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Kiyoshi Kobayashi

"Only the emotionless can rise to the top. Luckily, emotions have never been my problem."

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a character in “Welcome to My World”, as played by Leon21


Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Ray Fujita
Kiyoshi is a fairly average male. He stands at 5'10" in height, so, while not the tallest of all people, he is certainly at least a little bit taller than most average males in Japan, the country where he comes from. His build is fairly small, and he is rather lightweight, weighing in at only around 132 pounds. He doesn't have much muscle, considering he doesn't bother to exercise all that much, but he isn't a complete couch potato, so he doesn't have that much fat either. Of course, the fact that he is disgusted by most of the unhealthier foods such as chocolate, candy, and pastries helps. Kiyoshi practically lives on rice and assorted types of seafood, and has a fairly healthy diet, allowing him to maintain a healthy weight.

His hair is an unimpressive shade of dark brown; in fact, in situations where the lighting isn't that great, one could almost say his hair was black. He keeps it fairly long, his hair rarely, if ever, being cut shorter than his shoulders in length. It has just the slightest wave to it, which Kiyoshi finds incredibly annoying, considering his hair is constantly getting all tangled because of it, and it isn't even wavy enough to look nice. He will often straighten it purely so that it looks better, sometimes stylishly curling the ends up. His bangs tend to hang in front of his eyes, especially in front of his right eye. Kiyoshi doesn't seem to mind this all that much, and never bothers with pushing his hair out of his face. He doesn't ever bother to wear it in a ponytail unless it would be dangerous to let it hang loose.

Like most people of Japanese descent, Kiyoshi has fairly narrow, almond shaped eyes that are dark brown in colour. He has fairly short eyelashes that are difficult to see unless you happen to be looking for them. Kiyoshi's eyebrows are dark and thin, with only the slightest hint of an arch. He has lightly tanned skin. His face is fairly angular, and he has a very square jaw. It is difficult to see his cheekbones, and his face is very wide. Kiyoshi has a large nose, as well as very full lips. When he talks, his face takes on a more angular shape, his cheekbones becoming more prominent. For clothes, Kiyoshi sticks with simple, casual styles. Straight leg jeans and long-sleeve t-shirts make up the brunt of his wardrobe. He likes to wear sneakers for shoes, Nike being his favourite brand.

One of the first things people will think about Kiyoshi is that he is depressed. He is dark and gloomy, and has an incredibly pessimistic approach to life. He never appears to see things on the bright side, and his mind always jumps to the worst possible thing that could happen whenever he is in a stressful situation. One of the reasons for this is that he is incredibly shy in 'real life', and therefore has very few actual friends. In fact, he has no friends, and therefore has nobody to stand up for him. Kiyoshi tries to stand up for himself in real life, he really does, but, eventually, he will always end up feeling like he is completely unwanted.

This is his main reason why Kiyoshi began to play My World. He wanted a position of power, he wanted to be well known. This led to him becoming a bit of a bully in the game, treading over everyone who stood in his way to power. This also led to Kiyoshi becoming one of the most powerful players on the game. Sure, he is the leader of one of the most infamous guilds, but he is also well known, and has power, as well as followers. This is what Kiyoshi likes. In the game, most people see him as an uncaring being who has no qualms about killing. This is mostly true.

What people don't see is the fact that Kiyoshi can actually be a fairly decent guy to be around. He can actually be really nice as long as someone doesn't get on his bad side. The problem with Kiyoshi is that he has major emotional swings, and gets upset very easily. Since he is so powerful in the game, most people don't survive crossing him, and if they do survive, they are often scarred for life. This unpredictability is one thing that has made Kiyoshi so infamous. He is surprisingly charismatic, and usually quite good at making people obey him, even if their fear of him plays a major role in this.

There is one thing about Kiyoshi's history that scares most of the people in My World so much: It doesn't exist. Kiyoshi is incredibly secretive about his history, which worries many people. All sorts of rumours have sprouted up around him: that he's a drug dealer, he's a government agent, he's a serial killer. Kiyoshi is, in fact, none of those. He is actually just a completely normal male with a normal - one could even go as far as to say 'boring' - life. Kiyoshi was born in Japan, in Kyoto, to be precise. He has lived there his entire life, save for one exchange trip he made in high school to a school in the United States of America; this is the reason for him being fluent in both Japanese and English.

