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Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World


My World, where reality meets virtual reality. Are you going to be a leader of a popular guild or a weak rookie? It's your call. (3 SPOTS OPEN/NO MORE AUTO FACE CLAIM)

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Welcome to My World
"Welcome to My World~!"
My World is a virtual reality game that is becoming popular every second. Though as popular it may be, it's a dangerous game. Many students are succumb to being addicted to the game, either staying home from school or ignoring their family. The game is a virtual paradise for people who like using magic and the like. Inside the game, one particular guild is getting popular everyday, but the rumors say otherwise. They are a evil guild, they say. They want to control My World and kill any character to get more power. When a computer nerd who has no will to live gets a hold of the black market game, he makes characters and gets acquainted with the evil guild leader. The guild duels the rookie, but another guilds saves him. This guild wants to to cleanse the guild and My World. When he finds out he's the most powerful character, both guilds want him. What is a nerd supposed to do?


  • Please use the Posting Skeleton when posting. It'll make things easier.
  • Reservations only last 24 hours, okay?
  • No god-modding. No one likes a character who is perfect in too many ways.
  • Be nice to everyone, I don't want any fights, you hear?
  • Post daily, if you cannot or having personal problems, PM me.
  • When posting, post a good lengthy post. Word Count should be over 200.
  • Swearing is also encouraged, but not all the time. Don't say them repetitively.
  • When making your profile, use the character skeletons. I will not approve your character if you don't use it.
  • The will be romance in this roleplay, but remember not to be very explicit. Don't want any rule-breaking here.
  • When your RP is going towards steamy and 'private', please switch to PMs.
  • Warning, there is going to be many different types of romance in this roleplay. Homophobia will not be welcomed here.
  • Please have a icon for your character, I don't have a reason why, but I just like the icons to be there. But if you can't get one, it's okay.
  • This is a somewhat advanced roleplay. If you don't know how to use the codes that are given below, please leave.
  • To make sure you have read the rules, please put down BLUE for the password part on the character skeleton.
  • Please, for the love of Shisus, please read these rules.
  • Have fun!

  • The RP will start off with the nerd talking about his horrible life and getting a hold of the game.
  • He'll make his avatar and meet the evil guild leader.
  • The evil guild leader will start to fight him.
  • Then the cleansing guild saves him.
  • They also ask for him to join there guild, but he refuses and runs away.
  • He then finds a weak guild and decides to join them and help them get stronger and known.
  • The rest will be determined by us~!
  • The evil guild is called, Darkus Magnus.
  • The cleansing guild is called , Heavenly Cross.
  • The weak guild is called, Faery.

!!!My World!!!

Kim Jae Won - Sakurai
[Taken by PrincessBoy]
Need help with your computer? Ask Jae Won. He knows everything about them. His parents are very abusive to each other and especially to him. He wants nothing more than to die then to live. He very kind, but no one has approached him to know that. Getting his hands on the the virtual reality game My World, he decides to live there and never come back. Fairly confused about his sexuality, but will eventually fall for the co-leader.
Face Claim/Kyuhyun from Super Junior

Faery Co-leader
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
In the real world, he was a normal child. He did what he was supposed to and did what he parents wanted him to do. He was fed up. In My World, he is a kind leader and practices to grow strong everyday. He was Faery's leader until Sakurai came along. Eventually falls for Sakurai. He is Chinese.
Face Claim/???

Sarah Di Cecca - Evelyn
[Taken by Runika]
She was stupid in the real world. No one wanted a stupid girl. In My World, she was wanted. Faery took her in and she loves it. Fun loving girl who makes everyone smile, though she's still stupid. Stupidly falls in love with the assistant of Heavenly Cross.
Face Claim/Ariana Grande

Emmaline Valentine
[Taken by BleedingLover]
A traveling musician in the real world was tricky for a girl like her. My World gave her a permanent home. A very quiet girl that comes and goes as she pleases. She may pop in and out from nowhere often. Quietly falls for the leader of Heavenly Cross.
Face Claim/Ellie Goulding

Kiyoshi Kobayashi
[Taken by Leon21]
Unknown past makes him very mysterious. He's a very dark person which makes everyone scared. Is actually a very heartwarming person deep down and hidden from everyone. Falls in love with Sakurai and first, but then turns to his assistant.
Face Claim/Ray Fujita

Darkus Magnus' Assistant
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
Known for his overall cuteness, he was quite popular in real life. My World, he's still cute, but very deadly. Known for stabbing people in the back. Is in total love with the leader, but keeps quiet about it. Uses his anger about it by killing avatars. He is Japanese.
Face Claim/???

Lance Clément
[Taken by Enter Username Here]
He may be extremely feminine in the real world, but in My World, he is a cleansing genius. Very witty and social, he naturally gets along with everyone. Everyone except his assistant. He falls for Sakurai, but then 'sees the light' and falls for Faery's second assistant.
Face Claim/Andrej Pejic

Heavenly Cross Assistant
[Reserved/Taken by ???]
Being a country bumpkin at heart with a sarcastic mouth, she actually got very far in life. My World was the best place for her. Her stubborn streak clashes with the leader of Heavenly Cross, but with good intentions. She falls in love with Faery's first assistant. She is American.
Face Claim/???

