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Tinashé Kachingwe

"Your bitch wishes she could look this good."

0 · 1,910 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome to Hollywood High”, as played by chanelindistress



{“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”}
~ Mae West, Wit & Wisdom of Mae West

{Vulnerable: Tinashe || Wings: Little Mix || All of These Boys: Jasmine V || Don't Cha: Pussycat Dolls || Partition: Beyoncé || Blank Space: Taylor Swift}
{Bang Bang: Jessie J || How To Be A Heartbreaker: Marina & the Diamonds || Bated Breath: Tinashe || Love Me Harder: Ariana Grande || Dark Horse: Katy Perry }


Full Name
"Say it with me...Tin-ah-shay. Let's not even get started on my last name."
Tinashé Jørgensen Kachingwe

Shay {Most common}; TK {Common; mostly by friends}; Jorgie {Least common; only by family, mostly her mom}; Queen Tee {Common}; courtesy of #TeamTinashé and their loyalty to her artistry}


Feburary 6, 1997

Zodiac Sign

50% Zimbabwean// 20% Danish// 10% Norwegian// 4% German// 10% Irish// 26% French

"Definitely strictly-dickly...but if you get enough drinks in me, half of these girls start lookin' real good."

Relationship Status

Grade Level
12th (Senior)

"Apparently, I'm like the Animal princess or some shit like that. It's whatever and you can say what you want, but no party's a party without an Animal."

"I've been called the Next Queen of R&B or the New Beyoncé of my time. At the end of the day, I'm a girl with a dream and I'm not waiting for someone to help me along the way. I've been proactive this long, nothing can stop me now."
Singer// Song-writer// Actress// Dancer



How old does she appear?
Late teens, though it's very rare for her to get carded at clubs or bars

Height// Weight// Build
5'4// 110 lbs// Spoon Shape

Skin Tone
"My mom likes to call it a peanut-butter brown.
Very light brown

Eye Color

Glasses or Contacts
"I go back and forth with either looking like somebody's nerdy sister or naughty librarian."

Hair Color// Hair Type
"My hair's super curly, but I straighten it every now and then"
Dark brown {0-13}; Walnut brown {13-15}; Honey blonde {15-16}: Dark brown {As of two weeks ago}

Distinguishing Marks
Tinashé has a few scars on her body, though not many are particularly noticeable. Just your minor scarring, like the one on her left ankle from when she fell on the playground and scraped her leg. Or the one on the corner of her left eye from where a metal door clipped her because she wasn't paying attention. Small things like that. Despite her father's wishes, Tinashé did get her nose piercing back when she was fourteen. She has the standard ear piercings that her mom got done for her when she was about three and she is considering a belly button piercing, but has not decided yet. She does have a tattoo on the nape of her neck; it is the symbol for an Aquarius and will be seen on her album in October. She also has a sun tattoo on her lower back, and is considering a third.

Clothing Description
"I like to say that I represent that tomboyish Californian swag...just a bit sexier."
Casual, tomboyish, easily attainable and sexy with a dash of vintage chic

"Sorry, lovelies! All of this perfection does not come without a little help."
Proactive's X-Out Skin Treatment// Hairfinity Vitamins// Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioning Products// Hairstylist & Manicurist// Personal Trainer

Overall Attractiveness
"Judging by the fact that your boyfriend's been eyeing me for the last five minutes, I'm gonna go with 10/10."
Tinashé is a very beautiful young woman and she knows it. Standing at approximately five feet and four inches, she has a naturally curvy form with her hips being slightly more flared than her bust line, though that does not detract from the slimmed physique she is known for. After years of dancing and being fit, her limbs definitely are toned but still maintain a feminine charm befitting of a seventeen year old. With her very light brown skin, high cheekbones, almond-shaped brown eyes set beneath arched eyebrows, plump lips, and small nose, Tinashé is definitely something to look at. Her hair, recently restored to its natural dark chocolate brown glory, falls to the middle of her back sometimes in a sleek waterfall and other times, in luscious loose waves. However, if you wanna catch her in her most basic, catch her when her hair is in its natural curly state and she is wearing her glasses.