Kiyoshi's parents don't exist. Well, not in his life, to say the least. His father is a wealthy business man who spends most of his time abroad, doing work, and his mother is a stay-at-home wife who really doesn't stay at home, instead attending assorted parties every hour of the day. A blind three year old could see that the relationship of Kiyoshi's parents is not a happy one, and that neither of them stay true to each other. It is obvious that both Kiyoshi's father and mother have different lovers, but it is never mentioned in Kiyoshi's home, the rare times when both of his parents are home being filled with awkward silence.

Due to Kiyoshi's mother believing that public schools were bad for children's health and social skills, Kiyoshi grew up being home-schooled. His IQ is on the verge of allowing Kiyoshi to be considered a genius - although he'll never brag about it - so Kiyoshi finished all of his work very quickly whenever he had any to do. He got perfect grades in the homeschooling program, and was taking college level classes by the time he turned seventeen. Still this extra work didn't do anything to cut down the time Kiyoshi spent alone at home.

Around the time of turning twelve, Kiyoshi discovered video games. He used his more-than-generous allowance to buy himself whatever video game was considered 'cool', and quickly became a master of playing computer games. With the amount of spare time he had, he often managed to beat video games in a couple of weeks, sometimes even days. There was never any game that Kiyoshi ever felt suitably challenged by.

Until now. About three months ago, he discovered My World. Kiyoshi was immediately interested in it, and started to play it. Soon, he felt himself getting pulled further and further into the game. Now he is completely addicted to it, and can barely stop playing long enough to get something to eat. He has made My World his own reality, and prefers it over his real life.

»Avatar Name«
Thanatos. It means death, which is fitting, considering that's what seems to follow him around.
»Avatar Appearance«
For starters, his hair turned green. Mint green, to be precise. Kiyoshi always was a big fan of unusual colours, so it makes sense for his avatar's hair to be a rather strange hue. Thanatos' hair is incredibly long, reaching his waist in length, and is usually hanging loose, although he will occasionally put it into a ponytail. Kiyoshi believes that how tall someone is directly correlates to how awesome they are, so Thanatos is quite tall, standing around 6'3" in height. His eyes are heterochromatic, one being bright green and the other vibrant red. Kiyoshi clearly believes that heterochromia is quite awesome as well. His skin is lightly tanned.

Thanatos' clothes are always the same. His black cloak is the main point in his wardrobe. Underneath it he wears a green collared shirt that has long sleeves. The right sleeve, starting at the shoulder, is pure black, and the left sleeve, also starting at the shoulder, has a checkerboard pattern. His pants are black skinny jeans, an article of clothing Kiyoshi would never dare to wear in real life. Heavy black boots that reach up to his knees are worn over his skinny jeans, for the most part.

Darkus Magnus (Leader)
»Main Element«
Dark. Later on, he will also learn Earth magic, but his preferred element is Dark.
A large black scythe that has the emblem of a skull at the base of the blade, where it connects to the handle.
»Skills and Abilities«

Shadowrealm - An illusion-style power that makes the person on the receiving end of the power find themselves floating in a pitch black realm. The only thing they are able to see is Thanatos, and sometimes they can't even see him. Thanatos can manipulate this realm to his will, so he can make the person trapped in it here sounds and feel as if there are things attacking them. The main weakness of this power is that none of the damage is actually real, so Thanatos just has to try to terrify them enough so that they are unable to function once the illusion ends. This skill takes quite a bit of his energy, so Thanatos tries to avoid using it all that often.

Living Death - Another illusion-style power that makes the target feel like all of their flesh is falling off of their bones, even when it actually isn't. This power has three levels. This first one is simple: the target just sees their flesh falling off. No pain or anything, purely just sight. While this doesn't seem particularly bad, Thanatos finds that it works surprisingly well on those with weaker stomachs. The second level involves adding a feeling off pain to the sight. This means the person can feel their flesh falling off, as well as seeing it. This takes care of about 90% of his opponents. Finally, the third level adds in all of the senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. The person can not only see and feel their flesh fall off, but they can also smell its rotting stench, taste the sickly sweet odor, and hear it hitting the ground. Thanatos would willing kill himself for any opponent that manages to get through the third level of his skill. Clearly, considering he's still alive, nobody has managed that yet. Each different level of the illusion takes an exponentially larger amount of energy than the previous one, Thanatos only being able to use the third level once or twice per fight, so he tries to use only the first level for the most part, sometimes switching to the second level if his opponent is refusing to black out from terror.

