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Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the Academy


What will happen when a witchcraft academy opens its doors without requiring specific selection from the council? Will it end in ruin or opulence?

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Welcome to the New Academy

As a prized possession of New Orleans. For those of you who don’t know, we were established in the late 1800’s as a reinstated ‘cover up’. Our school masqueraded as a standard educational establishment while coaching young witches behind the scenes. Women of witch blood commonly chose to hide in the shadows, which is why the idea of witchcraft is so taboo. Of course it doesn’t help that our kind has been sentenced to death in numberless fashion simply for being what we were born into. We have a history most bathed in blood, a history commonly identified as a threat rather than a powerful ally. There is fear in the eyes of those who cannot understand our craft. Nowadays, we are still quite a veiled institution, operating in a fifteen bedroom mansion, equipped with classrooms and all the space and privacy necessary for our kind. But here, we banish the idea of fear, the unknown. Here, we accept the uncertain, and abide by the laws of both white and black magic. And of course, above all, the supreme.Image

Now, there is a common misconception, and that, is that we do not take male students or children. Left to the discretion of The Witches’ Council, some exceptions are made. So, come along, don’t be shy. If you are suited for this way of life, you will find a place here to refine and strop the gifts that were devised in the very blood that flows through your veins. We encourage you to embrace even the slightest of skill. Hearing thoughts, seeing things. And, well, if you can perform even a bit of telekinesis, concilium, descensum, transmutation, divination or any smattering of the seven wonders, you could be on your way as the next supreme, male or female.

Though we encourage bold pride in your bloodline, we must warn you of all that exists outside of us and even sometimes, within us. Witch hunters, witches gone bad, opposition in voodoo, selfishness, hunger for power, exposure to a community of non-magic folk. Risk comes in colossal size for our kind. Speaking out loud even in the wrong restaurant could put all of us in jeopardy. Wanting something badly, loving too hard, hating too much - these are all likely perils. The smallest backfire in a seemingly minor thought could cause the downfall of an entire race. We are opposed by many, and misunderstood by even more. At Miss Robichaux’s Academy, we prevent and decrease the likelihood of hazards, and well, death traps.

Under the instruction of Cordelia Foxx and Fiona Goode, you will find yourself carefully guided and practiced. Faith in your kin, your origin, will keep you alive and well. It will help you prevail, performing magic at heights that even Anna Leigh Leighton would find impressive. Find yourself on the sinister spectrum and you may have a tangle with a ghost, a minotaur, a murderer, or worse.

This roleplay is a reboot of an old roleplay that has since been dry. This roleplay will be continuing from where that roleplay has left off, however new players can get caught up by either reading the old thread or contacting McPainty for a summary. New players are always welcome as long as there are slots available. Old players may return and play as well. The start and creation of this roleplay as well as most of this write up goes to the original user, blvkmvgic.


(4 AVAILABLE ) Original Character| Short Description | Available

Mona Perkins | Animal Enthusiast | Taken by TheGypsyQueen_13

Jacqueline Emilie-Marie Laveau Ayers | Dream Walker | Taken by TheCrimsonLady

Rowe McDermott | Mind Butcher | Taken by Izzyvamp

Kyle Spencer | Zombie Boy | Taken by McPainty

Rosaleigh Thorner | Hydrokneticist | Taken by LivyGrey

Fiona Goode | The Supreme | Available

Cordelia Foxx| Head Mistress | Reserved by MoonlightWraith

Papa Legba | Purgatory Gatekeeper | Available

Benjamin Hawthorne | Witch Hunter | Taken by Seveneleven

(Just Ask) Other Canon characters | Description | Available

Toggle Rules

General Audience Warning: Mature and graphic content within. Sexual themes and adult language may apply.

1. Please be dedicated to your role when applying. In essence, we don’t want anyone wasting their time.
2. Be adept and literate. We don’t need you to know everything there is to know about Coven, as this is an innovative storyline, but being semi-aware is important, as well as knowing how to spell.
3. Multi-para capability is a must. We accept no less than three paragraphs per post.
4. Be bad IC! Yes, we said it! Spark fights, wars, rivalry, conflict. We love a juicy plot, and that’s after all the point of us expressing the many dangers and possibilities in the introduction.
5. Be willing to collaborate with fellow writers. Micro-plotting is highly encouraged!
6. Be patient. If there is something you need, a GM will help you as soon as possible.
7. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with GMs! We are here to help and make this a kickass time for everyone.
8. Do not kill other characters, at least, well, not without permission.
9. Be imaginative!
10. Don’t start OOC bitch fights.

Get in touch with your GM & Mods!


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The thrill of the hunt. It's what he felt as he tracked and pursued a young woman who bounded down the alleyway. The shimmering Red Head hadn't clue as to how or why this was happening. In fact many things were lost upon her as her mind was enveloped in sheer terror and dread. "Please make it stop, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" She shouted out loud and within her own mind. As tumbled over a trash can as she squirmed and clawed her way back to her feet. Her nails were positively ruined from the act as she felt blood over her fingers. All the while, a helmeted figure quietly and calmly stalked from the rooftops above. This was a more preferable target compared to that obnoxious boy he killed two days ago. This one was much more fearful and yet dangerous as well. Her innocent exterior belies a true nature of evil that festers within her mortal shell.

This witch was no different, all are monsters, and all needed to be eradicated. Her pulse was elevated and sweat dripped profusely off the top of her nose. Suddenly, her vision was being blinded from the amount of sweat as she ran into a dead end street. She had to clear her vision if she expected to survive. She pulled from her pack, a bottle of water, as she doused her face with the clear liquid. Being this frightened was something new to her, she wasn't the type of woman to be like a damsel in distress. She was tough on the inside...she had power, power she used to burn her own mother. "Why didn't work like before?" she thought to herself as her vision cleared. It was then she realized she ran out of street to flee upon and when she turned, there he stood. He stood like a sentinel tall and unflinching.

