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Evelyn Vanderbilt

"Did I hear there's a party?"

0 · 616 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome to Hollywood High”, as played by youloveme?




{"Its not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.” }
-Christopher McCandless


|{Full Name}|
Evelyn Rose Vanderbilt

Eve {Causal nickname} Evie {Cute, jokingly}

October 5, 1997 {17}


|{Relationship Status}|


{"A beautiful woman should break her mirror early.” }
-Baltasar Gracian



|{Age Appears}|
"Let's just say they don't card me"
She could pass for over 21

135 lbs


|{Body Build}|
"Hell I work out a lot"
Thin, Toned

|{Eye Color}|
Light Blue

|{Skin Tone}|
"I live in California of course I'm tan"
Tanned. Blemish free.

|{Glasses or Contacts}|
Both. But she only wears contacts in public

|{Distinguishing Marks}|
Beauty mark under right eye

|{Hair Color}|
"It's natural, trust me"

Long with layers. Normally worn down or in braids.

|{Physical Disabilities}|

"I'm always up to date with the latests tends."
Sophisticated and casual. Often seen in flowy spring like short dresses. Wears simple jewelry.

|{Overall Attractiveness}|
"I'm okay I guess."


{"I never seem to have anything that if I lost it I’d care too much about.” }
-J. D. Salinger


|{Good Personality Traits}|
Vibrant, Creative, Determined

|{Bad Personality Traits}|
Bitchy, Wild, Stubborn

|{Greatest Joys In Life}|
Soccer. It has been her savior and her life for a long time.

|{Greatest Fears}|
β€’ Not figuring out what she wants to do with her life
β€’ That she will get sick like her mother
β€’ That her families income won't be able to support her and her father

"In this order of course."
β€’ Soccer
β€’ Work
β€’ School

Evelyn is is fun, wild, and crazy. Everything you would expect out of some rebel teenager and more. She is generally alike able person due to her outgoing side that is always shining through although especially when she's had a few too many to drink.sometimes of course it can almost seem like she doesn't have a filter from her brain to her mouth, once again especially when she's drunk.

Evenlyn is the type of girl that everyone considers a friend even though she's never spoken to them. She has an aura about her that just screams good time. She is always energized and active when around people. She puts up this happy sunshine facade that everyone seems to believe. She is always laughing and joking with people in the halls and is the one to start a conversation at a party, she is just all around a social girl.

With her sociableness also comes her inevitable, popular, bitchy side. It shines brought because it's all she's ever known. Since she was younger she was put on this popular girl pedestal. It comes with all the works, constant expectancies of her, always having to look good and to top the cake: fake friends. Because of all of this she has become bitchy just so people stay in there place and don't cross her, it honestly makes the popularity thing easier.

Behind what Evelyn puts up at school, she's one of the most broken people out there. Unfortunately she has been through a lot and is becoming to the point of sad beyond return. That's why she's turned to drinking, it calms her. After loosing her mother, Evelyn really released she has no one. No good friends and now no mother to turn to. It really made a void in her life knowing she has nothing.

|{Life Philosophy}|
"Who cares? Fuck em'"


{"Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I.” }
-Pink Floyd


|{Favorite Color}|
"Will pink make me sound mainstream? Eh either way not my favorite."
Dark Purple or all purples for that matter.

|{Least Favorite Color}|
"Will pink make me sound goth? Eh either way don't hate it."

"Don't judge my music taste by what I'm blaring in my car. It's on the for other people in the car. Hate that pop shit"
Mainly rock and oldies. 80's, 70's, and occasionally the 60's were a time for her. She taken a liking to a varsity of music from that time from The Beatles to Tom Petty to Pink Floyd to The Cure or the Rolling Stones, she's heard it all. Although she has quite the new interest in modern indie music. She has been tuning into people such as Birdy, Bon Iver, and Imogene Heap. As for pop music these days she's taken a liking towards Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith and a couple of years ago Adele. She can also appreciate a good rap song that she sometimes hears at various parties.

"No carbs. Okay maybe a few."
Burger and fries type of girl. She tends to eat healthiest just to keep up with her healthy lifestyle {Aside of the smoking drinking and drugs of course}. Her favorite health foods are all things fruit, strawberries, kewi, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe and every other fruit under the sun. Although if she had to pick which food she would prefer to eat, it would be all things greasy.

