, Dottie {family & close friends only}, DW {at your own peril} 'I am not a cartoon character!'

Birthdate & Age
"Also known as the night a star was born."
17 {May 31st 1997}.

(closeted) Lesbian.

Relationship Status
"A relationship is the last thing I'm looking for right now."



How old does he/she appear
"I really am seventeen, I swear!"
early teens {13 - 15}.

Height, Weight & Build
5'6, 118 lbs, slender & lanky.

Hair colour & style
"I like to have it in a messy bun; keeps it out of my face."
Naturally auburn & Currently honey blonde.
Naturally straight, but can be curled for special occasions.

Eye colour
the palest of greens, tinged with blue.

Skin tone

Distinguishing marks
Dorothy has a multitude of markings all across her fair skin. The most prominent being a large birthmark, which reaches from behind her left ear down to the base of her neck. Some more, less noticeable features would include, the chicken pox scars left over on her right arm. A couple of light freckles that work up her arms and stomach. She also has a small tattoo {x} that she got during her more adventurous phase.

"I love classic outfits, you know? Those timeless pieces that never go out of style."
x, x, x.

Overall attractiveness
"I think I'm rather bland if you ask me."
Dorothy, much like her name, is a classic beauty. Her gentle features, thin pink lips and pale eyes give her an almost ethereal look that while some may find attractive, others can find slightly plain or boring. She doesn't like her wear too much makeup and her attire is usually more practical that noticeable. If it wasn't for her bold personality, Dorothy could be quite easily overlooked. Standing at 5'6 Dorothy is often taller than the other girls her age, and while her tall, slender physique does gift her with incredibly long legs, she lacks any sign of hips or a chest. Making her opt for loose fitting outfits so as to not show off what little curves she has.



Good personality traits
▲outgoing ▲determined ▲loyal ▲impulsive ▲theatrical ▲driven ▲friendly ▲accepting

Bad personality traits
▼overly dramatic ▼hot-headed ▼nosey ▼blunt ▼secretive ▼loud ▼dreamer ▼stubborn

Competitive: Sometimes
Opinionated: Always
Charismatic: Often
Quiet: Never
Friendly: Usually
Smug: Sometimes
Affectionate: Occasionally
Brave: Most times
Bossy: Often
Risk Taking: Sometimes
Carefree: Occasionally
Intelligent: Always
Passionate: Always
Honest: Usually
Loyal: Always
Serious/Mature: Often
Romantic: Rarely
Argumentative: Occasionally
Independent: Always
Optimistic: Sometimes
Sarcastic: Often
Proud: Usually
Childish: Rarely
Sweet/Kind: Usually
Jealous: Occasionally
Focused/determined: Always
Social: Extremely
Creative: Always

Greatest joys in life
Visiting the theatre.
Wes {her burmese cat}.
Wes Anderson films.

Greatest fears
Not making it as an actress.
Losing Wes {her cat}.
Her sick uncle dying.
Never meeting her father.

Life philosophy
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."



Favorite colors
teal, lilac & silver.

Least favourite colors
black, red & pink.

Favourite music
"I like music with real meaning, not this generic pop people listen to now."
slow rock, indie.

Favourite food
"Now my uncle's definitely not the best chef, but nothing beats his breakfast specialty. His homemade pancakes are to die for!"
pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries.

"I love to read, so picking a favourite is definitely difficult. However, I don't think anything beats my namesake, it's just the most beautiful children's books. Especially with the original drawings."
'The Wizard Of Oz' by L. Frank Baum.

Favourite form of entertainment
Writing scripts, Putting on small performances for her family, dancing.

Most prized possession/s
Dorothy's first edition copy of The Wizard Of Oz | Wes, her pet cat | A signed photograph of her and Angelina Jolie from a movie premiere they both attended.



Do you play a musical instrument?
"My Uncle tried to get me into playing the flute but it never really worked out. However, I can still read sheet music."
Not any more.

