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Jacqueline Emilie Marie Lavaeu

0 · 490 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “Welcome to the Academy”, as played by TheCrimsonLady



Jacqueline Emilie-Marie Levaeu-Ayers
Nicknames:(if any)
Neo-Voodoo Queen
New Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
Heterosexual...most days

No one expects Jacqueline to be such a book worm but it is true, she spends most of her time reading, and not just books, people as well. She is observed and patient, and knows how just how to maneuver in most any given situation; this has taught her to know a liar when she sees and hears one.

Loving and Kind;She will go to bat for you in an instant, and loyal to anyone she deems a friend. Even if they make a mistake, granted, she may chew them out something fierce but she'd be the only one allowed to do so.

Adventurous and Proud; she is proud of her heritage and wears it on her sleeves. She always wanted more for her life and was more then thrilled when she found there was more and with this new knowledge, she determined to learn all she can. She knows she's beautiful but also understands her worth, she doesn't flaunt herself, she just walks around with a confident aire which attracts many guys and girls in some cases

Quick Witted, Cunning and Clever; When she's angry, she has no qualms with starting a fight and or ending one, she can be quite vindictive as well. Most of the time, however she only uses her words, but they sting as bad as a punch. She has a slick tongue and has sass for days, most people don't know what will come out of her mouth next, or understand it half of the time. She can hang with the boys but also charm the pants off of them. Literally some times.

Curious and Determined, now that she knows what she is, she has embraced the life of Witchcraft and couldn't care less about material things, like fashion, celebrities and posting her every move on some social network. No; she spends most if not all of her time learning more about magic and what she can do with it. She is always jotting new things down in her Book of Shadows and can be found reading in a library reading old text and working a spell with her Boa Constrictor; Ming.

She spends all of her time with her magic and couldn't care any less about material things of the modern world. Some believe she may just be the reincarnation of Marie Lavaeu, The Real Voodoo Queen of New Orleans because of this.

Potion making- She is quiet skilled with a potion recipe, it comes to her natural it seems

Photographic Memory- Since she was young, she was able to memorize things to an almost exact detail, a gift that has become very useful

Illusion Manipulation- To project, recreate illusions.

DreamWalking- Entering the minds while a person is sleeping

Dreamscaping- Manipulating and recreating a person's dreams

Terrible Cook- Potion recipes are one thing, Culinary arts, are another, her food would most likely send you to a hospital..or a bathroom.

Overusing Traditional Magic- Jacqueline has a tendency to over do it sometimes in her magic studies, she doesn't quite know her limits when has resulted in nosebleeds, dizziness and fainting.

Communicating with Spirits- She has been trying to figure out how she communicated with her great grandmother, but she hasn't been able to do it successfully.

Communicating with Ming: Ming only speaks to her when necessary, which hasn't been very often.


Jacqueline has a strong French Creole accent, leaning more toward French, and she tends to drop the 'H's in a word, and over exaggerated her words

She purses her lips often, especially when annoyed or having just proved a point.

She tends to speak so quickly when she's anger, that, with her accent, makes it damn near impossible to understand what she says, which just pisses her off even more.

Reading and Collecting Spells
Her French Creole accent
People mistaking Voodoo with Dark Magic.
Being Feared
People misusing magic.
Sleeping (She doesn't have her own dreams, she only invades those who are sleeping around her)
Becoming Lost in a Dream.
Losing her Book of Shadows

Jacqueline was born to one half of the pure line of Ayers, and the other half to the pure line of Levaeu's, making her a very powerful witch at a young age, being a direct descendant of Voodoo Queen, Marie Lavaeu. From the tender age of 2, Jacqueline was able to enter the dreams of her parents and alter them in whatever way she so wished, that made them believed they gave birth to Marie's reincarnation.

When Jacqueline was a mere ten years old, during a late outing with her father, she dozed off in the backseat and unfortunately her father dozed in the front. Jacqueline was pulled into his dream and was unable to pull herself out of the dream and wake her him before the car veered and hit a guardrail and jackknifed, killing her father instantly and injuring Jacqueline.

Afterwards, Jacqueline found and immersed herself in magic, in hopes of controlling her strange and frightening ability.

By Highschool, Jacqueline was a proud witch, wearing it on her like a pin, she didn't care for designer clothes, or the hottest music or the newest technology. All She cared for, all she was interested in was magic and controlling it. She was dubbed by her classmates as the Voodoo Queen, not knowing she was actually blood relative to the Voodoo Queen.

She never gained much more control of her dreamwalking. She learned that could control what the dreamer dream and thus how to wake them up, though each person is different however she couldn't and still can't stop herself from being yanked into their dreams

Face Claim:Jessica Park Kennedy

Theme Song:
Sticks and Stones- The Pierces

So begins...

Jacqueline Emilie Marie Lavaeu's Story