Favorite Colors
Black, Red, Gold, & Silver

Least Favorite Colors
Lavender & Orange

Favorite Music
"If you've heard my music, I'm definitely a pop ad R&B girl all day. Mainstream is definitely me, but I like to think my tastes are eclectic since some of my faves aren't mainstream."
Soft Pop// R&B// Rap// Alternative Pop// Alternative Rock

Favorite Food
"When you grow up with a Dad for a chef, you get a lot of favorites. A spinach artichoke dip with homemade tortilla chips does it for me all the time. I can always come home from a tour or school, and just bask in this creamy goodness."
Spinach Artichoke dip w/ homemade tortilla chips

Favorite Piece of Literature
"Let's just nip this in the bud right now. I have a ton of faves, including scholarly articles. Don't let the clique fool you, I'm smart."
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Forms of Entertainment
Sex// Watching horror movies// Video games// Playing sports// Recording songs// Partying// Dancing

Most Prized Possessions
Autographs by Christina Milian, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and a few other celebrities that she looked up to as a kid// The Chef's hat her father got made specifically for her for when she visits him in Atlanta// Her acoustic guitar, which was signed by Erika Bahdu// A framed picture of her and The Stunners (her former girl group) from when they were on the Justin Bieber's My World Tour.// A gold bracelet Christian ordered for her which matches his necklace.





Drives & Motivations
"I think every artist out there will tell you that it's about the fans. They are the biggest motivation and drive. And that's true to some extent, I ain't even gonna lie. But at the end of the day, I had a goal and that was to see how far I could push myself in the industry. Critics have said that I was never going to make it, look at what happened to the Stunners! I don't have the powerhouse vocals that everyone is shooting for and well, fuck all of you that's got a problem with that. I wanted my music and my life to reflect a maturity that's hard to find in kids my age who are mainstream, and to also be able to one day give myself leeway to spread messages. So, I think the biggest motivation is my own ambition. The fans come second, sorry. I still love y'all."
Her own ambition & her fans

Short Term Goals
"If we're talking, like, at this very moment, then I'm working on keeping my brother's birthday party on the schedule and on point. We don't know if we'll be together next year to celebrate what with my debut and college around the corner. But short term goals in life? Well, it's really doing all the work that I can since my album will be released this fall, getting through the semester which really isn't hard considering the fact that I very well could have skipped and graduated early, and just having fun. Bitches, I'm turning eighteen in February! You don't think I'm turning up every day until then?"
Planning her brother's birthday party ~ Seeing her album's release ~ Graduating ~ Having fun

Long Term Goals
"This is kinda the golden question. Everyone's asking. This needs to be kept under wraps, but I'm currently working on another mixtape, which I'm releasing some time next year. It's called Amethyst, my birthstone, and I feel like it's a culmination of my time with fellow producers and seeing things coming together with my label and then my own sound and experience without them. So, I want to get that done. I also want to eventually start working on a second album. My agent and label are all for it since everyone's loved my latest single and I want to finish the idea for my next video, which I will be producing. The next long term goal is really to start reaching out into those branches of social commentary and injustices in our community with my music, which I might be addressing in my next album. Just wait and see."
Working on her mixtape ~ Working on a second album that serves as social commentary ~ Becoming more active in various social issues

How does she plan to accomplish these goals?
"Well, just spending time in my studio, keeping up with my fanbase, and really just having fun 'cause that's how I get inspiration. Having fun, turning up, and being young and dumb."
Studio time ~ Connecting with fans ~ Turning up