"Classics were always my thing."
She has a bit of a interest in Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. Mostly his tragedies strike her interest. She also can dab I to her nearly inexistent romantic side by reading Jane Erye's books. Also two of her personal favorites are Mice of Men and Catcher in The Rye.


|{Form of Entertainment}|
Parties, although she can keep herself busy for a night at home. She also is always out on the soccer field training. There is not a day too cold or too warm that she is not spending not he field. She also quite enjoys the beach life.

|{Most Prized Possession}|
Probably the locket her mother gave her. She is often seen wearing it a lot. Or her camera which she is always snapping pics with, mainly for the yearbook. Otherwise so he doesn't have anything she really prizes.


{"What is right to be done cannot be done too soon.” }
-Jane Austin


Photography. She does her hand in writing, normally short stories, none of which are published. She is also in love with soccer.

|{Does she play an instrument?}|
"Wasn't that much of a talented little one at music"
She knows a little bit about playing the piano. She took lessons until she was 13. She can read sheet music and still play simple things on the piano. Someday she'd like to learn again.

|{Does she play sports?}|
"Soccer is basically my life"
Soccer. She puts a lot of her time and effort into it. She is a forward and the varsity team captain. She spends most of her time and emery focusing on soccer. She also enjoys a good run.

|{How would she spend a rainy day?}|
Curled up in her bedroom watching Friends re-runs. Or forcing herself to practice soccer in the rain. Even on rainy days she is often seen sneaking out to parties at night.

|{Spending Habits}|
"I splurge on designer from time to time."
She is quite the frugal person. Not much of a big spender although she doesn't have that much to spend. Most of the money her and her father earn is put towards paying he bills. Although she saves up some side money to spend.

"I've honestly tried to stop. Actually that's a lie"
A bad habit she picked up her Freshman year.

"What can I say? I'm a partier"
Also a bad addiction. It's past just social drinking at this point.

|{Other Drugs}|
"Don't fret I'm not a crackhead or anything"
She has tried several things but didn't form a habit. She still sometimes experiments.


{β€œI may die young, but at least I'll die smart.” }
-John Green


|{Drives and Motivation}|
"Well my father has always pushed my towards good grade but a lot of the motivation comes from me not wanting to be deadbeat."

|{Intermediate Goals}|
"Pass Physics"
Mainly just getting good grades.

|{Longterm Goals}|
"I have no clue in hell what I want to be"
She's not sure but she's hoping to go to college.

|{How She'll Accomplish These Goals}|
"I haven't quite figured out a goal let alone how to accomplish it"


{"Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.” }
-Anne Roiphe


Fresno, California

"Happy I guess."
She grew up on a small little house in some middle class neighborhood in Fresno, California. She was born to Jill and Rob Vanderbilt. Her mother was an E.R nurse and her father owned a small restaurant. Things went well in her life for he most part. Evelyn was always a pretty little girl and often times had people falling at her feet, not that she minded. When she was younger money never really mattered - ten year olds can't tell the difference from designer to Target brand all they could tell was her pretty little face. Life was good, or maybe it wasn't and Evelyn just couldn't tell. She could hear her parents fighting at night when she was supposed to be sleeping but she ignore it. She couldn't see the marriage falling apart.
When she was twelve the fighting died down. Odd to a little girl who spent the last two years listening to her parents constant bickering. That's when her world came tumbling down. Her mother was dying. Stage four breast cancer, they caught it too late. Her parents stuck together simply because her mother was sick but the house was in constant tension. As a stress reliever she would go down the school soccer field. It started as just kicking balls around until the schools coach saw her. He told her she was good for no experience and told her about some teams for girls her age that would enjoy having her. That's where the frenzy started.
Evelyn put all the passion she had about her mother being sick into the game. She spent less and less time at home and more and more time on the field. The other place where she felt like everything was going to be okay. As her mothers health kept deteriorating the more she stayed away. She had to, to keep her sanity. As her world was crashing down this was her safe haven. The soccer field.
The the middle of a Californian winter, on a 53Β° day at 4:09 in the mere hours in a hospital on the little white bed in a plain colored room with 'Get Well Soon' balloons hanging all around, Jillian Rose Vanderbilt died with her husband sleeping on a chair by her holding her hand. And where was the dear Evelyn who only months early reached her 14 birthday? Outside in the cold repeatedly slamming soccer balls into goals in attempt to clear her mind. It wasn't till hours later that she arrived home to hear the news.
Her father a-struck my grief sold his little restaurant and his home, packed his family up and moved into a little apartment in Hollywood, where he got a job as a chief in some big fancy restaurant along with 2 other cooking jobs just to make ends meet. His time at home is limited although after the death of his wife, his daughter and himself formed a nice bond in the couple of minutes a day they see each other.
As for Evelyn she took up her second favorite past time: partying. Along with other things such a photography. She keeps herself busy to the best of her potential in attempt to calm he demons within her. Life in Hollywood had been a change for her of course. Like in Frenso she has climbed the social latter fairly quickly, although money means a bit more in Hollywood then back home and she has now found herself hiding the fact that she is very much less well off then the other girls at hers school.

