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Benjamin Hawthorne

"I wouldn't worry...soon you'll all be dead."

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a character in “Welcome to the Academy”, originally authored by Seveneleven, as played by RolePlayGateway


Benjamin James Hawthorne

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Witch Hunter (Formerly Delphi Trust)
The Knight, The Crusader, The Witch Slayer, Judge Hawthorne
♠Love Interest
♠Face Claim
Dolph Lundgren


242 lbs
♠Hair Color
♠Eye Color
Benjamin has a tattoo of a cross over his right bicep.
Being a man whose life was, not only dedicated to the military, but to hunting down witches. He is an impressive physical specimen, after all the most dangerous game in the world requires the most dangerous hunter in the world. Despite his older age, he hasn't lost as much as an inch of muscle even maintaining his abs. Tall and intimidating, Benjamin is used to towering over most people, therefor he usually keeps good posture to remain big in the eyes of many. One of the many things he does to sustain a psychological advantage over others. He has real blonde hair which he keeps shorter and parted over the left side of his face. He has dark blue eyes and is most of the time clean shaven. Although sometimes he may have grown a stubble over his chin. Being no short of masculine his manly features are exemplified at his broad chest, round shoulders, and a strong, rectangular jawline that looks like it could chew through solid steel.
♠Preferred Clothing
After a long life in the military, Ben is used to wearing uniforms and fatigues. As a witch hunter his gear is much different than that of a regular soldier. A garb consisting of technologies that is not currently used by the military for reasons of high expense. He attire consists of a triple weave, lightweight Kevlar body suit. The Kevlar's defensive capabilities is further enhanced by the use of a shear thickening fluid. This provides greater rigidity without sacrificing flexibility and movement. This helps to reduce blunt force trauma by spreading the force of impact over a wide area. While he may wear it, he doesn't run around a body tight suit, he wears his military fatigues over it. Which is normally a black top with gloves and monochrome camo pants with black combat boots. He finishes his battledress with high tensile ceramic metal plates that hug closely to his body. These plates cover his torso, shoulders, arms, and legs providing him extra protection against projectiles. While witches may not use guns, the armor gives him the appearance of a modern day Knight, using the visage as apart of his scare tactics to gain a psychological advantage over his opponents. He does top it off with a protective helmet that sports a prototype heads up display and respirator. When not out hunting, Benjamin wears suits.


There aren't that many oddities to the man besides an unhealthy obsession with murdering Witches. He acts rather normal but at times is a bit too rigid thanks to his military lifestyle. He does shake and breathe heavily when excited, especially during witch hunting. It seems to give him great pleasure when he hunts down a witch and proceeds to kill them.

+Hunting Witches
-Martial Arts
-Alcohol, particularly whiskey
-Chicken and other white meats
-Hunting other Supernaturals
-Learning new skills
-Witch Lovers
-Supernatural Creatures
Professional Witch Hunter
Professional Monster Hunter
Devising Tactics
Psychological Warfare
Laying down his brand of Law and Order
Training Witch Hunters
Leading Witch Hunters
Experimenting on new ways to kill Supernaturals
Failing to bring the Salem Descendants to Justice
Never lifting the Hawthorne Curse

Benjamin Hawthorne is a man, obsessed some would say, who is devoted to eradicating all Witches in the world. A man whose life has been dedicated to becoming the perfect killing machine, has left him rigid, purposeful, and unrelenting in his ambitions. Heavily regimented, the man is orderly, sophisticated, and meticulous in all that he does. Having no wasted movements, he is precise and thorough, a man who takes no unnecessary risks, but is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. He is determined and dangerous, a true zealot, Benjamin believes that all witches are manifestations of true evil and must be destroyed. This is all in order to protect the unsuspecting populace. He particularly hates the superiority complex some witches develop over Humans. He is determined to prove that even the greatest of magic users are no match for the ingenuity and resiliency of humankind. He would take no greater pleasure than to prove to a dying witch that she or he was never in control, that they never were the apex predator.

Benjamin is stern and strict in most occasions, but he can be social, downright hospitable out to the general public. Yet, when out in the field he takes a sadistic pleasure in hunting and tormenting his prey. He likes to toy around with Witches and other Supernaturals, pounding into their skulls the feeling of helplessness, the feeling of being hunted. He delights in psychological torture and enjoys breaking a Witches spirit. Sometimes he does capture witches, from there he does delights in "experimentation", when really it is inhumane treatment of Supernaturals for the purpose of learning about them, studying them and testing them to see how they tick. He is also very proud, and shows great charisma, especially towards his followers. Having a skill for leadership and tactics, many hunters and even people rally behind him to exterminate the Witch Threat. Able to twist words and fears to help suit his needs. The man is quite intelligent, despite his penchant for dirty work and physicality. He is an educated man and is knowledgeable of anatomy, chemistry, and technology.