Greatest Joys in Life
"Number one for me, and I hope my mama don't hate me for this, is music. My entire life has been music. I used to tell myself I was singing when I was baby and when I got older, that just became a part of my life. I've done a lot thus far to build myself as a better singer using extreme breath control and keeping my health on point to accommodate my career. But outside the perspective field of artistry, music in general has gotten me through a lot. It's stimulating and healing and it's literally my number one joy ever. After that comes family and friends. Music uplifts, these people keep me grounded. At least, my fam does. Friends keep me live and my life never boring. Third is really me being me. There's nothing better than being yourself and loving that person regardless. And I gotta say, the girl I see in the mirror is hot enough for even me to bang."
Music ~ Family & Friends ~ Being Herself

Greatest Fears
"My number one fear is definitely ending up like some of these other wash-outs or even finding myself at the end of my ropes like what with happened with The Stunners. I hated the thought of having made it only that far and I'm not down for unrealized dreams. Like I said, I've been proactive since day one and I would hate for it to go down the drain because I actually did coke or some bullshit like that. I'm not of the mind to ruin my career on bullshit. Next would be losing either of my parents, and I think I'm gonna include Julian since he's like another dad to me. I am tough, don't ever get it twisted. But family is family and I'd hate to lose any of them any time soon. The first two brought me into this world and Julian has been one of my biggest supporters. I love all of them. I'm also fucking terrified of snakes, especially big ones in South America. Like, keep that shit away from me."
Failing ~ Losing her parents ~ Snakes

Life Philosophy
"As I tell everyone, do you and say 'Fuck you!' to anyone who gets in your way."
Someone's probably said this in a classier way, but then it wouldn't be Shay's philosophy if she did it any other way.

"I'm just trying to enjoy my senior year, see the debut of my album, and then take off with the rest of my career."

Good Personality Traits
Sassy Seductive Intelligent Charismatic Down-to-Earth Honest Confident Compassionate Visionary Adventurous

Bad Personality Traits
Vain Flirtatious Blunt Headstrong Rebellious Detached Stubborn Emotionally-Guarded Erratic Vindictive Tactless

Tinashé, much like her sound as a recording artist, can never be placed under one box and the fact that she has allowed herself to be placed within the category of Animal says something profound. It says that she identifies with that label. It says that she has found some place where she belongs - she who is always on the move and is only occasionally found truly off her feet. It means she is content and as anyone would tell you, it is quite hard to contain and impress a girl like Tinashé. Tinashé is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none. She enjoys and relishes in her freedom and hates any and everyone who decides to infringe upon said freedom, which is why she and her mother get along so well. If she is allowed to branch and spread her wings to do whatever she wants, she'll be more inclined to listen to outside opinions. If not, she tends to become just a bit more reckless just to piss that individual who tried to contain her off or just plain rebellious. Besides, a free Tinashé means a stubborn, smart-mouthed, dedicated and ambitious young woman who puts her all into whatever project she sets her mind on. She is a take-charge type of individual who always has a goal in mind, that's the visionary in her at work. The one who comes up with the best party ideas or the best ways to implement messages into songs when the music can be almost distracting enough for you to not catch on until the second or third listen. Being an Animal along with having grown up with a bit of the opulent prestige that comes with the lifestyle of having a rich step-father, hosting parties and various social events are things that Shay are good at as she is such a social figure and one who is not afraid of power. In fact, it is important to note that for her, autonomy over herself is one of the most important aspects of life and anyone who tries to control her are more than likely to hear her mouth and, if it gets to that point, feel the weight of her fists. And you can go to her step-brother if you want proof - Tinashé can and is not afraid to kick somebody's ass.