Code: Select all
[center][i]¶REAL LIFE[/i]
[img]Real Life Picture of your Character/Play-by Picture[/img]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Name«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Your character's name. Also list nicknames.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Age«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Your character's age. Be reasonable with the play-bys.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Gender«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Male or Female[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Nationality«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Depends on the play-by, but can be pretty much anything.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Orientation«[/color][/b]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Play-by«[/color][/b]
[size=90]They are given.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Appearance«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Give my specific details. I want a pretty good paragraph about things that can't be seen in the picture.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Personality«[/color][/b]
[size=90]A pretty good paragraph about how they act.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»History«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Another good paragraph about their past and present. Also explain how your character got My World.[/size]

[i]¶MY WORLD[/i]
[img]Anime picture of your character's Avatar/No monster or robot avatars[/img]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Avatar Name«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Your character's Avatar name. Only one name and it can be anything.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Avatar Appearance«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Give details.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Guild«[/color][/b]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Main Element«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Dark, Light, Fire, Air, Water, Electricity, or Earth[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Weapon(s)«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Can have one or more weapons.[/size]
[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Skills and Abilities«[/color][/b]
[size=90]List your character's avatar's skills and abilities. Nothing to strong, no god-modding.[/size]

[b][color=YOUR HEX CODE]»Password«[/color][/b]
[size=90]Read the rules and you will find it. :D[/size][/center]

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Character Portrait: Kim Jae Won
0 sightings Kim Jae Won played by PrincessBoy
"But I'm just a nerd!"

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Character Portrait: Evelyn
Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kobayashi


Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Kiyoshi Kobayashi

"Only the emotionless can rise to the top. Luckily, emotions have never been my problem."

Character Portrait: Evelyn

"Ehhh? What do you mean I can't do that?"


Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Kiyoshi Kobayashi

"Only the emotionless can rise to the top. Luckily, emotions have never been my problem."

Character Portrait: Evelyn

"Ehhh? What do you mean I can't do that?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Evelyn

"Ehhh? What do you mean I can't do that?"

Character Portrait: Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Kiyoshi Kobayashi

"Only the emotionless can rise to the top. Luckily, emotions have never been my problem."

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Re: Welcome to My World

Can I reservee the Coleader for Darkus Magnus please? It might take me a bit longer than 24 hours though.

Re: Welcome to My World

OKAY THERE IS NO MORE AUTO FACE CLAIMS...I hope people are happy now. :<

Re: Welcome to My World

Well, if it makes them happy I'll take it off...But I put them up there because I wanted diverse nationalities. I like Asians, so they should be happy I didn't choose all Asians. :<


Re: Welcome to My World

I haven't been on this site long, so I don't really know people to ask. :3
Plus, most people I know hate FC's. Even the ones that like FC's, I don't think they'd go for the FC's you have up at the moment. Besides the Taylor Swift one I guess.

Re: Welcome to My World

Ah, well. I started my sophemore year, and now I'm a senior. We have a small band and it's a bit easier to get things done. sort of

I'll do that tomorrow~ In the meantime, help as much as you can it's okay if you can't find anybody, I won't beat you

Re: Welcome to My World

I suggest posting in the RolePlayers Wanted Forum? It helps sometimes. :)

Re: Welcome to My World

This is my first year of doing marching band, and, eesh, I'm already terrified xD My school's marching band is huge. We have over 160 wind players, and then 30 more colour guard as well as everyone who is in the pit. The tubas keep running over me whenever I have to march the opening set xD My band director terrifies me. I think he must have been an army drill seargent before becoming a teacher. xD

Re: Welcome to My World

Hexcode: Deepskyblue | 00BFFF

Re: Welcome to My World

@BleedingLover: Okie dokie, as long as you stay true to that. Hey, if you have time, I'll let you submit a WIP, just so I know you are working on her! But if not, I'll wait.

@Leon21: Yep. True story. My marching band just perform for the first time last Friday and we only played are first two songs. Now I'm a senior this year...we had the biggest applause we ever had this year. We had gotten a new band director which I had as a teacher back in eighth grade, and he has just made wonderful things to our band. we are still small though

Can you peoples help me find more peoples to join? I don't know that many people...

Re: Welcome to My World

Hi Princess, i'll have my character up by tomarrow. I had sooo much math homework all weekend. But, I promise by midnight tomarrow. :D

Re: Welcome to My World

Oh hey, another person whose life is being eaten up by marching band? :D I know how you feel, band camp is taking up every secomd of my spare time xD

Whoever-my-character-was's hex code is 400080. I think. My mind is refusing to work properly right now xD

Re: Welcome to My World

Adding names now! Sorry, marching band, Kpop, & AP Bio are flooding my scheldule, oh did I forget Asians? Xd

Anyway, I need the hex codes so I can color your beautiful characters names on the intro page, plz~?

And might I say, you guys have a lot of knowledge. I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS~~

And I needs more people. I need a co-leader, and 2 assistants~ helps?

Re: Welcome to My World

Submitted my character, hope you like it.

Re: Welcome to My World

You don't want to know how long it took me to write my character out. Here's to ten hours of my day being wasted XD Well, I finally managed to submit him. I hope he's ok ^^ Pardon his powers, I tried to keep them from getting too strong, but I might have failed at trying ^^;;

Re: Welcome to My World

Haha, your computer sucks. :P Mine on the other hand never does...I just accidentally push restart insead of submit. Man, that is a shallow victory. V.V

Re: Welcome to My World

Oh wow. I had to copy & paste mine from a file because my computer has a tendency to shut down on its own. Xd The Roleplay itself, I had to rewrite it twice. XD

Re: Welcome to My World

Oh man tell me about it. I did the whole profile on my phone excluding the pictures and the actual submition x.x

Re: Welcome to My World

^^ And I finished Sakurai. That was fun. (too much typing) XD

Re: Welcome to My World

FF0066 :) Why?

Edit: oh i get it LOL.

Re: Welcome to My World

@Runika: What's the hex code you are using? ^^;