|{First Memory}|
"Aha. I remember being five and there was the beautiful day, and I'm aware everyday in California was beautiful but this was just, extravagant. My mother was in the prettiest sundress and she put my in one too and braided my hair to look like hers. She even let me put on lipgloss like I was always begging her to do. My father was there too in a simple button up and shorts. I remover helping my mother package grapes into little bags and butter sandwiches before we put them into our picnic baskets and hit the road. She drove for a bit before we found the park. My father laid down the blanket and we all ate and laughed and just has fun for hours."

|{Childhood Hero}|
"Mainly just soccer stars... And my mother"
Her mother saved lives while she worked, to Evenly she was the greatest super hero.

|{Dream Job}|
"I'm not sure. I'd like to be some big soccer star."

"Middle class on good months"
Not necessarily poor but struggling


{"Remember when you were young? You shone like the Sun...” }
-Pink Floyd

|{Currently Living With}|
"Myself and my father and well Phoebe"

"Big ball of evil"
Phoebe a orange and white fat cat.

"I work at a cafe but don't tell anyone it could ruin my popularity."
Cafe to help pay bills.

"It's not really a house"
2 bedroom 1 bath apartment.

"Mainly by bus but I own a motorcycle"
Motorcycle or bus


{"My family is my strength and my weakness.” }
-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Jillian Vanderbilt || Mother || Deceased

Robert Vanderbilt || Father || Living With

Phoebe Vanderbilt || Evil Cat || Enemy


{"When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity }
-Walt Disney


|{How did you spend your summer?}|
"It was pretty simple except camp."
She spent a month over the summer at soccer camp that was a able to attend due to a scholarship she received to go there. Aside from that she stayed at home while most of her friends traveled the world. She worked for most of the summer and did her fair share of partying.

|{What grade are you in?}|
"Senior bitches"
12 grade

|{What clique are you in?}|
"I'm more of princess"

|{Where are you on the social ladder?}|
"Pretty high up. Not queen bee or anything, that would be too much work to withhold."
A lister

|{Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?}|
"Who wouldn't be? I mean I get popularity and freedom"

|{Clique you wish you could be apart of? Why?}|
"Is jocks one?"
She would enjoy being a jock since she is obsessed with soccer

|{Clubs or Sports this year?}|
"Is this even a question?"
She is varsity captain of the soccer team and plays a forward. She also is on the yearbook committing and can be seem snapping pictures for the yearbook.

|{Best Subject}|
"Does Gym count? Okay no. Then Spanish."

|{Worst Subject}|
"This class will be the death of me"

Pd 1 - Marketing II
Pd 2 - AP Psychology
Pd 3 - British and World Literature
Pd 4 - U.S. and Global Economics
Pd 5 - Physics
Pd 6 - AP Spanish Language and Culture
Pd 7 - Advanced Anatomy/Physiology Honors
Pd 8 - Physical Conditioning with Weights
Pd 9 - Lunch


{β€œThe only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” }
-John Green


||{Played By}|

|{Dialogue Color }|

|{Face Claim}|
Blake Lively

So begins...

Evelyn Vanderbilt's Story