Let's be very clear - Tinashé is the Animal Princess for a reason and she won't let you forget it. Even if it's the casual wink she has sent your boyfriend because he's been eyeing her for the last five minutes or the sultry sway of her lips or even the silkiness of her naturally soft voice, Shay is sex, beauty, and maybe even danger personified. She captivates with a vivacity that leaves you interested, captures with the dark sensuality of a maturity past her own age, and enthralls even after the initial interaction with a lingering seduction that leaves her on your mind. And that's exactly what she wants. Much like every other Animal and a bit better than some, there is no question if Shay will be on your mind - oh, she will. You may not recognize it at that very moment. You may very well be adamant that she will not be. But trust, with the way she tugs at her bottom lip when she's winding her lithe body to the sultry tunes blaring from the radio or the sweet yet nutty fragrance that wafts from her hair when she's on top of you and her hair is like a dark waterfall around you, she's going to be on your mind. And she very well may end up being the only thing on your mind. Tinashé is a young woman who has embraced and reveled in her own sexuality and her aura drips with the confidence of an A-Lister. After all, Shay thinks very highly of herself and with a good number of guys and girls around the world lusting after her, it's not hard to see why. She's not obsessed with herself in the sense that she puts everyone else down or even that she spends her every waking hour in front of a mirror. It's her inability to see a flaw in her physical description and a bit in her personality that lets you and everyone else know that she's quite vain. And damn it, she's not afraid or ashamed of that fact. She's got the face of a sweetheart, the body of a temptress, and the sex appeal that rivals with figures like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

At the end of the day, however, Tinashé is a bit more down-to-earth than people give her credit. Just because she's acquiring more fame and her parents (step-father included) have all this money and prestige, it doesn't mean that she discriminates against who she talks to and how she lives her life. Shay will be friends with whomever she pleases, rules do not matter to her. She's adventurous in that regard. Shay will always try everything once (depending on how badly they test what morals she does have) and is always down for a little fun, even if it's as simple as meeting someone new. She's extremely accepting of people and while she won't stick up for every underdog she sees, Shay also isn't one to just sit and watch someone be horribly bullied. She'll act flippant and maybe even bored, but she does have a protective bone within her, particularly when it comes to loved ones. Family and close friends are of the utmost importance to her. They are the only ones to think they can hold her down and they are the ones who understand the complexity of Tinashé's character. They know that Shay can seem open, but be more closed off than anyone else. They know that she can be flirty and flighty one second, and then as childish as a twelve year old on a Twilight kick. Which she has had, by the way.

While, as said before, is a free bird, Shay is undoubtedly loyal to those that she cares about but she is also known to be a bit guarded. Well, a lot guarded. After all, as mentioned before, Shay is hard to contain and impress and that is definitely notable in her romantic relationships. She does not fall in love easily nor pursue romantic relationships as freely as some people as she is selective and does not truly let someone in until they've proven their own loyalty to her. With these people is she her most vulnerable, though even then she can seem a bit aloof at times or, in better words, erratic. Her erraticism does not come because she is bipolar or anything of that nature. It is simply because she likes remaining mysterious and unpredictable. Again, this is a girl who hates labels and gladly will switch it up. It's like, while she is social, Tinashé is also the keep-at-arms-length type. She is honest, but sometimes in a way that leaves people feeling offended (even when she does not mean to), and a force when she feels wronged. The most important thing to take away is the fact that she's fine, fearless, and will kick your ass without a blink.



Does she play a musical instrument?
"I learned how to play the acoustic guitar when I was five and the piano since I was eight."
Acoustic guitar, vocals, and piano

Does she play any sports?
"At school? Nah, I don't like them that much. At home? Oh, Chris and I have an ongoing competition. I have a black belt in taekwondo and he is studying Muay Thai, so we're always sparring, playing basketball, football, air-hockey, swimming, and he's been trying to get me in to parkour. That shit is crazy. Also, while it's not a sport, I've been dancing since I was a kid, so I'm just really in to being fit"
Lots, specifically for physical fitness

How would she spend a rainy day?
"Like I've said, Chris and I spend a lot of time together doing a lot of things. And if you've seen our house, which you would since it's sort of a hotspot for HHS kids, you know that we have a lot going on. So, if it rains, we're probably watching horror movies or playing video games, or trying to one-up each other."
Hanging out around the house w/ her step brother

