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Tommaso Pasqualino.

"Non vedo l'ora di quest'anno!"

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a character in “Welcome to Hollywood High”, as played by insouciance



{All You Need Is Love: The Beatles | Dance With My Father: Luther Vandross | Teenage Dirtbag: Wheatus}


Full name
Tommaso Antony Pasqualino.

"Please, just call me Tom."
Tom {commonly}, Tommy {close friends and family}, Stoner Boy {only his sister}.

Age & Birth date
18 {13th June 1996}.


Relationship Status
"It was a messy breakup."
Newly single.



How old does he appear
Late teens / early twenties depending on whether he shaves.

Height, Weight & Build
6'2, 174 lbs, tall & slightly muscular.

Eye color & sight
Hazel brown eyes, wears contacts {prescription 2.5+ on both eyes}.

Skin tone
"My Madre says I have skin like the sun."
Dark olive skin.

Distinguishing marks
Tom has a multitude of cuts and scraps due to his skateboarding obsession. The most visible scar he earned from skating would be the scar on his chin, which reaches down just under his jaw. He also has small scars on his right elbow and hand from a nasty fall from a tree back in Italy. Gia, his sister, has also added to the assortment of scars by stepping on his foot, in heels, very hard after he made some snide comment about her height.

Hair color & style
"Gia keeps telling me to get it cut."
Deep chocolate brown, almost black. Slightly overgrown, reaches past his ears.

Tom opts for fairly laid back outfits, usually consisting of skinny jeans, some scuffed sneakers and layered jackets as padding for when he falls.
x, x, x.

Overall attractiveness
"The ladies here, they call me exotic."
Back in Italy, Tom was a moderately attractive guy - not jaw dropping, but definitely not someone you'd just look over. However, since arriving in Los Angeles, Tom has been getting much more attention than he thought he would. It would appear his exotic colouring and toned muscles {courtesy of all his skateboarding} is much more attractive to American ladies than it is to Italians. His fairly gentle features and full lips already give him a very approachable appearance, plus his messy overgrown hair make for a very warm look. His easy smile and thick Italian accent help to attract the opposite sex, also.



Good personality traits
easygoing chilled friendly kindhearted honest

Bad personality traits
indecisive thoughtless careless gullible dopey

Competitive: Never
Opinionated: Usually
Charismatic: Always
Creative: Often
Quiet: Occasionally
Friendly: Always
Smug: Never
Affectionate: Usually
Brave: Often
Bossy: Never
Risk Taking: Often to Always
Carefree: Always
Intelligent: Sometimes
Passionate: Often
Honest: Often to Always
Loyal: Usually
Serious/Mature: Rarely
Romantic: Usually
Argumentative: Rarely
Independent: Often
Optimistic: Always
Sarcastic: Sometimes
Proud: Most Times
Childish: Occasionally
Sweet/Kind: Often
Jealous: Sometimes
Focused/determined: Tries to be
Social: Very

Greatest joys in life
"There's nothing I love more than my family. Sí, I do tease my sisters very much but they know that I love them. And as for my Madre, there is nothing I would not do for her. She brought me into this world, the least that I can do for her is be the perfect son - Which is why I keep my nasty habits a secret. Apart from my family, I love skating. Everything about it, I love. It is apart of me. Gia may not agree with me doing it as she thinks it is a waste of time but I cannot stop myself. Also I hope that when I am older I will be able to help other people, I have had a very good life and I want others to have that too."
Skateboarding, Family & Helping others.

Greatest fears
"I think that what I fear most is not fitting in here. I am a foreigner in this country and I do not know how the students of Hollywood Highschool will act around me. I am not like them. I do not understand some of their words. All I can do is be myself and hope that they will accept me for that. I am also very worried about my nonni - sorry, grandparents. They are old and without my mother to visit them everyday and make sure they are well, I do not know how they will live."
Not fitting in & His grandparents dying.

"I am focusing on learning English better, all I want to do is fit in here."
Fit in at HHS.

Life philosophy
"Riding a skateboard doesn't make you a skateboarder. Being unable to stop riding a skateboard is what makes you a skateboarder." - Lance Mountain.



Favorite color/s
"They remind me of the beach and the ocean."
orange, yellow & blue.

Least favourite color/s
any neon colors.

"I enjoy the Beatles and music like this, it's very pleasant for the ears."
old pop & rock.

"What can I say? I am Italian after all and we love our risotto."
Four-cheese risotto.

"I enjoyed this book because it was the first I could read the whole way through in English, which was very exciting, I hope to be able to read the rest of these books."
Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone by J.K. Rowling.

Form of entertainment
Skateboarding, Smoking weed, Hanging out with his friends, Learning more English.

Most prized possession
Tom treasures his seven year old skateboard, however scuffed it may be.



Do you play a musical instrument?
"I wish I knew how to play an instrument, unfortunately I only know a little guitar that my cousin taught me."
Basic Guitar.

