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Mariko Hayashi

"All passion!"

0 · 867 views · located in Japan

a character in “Welcome To Paradise”, as played by selonia



Β« Mari Β»

ღ Roleღ
Β« She's a kind and optimistic person, excitable and rather loud. She has a big family and spends a lot of her time helping out at the school with various things. Β»

ღMain Themesღ
I Don't Care | Icona Pop

ღEmotional Themesღ
Bones | MsMR


ღFull Nameღ
      θŒ‰θŽ‰ε­ | |Ⓜ⒢ⓇⒾⓀⓄ
      | |β“‚β“„β“‚β“„
      | | β’½β’Άβ“Žβ’Άβ“ˆβ’½β’Ύ

      ε₯³|| ⒻⒺⓂ⒢ⓁⒺ


ღSexual Orientationღ
      ε€· || β’Έβ“Šβ“‡β’Ύβ“„β“Šβ“ˆ

      η„‘ || ⓃⓄⓃⒺ


      5'3in||160.02 cm
      104 lbs || 47.17 Kilos

ღHair Colorღ
      Mariko's hair falls along the sides of her small body, wrapping her in a blanket of black silk.She wears her hair down for most of the time enjoying the way it flutters in the air.

ღEye Colorღ
      All the Hayashi children were blessed with lush black silk hair, and deep emerald eyes, that ere passed down from their generous mother. All but one child, Mariko, who has a pair of innocent violet eyes.

ღSkin Toneღ
      Mariko has a milkly, cream colored skin.


ε₯½Quite Places
ε₯½Getting Excited
ε₯½Staying after school
嫌Sour Food
嫌Rainy Days
嫌Being Criticized
嫌Feeling Embarrassed
嫌Being fussed over
嫌Being sick
      才Music ~ Can pick up any non-wind instrument and can learn how to play within a week.
      才Medicine ~ Being sick a lot, Mariko has a grand knowledge on what medicine does what. She is a walking pharmacy book.
      才Morale ~ Despite the darkness of times, Mariko can cheer up the saddest person.
      才Drawing ~ Mariko writes manga for fun, but also post them on the interweb, she even has a small fan club online.
      εΌ±Physical ~ Suffers from Pulmonary edema, meaning her lungs fill with fluid and needs to pump weekly, leaving physical actives such as sport out of the question.
      εΌ±Maternal ~ Mariko killed their pet rock, twice.
      εΌ±Flaky ~ Mariko always has something going on, but because of that, she gets bored easily and often flacks out of actives or never finish what she started.
      εΌ±Ditzy ~ Being all passion, means thinking is the second thing going on in her mind, which leaves her coming off as ditzy.


ღHayashi's Historyღ
The Hayashi's is that one weird family, that has decided to have an abundant of children. Though the time has teased, telling the parents that they should invest in a TV, Keiko and Hiro just smile and ignore them. It was always both of their dreams to have a huge family both of them being only children themselves. Keiko and Hiro married at sixteen when Kieko got pregnant. Both their parents said it wasn't going to last and that they should give the child up and stay away from each other, but it has been forty years and they still very much love each other just like they did in the spring they fell in love.
All ten children they were blessed with had Keiko's sharp green eyes, but their eleventh child had innocent violet eyes, though it was unique it was not the only thing that made Mirko different. When she was born the smell of Jasmine's filled the room.

ღMariko's Lifeღ
Mariko feels the air spirits talk to her, when the wind blows or when she feels her chest tighten.
They heal her, by bringing energy to keep her alive, filling her body with the much needed oxygen and avoiding the deadly fluids that consume her lungs often.
Studies and lab works show that Mariko was born with high levels of Dopamine in her brain, which gives her the happy-go-lucky attitude. It is very hard for her to get sad or discourage and when those emotions surface they don't last very long, which makes other people think she is shallow, which is not true.
Mariko is the one that is jumping excitedly because a character in a story did something and everyone else is just happy but not showing it as much as Mariko making her pout.
The Hayashi's has been able to keep Mariko medical condition a secrete from the whole town, which is a relief, because people tend to act differently out of pity.