Spending Habits
"If there's one thing you can count on, it's me not wanting to spend money on every little thing. Like, keeping gas in my car is a thing I'm always doing, but other than that, I don't spend money unless I'm hanging out and even then I try to limit myself. I don't wanna be one of those celebrities that spends all of their money and wind up bankrupt in a million dollar home."
Moderate with the occasional splurge

Smokes? Other Drugs?
Tinashe doesn't deny that she smokes weed and it's something she and her mom argued over when it was found out. But it's not like she's ashamed of it nor does she deny it if asked. Teens do it, so why not? She's also done hookah and will do it every now and then with friends. However, cigarettes smell disgusting and those other drugs are

"Wine at home, and beer on the streets."
More like vodka instead of beer, but the picture is clear: she drinks. At parties and at home, particularly for dinners.



How did she spend her summer?
"Funny that you've asked. So, Julian convinced the school, and I'm pretty sure that was because he sends a nice check every year, to let me go to the 106 KMEL Summer Jam with 2Chainz and the like. It was super fun and I did an interview backstage. My single "2 On" became the #1 Track of Summer 2014 and I was named Best Singer of Summer 2014. I literally almost cried and probably would have if I wasn't kinda high at the time. Chris was with me and we just went hard after that. I think you could say that this summer was my summer. On the eighteenth, my spread on Nylon was out along with my interview, which was definitely an experience since I used to love modeling as a kid and I know that my face and my body are the shit. So, there's that. I also did a spread on Kode magazine. After that, I flew over to Thailand for about two weeks just for Chris to get some Muay Thai training in. We stayed at the Bo Phut and we relaxed, went to clubs, and really had a good time. He went over to Spain to visit his mom and grandpa, I came back to America to finish up the video for the other single from my album, "Pretend," featuring A$AP Rocky. I had a lot of fun with that. I was given a lot of creative freedom with this album so it was great seeing everything come together. Afterwards, I performed at the BET Experience with DJ Mustard backing me, like always, and a few of my Animal babies as my back up dancers. It was great. I've really been working this summer. I'm still working on the video for another one of my songs, "Bated Breath," and I am working on tour dates for the 2015 year since it's my senior year and I gotta put in work. But once the music stuff was taken care of, a few Animal friends and I hit up all the party spots in LA, Las Vegas, and Mexico. I left them a bit early to make sure everything was good for Chris' birthday."
Finishing and promoting her album ~ Performing ~ Traveling ~ Partying

Where is she on the social ladder? Is she happy here?
B List and extremely happy

If she could be a part of any clique, which and why?
"Chris says it would be fun if I would at least be a Devil Girl or even a Royal if he talked to Bitch-Kayla. But I don't care about the popularity. It's fun where I am."

Does she plan to join any clubs or sports this year?
"My mom thinks it'd be fun to be a cheerleader, but I will sit my happy-go-lucky ass on the bleachers and cheer Chris on from there. My album is coming out and we'll be releasing tour dates. I don't have time for any of that."

Best Subject
"Music isn't a subject for me and I'd be cheating if that's my fave considering my career. But I'm my best at writing as I've loved poetry since I was a kid, so English is all for me."

Worst Subject
"I don't give a damn about the anatomy or biology unless the government is finally contending with my having autonomy over my body without input from them, thanks."
Science, only because it bores her

Class Schedule
1. Dance II (The Clarke Dance Company I)
2. Advanced Vocals
3. Publications II
4. AP Music Theory
5. Physics
6. Advanced Study Instrumentals
7. Fundamental Math Concepts 1
8. Lifetime Sports and Recreation
9. Lunch



Aimie Hernandez (nee. Rothschild)// Mother// 38// Rothschild Real Estate & Winemaking// Living With

Michael Kachingwe// Biological Father// 40// Chef & Owner of Michael's Grub & Catering// Lives in Malibu