Do you play sports?
"Not unless you count skateboarding."
He skateboards but other than that, doesn't play any sports.

How would you spend a rainy day?
"I would probably spend a rainy day learning English, it would be a great time to broaden my vocabulary, or so my tutor says."
Learning English, Smoking weed.

Smokes? Other drugs?
Besides occasionally smoking a joint or two, Tom doesn't do any other drugs, nor does he smoke.

Tom will only drink at parties, or at special family occasions.

Drives and motivations
His father's death made Tom realise that life is short and he must try and fulfil all of his dreams if he wants it to have been worth it.

Immediate goals
Learn better English, Graduate from Highschool, Get accepted to the local college.

Long term goals
Become a sponsored skater, Get a good job, Buy a big home for his whole family.

How the character plans to accomplish these goals
"I will study as much as I must to give these things to my family and make them proud."
Attending the 'Homework Heroes' club and getting a tutor, studying hard, not letting people {especially the girls here} distract him.



Naples, Italy.

What was your childhood like?
Tom had a very happy childhood. Sure he didn't live a lavish lifestyle like a lot of the students at HHS but he was apart of a very happy and loving family. That was until Tom's father died when he was seventeen, his mother became depressed and everywhere they went it was a reminder of what happened to their father. So, Gia packed their bags, took a job offer as an Italian teacher at a school in Los Angeles and took them all with her.

A pet rat named Scabbers {after ron's rat in HP}.

First memory
"It is a simple memory but beautiful."
Dancing around their old living room in Italy with his older siblings and his parents as a child.

Childhood Hero or Idol
"My Madre has alway inspired me, she is so strong. Having raised five children all on her own, as well as looking after my nonni, she's wonderful."
His mother.

{5 - 11} Homeschooled by his mother.
{11+ } Public school.

Currently living with
His mother and four siblings.

Works part-time at the library.

Little money {Lower - Working class}.

""It is not very large and I have to share a room with all my brothers, but I don't mind."

Tom either rides his skateboard wherever he needs to go, or gets a lift from Gia, his eldest sister.



Alfredo Pasqualino | Father {54} | Deceased | Tom's father wasn't the smartest man. He'd barely made his way through school and left when he got a job at 16. Although he may not have been the most intelligent, he gave Tom some of the most valuable life lessons that he still sticks to today.

Carla Pasqualino | Mother {52} | Unemployed {used to make pottery} | Tom adores his Madre; there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. Whenever she finds it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, he's always there to help her up and give her his signature lopsided smile to brighten her day.

Gia Pasqualino | Older Sister {24} | Teacher | Gia has always been the mother hen of the family. She looked out for them all when Carla was depressed and knows everything about Tom, even the habits he manages to hide from his mother.

Dante Pasqualino | Older Brother {21} | Soccer Coach | Dante is the star athlete of the family and Tom finds that very hard to relate to. Sure, they're brothers and they love each other, but they've never been quite as close as Tom is to his other siblings.

Agnese Pasqualino | Younger Sister {16} | Student | Agnese is possibly the only sibling Tom allows to call him Tommy without shooting them a dirty look or kicking them in the shin. She's a sweet, shy girl with an incredibly powerful voice and Tom hopes that her attending HHS will help to bring her out of her shell.

Cajetan 'Caj' Pasqualino | Younger Brother {14} | Cajetan, or Caj as everyone in the family calls him, is quite possibly the most annoying person you will ever meet. As soon as Tom comes into the house after a day of work, Caj is there to either attack or annoy him. Even though he may be incredibly annoying, Tom still loves him very much and makes sure to look out for him.



How did you spend your summer?
"I spent most of my time packing, moving to Los Angeles and then unpacking again!"
Moving to America.

What grade are you in?
12th Grade {Senior}

What clique are you in?
"I am with other people like me, which is good hopefully they will understand how I am feeling."
The Transfers.

Where are you on the social ladder?
"I think that I am at the bottom as I have just arrived."
Almost the bottom.

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
"I am not really too sure what a 'social ladder' is but sí? I suppose?"
Yes, for now.

If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be? Why?
"I would like to be with the other people who have love for skating, the uh, the skaters."
The Skaters.

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
"I am thinking that a tutor would be a good idea."
{tutee} Homework Heroes – Everyday / 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. / Mr. Robert Keislar.

Best subject
"Back home I really loved Chemistry and making all of those um, reactions, sí"
None, yet {was chemistry}.

Worst subject
"I don't know I've just arrived."
None, yet.

Pd 1 - Latin American History
Pd 2 - Ceramics II
Pd 3 - British and World Literature
Pd 4 - U.S. and Global Economics
Pd 5 - Physics
Pd 6 - Beginning Guitar
Pd 7 - Probability/Statistics
Pd 8 - Physical Education
Pd 9 - Lunch


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So begins...

Tommaso Pasqualino.'s Story