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Kim Jae Won

"But I'm just a nerd!"

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a character in “Welcome to My World”, originally authored by PrincessBoy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kim Jae Won and didn't have any nicknames except those bad names his parents would call him.
Male, although if you put a wig and dress on him, he could be mistaken for a female unless he talks.
Is really confused about the whole subject of sexuality and deems himself asexual, but he acts homosexual though.
Kyuhyun from Super Junior
Jae Won is actually quite tall for his age, reaching 5'8" though he weighs under average. He doesn't have much acne, seeing as his face his pretty smooth. His skin is a nice tan, though he is never in the sun enough to get one. His lips are a usually pink and plumb for a guy. His eyes are an almond shape and practically black. His hair is a dark brown and it has a mind of it's own, usually seen with a bed head most of the time. His clothes are very conservative, not liking to show any amount of skin what so ever. Has too many scars on his body to count, reason for wanting to cover his body up. Has some muscles in his upper arms and legs, but not much. He is still wimpy as ever. Has been wearing glasses for all of his life, literally being blind without them. Has tried contacts, but there is none that actually work on him. His voice is a normal guy voice, but a little raspy tones in there. When he is super excited or very angry, his voice tends to go up three octaves.
Jae Won is a quiet nerd who keeps to himself all the time. Deep down, he wishes to be more out going and talk to other beings, but he just ends up being silent. He often gives out death glares without even meaning to, he was just staring at nothing. Being the nerd that he was, he is incredibly smart. He was the top of his school. Though, his immediate interest was computers. He loved working on or making them. He has played many computer games including Starcraft as his favorite so far, but it just made him even more anti-social. Soon, he just stopped talking all together. Becoming silent, he began to think more about his actions and step up to the many things happening around him. He is truly kind and nice to anybody, but he has never got the chance to act that way. Kept hidden from anyone, he is just a defenseless child who wants nothing more than to be loved by some one his loves him for who he is and have as many true friends as possible.
Dark, cold, and damp. That is how he describes his history. All his life, he has been studying to make his parents proud, but his parents never cared. His parents (the alcoholics that they are) always fought with each other with the ending result by beating him with anything they can get their hands on. Scars of his past and present have permanently scarred his mind. Jae Won had stopped talking all together at the age of ten when he was thrown into his room just for asking when dinner was ready. The other kids at school didn't bother talking to him either. A smart kid who came to school everyday bandaged up, they thought he was a fighter, a rebel. Though, they were dead wrong. Everyday, doing the same routine cracked something in Jae Won's mind.

After being beaten for the last time by his parents, he ran out of his house. He wanted to forget everything, he wanted to die. Truly die. Running to the nearest shelter from the raining city, he caught his breath, still bleeding from the wounds he got from his parents. A bystander heard him wanted to die in his heart, he persuaded him into taking a virtual game My World. He was wary at first, but then he took it. Who cared about him anyway? He wanted to leave this world once and for all.

»Avatar Name«
»Avatar Appearance«
Firstly, he wanted to become fast. Someone fast on their feet that way they can dodge any hit so they wouldn't get wounded any longer. So Sakurai became a cat. A cat boy to be exact. A ninja cat boy. His hair becomes black and it shapes around his face nicely. His eyes turn cat like, a yellow green color. His skin gets pale, almost sick like. His body becomes practically frail, something small so he could run around. He has black cat ears on his head and a skinny cat tail coming from behind. A weird brown buckle surrounds his neck like a collar. Because of his pale skin, his cheeks are always red like he is blushing all the time. His clothes consist in wine color top that looks way too big for him (the sleeves usually fall off his shoulder). He has baggy black pants that are wrapped up in bandages at his ankles. His right arm is bandaged up as also. He was black ninja shoes on his now small feet that help him from not slipping. His waist is also bandaged up with a small brown pack that keeps his endless supply of Kunai safe. He has a black cloak that he keeps tied at his neck and flowing behind him. He now has fangs that can bite very hard.
None at first, but soon becomes the leader of Faery
»Main Element«
Air, but ends up learning Dark and Light magic later on.
Sadly, he only has Kunai available to him, but the good thing is that he has a endless supply of them. His Kunai have sakura flowers on them.
»Skills and Abilities«
Fast Speed: Can dodge anything being thrown at him or just being attacked. He's extremely fast on his feet. Sometimes feels like he is teleporting.
Fast Retreat: Can run away from any duel. Sometimes it fails though, but when it succeeds, he's gone.
Fast Throw: Can throw his Kunai at a fast speed, blink and you are hit. Though his Kunai aren't that strong, so they don't cause great damage.

Later On...

Dark Code: A magical spell that enhances his Kunai. This code is like a disease, once this Kunai hits an enemy, the avatar will slowly die.
Light Code: A magical spell that enhances his Kunai. This code is like a cleansing, and heals the dark code's disease. Though it has a 50/50 chance of healing though.


So begins...

Kim Jae Won's Story