♠Relationship Status
Daniel Hawthorne (Son)
Veronica Hawthorne (Wife/Divorced)
♠Personal History
Benjamin's history is one of not only himself, but the history of a family. Traveling back into the Middle Ages, the Family name was once Hathorne. A devout family to Christianity, they were known to denounce all evil practices, including the sometimes misunderstood Witchcraft. Of course the god-fearing people of the time naturally hated and feared all that they could not understand. Simply dismissing it as the work of the Devil. During those dark times, Knights were often tasked by the Church to find and execute all that are even suspected of committing Witchcraft. While there were many a Knight who swore their blade to God almighty, there was no family better than the Hathornes. Even in these days the Hathornes were heavily connected to the Military and of course witch hunting. Having many of the men enter wars on behalf of the English Crown.

Hathorne became a name that many Witches feared, knowing that their esteemed reputation for killing their kind made them something of a legend. Well at least a legend to Humankind, but a nightmare to Witches. It is legacies like the Hathornes that helped to spawn many more prominent Witch Hunting Families, such as the Renards. Still it would all trace back to the Hathornes and as the New World was discovered, there war would also settle on the shores with the settlers. Of course centuries of conflict would accumulate in one the most world renown instance of Witch Hunting, the Salem Witch Trials. Which of course was heavily perpetrated by the Hathorne Family, particularly by Justice John Hathorne. John Hathorne, as history states, was the leading Judge in the Salem Witch Trials. A devout Puritan, he was ruthless in his hunt for Witchcraft determined to erase this evil from the Old World. He viewed them as a stain that would threaten his vision of paradise free from Sin and the Devil. With an unreasonable hatred that has existed in his family centuries before him, he was determined to stamp out the Witches before they gained a foothold in the unspoiled New World. He managed to convict and execute 20 Witches before the trials ended.

Even in the aftermath, only John Hathorne showed no remorse in his actions, even though he condemned innocent lives. He understood the real truth and believed he had done his family proud. It is said that his descendants would be cursed and that was all but true. The curse would be recognized and mentioned by the most famous of their line, the author Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was Nathaniel that changed his surname by adding the 'w'. Historians believed it was because of the actions of John Hathorne shamed Nathaniel so much he tried to disassociate himself from his lineage. The truth of the matter was that his distancing was because of shame but out of fear. Many witches were still enraged over John Hathorne's actions and have continued to torment his descendants. He covered his tracks further by being the first Hathorne if six generations to not enlist in the Military, choosing to be a writer instead. Not much is known of the Hawthornes in history by this point. Nathaniel Hawthorne's children would go on to live in obscurity unaware of their family's involvement with Witches.

While it may seem Nathaniel effectively had the family removed from their bloodstain past, the author did spare documentation of their exploits. He even wrote a compendium on the subject of Witches. He was never interested in hunting them but he was interesting in lifting the curse placed on his family. Despite his efforts he would not uncover their secrets. For the next several generations the Hawthorne family quietly moved on into the annals of history and became more of a bad dream to Witches all over than actual living threat. It wouldn't be until Solomon Hawthorne who rediscovered his family's true history that he would involve himself in the war. Solomon blamed the amount of misfortune he and his father have suffered because of witches. He would reconnect with other witch hunters and rise to become one himself. Yet it wouldn't be until his son Benjamin that would become the greatest hunter of them all. Benjamin was a young boy who grew up listening to his father's stories about witches and his family being successful witch hunters. Yet when he was young his father was killed during an hunting trip. The event scarred the young boy, he couldn't accept the fact that his father was killed by a Witch! He believed him to be unstoppable! He couldn't accept it, no he wouldn't accept it. The Curse placed on his family still seemed to exist...he knew at that moment what must be done. Growing up, Ben did all that he could to live up to his late father's expectations. He led a normal life on the outside, going to school, excelling in every class he took. Eventually graduating with highest honors and entering into the military, much like his ancestors did.

