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Alixia Kaneley [15] "I love you.. and that's all that will ever matter."
Aidan Forester [14] "I want to make you happy, even when I'm not there."
Mariah MacKinley [12] WIP
Vinny O'Paulo [11] "Life is a mystery."
Cora Pratt [9] "In life a death there is only a few people you can trust and some of them are your offspring."

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Katherine followed Mariah into the building and took a seat towards the front of the class and watched as she was getting things set up. Though once Mariah asked her if something was on her mind, she just shrugged her shoulders, "I'll tell you after class, hopefully over dinner," she stated.

Katherine went silent when a couple of Mariah's students made themselves known to her and just sat back and listened. Being surrounded by all these pregnant women and seeing all of the attention they were getting just made her feel a little off about herself. Katherine knew people needed to know she was pregnant even if they weren't going to keep the baby, but she just didn't want to have all of the attention that came along with it. Katherine always hated being the center of attention and that definitely wasn't going to stop now.

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Cora heard her husband say something about this being hard but the thing is she didn't know herself she had never even thought about the hard parts she just thought how much love she could give that little child in her belly he never really thought of the work they come with even though deep down she knew this was going to be the hardest thing she had ever done but she hoped and kind of knew it would be totally worth all the trouble.

Cora walked into the building holding her husband's hands and careful approached the sign up table she looked at James and said "Could you sign up I need to sit down?" she then walked over to the sitting area watching all the ladies walk in some with fathers some without many different kinds because now a day anything can happen to become a parent all you need is the will to do something

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Aidan quickly got out of the passenger side of the car and into the drivers seat. He said nothing to Lex and she scurried off quickly. He rolled his eyes once again when he saw his fiancee meet up with Jane. Surely the women would talk about his absence. But instead of obsessing over it Aidan decided to just go home.

Once inside the modern apartment that he and Lex rented Aidan went straight for the fridge. Within five minutes he had managed to vacuum down a turkey sandwich and a beer. He was overly exhausted when the day had started and now he was stressed out. Aidan found his secret stash of cigarettes and lit one carelessly in the middle of the kitchen. With his head leaned against his hand, Aidan took a long time to enjoy that cigarette. With each drag he calmed down, at least enough to get some rest. Aidan let out a sigh once his cig was finished. Then he took a can of Febreze and tried to cleanse the stench before heading into the bedroom.

Undressed and lazily wrapped in a huge comforter Aidan took a moment to look at his phone. No word from Lex... That was fine. Tempted to text her he opened up the messenger, then he closed it. They could deal with this later. Texting her now would only make things worse. She would be there with Jane doing the parenting thing and he would be lounging in bed. A moment of shame flushed over Aidan as he thought about Lex as a single mother before he fell asleep.