Do you play sports?
"At school I'm apart of the tennis team, and that's about it. However, at home my uncle managed to get me into swimming, yoga and even a little bit of soccer! Also, I don't know if this counts as a sport, but I love to dance, mainly on my own around the house but dancing is great for actors because it limbers you up and makes your movements on stage much more fluid."
Dorothy dabbles in a lot of sports, her main sport being Tennis.

How would you spend a rainy day?
"I'd probably stay at home and practice for a part. Or perhaps drive to the local coffee shop where I could hang out and write my scripts."
Stay at home | Visit the local coffee shop.

Spending habits
"As if I'd ever jeopardise mine or my Uncle's reputation by smoking or taking drugs, and alcohol wise? Perhaps a couple glasses of rosé now and then but that's about it."
She mainly spends money on props and costumes for upcoming plays.

Drives and motivations
"My Uncle is my main motivation, he makes sure that I stay on the right path and will, eventually, achieve my dreams."

Immediate goals
Get the lead in the annual school play, Finish one of her own plays, Graduate with flying colors.

Long term goals
Make it on broadway, Direct a short film of her own, Walk a red carpet for a film she has starred in.

How the character plans to accomplish these goals
Make sure her grades are up to par, Practice auditioning for the school play, Knuckle down and finally finish a play.



Los Angeles, California.

What was her childhood like?
Decent, her mother their sole provider and so they didn't have much money.
After Judith (their mother's) death, Dorothy and her sister moved in with their wealthy uncle, Roland.

Wes a sweet burmese cat Dorothy's uncle gave her for her sixteenth.
Jemima Lily's pet pug.

Dream job

Public Elementary school.

Currently living with
Her uncle and cousin.

"Even though I ask for nothing, my kind Uncle usually gifts me what I need for school or for putting on a show."

"My Uncle, Roland, is quite famous in the acting world. Therefore he tends to bring in a lot of money."
Roland Carter net-worth: $30M

the outside:
Lily's, Dorothy's & Roland's
kitchen & dining area:
x, x
x, x, x.
indoor pool:

Dorothy loves to travel using her bike {x} although she does also have a car of her own {x}.


Judith Carter-Phillips | Mother | Deceased

Roland Carter | Uncle | Famous Actor & Director | Close, he took Dorothy and her sister in when their mother died.

Ramona Carter-Phillips | Older Sister | Columnist at Vogue | Used to be close but drifted apart when Ramona moved away.

Lilith 'Lily' Carter | Younger Cousin | Student | Very close, more like sisters than cousins.

'unknown' Phillips | Father | Dorothy knows nothing about her father, not even his first name.



How did you spend your summer?
"Oh you must have heard about my remake of 'Alice in Wonderland' as a play; Everyone loved it!"
Putting on small performances at local theatres, joining a drama workshop, many trips to the beach with her friends.

What grade are you in?
12th Grade.

What clique are you in?
The Thespians.

Where are you on the social ladder?
"I'm around the middle I suppose, but honestly, I don't really care."
The Middle.

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
"Like I said, I don't care about this silly social ladder, it means nothing to me. I can be friends with whoever I choose."

If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be? Why?
"There's nowhere I belong more than in the thespians, they're my people!"

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
"I've decided to try a few new things this year."
Yearbook Committee – Tuesdays / 3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. /Mr. Manuel Alas.
{tutor} Homework Heroes – Everyday / 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. / Mr. Robert Keislar.

Best subject
"Drama, naturally."
Theatre II.

Worst subject
"Algebra - I don't understands it and I don't like it."
Algebra I.

Pd 1 - Theater IV
Pd 2 - AP Psychology
Pd 3 - British and World Literature
Pd 4 - U.S. and Global Economics
Pd 5 - Physics
Pd 6 - Dance II (The Clark Dance Company)
Pd 8 - French IV Honors
Pd 7 - Imaginative Writing
Pd 9 - Lunch


Dialogue color

So begins...

Dorothy Carter-Phillips.'s Story