His military career was quite brutal, having served several tours during the Gulf Wars and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His intellect, strength, and courage were highly accredited giving him achievements for outstanding performances, such as earning the Medal of Honor. Yet, his seemingly normal life belied his family traditions. When he wasn't serving the military he trained to become a Witch Hunter. This lead him to working for Harrison Renard and the Delphi Corporation. Delphi recognized the Hawthornes as the founders of Witch Hunting and held their legendary career in high esteem. While Benjamin took advantage of Delphi's resources and his military connections, he foresaw the downfall of having the Witch Hunters provide a front such as Delphi. Before their fall at the hands of Fiona and Marie Lavaeu, Benjamin hidden all of his files, wealth, and even his identity from the public eye and even from Delphi. He officially did not exist. Harrison Renard was then given the task to make sure he remained anonymous, a secret he would take to his grave. Benjamin still made use of himself, he and Doctor #####, an associate where in charge of Delphi's Advanced Sciences, a secret division that privately funds the capture and experimentation of Supernaturals. It is here through Research and Development that new weapons and technologies are made to combat the Witch Threat.

Thanks to the anonymity of Advanced Sciences, the division survived the sudden seizure of Delphi's assets since it was privately funded by other wealthy Witch Hunters. While Delphi, Renard, and many of it's Heads were killed, an enemy from their past still looms. The Descendants of Salem may believe that their war is finally over, but in truth it has only just begun...


Benjamin Hawthorne employs various pieces of weaponry. He most commonly uses assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles and his favorite a .50 calibur Desert Eagle with an Extended Barrel. He also employs flamethrowers, grenades (fragmentation and special gas grenades that affect the nervous system), missile launchers, grenade launchers, and machine guns. As well as various explosives, like C-4 Charges and plastiques. All guns use specially crafted, silver bullets that have been blessed. As well as his personally favorite weapon, a blessed silver long sword. He also uses knives, made out of blessed silver, and even his armor plates are mixed with a blessed silver alloy. He also has access to military vehicles like jeeps, Humvees, helicopters, and drones. While it may not be a weapon he physically wields, but he does have an extensive following of Witch Hunters underneath his command.
Benjamin is a highly trained soldier, expertly skilled in the usage of various firearms and weapons. He is a master of the sword and of the fist, having been trained in multiple martial arts. He is a highly trained marksman, but even he misses from time to time. He is a tactician and a leader, able to instill both loyalty and fear into his comrades. Yet his greatest talents are the development of skills necessary to tackle Witches.
-Indomitable Spirit: Possessing incredible willpower, he is able to resist psychic assaults on the mind. Making techniques like Concilium and Dream Walking ineffective over his mind. While his will is strong, it will take the likes of the Supreme or Marie Laveau to crack him. Even then, he is able to suppress the pain and influence but obviously not forever, after all over exposure to such magic will kill him.
-Wards: Using the avenue of Blessings and Religious Sacraments, have created a warding effect against harmful magics. This reduces the power and damage of spells that are cast against him. Of course Wards have a limited duration before they need to be reapplied. Eventually they can be chipped away reducing his spell protection.
-Fear Masking: Able to suppress feelings of fear by drawing upon reserves of courage.
-Illusion Awareness: Due to a high intellect, he is aware of what is real and what isn't, potentially giving him the ability to detect if an illusion is being cast against him.
-Mental Shadowing: Able to mask his thoughts, making clairvoyant reading difficult.


So begins...

Benjamin Hawthorne's Story


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The thrill of the hunt. It's what he felt as he tracked and pursued a young woman who bounded down the alleyway. The shimmering Red Head hadn't clue as to how or why this was happening. In fact many things were lost upon her as her mind was enveloped in sheer terror and dread. "Please make it stop, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" She shouted out loud and within her own mind. As tumbled over a trash can as she squirmed and clawed her way back to her feet. Her nails were positively ruined from the act as she felt blood over her fingers. All the while, a helmeted figure quietly and calmly stalked from the rooftops above. This was a more preferable target compared to that obnoxious boy he killed two days ago. This one was much more fearful and yet dangerous as well. Her innocent exterior belies a true nature of evil that festers within her mortal shell.

This witch was no different, all are monsters, and all needed to be eradicated. Her pulse was elevated and sweat dripped profusely off the top of her nose. Suddenly, her vision was being blinded from the amount of sweat as she ran into a dead end street. She had to clear her vision if she expected to survive. She pulled from her pack, a bottle of water, as she doused her face with the clear liquid. Being this frightened was something new to her, she wasn't the type of woman to be like a damsel in distress. She was tough on the inside...she had power, power she used to burn her own mother. "Why didn't work like before?" she thought to herself as her vision cleared. It was then she realized she ran out of street to flee upon and when she turned, there he stood. He stood like a sentinel tall and unflinching.