Julian Hernandez// Step-Father// 38// CEO of Inditex Group// Living With

Christian Ortega-Hernandez// 17// Step-Brother// HHS Royal// Living With

Thulani & Kudzai// 15// Biological Brothers// Lives in Malibu



Tinashé Jørgensen Kachingwe was born on Febuary 6, 1997 in Kensington, Kentucky as the first child of Michael and Aimie Kachingwe. The little baby girl would never know that her birth had solidified her parents' marriage as Michael and Aimie's individual careers were warring with one another. Aimie's desire to truly expand upon the real estate empire and wine production company her father had left behind for her had her ready to move to the sunny beauty of California while Michael was determined to really ground his restaurant and food chain in Kentucky, where his family had first made their mark. The constant arguing and slamming doors led to two miscarriages before Shay was born and at one point, they both thought they would not be able to work. However, upon their eldest child's birth, the two realized that they would do anything in their power to make sure that she would never feel the weight of their conflicting lives and personality. And as Tinashé would tell you, she honestly cannot remember her parents having too serious of argument until 2004 when Aimie filed for divorce. However, those first six years were really blissful. From a young age, Michael and Aimie knew that their daughter would be an artist. Tinashé was two years old when she told herself she was singing with the radio (even if it was really just her going in between baby garble and actual speaking) and she was actually saying words - impressively - by the time her third birthday rolled around. By that time, her two brothers were about one and Aimie had become the main breadwinner while Michael finished his educational career at Kentucky State University, acquiring his Masters in Business since he had finished his culinary arts career when Shay was born. Tinashé had proved at a young age to be quite mature and kept up quite well for age, causing her to start school just before she turned four. She was definitely a naturally inquisitive child who never took "no" for an answer and seemed to be a force to be reckoned with already. Aimie had had her modeling and doing small acting gigs from the time she had been able to completely form sentences, having had Shay pose with Michael several times and for various child magazines. They were leaving an upper crest middle class existence at the time. It was also during this time that Aimie started traveling consistently between Los Angeles and Kentucky, having started the construction of a home for her family. Unbeknownst to her, her entire family would not be moving in with her.

The divorce didn't hit anyone hard. It occurred in 2004 when Aimie decided that she and Michael really weren't working. Kudzai and Thulani were still way too young to comprehend, and Tinashé was mature for her age, but was still a six year old child. She didn't understand how her parents could not be perfect together and she hated the idea of being separated. In all actuality, if it wasn't for the promise of Shay becoming a singer or some kind of artist, Aimie would have gladly allowed her daughter to stay with her husband. However, the divorce was officially settled in 2005 and the agreement was that Michael had the boys, and Aimie kept Shay. Which wasn't bad considering the closeness of the two women. Or, at least, between the little woman and her mother. It would be during this time that Aimie reconnected with a college friend, Julian Hernandez, who had lost his wife two years ago and inherited her inheritance, which was the position as CEO of the Inditex Group from her father. The two had dated back in college and upon meeting up again, flames flared up and they were married in 2006, with Julian having given a few key recommendations to the construction of Aimie's new home. Tinashé moved into the beauty with her new step-brother and step-father along with her mother when she was eight years old, around the same time that she met the girls who would later help her form the girl group, The Stunners. She and Chris had not gotten along back in the day and if it had not been for a competition that had once been quite deadly turned playful, they probably would not be as close as they are now. Regardless, the two new step siblings bonded and became a formidable force which would sustain them even in their high school years. However, those Buckley years are the most important. At least, the years that she stayed.

You see, while Tinashé was a presence to be reckoned with, even she had a down moment and those were the three years she spent at Buckley taking advanced courses and being bullied by girls she know would love to whoop like their nannies should have when they were five. It had never gotten physical and The Stunners were her main support systems. But at the end of the day, Tinashé hated Buckley and was more than ready to take on the private tutors Julian hired for her. In between studying and eventually obtaining her black belt in taekwondo, The Stunners were formed by Vitamin C. They left Columbia Records for Lionsgate Entertainment and did a show pilot on MTV. They had a single named "Bubblegum" and released an EP in 2009 with various appearances such as Anything Anything with Rich Russo, The Today Show, and the Wendy Williams Show. They would have another single and chances to perform with Justin Bieber and the New Boyz, but would later disband with each girl pursuing her own individual career. Despite that setback, Tinashé never paused on her career. By this time, she had tasted Hollywood and the critical acclaim she wanted, and did what she had to in order to pursue such.