Father || Hiro Hayashi || 46
Mother ||Keiko Hayashi || 46
Sister || Junko Hayashi || 30
Sister ||Kou Hayashi || 28
Sister || Moe Hayashi || 27
Sister || Rie Hayashi|| 26
Sister || Hoshi Hayashi || 23
Brother || Toru Hayashi|| 21
Brother || Yasou Hayahsi || 20
Sister || Aiko Hayashi|| 19
Brother & Brother|| Akihiko & Yuu || 18 & 18
Sister & Sister|| Yumi and Emi|| 8 - 9

So begins...

Mariko Hayashi's Story


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Shirakawa Household || Yakita, Japan || 7:15 AM

The alarm, blaring its annoyingly loud ring, groaned from beneath the crash of a slender hand. A small piece of plastic covering fell from the side. "Onee-san! Get up, this is the third time you've smashed the snooze button! You broke it too!" Jun's complaints were finally starting to seep into Yuzu's hearing, her ears slowly awakening to the noise around her. As she sat up she noticed that there was a commotion in the other room. "The twins are arguing again? I swear they're becoming more like Nanase and Matsuoka every day..."

Jun made his way out the door and Yuzu got dressed, slipping out of her shorts and tank top and into her uniform. It wasn't really a uniform, to be honest, but it was enough to be classified as a school uniform if someone looked at it. She quickly made her hair somewhat presentable (not that there was much left to do with it) and grabbed her bag, hurrying off to supervise her brothers. Walking into the twins' bedroom, both boys were on the floor, Rin on top of Haru doing what seemed to be a forceful strip-search.

"Oi!" Both boys stopped in their tracks and looked up at Yuzu. "What are you two doing?"

Rin scrambled off Haru faster than a bullet train, and it was the flush on both their faces that made Yuzu want to scream. She shipped it so hard, despite the fact they were brothers, and her brothers at that. "Haru won't give me my camera back!" "That's because you took pictures of me while I was sleeping!" The two started bickering again, and Yuzu simply crossed her arms over her chest, clearing her throat loudly. "Haru. Hand it over." The boy stubbornly handed Yuzu the camera, and proceeded to redress himself.

Yuzu ended up solving the matter by deleting the pictures and giving Rin his phone back (but not after sending the photos to her own cell for blackmail). After that, breakfast went on as usual, with Jun eating more than everyone else combined and the twins battling for food. Shun usually cooked the food, and for some reason there was always a fuss about how good his cooking was. Shun had always been more feminine than his other siblings, including his older sister, and in Shirakawa logic that made him an amazing cook.

As soon as breakfast was over, Yuzu helped the twins clean up the dishes while Shun wrapped up the leftovers for Grandmother. The older woman usually slept until long after school had started, so her caring grandchildren always left some food for her. With the kitchen clean, food put away, and everything else in order, the five exited the house. Even though goingalmost anywhere in Yakita was a relatively short journey, the Shirakawa house was definitely farther from the school than other places in the small town.

Still, the trip took little time, and the five were standing outside the gates before Yuzu could even bring herself to wonder about this year. The twins were starting their first year in Junior High, and Shun would be graduating to Senior High after the year ended. Not to mention the fact that Yuzuki would be off to college in Tokyo and unable to watch over her family. But for now, she would simply have to make it through the year. Despite being permanently separated from nearly all the other students, she didn't mind.

The SDP class couldn't be that bad, now could it?

{Also, check the OOC for a new message!}


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#, as written by Verix
Dialogue ; #CD505F

    XXXAs with any other day Susie woke up to the gentle prodding of the maids. Their touches were hesitant and annoyed for they had been trying to wake the sleeping girl for least two minutes. ”Miss Hamasaki, please wake up. Your parents are waiting for you downstairs.” And it was with that line did Susie open her eyes only to shut them once more.

    ”Tell them I’ll be down in three minutes,”with that the maids bowed and closed the door behind them shut; the quite often silent sound seeming to be the loudest noise on Earth. Groaning she swung her legs over the ledge of her bed and walked toward the plush bench.

    Quickly Susie changed into something that resembled a regular school uniform, but stopped at the door. A mirror to her left she finally got to see what she looked like for the day. Her hair weren’t in their usual twin tails, and her uniform was put on haphazardly. The tie was crooked and she forgot to button her shirt all the way to the collar. As she fixed her appearance she couldn’t help but snarl at her reflection.

