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The White Rabbit, Shiro

"What kind of name is Shiro? is a CAT name I'm not a cat, I hate cats"

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a character in “Welcome to Mystery”, as played by Fencer


The White Rabbit
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"Shiro" how was recently named is always is rude to everyone unless they earn his respect or trust, well threats also work, but he wouldn't really stop to treat you badly until you do something worthy of his respect, he hates being late and for some reason always in a hurry wanting to get who knows where, the truth don't even him know it, of course once you manage to get along with he will do anything to help or please you.

So begins...

The White Rabbit, Shiro's Story


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Suddenly she was falling in darkness. She wasn't really sure what was happening, only that the moment she started to distance herself from the shop, the ground had disappeared beneath her and the world vanished as she fell into nothing. Saku didn't know if she was supposed to be scared, or simply shocked. Had this all just been a dream after all? Maybe she was still asleep back in her bed at home and her parents had never given her permission to go out. She clutched onto the white rabbit doll, pressing it against her chest and hugging it tightly as she fell. All she could think of doing was closing her eyes and before she knew it, she'd stopped. Her eyes slowly opened and she found herself laying in the middle of a room with many doors.

Was she still dreaming? This all seemed too real to her. "Mom? Dad?" she said loudly, her light voice echoing around the room. She was nervous now and the dark bothered her. "Shiro...where are we?" She whispered to her doll as she stood up and held it to her chest with one arm. The other stayed at her side with her hand bawled into a nervous fist.

"Imagine a place you can always escape to
An island off the coast of nowhere"

She spun around, trying to figure out where the song was coming from. "Hey! Is anyone there?!" She yelled, but her voice just echoed back to her with no reply. She took a deep breath and approached one of the doors; a large, light purple one with gold trimmings and swirling gold imprints around its edges with the center clear of any design.

"A new destination of your own creation

As she turned the gold knob and pushed the door open, the sound grew louder and she squinted at the light coming from the room.

"Just waiting till you choose to go there..."


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"Five more..and dolls too?"

Her eyes moved onto the doll near the shopkeeper. The little thing was moving and singing by itself, with no ventriloquism included. It really was a sight to see, and it Saku much enjoyed the singing. It was quite the strange song, with even stranger lyrics, yet it was also fun and intriguing in a way.

Wait, dolls were also coming. Could Shiro talk and move about freely as well?

"Though I suppose one doll and human would be late, seems that they are inside the Illusionary." he sighs, "I think I may even have to get there and bring them out."

And Illusionary? Was that some sort of room? She'd never heard such a name for a room before. She took another bite of her cheesecake, and then another. Before long she had one gone and the other half eaten and the tea in her cup had been politely refilled three times now by a floating tea pot.

"Uhm..sir, do you have a name?" She asked, blinking at him curiously. She didn't want to keep calling him 'the shopkeeper'.

"Also, if you'd like I could fetch them!" She gave him a big smile, "I can help no problem!"