Since both of the previous skills are illusions, they don't cause actual physical harm to the target. Thanatos mainly uses them to terrorize his opponent into being unable to function in battle and, in the case of the second one, go unconscious from either pain or disgust or both. Once they are incapable of fighting, Thanatos will use either his scythe, or one of his offensive abilities to kill them. He does not believe in letting his opponents live, purely because he thinks that they'll come after him at some point in the future. If there is the case of one of his opponents living, it is because he ran out of energy and had to withdraw from the battle. Or, at least, that's what he'll claim. Thanatos has been defeated quite a few times - especially when he was a newer player - but he will never admit that. The illusions can only affect one person at a time, and Thanatos is almost completely incapable of fighting while holding the illusions, so this is really only a good skill for one on one fights or fights where he has people to back him up.

Deadly Flowers - The name of this attack is misleading. It is neither deadly - although it could be, if the opponent was already fairly weakened - nor does it have anything to do with flowers. What this attack is, is a swarm of playing cards coming out of his checkerboard-patterned sleeve - 'out of' as in the cards actually are what the sleeve is made of - and flying around his opponent in a cloud. Gravity appears to take the day off. The playing cards close in on the person, and slash at their skin. Their razor sharp edges cut multiple slices into the person's skin, all over their body. It might not seem like much, but it becomes quite difficult to fight once every part of your body is covered in slashes similar to very large paper cuts. While there isn't much blood loss, it certainly causes discomfort and hinders the opponents movements.

Shadow Stitching - Most of the time, people mean 'being scared of your own shadow' in a metaphorical way. When Thanatos uses this ability, it is very, very literal in meaning. He can control shadows - anyone's will do, it does not matter to whom or what they belong to - and turn them into long, narrow 'threads' with pointed fronts that can move on their own and rise off of the ground, like giant snakes. He uses these 'threads' to literally stitch through someone and tear them from piece to piece. This ability uses huge amounts of energy, though, so Thanatos will only use it as a last resort.

Both of his offensive abilities require quite a bit of energy to use. Thanatos can only use Deadly Flowers three times in battle, and he can only use Shadow Stitching once, and even then only if he has a good amount of energy to start out with. Because of this, Thanatos will not use his offensive abilities unless he is without any other weapon. He would much rather use his scythe and get into closer range combat rather than use his abilities and stay far away. The only time when he will willingly use these abilities is if his opponent has a shield or an ability that would stop him from getting close to them without suffering severe consequences to his health.

Once he learns Earth Magic...

Crystal Barrier - Thanatos can take the earth and transform it into pillars of green-blue-purple crystals, forming a barricade between himself and his opponents. The crystals are very difficult to destroy for the most part, the only way to destroy them being to run an electric current through them, thus melting them down into earth. Thanatos will often create a box of crystals around himself so that he can rest in the middle of battle and regain his energy without having to worry about his opponents injuring him while he rests. Of course, this is a useless skill to use if he is fighting anyone who has mastered the element of electricity.

Crystal Trap - Something similar to a landmine, Thanatos has the ability to enchant small patches of earth so that when a non-earth user steps on them, a box of green-blue-purple crystals forms around them, trapping them. This has the downside of not allowing Thanatos to physically inflict any injury on them, but it has the upside of being completely airtight. Even those who have mastered the element of air cannot conjure fresh air up out of nowhere, so most people end up suffocating. The crystals are weak to electric users, so the box will not trap anyone who can run an electric current through it, thus destroying the crystals. The trap will not respond to earth users, so, when Thanatos is in a fight against anyone who can use the element of earth, the traps are absolutely useless.

"I'm blue da ba dee da ba die..."

So begins...

Kiyoshi Kobayashi's Story