The armored man stood there staring her down through digital eyes as he analyzed and assessed the situation. Jess stood there as she tried to stand tall against this threat to her life. Yet, she was still undeniably scared. "Ah, just like an animal you feel you must defend yourself when cornered. All alone and with no where else to run...but you stand defiantly, as if you believe you can actually survive this encounter." The man spoke as his words faded into the night. The witch clutched her hands as heat began to surround them. She then loosened her grip as sparks began to shoot forth and a small fire was rising in her palms. The Hunter laughed. "It's funny, you are acting so brave, brave enough to the point you threatened me with your devil's fire...but alas I can see right through you." Ben spoke as he stepped closer towards her. This forced her to take a step back as her courage wavered. "I can tell, your heart is beating over 140 beats per minute...your absolutely terrified." He spoke as he smiled underneath his visor.

It was true, her face showed strength but her chest rapidly expanded and deflated. Her breathing was heavy and the sweat continued to drop...she was terrified. This was just a man, right? He can't do anything to her without her knowing it right? At this point she was in denial. She was a smart girl, and using her clairvoyance would obviously be a great advantage. She could see things and know things that many would have no idea about. She would have read everyone of his movements and could prepare for them. She shouldn't have been chased down like this and even now as she tries to get a reading...nothing came up. This was still just a man, right? "You look hopelessly lost my dear, is something ever the matter?" He mocked as she reached for his gun holstered at the hip. Quickly she then tossed fire at the man as it splashed against his chest. The fire continued to burn but it harmlessly slid down the man's frame, much like water as it burned out on the ground before them.

What was he? She was both afraid and confused and then suddenly a shot rang out from his gun. She was struck into her hip as she dropped to the ground screaming. Then a wall of flame appeared separating the two as blood gushed from her wound. Jess was crying from the pain as she picked herself up and began to crawl, crawl away from this monster. She didn't get far when she turned her attention back to the literal wall of fire, as he began to step through. The fire seemed to part itself away from him as if it were a gate opening for its visitor. Then just as he passed through unharmed the fire closed the gap behind him as the man chuckled. "Not bad for one so young...probably would have stopped most hunters dead in their tracks...but, as I am sure you know by now, I'm not most hunters." He spoke as he nonchalantly walked up to the crawling Jessica. "Oh come now, don't disappear on me." Ben spoke. "P-please...just leave me alone." she begged.

"Now that is something I just can't do." He responded. He then took with his foot as he gently shoved Jess onto her back as she stared up to him. With tears in her eyes and desperation mounting she did was she could as she grabbed onto Ben's leg. She then tried to burn through his body armor but strangely enough he began to scream. "ARGH!" Ben shouted in pain. She wasn't sure how she was doing it but kept it up. For about half a minute she started to feel a semblance of control...that was until her hopes were dashed. Ben went from screaming in pain to laughing as he continued to stand over her. "Oh you thought that would work didn't you? Or even if you didn't, I bet you enjoyed inflicting pain upon me. I know your kind you little bitch, and I know that bringing harm to others is a simple action only a Witch can truly enjoy." Ben spoke, as his tone transformed from one of playfulness to anger. He then viciously kicked Jess across her head as she became disoriented. Blood started to flow from the gash left from his boot as she released his leg with nary a scratch or scorch.

Her vision was blurred as her mind jumped in and out of consciousness. She coughed with only a few words to speak, "Why...why are you doing this?" She asked. "Beyond the obvious? Well, I need you to send a message for me...I've already killed one from your coven, oh what the devil was his name?" Ben began to stutter as he snapped his fingers, "Oh, right Angel." He then suddenly gave way to laughter. "Yes, I remember, the irony of his name...I was quite convinced he was lying...and he was in a way, after all he was no angel." He chuckled as he watched Jess fade. "You see, killing him and leaving him a burnt corpse is not enough to get the message across. I need your coven to feel scared, I need them to become paranoid, I need them to become so desperate to the point that they will be repentant!" He shouted. He then smiled, "Not like repentance would ever help their accursed souls." Ben then holstered his gun as he drew the longsword hanging from his back. "And so to answer that question of yours, I am doing this so they understand, that Angel didn't just disappear...but that he was the victim of my hunt, just like you will be." He spoke as he raised his blade. "They need to understand that they are being hunted." He spoke. A cry for help and a scream was heard but no sooner than she wailed, silence blanketed the area. She was run through as the sword was sticking from her chest. Ben watched her as he saw the life leave her eyes. He trembled from the satisfaction of slaying another one.

Armed men soon stepped from out of the shadows. "Good timing boys." He spoke as he turned to face them. "Another one for the incinerator boys." He spoke as he drew the sword from Jess's body. The Hunters nodded as they took her body and carted it away.

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Character Portrait: Rowe McDermott
Rowe McDermott

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." ~E.A.P

Character Portrait: Mona Perkins
Mona Perkins

All you need is love!

Character Portrait: Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer

"The dead speak just as loud as words."


Character Portrait: Rowe McDermott
Rowe McDermott

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." ~E.A.P

Character Portrait: Mona Perkins
Mona Perkins

All you need is love!

Character Portrait: Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer

"The dead speak just as loud as words."

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Character Portrait: Rowe McDermott
Rowe McDermott

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." ~E.A.P

Character Portrait: Kyle Spencer
Kyle Spencer

"The dead speak just as loud as words."

Character Portrait: Mona Perkins
Mona Perkins

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