So, she got contacts and experimented with her hair. She worked out and made sure her body was on point. She truly became the rebellious teen her father loathed to identify with being his child, but this was the image she wanted to construct. More importantly, it just felt natural. She was no longer geeky little Shay from The Stunners who happened to have more curves than the other girls. She wasn't just the girl whose list of books could encompass a library; she was becoming a sex icon and something to be looked at and admired. And she oh so loved the attention! She was signed to Universal Republic after a solo performance at the Club vs Dodgers game and did three mixtapes, and several self-produced and directed music and dance videos, along with various covers. Her use of "underground sounds" had her gaining a lot of attention in the music scene what with her fans constantly showing support via various social media outlets. It was after she did a dance video to her single "Vulnerable" that Tinashé was able to confirm her signing on to RCA Records. After that, as anyone would be able to tell you, the rest became history.



"I think that if you give my Dad some more time, he'll be a self-made millionaire by the time he turns at least fifty-five. But we all knew who the main breadwinner in the family was growing up and that was mom. A Rockefeller descendant moving to American when she was nine, mom spent her entire life surrounded by wine and beautiful homes. So, she didn't waste any time going to school and getting her degrees, and then taking over where Papa left off. She has ties with real estate, which is why this house is so fly, and we even have a vineyard and sell some top notch stuff. In fact, her whooping $20 billion has let me know that I will never have a worry in my entire life, and that's not us talking about the fact that the Rothschild family has a net worth of $500 billion. What I can include is that Julian is the current CEO of the Inditex Group, which is always a surprise to me because he dresses amazingly, yes, but he never seemed like a fashion type of guy. What he is, however, is a business man and he does it well.
Mother & Step-Father's Combined Net worth: $82.6

Any Pets?
"Because I'm going to be really busy in this next year with my touring for my debut album right when December starts and in to the new year, I wasn't included on the whole new-doggy brigade Chris is on. Like, our dog that we've had since our parents got married died and I miss Ruthie so much. So, Julian bought us these two golden retrievers and Chris mostly takes care of them...even though Lacey follows me all the time."
Lacey & Jamie

The Rothschild-Hernandez Estate represents the ultimate lifestyle. Construction having been finished back in 2006, the very large home offers nothing but the best life has to offer and entertainment for all ages. Its extraordinary 30 acres of spectacular vistas over sculpted canyons and jeweled city lights, is both exceedingly private and exceptionally convenient to world famous shopping. The estate is able to comfortably host up to thousands of very special guests for a divine and intimate sit-down dinner. It holds what has been estimated as 20 bedrooms and 29 bathrooms. It can easily accommodate parking for 150 cars, and its proximity to world class cultural opportunities is virtually unbeatable. The prestigious residence, with its perfectly-conceived architecture, represents both majesty and family. Outstanding amenities include: privacy and security up a ¼ mile driveway, guard house, private drivers quarters, separate staff quarters, a separate entertainment complex which includes a discotheque, an indoor skating rink, two-lane bowling alley, arcade, recording studio, dance studio, 10,000 square foot gym with a yoga studio, indoor pool, and basketball court, wine cellar, wine producing vineyard, pool, spa, formal gardens, tennis court and city to ocean views. With all the lush beauty of the Mediterranean, and all the cosmopolitan grandeur of a Beverly Hills address, baby Rothschild is indisputably without rival.

Grand Views
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Formal Living Room
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Formal Dining Room
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Sports Lounge
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Entertainment Complex
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Outdoor Pools
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Tennis Court


Tinashé's Bedroom
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Christian's Bedroom
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Tinashé's 2015 Volvo XC60
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Newell Luxury Coach
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