The armored man stood there staring her down through digital eyes as he analyzed and assessed the situation. Jess stood there as she tried to stand tall against this threat to her life. Yet, she was still undeniably scared. "Ah, just like an animal you feel you must defend yourself when cornered. All alone and with no where else to run...but you stand defiantly, as if you believe you can actually survive this encounter." The man spoke as his words faded into the night. The witch clutched her hands as heat began to surround them. She then loosened her grip as sparks began to shoot forth and a small fire was rising in her palms. The Hunter laughed. "It's funny, you are acting so brave, brave enough to the point you threatened me with your devil's fire...but alas I can see right through you." Ben spoke as he stepped closer towards her. This forced her to take a step back as her courage wavered. "I can tell, your heart is beating over 140 beats per minute...your absolutely terrified." He spoke as he smiled underneath his visor.

It was true, her face showed strength but her chest rapidly expanded and deflated. Her breathing was heavy and the sweat continued to drop...she was terrified. This was just a man, right? He can't do anything to her without her knowing it right? At this point she was in denial. She was a smart girl, and using her clairvoyance would obviously be a great advantage. She could see things and know things that many would have no idea about. She would have read everyone of his movements and could prepare for them. She shouldn't have been chased down like this and even now as she tries to get a reading...nothing came up. This was still just a man, right? "You look hopelessly lost my dear, is something ever the matter?" He mocked as she reached for his gun holstered at the hip. Quickly she then tossed fire at the man as it splashed against his chest. The fire continued to burn but it harmlessly slid down the man's frame, much like water as it burned out on the ground before them.

What was he? She was both afraid and confused and then suddenly a shot rang out from his gun. She was struck into her hip as she dropped to the ground screaming. Then a wall of flame appeared separating the two as blood gushed from her wound. Jess was crying from the pain as she picked herself up and began to crawl, crawl away from this monster. She didn't get far when she turned her attention back to the literal wall of fire, as he began to step through. The fire seemed to part itself away from him as if it were a gate opening for its visitor. Then just as he passed through unharmed the fire closed the gap behind him as the man chuckled. "Not bad for one so young...probably would have stopped most hunters dead in their tracks...but, as I am sure you know by now, I'm not most hunters." He spoke as he nonchalantly walked up to the crawling Jessica. "Oh come now, don't disappear on me." Ben spoke. "P-please...just leave me alone." she begged.

"Now that is something I just can't do." He responded. He then took with his foot as he gently shoved Jess onto her back as she stared up to him. With tears in her eyes and desperation mounting she did was she could as she grabbed onto Ben's leg. She then tried to burn through his body armor but strangely enough he began to scream. "ARGH!" Ben shouted in pain. She wasn't sure how she was doing it but kept it up. For about half a minute she started to feel a semblance of control...that was until her hopes were dashed. Ben went from screaming in pain to laughing as he continued to stand over her. "Oh you thought that would work didn't you? Or even if you didn't, I bet you enjoyed inflicting pain upon me. I know your kind you little bitch, and I know that bringing harm to others is a simple action only a Witch can truly enjoy." Ben spoke, as his tone transformed from one of playfulness to anger. He then viciously kicked Jess across her head as she became disoriented. Blood started to flow from the gash left from his boot as she released his leg with nary a scratch or scorch.

Her vision was blurred as her mind jumped in and out of consciousness. She coughed with only a few words to speak, "Why...why are you doing this?" She asked. "Beyond the obvious? Well, I need you to send a message for me...I've already killed one from your coven, oh what the devil was his name?" Ben began to stutter as he snapped his fingers, "Oh, right Angel." He then suddenly gave way to laughter. "Yes, I remember, the irony of his name...I was quite convinced he was lying...and he was in a way, after all he was no angel." He chuckled as he watched Jess fade. "You see, killing him and leaving him a burnt corpse is not enough to get the message across. I need your coven to feel scared, I need them to become paranoid, I need them to become so desperate to the point that they will be repentant!" He shouted. He then smiled, "Not like repentance would ever help their accursed souls." Ben then holstered his gun as he drew the longsword hanging from his back. "And so to answer that question of yours, I am doing this so they understand, that Angel didn't just disappear...but that he was the victim of my hunt, just like you will be." He spoke as he raised his blade. "They need to understand that they are being hunted." He spoke. A cry for help and a scream was heard but no sooner than she wailed, silence blanketed the area. She was run through as the sword was sticking from her chest. Ben watched her as he saw the life leave her eyes. He trembled from the satisfaction of slaying another one.

Armed men soon stepped from out of the shadows. "Good timing boys." He spoke as he turned to face them. "Another one for the incinerator boys." He spoke as he drew the sword from Jess's body. The Hunters nodded as they took her body and carted it away.