    Not wasting a second Susie turned the mirror around and when she was happy with that she finally left for breakfast. As she walked down the seemingly endless staircase her thoughts wandered to the program her home-room teacher signed her up for. It was humiliating for any off-spring of the Hamasaki residence should be perfect, and needing extra helped was certainly not impeccable.

    But her thoughts were interrupted as she finally came to the dining hall where her mother and father sat sternly at the head of the table. Susie took her place two seats away from her mother and began to eat the gourmet meal in front of her. The only sound that filled the silence was the scraping of utensils and the annoying sound of people swallowing and chewing their food.
    What broke the stillness though was surprisingly her mother,”Susumu, I expect you to leave that silly SPD class as soon as possible. It’s unbefitting of our family name.” As she spoke the only thing Susie could do was nod her head in acceptance.

    For the rest of the meal no one spoke and when it was time for her to leave her parent’s didn’t say good-bye. She was used to it though, and as she stepped into their family’s black car she couldn’t help but feel as though something were to change.


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Character Portrait: Susumu Hamasaki Character Portrait: Mariko Hayashi Character Portrait: Yuzuki Shirakawa Character Portrait: Morimoto Kou Character Portrait: Character Portrait:
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#, as written by selonia

"Come on guys! It is time for school! It is going to be the best day ever! " Mariko's voice reached through the whole house as she leaped out of bed. Her polka-dot yellow sheets flung in the air as her body flew high, before tumbling down. The wood on her feet were cool and hard, but despite falling her smile was staying strong.
Mariko opened her curtains and lifted her blinds, and finally pushed opened the window to feel the air spirits greet her. Rays from the sun warmed her face and her purple eyes lifted to the sky to watch the white clouds move slowly above her.
She let out a long yawn raising her arms high into the air and let out an excited glee.
Today she was starting school in a new class which meant a whole new adventure. She would be making so many friends this year and having all types of new fun. Nothing in this world could come close to feeling a new sense of adventure and today was going to be one of the greatest days of her life, she could just feel the spirits breathing into her and showing her the way.
"Seriously lets all welcome this day with our arms wide open and completely welcoming! "
Her black hair was sprung every which way possible which didn't keep her smile from fading, she was too ecstatic to notice.
Sadly that was not the only thing that Mariko had not noticed, for as she ran out of her room and banging on all the doors of her siblings and finally leading her to the kitchen did she realize what was missing. Her pants.
The home had gotten so hot that she had decided pants were no longer needed, unfortunately she had became 'too excited to remember to check before screaming around the house like a lunatic'. Her mother would later retort.
Mariko ran to her bedroom once more but as she passed the twins room, the door opened and Yuu stared at his younger sister.
"Nuu, don't look! Stop!" Her voice was high pitched as she screamed at the barely woken up brother, but as his eyes were barely open, he got a hard slap to the face regardless.
Mariko's eyes were shut and blush crossed her face, making her push down her older brother before running the rest of the way back to her bedroom to hurry to clothe herself.
It took merely minutes to finish preparing and getting herself composed before going back to the kitchen to eat a healthy breakfast that consented of lucky charms.
Five of the Hayashi's children still lived at home, and all five were seated at the table, stuffing their faces with eight different cereals.
Akihiko sat next to Yuu, teasing him for seeing Mariko naked, Yuu kept his hand on his cheek while they ate.
Yumi and Emi sat together feeding each other and talking in their new found language.
Mariko sat on the other side, alone, just thinking of school with her smile still burning brightly.
Both Hiro and Keiko were already gone to work while the children ate, there was a note on the door for all the children to read before going to school.
"Dear Children,
The chores are to be done before any fun is to be had, that does include everyone.
Please mind your manners and no getting into trouble on the first day back, we really cannot be getting off work to talk to teachers, Akihiko.
We love all of you very much.
Mariko took Akihiko hand as they walked to school, Emi held one of Yuu's and of Yummi's who also held Akihiko's hand, they walked together like this all the way to Emi and Yummi's school. As they got to younger school their hands fell to their sides, Mariko hung back as Akihiko and Yuu stood side by side, talking about pretty girls in school.
"It is going to be the best day ever, I just know it."