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Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum

If you think we're waxworks, you ought to pay, you know. Contrariwise, if you think we're alive you ought to speak to us. That's logic.

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a character in “Welcome to Mystery”, as played by Sephiraph


GIVEN NAME: Dellia (Right)
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female
POWER/ABILITY: Check the Bottom-
PERSONALITY: Being the serious one of the two dolls has its perks and disadvantages. She tends to be very mother-like, but only towards people she likes. She loves and hates riddles; it’s kind of hard to explain that one. Rather she is fondest of a good moral to a good a story. Preferring to teach others a lesson through punishment make her a scary sight to behold when she is enraged which happens often. Of the two dolls she is very unadventurous and would rather make sure no one ever knows she has possessed a doll, unfortunately with her twin it isn’t always the case so she quickly becomes flustered and in response to that enraged. Her favorite color has and always will be purple.

GIVEN NAME: Dumald (Left)
AGE: 20
POWER/ABILITY: -of the page.
PERSONALITY: Being the quirky one of the two is all perks but sometimes disadvantageous. Trouble quickly finds its way to him since he tends to seek it out. It’s not entirely his fault but he loves watching cause and effect. When he does something entirely stupid he likes to see what happens afterwards. He really loves doing stupid things. He doesn’t like morals, he does what he sees right and wrong, but fortunately Dellia is around to force down her path of morals. He never gets mad. Literally, never. It is impossible to get rid of his happy mask and identity, so trying is quite pointless and he won’t miss a chance to laugh in your face should you try. :P

POWERS/ABILITY: I am putting this down here to inform you of their ability. Dellia and Dumald have the ability to make fictitious stories that they create come to life. However, there are rules to this. They must be telling the story together and should either one of them or both be made to stop the story will disappear as well. Last but not least the story themselves tend to dramatically take different directions due to the two telling it so neither Dellia or Dumald know how the story will end.

So begins...

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum's Story


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The twins soon found themselves in a place familiar to them, unfortunately being the way they were they could hardly do much except sit there and wait for the boy that carried them to wind them up again. No doubt if this were to occur they would be back to their talkative and fictitious selves.

Finally, they each felt the feeling of their key winding them back into life and immediately Dumald started chattering up a storm and Dellia, hardly being unable not to, followed in suit.

Dumald began, “This scarf is ridiculously tight, if it were to choke me anymore I would be dead,”

Dellia continued, “contrariwise, if it were to choke me any further he’d live but I’d die.”

Together they finished, “That’s logic.”

“Logically so, if he dies I die,” Dellia started again.

“but if she dies then we die together.” Dumald finished.

“Unfortunately so, we like the stories we tell,” Dellia continued.

“We like them alive even more so.” Dumald finished.

“So we tell them together,”

“and live them together,”

“and enjoy them together,”

“and without the two of use we can’t do anything together.”

“That’s logic.” The two finished. They looked at each and pulled on the scarf, then finding themselves choking they hugged each other.

“How rude of us,” Dellia started again.

“we have yet to introduce ourselves,” Dumald added.

“we really should,”

“we should,”

“you first.”

“She is Happy,”

“he is Sad.”

“As you have named us,”

“Though contrariwise to ourselves.”

“That’s manners.” Dumald looked at Dellia again, and she at him. After a moment they began pushing each other away, however, finding themselves hardly accomplishing much but banging their heads together they stopped and hugged each other again. Together they looked up at the boy, Dumald started again, “If you think we’re waxworks you ought to pay, you know.”

Dellia continued, “Contrariwise if you think we’re alive you ought to speak to us.”

“That’s logic.”


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Character Portrait: The Shop Keeper Character Portrait: Azura Ravencraft Character Portrait: Saku Nervetti Character Portrait: Aveline Mason Character Portrait: Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum Character Portrait: Thomas Jones
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The Shop Keeper looked up and saw a teal haired girl skipping towards the table. He snapped his fingers and the piece of parchment which she signed appeared, "Lady Aveline Mason..." he said as his face was hidden behind the parchment, "You're late for tea!" he said as he threw a cup towards her but missed.

He stood up and smiled, "So glad you were able to make it even though you are late. Please have a seat and don't mind the serious black haired girl named Azura." he sighed, "She's not fun at all." he said while twiddling with his fingers.

Suddenly a ball of glass appeared in front of him, "Oh? What is this?" he asked to himself and peered towards what the glass beholds. The first boy who came to his shop must have accidentally triggered the activation key for his dolls. He sighed deeply, "Why? Oh, why?" he then took a toy robot made out of wood and started to wind it up. Once it was fully winded, he let his lips touch the head of the toy, "Turn them off." he whispered to the toy.

He placed it down and started to walk on its own going to the door. He looked at Blood, "We must hurry." he then took a golden pocket watch, "We don't have that much time anymore."

Blood nodded and went on with the lyrics...

"Blue tree tops and velvet skies
Blue ready to blow your mind, ooh..."